Ancient text about the Seven

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They are Seven
They are Seven
In the shining heavens, they are Seven
They proceed from the hidden retreat
They are neither male nor female
These which stretch themselves out like chains
They have no spouse
They beget no children
They are strangers to charity
They ignore prayer
They scoff at wishes
They are the vermin that comes forth from the Mountains of MASHU
Enemies of Our Master
They are the vengeance of the Ancient Ones
Raising up difficulties
Obtaining power through wickedness
The Enemies! The Enemies! The Seven Usurpers!
They are Seven!
They are Seven!
Seven Gods of the Broad Heavens
Seven Ancient Ones are They
Seven Gods of Might
Seven Evil Gods
Seven Demons of Oppression
Seven in Heaven
Seven on Earth
Of the Seven
First One manifested, Six concealed
Two manifested, Five concealed
Three manifested, Four concealed
Four produced, Three hidden
Six to be manifested, One laid aside
Seven Small Wheels revolving; one giving birth to the other.

Now therefore hold fast in your heart everything that I command you,
And seal it in the recesses of your mind.
And then I will show you the judgment of My might,
And My ways which are unsearchable.
O that mine eyes were springs,
And mine eyelids a fount of tears.
Because in that place where I am now prostrate,
Of old the high priestess offered holy sacrifices,
And placed thereon an incense of fragrant odors.
But now our glorying has been made into dust,
And the desire of our soul into sand.
Has the Mighty One humiliated us to such a degree
As to take you from us quickly?
And truly we shall be in darkness,
And there shall be no light to the people who are left,
For where again shall we seek the law,
Or who will distinguish for us between death and life?’
O my Lord, you summon the advent of the times,
And they stand before you;
You cause the power of the ages to pass away,
And they do not resist you;
You arrange the method of the seasons,
And they obey you.
You alone know the duration of the generations,
And you reveal not Your mysteries to many.
You make known the multitude of the fire,
And you weigh the lightness of the wind.
You explore the limit of the heights,
And you scrutinize the depths of the darkness.
You care for the number which pass away that they may be preserved
And you prepare an abode for those that are yet to be.
You remember the beginning which you have made,
And the destruction that is to be You forget not.
With nods of fear and indignation You command the flames,
And they change into spirits,
And with a word you quicken that which was not,
And with mighty power you hold that which has not yet come.
And the many shall be delivered into the hands of the few,
And those who were nothing shall rule over the strong,
And the poor shall have abundance beyond the rich,
And the impious shall exalt themselves above the heroic.
And the wise shall be silent,
And the foolish shall speak,
Neither shall the thought of men be then confirmed,
Nor the counsel of the mighty,
Nor shall the hope of those who hope be confirmed.
And when those things which were predicted have come to pass,
Then shall confusion fall upon all men,
And some of them shall fall in battle,
And some of them shall perish in anguish
And some of them shall be destroyed by their own.

She added matchless weapons to the arsenals of the Ancient Ones,
She bore Monster-Serpents
Sharp of tooth, long of fang,
She filled their bodies with venom for blood
Roaring dragons she has clothed with Terror
Has crowned them with Halos, making them as Gods,
So that he who beholds them shall perish
And, that, with their bodies reared up
None might turn them back.
She summoned the Dragon and the Winged Bull,
The Great Lion, the Mad Wolf, the Sharp-eyed Owl and the Bear-Warrior.
Bearing weapons that spare none
Fearless in Battle,
Charmed with the spells of ancient sorcery
Nowhere are they known
Not in the heavens
Nor in the Earth
Are they discovered
For their place is outside our place
And between the angles of the Earth
They lie in wait
Crouching for the Sacrifice