Aidan, Kolya & Isabel, 12/4/2002

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  • Aidan is at Aberystwyth to... borrow some sheet music, maybe.
  • Aidan wishes his grandmother would patronize the arts... she has a great venue for hosting concerts. But, anyway. It's her home.

<Isabel> (She probably *does*)

<Isabel> (She isn;t antisocial like Janus :D)

<Aidan> (I've asked about it before!)

<Aidan> (Aidan is an amazing concert pianist and could really use some exposure.)

<Isabel> (I have a memory like a sieve :)

<Elanya> (I'm getting my second wind)

<Isabel> (Voltaire will do that :D)

<Isabel> (I remember you asking about him doing something *with* her...)

<Isabel> (oh well)

<Aidan> (No not with Diamond!)

<Aidan> (He would never expect *her* to play in something vulgar like a concert.  ;^D)

<Aidan> (I used to joke about the Gwydaine family singers, though... that I did.)

<Aidan> (But it was just a joke...  :^o )

<Isabel> (we doin' something here?)

<Aidan> (I thought I'd try... Aidan's the only person I have who could be at Aberystwyth and not annoy Isabel)

<Isabel> (I don't care if you annoy her)

<Isabel> (If she leaves I have plenty of other people to play.)

<Isabel> (Play who you want)

  • Aidan whistles to himself as he makes his way down the hall.

<Isabel> (I often play character *to* annoy people :D)

      • Elanya is now known as Kolya

<Isabel> (*couGH*Soleil*cough*)

<Aidan> (Evil)

<Isabel> (mostly annoying. ;)

  • Aidan wonders how Kolya is doing.
  • Aidan asks a passing Boggan.

<Aidan> (how's Kolya? ^-^)

  • Aidan wishes the weather was nicer; it's too cold to be in the gardens.

<Kolya> (more social these days, I suppose, still a bit under the weather. It's the headaches, you see)

<Aidan> (yes)

  • Aidan doesn't know Kolya all that well but Kolya has always been nice to him.
  • Aidan wonders if he ought to visit Kolya.

<Aidan> (Tally has been visiting. ^-^)

  • Aidan decides he might as well.
  • Aidan heads towards Kolya's quarters.
  • Kolya will be there, conveniently enough ;)
  • Aidan taptaps on Kolya's door.

<Kolya> Hello?

<Aidan> Hello... It's Aidan. May I come in?

<Kolya> oh, hey... come on in...

  • Aidan enters.

<Aidan> Hi...

  • Aidan smiles.

<Aidan> I was here... thought I'd drop in to see you...

  • Aidan explains.
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  • Aidan suddenly wonders what he's doing.
  • Kolya looks up and smiles

<Aidan> How are you doing?

  • Kolya is sitting in a comfy looking chair by the window, and there is a book on the table beside him

<Kolya> I'm doing alright, I guess...

  • Aidan nods.

<Aidan> Glad to hear it...

<Kolya> thanks.

<Aidan> Tally told me you were all right, but it's always best to hear that from the horse's mouth, rather than the fox's.

<Aidan> I suppose the boggans are doting on you...

  • Aidan smiles.

<Kolya> the boggans... well, everyone, really...

  • Kolya sighs

<Kolya> it's kind of disconcerting

  • Aidan nods.
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<Aidan> I understand.

<Aidan> I'll try not to dote.

<Kolya> The countess is concerned, so some people seem to think they are supposed to be too :p

<Kolya> heh

<Kolya> thanks :)

<Isabel> Whoooooo wants sticky buns? :D

<Kolya> There were a couple of Sidhe in here the other day who I'd never even met

  • Isabel flounces through the not-quite-closed doot

<Kolya> they brought me a fruit basket o-O

<Isabel> (door)

  • Kolya looks up

<Aidan> Really -

<Aidan> Oh, hello Lady Isabel.

  • Isabel has basket, no fruit

<Kolya> hey Is :)

  • Aidan bows slightly towards his cousin.

<Isabel> *bounce*

  • Aidan looks dapper as always in his 18th C clothes. ;^D
  • Isabel skips upo and sets the basket down beside the book. It is, in fact, filled with boggan-fresh baked goods :)

<Aidan> ...

  • Aidan inhales the delightful aromas.

<Aidan> Mmmm...

