Anastasius Willow Whispers Faren, 10/4/2005

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  • Anastasius watches the scene for a little while and will cast a ww.

<Anastasius> (I'm not <w>-ing the whole time though... we can assume ;) <Faren> (of course) <Anastasius> Faren

  • Faren looks surprised for a moment in your scrying dish/mirror/whatever you use. no fair, you have videophone capability! ;)

<Faren> Tierney. Wasn't expecting to hear from you. Something up? <Anastasius> Something, yes. <Faren> Not Irene, I hope?

  • Faren looks a bit worried.

<Anastasius> No.... she's fine. <Faren> Ah, good. <Anastasius> (does he seem happy or just surprised to hear from me, or what?)

  • Faren looks and sounds relieved that nothing's wrong with Irene. He was her guardian for a long time, after all.

<Anastasius> There was unusually violent firchlis across large parts of the observed dreaming a few days back.

  • Faren nods.

<Anastasius> I know you can take care of yourself, though. <Faren> Yeah, took me by surprise but luckily I was equipped. <Faren> Foolish not to be.

  • Faren smiles rakishly.
  • Anastasius wonders if he knows I'm watching. He probably suspects.

<Anastasius> so it did reach out that far... <Anastasius> interesting. <Faren> What's it about, do you know? <Anastasius> ahh... a year away and can't wait to hear the gossip, I see. <Anastasius> Someone is medding with the Gwydaines. <Faren> Oh.

  • Faren sounds rather less interested.

<Faren> You think the firchlis has somethin' to do with it? <Anastasius> he seems to have good control of the dreaming. I would be surprised if it wasn't connected.

  • Faren sets aside his own differences in case you need his help. They are your allies, after all.  :P

<Anastasius> My interest is more academic.... <Anastasius> It seems that whoever they are, they've been looking into fertility magic

  • Faren raises his eyebrows.

<Faren> All right... <Faren> So, you want me to go check somethin' out for you?

  • Faren hazards a guess.

<Anastasius> <Faren> Good.

  • Faren seems relieved.

<Faren> ... <Anastasius> I was.... just concerned.

  • Anastasius admits

<Anastasius> I don't know what else this fellow has been up to. <Faren> (Concerned about me, or about the goings on?) <Faren> (or both) <Anastasius> (both, but in that instance, I meant you ;) <Faren> (In which case:)

  • Faren rubs the back of his neck, a little embarrassed for your concern but also a bit pleased, too.

<Faren> Well, I'm safe, obviously. <Faren> Do you have any idea as to who it may be? <Anastasius> No, none. That bothers me. <Anastasius> I don't like powerful unknowns. <Anastasius> I prefer being one.

  • Faren laughs good-naturedly.

<Faren> Well, I've never heard of Dreamcraft causing storms... <Anastasius> No... I didn't think so either. <Anastasius> It may have been an afteraffect of something else he's doing, but I'm not sure. <Faren> But it was an unusually powerful one, and rather sudden. Usually you get little firchlis effects leadin' up to some especially inclement weather but this one just seems to have come out of the blue.

  • Faren nods.

<Faren> It must be somethin' else he's done, if it has anythin' to do at all with him.

  • Faren agrees.

<Anastasius> what causes the firchlis? <Faren> Well... <Faren> It's really just a surge in glamour, that sweeps through the Dreamin'. <Faren> It's pretty much like the weather back in the 'real' world. So... whatever you might attribute the weather changin' to, you might equally apply to the Firchlis. <Faren> And among our kind, I haven't heard of anyone changin' the weather unless they're the lords of their freeholds. <Faren> Or some of the merfolk. <Anastasius> hmm.\ <Anastasius> its a surge of glamour in the dreaming you mean, yes? <Faren> But then, it's just a local effect, and if it was here and also in the Near Dreaming, it sure sounds like it wasn't local. <Faren> Well, kind of. <Faren> It's like a storm so I guess you could say it's a surge. <Anastasius> but it would have originated in the dreaing. <Faren> Well, as much as the weather in the real world originates on Earth.

  • Faren agrees.
  • Faren tosses another log on the fire, and it sparks.

<Anastasius> Interesting.

  • Faren claps his hands together and reaches down into the lean-to to pull out some gloves.

<Anastasius> so, what are you studying now? <Anastasius> (brb) <Faren> Oh, well... have you ever heard of the Chatloups? <Anastasius> catwolves?

  • Faren smiles.

<Faren> Not especially cat-like. <Faren> They look like wolves, except they have horns on their heads and spines on their bodies. Pretty well-equipped to fight. <Faren> But they have a weakness, and that is scrubland. Their horns and spines get tangled easily. <Faren> I'm a little worried about this population seein' as they've been pushed out of their usual habitats by a nearby goblin city. So now they are in a scrubby area and their mortality is pretty high. <Faren> And now, after the storm, it's gotten feckin' cold here, and they need a hot, semi-arid environment. <Anastasius> Well, if I find this sorceror, I'll be sure to shame him for theeffects of his activities upon the creatures of the deep dreaming.

  • Faren looks amused.

<Faren> You do that, Tierney.

  • Faren cracks a grin, not expecting you really will.

<Faren> Is your phone card about to run out?

  • Anastasius chuckles, quietly

<Anastasius> soon. <Faren> Well, take care then. Possibly I'll return to the world of men once I've witnessed the fate of these noble beasts. They were heraldic, ye know... <Faren> But it's also possible that somethin' else'll catch my attention. <Faren> Call me if ye need me. <Anastasius> Eire will be here. <Faren> And please give my regards to Irene and a good clout to Caelan on my behalf.

  • Anastasius chuckles, and starts to say something, but you can't quite catch it as the cantrip fades