The Victory beach party, 11/7/2005

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  • Hayley has asked Kolya to be her escort since Janus didn't want to stay, Aidan is not much of one for partying with drunken, uncouth soldiers, and Tally is with Seraph.
  • Kolya is cool woth that, as long as janus is

<Caelan> (Janus is not exactly threatened by you, K ;) <Kolya> (I know ;) <Kolya> I wonder if anyone is going to make me jump over bonfires this time?

  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> Do we have to make you? <Kolya> well, it depends on how high they are :o <Kolya> and on how much I've had to drink, I supose :) <Hayley> Well, yes... I guess I wouldn't want to get you burnt. <Kolya> well, me either. glad we're clear on that :)

  • Hayley is wearing white capris and a navy blue spaghetti-strap top. Her hair is divided into two low braids. She looks pretty darn cute!

<Hayley> But I think it might be fun to get you drunk!  ;) <Kolya> nah, I'm a bitter drunk. no one likes a bitter drunk :) <Kolya> well, I mean, if you get me *really* trashed. <Kolya> then you get to find out than my normal affability is all just a facade ;) <Hayley> Oh, no! I wouldn't want that. Can't have my escort passing out on me. <Hayley> Or becoming a wicked grouch. <Kolya> heh <Hayley> Or, worst of all, puking on me.

  • Hayley makes a face.
  • Kolya is wearing chocolate coloured capris and sandals, and a long sleeved light unbleached cotton top

<Kolya> Oh, the embarassment! <Kolya> Well, I can't see that happening, at least.

  • Kolya grins\
  • Hayley grins back impishly.

<Hayley> I'll try not to drink so much that I puke on you, either. <Hayley> I've never been *that* drunk though...

  • Hayley adds, thoughtfully.

<Kolya> yeha, I'll just hold back your hair and aim you the other way ;p

  • Hayley laughs.

<Hayley> I knew I wore it this way for a reason tonight. <Isabel> Hieee guys!! <Isabel> There you are, I knew you wouldn't miss out on our party!!

  • Hayley smiles happily, looking excited and pleased.
  • Isabel is headed toward you, drink in hand, with Caelan in tow.
  • Isabel is wearing a white blouse with gorgeous flouncy sleeves and ties which wrap around her slim waist, along with dark red leather leggings, a low slung belt of brass discs, and boots of soft black leather, folded over at the knee.

<Hayley> Hello, Lady Isabel! And Caelan.

  • Hayley hasn't seen Caelan in a long time... :o
  • Hayley wonders if he's still as obnoxious as ever. ;)
  • Caelan is wearing a black shirt, open to the waist, and tight black leather trousers underneath a green and black leather coat. He also wears a roughly made necklace of what appear to be crucifixes interspersed with... human teeth?

<Caelan> (the roots still look a little... red... :V ) <Caelan> Hey guys. <Kolya> hey.

  • Caelan grins crookedly.
  • Kolya smiles

<Kolya> Had, ahh, a good time up north?

  • Caelan punches Kolya in the shoulder.

<Caelan> Fuck yeah, you shoulda come.

  • Caelan laughs loudly.

<Kolya> That would have been a sight <Caelan> Those fuckers didn't know what hit them. <Kolya> what happened to the bell?

  • Caelan gets a bit of a manic look in his eye. :D

<Caelan> Heh heh heh. <Caelan> The bell... Heh heh heh.

  • Caelan snickers.

<Kolya> what? <Kolya> ... <Kolya> do I *want* to know? :o

  • Hayley is curious too.
  • Isabel giggles.

<Kolya> Just, it's taken care of, right? <Caelan> Oh yeah. <Caelan> It's taken care of. <Kolya> okay, good enough.\ <Isabel> Hee. <Isabel> Oh tell them. :) <Hayley> Yes, please!

  • Hayley smiles, really wondering what awful things you did to the bell...

<Caelan> We melted it the fuck down... with them in it... <Kolya> err... lovely o_O

  • Caelan grins evilly.

<Hayley> Oh, nice. <Caelan> It was pretty sweet yeah.

  • Isabel snakes an arm around Caelan's waist and leans up against him, clearly a little bit tipsy already.

<Hayley> They deserved it.