<Aidan> You're going to put on pounds, Kolya.

<Kolya> heh, yeah...

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<Kolya> the boggans won't think I'm getting better otherwise, I think :o

  • Kolya rubs his eyes
  • Isabel is wearing a pale, gauzy mint green top under a long red brocade coat that keeps sliding off one shoulder, and cream coloured

leather leggings. :D

  • Aidan grins. He doesn't usually grin - too self-conscious about his scary pointy nocker teeth.

<Kolya> . o O ( then again... I'm not. Not in the important way )

  • Isabel has on some lovely ruby earrings as well, it looks like they're just dripping off her ears.

<Isabel> I don't think it's possible for Kolya to get fat.

  • Isabel pokes him in the belly.

<Isabel> He's so lucky!

<Aidan> . o O (I wish I had a boy to poke in the belly.)

<Isabel> (you can poke Kolya :D)

<Aidan> (that sounds pretty bad, actually... he means a mature person, of course!  :^o)

<Kolya> heh

<Kolya> (*snick*)

<Isabel> I'm gonna eat one anyway though :D

<Aidan> (Can't have Colin's rumours prove to be true!)

  • Isabel snatches one up and breaks it apart.

<Kolya> go ahead...

<Kolya> you to, Aidan.

  • Aidan smiles shyly.

<Isabel> thnk yM!

<Aidan> Er, thanks.

  • Isabel says with her mouth full.
  • Aidan takes a nice sticky bun.

<Kolya> Thank god for visirors, otherwise you woudln't be able to get me out of this room with a forklift in another week :o

  • Aidan eats.
  • Isabel flips her hair.
  • Isabel looks especially pretty today, for some reason.

<Aidan> I'm sure Tally would be more than willing ro coach you through a rigorous athletic program...

<Isabel> Oh, poop on Tally.

<Aidan> I'd rather not, thank you...

  • Aidan smiles.

<Isabel> Kolya doesn't have to do any silly 'programs'.

<Isabel> He just needs to rest.

<Aidan> You look especially lovely today, cousin. A special occasion?

<Isabel> hm?

  • Isabel takes a bite of bun and shakes her head...

<Isabel> Not that I know of...

  • Kolya smiles

<Aidan> Well, who needs one, after all...

  • Kolya looks like, if anything, he may have lost weight
  • Aidan smiles.
  • Aidan unwinds his cinnamon bun like Janus does.
  • Isabel looks out the window to see if maybe she can see a boat out in the harbour.

<Isabel> Wonder if 'Lys and Andrea are around! :D

<Aidan> Oh - are they expected?

<Kolya> Andrea was here the other day

<Isabel> Expected?

<Aidan> I don't believe I've met them yet, but I've been hearing about them.

<Isabel> Um, well... I guess not

<Isabel> That doesn't mean they aren't coming though.

<Isabel> :)

<Isabel> You *have* to meet them...

<Isabel> They're *sooo* much fuN!

  • Aidan smiles.

<Aidan> I'm not sure it would work... I'm told I'm quite tedious.

<Isabel> If you can be tedious arounf them, well, you really are hopeless...

<Isabel> But I don't believe it's possible

<Kolya> yeah, I'm with Is on that one

<Kolya> they're *satyrs*

<Kolya> They are the antithesis of tedious

  • Aidan smiles self-consciously.

<Aidan> Well, perhaps.

<Aidan> Have you been speaking with Rach lately, Isabel?

<Isabel> I wrote her a letter!

<Isabel> Well two.

<Isabel> But she's only answered the first one so far :)

<Kolya> how is she doing?

<Aidan> All right, I guess. She sounded really tired last time we spoke.

<Isabel> OK, I think...

  • Kolya nods

<Isabel> I heard some stuff about her, but I didn't want to... um..

<Isabel> Uh, forget I said anything. :o

  • Aidan glances at Isabel questioningly.

<Aidan> What?

<Isabel> Nothing!

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<Kolya> hmm?

  • Aidan frowns slightly, but not in an ill-humoured manner.
  • Kolya shrugs
  • Kolya peeks at the boggan baked goods
  • Aidan guesses he ought to just let it be.

<Kolya> what all is in here, anyway?

<Isabel> I'm not sure, I didn't pick through it ;D

<Isabel> much

<Kolya> heh

<Kolya> hmm, muffins...