  • Hayley shrugs.

<Isabel> I'm so proud. ^_^ <Kolya> yeha. <Kolya> :) <Caelan> Haha, you should have seen the looks on their faces when they tried to ring the fucker and we just kept coming :V <Kolya> so, what have you been getting into?

  • Caelan slaps Kolya on the back again.
  • Kolya asks Is
  • Hayley smiles.

<Isabel> Muh? <Hayley> I would have liked to see that... <Isabel> Oh, drinks! <Isabel> :V

  • Kolya wonders why Caelan likes abusing me so much :p

<Kolya> yeah :) <Kolya> Drinks <Caelan> It's not for little girls, eh. <Hayley> Oh, fuck off.

  • Kolya sighs
  • Caelan giggles like you being mad is the funniest thing *ever*.

<Isabel> I think... mead...

  • Isabel takes a drink.

<Isabel> Oh yes, that's definitely what it is! <Kolya> awesome. where'd it come from? <Hayley> You haven't changed any, I can see.  :P <Isabel> There's a big barrel over there! <Caelan> Still as great as ever :V <Hayley> Whatever. <Caelan> And the ladies love it too... :V <Kolya> Want to go grab a drink, hayley?

  • Caelan leans over and bites Isabel on the neck.

<Hayley> Well, one lady does, apparently. <Isabel> Oh, hee hee... Stop it... ^_^ <Hayley> Sure, Kolya.

  • Isabel pushes him away... sort of.

<Kolya> We'll see you guys a bit later... or not, ;) <Isabel> Oh are you leaving? <Kolya> drinks :D <Hayley> Just going to get a drink. <Isabel> Oh right... okay!! <Hayley> See you later, Isabel.  :) <Caelan> Catch you later.

  • Caelan says mainly to Kolya.
  • Kolya gives the couple a friendly wave

<Hayley> There's no accounting for taste. ^-^

  • Hayley says once they're out of earshot.

<Kolya> yeah. <Hayley> At least they're happy. <Kolya> yeha :)

  • Isabel will take this opportunity to stick her tongue down Caelan's throat for a bit then. :V

<Kolya> I don't know how they work, but somehow they do. <Hayley> It's one of life's mysteries.

  • Hayley agrees.

<Jeanie> Haaaaaaaley! :D\

  • Hayley grins.

<Hayley> Jeanie! You did make it.  :)

  • Hayley looks pleased.
  • Jeanie is wearing a short green skirt, and a ruffly blue top

<Hayley> Have you two met?  :) <Jeanie> Oh, the mistress wouldn't *dream* of keeping me away from so much fun :D\ <Jeanie> No, hello there :) <Kolya> Hey :) <Hayley> This is Kolya, and Kolya, this is Jeanie. <Hayley> She works for Countess Nerys from Bangor. <Kolya> ahh, right! <Kolya> Nice to meet you :) <Jeanie> likewise ^-^ <Jeanie> Hayley I'm so glad *you* could come :d

  • Hayley would have told Kolya earlier in the night that Kolya doesn't have to feel obliged to stick by my side all night long!
  • Hayley grins.

<Hayley> Me too! <Jeanie> No prince though?

  • Hayley shakes her head no.

<Hayley> There's no way Janus would ever have stayed. <Hayley> Unless I knocked him unconscious or something. ^-^ <Kolya> hey, hayley... *I'll* go fetch us some beverages, 'cause T this rate, we're just goign to keep getting waylaid :o <Hayley> He is happier reading his books. <Kolya> I'll be back in a bit, ladies :) <Hayley> Oh, Kolya, thanks - you're a sweetheart.  :) <Jeanie> aww, well as long as you have fun then :D

  • Kolya will head off to get some drinks
  • Hayley nods.

<Jeanie> hee! <Jeanie> so who is he then? <Jeanie> court appointed escoprt? ^-^ <Hayley> No! A friend, and I asked him. <Hayley> He's being nice about it. <Hayley> I hope he has fun. <Jeanie> aww, how could he not, in such good company ^-^ <Jeanie> well, I mean, even without, you know. <Jeanie> :D <Hayley> Well, I'm sure an unattached girl would be more interesting. ^-^ <Hayley> Anyway...! <Jeanie> Well, could be, but it isn't like you don't know any of them ;) <Hayley> Have you spotted any prospects yet, or is it too early to say?  :D <Jeanie> Oh, I've spotted a few ^-^ <Jeanie> Welll, potentials <Jeanie> as in" I wonder how he would look on his back >:D

  • Isabel weaves her way toward Hayley and Jeanie, carrying Caelan's jacket.