<Aidan> The cinnamon rolls are fantastic...

<Aidan> One of my favourites.

<Aidan> Our mother used to make them with Tara.

<Kolya> cool

  • Kolya will pick one up

<Kolya> (sec, groceries)

<Aidan> (ok)

<Kolya> (Back)

<Aidan> 9yay!)

  • Kolya takes a bite

<Aidan> Oh! Nonono!

<Aidan> You have to eat them by unwinding them.

  • Kolya doesn't seem to be entirely enthused, but is generally lacking in energy...
  • Isabel already broke hers in half :o
  • Aidan demonstrates. ;^D

<Kolya> I do?

<Kolya> ...

<Aidan> Mmm-hmm.

<Kolya> does it make them taste better?

<Aidan> Yes.

  • Kolya looks dubious

<Isabel> . o O (Nockers are weird)

<Kolya> how?

<Isabel> . o O (Hee!)

<Aidan> Magic.

  • Kolya shrugs

<Isabel> I wrecked this one, then.. :/

  • Kolya will unwind his bun, then

<Aidan> It's a Gwydaine secret that I now pass along to you.

<Isabel> Oh well, better eeat another one :D

  • Aidan grins.

<Kolya> I guess so :)

  • Isabel grabs a second and begins unravelling it.
  • Aidan glances at them expectantly. ;^D

<Isabel> *eat*

  • Aidan continues unwinding and eating his.

<Kolya> well, I guess it makes them last longer at least

<Kolya> they are pretty tasty

<Aidan> Indeed.

<Isabel> mmf-hmf

<Aidan> Rachel, Tally and I wanted to make one once that would unwind to be taller than we were...

<Isabel> "s hard to picture your dad doing it...

<Aidan> Who do you think I learned it from?

<Aidan> ;)

<Isabel> ... nothim? :o

  • Isabel figured a boggan.

<Aidan> Wrong!

<Kolya> cool

<Aidan> I've never seen Father eat them in any manner save this tried and tested one.

  • Aidan smiles.

<Kolya> that'd be a bigass cinamon bun

<Aidan> Yes, well... not that big.

<Isabel> ...

<Aidan> Tally and I hadn't topped four feet at the time...

<Isabel> We should make one :o

<Aidan> But still.

  • Isabel takes Aidan by the shoulders.

<Isabel> A GIANT ONE

  • Aidan 's eyes widen.

<Aidan> Where?

<Isabel> ... uh

<Isabel> I dunno :o

<Isabel> your house?

<Kolya> ...

  • Kolya watches the scene warily

<Aidan> Well, see... that's the problem. Tally, Rachel and I *did* try to make one once. But we were small... and the flour bad was heavy...

<Kolya> that would be... a lot of dough

<Aidan> And the milk jug was slippery...

<Isabel> ... :o

<Aidan> And the honey was sticky...

<Aidan> And... things fell.

<Isabel> and now you're not allowed in the kitchen? :o

<Aidan> And then it was so fun we started throwing handfuls of flour at one another...

<Aidan> And it just devolved from there.

<Aidan> Tara was not pleased.

<Kolya> honey?

<Isabel> Tara let Rachel in that time, but we weren't baking anything I guess...

<Kolya> I didn't think you put honey in cinamon buns...

<Aidan> We couldn't find the sugar...

  • Aidan blushes.

<Kolya> oh

<Isabel> that would be ... very sticky :o

<Aidan> It was... but we were quite pleased with ourselves.

<Aidan> We looked like ghosts.

<Kolya> ...dd you get it baked?

<Aidan> Rachel's wings were a *mess*, and they're so delicate - hard to clean.

<Aidan> It wasn't pretty.

<Kolya> I'd think the key would be low heat and a longer cooking time...

<Aidan> We did put it in the oven.

<Isabel> :o

<Aidan> But before it could finish baking, Tara had discovered us!

<Kolya> ahhh

<Kolya> I bet she just ate it ;)

<Aidan> And she chased us out of the kitchen.

<Aidan> Then she started cleaning up after us.

<Kolya> ...or your dad did!

<Kolya> :o

<Aidan> She was so displeased that she forgot about it.

<Aidan> And then there was a fire.

<Isabel> Oh no!!! :o

<Aidan> Luckily it was discovered before it spread.

<Aidan> Father would have killed us.

<Aidan> Still, the kitchen smelled like burnt sugary goop for several days.

<Kolya> heh

<Kolya> I wasn't allowed to do baking when I was a kid

<Aidan> ...

<Kolya> I got important jobs instead...

<Isabel> Me neither

<Kolya> like, you know, licking the spoon

<Kolya> and decorating cookies

<Isabel> Cora and Nora would have had fits.

  • Aidan smiles.

<Kolya> yeah

<Isabel> Yeah, I decorated cookies...

<Isabel> I also decorated the table, the chair, Cascade...

<Aidan> Tara and Mother had us help out all the time...

<Isabel> :D

<Kolya> heh heh

<Aidan> Mother didn't want us to grow up spoiled.

<Kolya> all my gingerbreadmen had wheels for feet

<Kolya> It was, like, my trademark

<Isabel> hee hee!

  • Aidan smiles.

<Kolya> Are they still around, Is?

<Isabel> Cora and Nora?

  • Kolya nods

<Isabel> Well...

<Isabel> Their grand daughters are...

<Isabel> ...

<Isabel> -_-

  • Kolya nods

<Kolya> I figured :/

<Aidan> . o O (That's a downer... just when it seemed people were having fun.)

  • Kolya eats more of his cinnamon bun

<Aidan> ...

<Aidan> You know... the cooks here are not in the kitchen for a few hours every night.

<Aidan> If you wanted to risk it...

<Kolya> hmm?

<Aidan> Oh- nothing.

<Isabel> I don't know how to work a... non dial-y oven

<Kolya> me either...

<Aidan> I do.

<Isabel> You do?


<Aidan> ...

<Aidan> . o O (What am I thinking?  :^o)

<Isabel> Then we'll take it back to Ulysses and Andrea's and feast!

<Isabel> Oh boy.

<Isabel> I'm hungry just thinking about it..

<Aidan> ...

<Aidan> I've created a monster...

<Isabel> Gimme one of those muffins, Nikki

<Isabel> :D

<Aidan> !

<Aidan> Which could be very bad, seeing as I'm a nocker...

  • Kolya hands Is a muffin

<Kolya> heh

  • Isabel tears the top off and starts eating it.

<Kolya> so, you're not in charge of the recipie, then :D

<Aidan> Well... maybe Dovev or the knights will want to share rather than rat us out.

<Kolya> mr. "I put honey in cinamon buns!"

<Aidan> It was a committee decision!

  • Aidan says indignantly.

<Isabel> Does Dovev eat... other than people? :o

<Kolya> too bad that Trolius guy got sent away

<Kolya> suuure it was, Aidan ;)

<Kolya> he'd totally have helped us :)

<Aidan> (I feel kind of sorry for Trolius... once he finds out what Rachel wanted him for...  ;^D)

<Aidan> So, when will we do the despicable deed?

<Kolya> (yeep?)

<Kolya> what's the magic hour?

<Kolya> ....

<Aidan> 12:30 am

<Kolya> you know, I *know* most of the boggans.

<Kolya> I could probably get some of them to help us...

<Isabel> Need to find those satyrs, they have our getaway boat

<Aidan> Until 3:30 am

<Kolya> or at least to cover us

<Kolya> yeah

<Kolya> (When dos Fish get off work?)

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<Isabel> (It's a class, and I don't know)

<Kolya> (That's what I meant)

<Kolya> (YO Max Power)

<Kolya> how're we gonna do that, then?

<Kolya> also, someone is going to have to research recipies

<Aidan> I believe you've already excluded me from that duty.

<Isabel> your boggan contacts?

<Kolya> could do...

<Kolya> I've been getting people to bring me books from the library

<Kolya> I could get people to start brining me desssert recipie books..

<Kolya> although I fear what the countess might have in stick :o

<Aidan> ...

<Aidan> Does she even keep recipe books in her library?

<Aidan> o.O

<Aidan> I just can't picture it...

<Isabel> They're probably all in the kitchens...

<Aidan> Mind you, I've never looked.

<Kolya> who knows :o

<Kolya> I

<Kolya> 'll see what I can turn up

<Isabel> Excellent...

<Aidan> (You know, when I *do* play Aidan i seem to come up with the weirdest ideas... last time it was the romance novel thing)

<Kolya> 9yeah, Aidan is cool, see :D)

<Kolya> I can use my boggan contacts to find out where the ingredients are kept too...

<Aidan> (If only there were a nice guy who thought the same...)

<Kolya> we might need extra flour and so on

<Kolya> (Joel)

<Aidan> (on the phone?)

<Kolya> (No. Is a good boy with fun ideas ;)

<Aidan> (I meant a nice guy who thought *Aidan* was cool... he needs a new SO! )

<Aidan> (lol)

<Aidan> (Joel, eh...?  ;^D)

<Kolya> (;p)

<Aidan> It's sounding more and more like a major covert operation...

  • Aidan muses.

<Kolya> ... and whose height should this unroll to, anyway?

  • Aidan is only about 5' 7" - the twins took after Debbie in terms of height.
  • Kolya is probably the tallest here, then

<Kolya> you or Is?

<Aidan> Why not make it a true challenge and go for your height?

<Isabel> And if it's me, with my heels on or without?

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<Isabel> ...

<Isabel> I just thought of something

<Isabel> Is this going to require math?

<Aidan> Yes.

<Aidan> But that's not a problem.

<Isabel> ugh

<Aidan> I'll handle it...

  • Kolya shrugs

<Kolya> without heels, I think :)

<Kolya> so, how tall is that?

<Kolya> or, hmmm. maybe with, since you always wear heels :o

<Isabel> pretty tall!

<Kolya> we can mearure later, I guess...

<Kolya> you're not as tall as me, though, are you?

<Isabel> no, probably not :/

<Kolya> 'k

<Kolya> ....not that I know how tall I am.

<Kolya> I haven't measured in a while either :o

<Aidan> (how tall is he? 6'3 or so? more?)

<Kolya> (I'm not entirely sure off the top of my head. A little over 6, though)

<Aidan> I'd guess you're about 6'2" or 6'3"...

<Kolya> yeah, probably...

<Aidan> Well, I'm 5'7" or so.

  • Isabel does the I'm taller than Aidan hop.

<Aidan> ¬_¬

<Isabel> :D

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<Isabel> (Terryyy)

<Aidan> We take after our mother...

<Vess> (waves to everyone!)

<Aidan> Our biological father was actually quite tall...  :^/

<Kolya> (hey terry, whassup?)

<Kolya> ahh

<Isabel> (Heather's ass is squeaking)

<Kolya> (sorry)

<Isabel> (ooc)

<Aidan> Well... I meant to go look for some musical scores...

<Aidan> Perhaps I ought to go do that.

<Kolya> oh, well, thanks for stopping by...

<Isabel> Later!

<Kolya> We'll let you know when we get ahold of Andrea and Ulysses :D

<Aidan> Yes - are we doing this *tonight*?

<Kolya> and then the planning can begin in earnest

<Kolya> well, ni gurantees..

<Kolya> they could be *anywhere*

<Kolya> (no)

<Aidan> I had been planning on returning to Oxford - ought I not to/

<Aidan> (/ = ?)

<Kolya> hmmm, stick around, why not?

<Kolya> I'm sure they aren't too far

<Aidan> All right... I'll see if Marguerite has any space for me.

<Aidan> Perhaps we can discuss things more over dinner?

<Isabel> Sure!

  • Aidan smiles.

<Aidan> What time would be good for all?

  • Isabel shrugs cutely.

<Isabel> I can eat anytime.

<Aidan> Kolya?

<Aidan> Are you on some special meal schedule to help you get better?

  • Aidan teases.

<Kolya> no, not really...

<Kolya> . o O ( they are happy enough if I eat at all )

<Aidan> All right... round about 6, then?

<Isabel> hooray!

<Kolya> sure

<Kolya> where?

<Aidan> The solarium is always nice, and it will get you out into a room with plants, Kolya.

<Kolya> plants are nice...

<Kolya> I like plants.

<Kolya> sounds fine

  • Isabel hops around.

<Aidan> Well I'll see you then.

<Isabel> This will be nice, even if we don't carry out the operation tonight.

<Kolya> alright :)

<Isabel> Okay!

<Aidan> I look forward to it.

  • Aidan bows to the two of you and departs.