<Hayley> And they are...? ^-^ <Isabel> Hey sweetie, where's Kolya? <Jeanie> Hmm, where did they get to....

  • Hayley prompts.
  • Jeanie scans the crowd

<Hayley> Oh, he just went to get drinks. Said he'd be right back.  :)

  • Hayley informs Isabel.
  • Jeanie curtseys to Isabel, a bit tipsily

<Isabel> Well I hope he's psychic enough to know I want another one :D <Isabel> Oh hi <Hayley> Jeanie was just going to give me her scouting report.

  • Isabel says to the other satyr.

<Jeanie> oh yes! <Isabel> Do I know you? <Jeanie> There are plenty of boys to go around, my lady, if you're looking ^-^ <Isabel> Oh I'm good...

  • Isabel giggles.

<Hayley> If you don't, this is Jeanie... and Jeanie, this Lady Isabel. <Isabel> I've got all I can handle. <Jeanie> well, more for me then ^-^ <Hayley> She's Janus' cousin. ^-^ <Jeanie> I'm Jeanie. <Isabel> Nice to meet you.

  • Isabel is looking a bit flushed. :)

<Jeanie> Oh :o <Jeanie> :) <Isabel> See, and there's my man...

  • Jeanie is trying to assess the level of formality necessary at a beach party after she's already had a few o_O
  • Isabel points out where Caelan is jumping the fire and generally being very loud with a bunch of Balor soldiers.

<Jeanie> oh, damn :o <Jeanie> A rowdy one, eh? ^-^ <Isabel> Oh I *know*. <Jeanie> Row'r!

  • Isabel gets a hungry kind of look.

<Isabel> You could say that!! <Isabel> :D

  • Jeanie grins

<Jeanie> Well! <Jeanie> What do you ladies think about that one?

  • Hayley looks where Jeanie is pointing or whatever.

<Jeanie> Maybe he ain't so pretty, but sometimes a girl needs a bit of a brute to wear her out >:D <Hayley> He's an ogre...  :o

  • Jeanie points to a rather large looking lad who is fire jumping with the others.

<Isabel> Oh yeah, whatsisname... <Jeanie> yeha, well, sometimes you have to kiss a few toads before you get to the prince ;) <Hayley> I have a newfound respect for you, Jeanie, if you can handle that.  ;) <Jeanie> Well, I'm willign to give it my best ^-^ <Hayley> But as far as ogres go, he is pretty hot. ^-^ <Kolya> I'm back... hey is :) <Kolya> ... <Isabel> Well if he's anything like mine he'll have lots of, um, energy after a campaign... <Isabel> KOlyaaaaa... <Isabel> :)

  • Kolya passes the girls each a drink

<Isabel> Hieee. <Kolya> yeeeeeees? <Isabel> Oh, you are a peach. <Isabel> ^_^ <Hayley> There is a certain something to their jutting lower jaws and protruding canines, I suppose...

  • Kolya now has no drink for him though :o

<Jeanie> oh stop! Look at that chest! <Kolya> err....?

  • Hayley giggles.

<Hayley> Thanks, Kolya.

  • Kolya eyes the girls

<Isabel> Mmmm. <Kolya> ...

  • Hayley grins impishly.

<Isabel> @_@

  • Isabel has a hormone-glazed look in her eye.

<Kolya> I'm just goign to go get one for me :o <Hayley> Yikes, Isabel... you're scaring me.

  • Kolya backs away slowly :o
  • Hayley smiles at Kolya.

<Isabel> Weeks it's been, you don't understand!! <Jeanie> Oh, your man's been *gone* hasn't he? :o <Isabel> ;_; <Jeanie> Oh, you poor thing :/

  • Isabel bites her lower lip as she watches the men.

<Hayley> What are you waiting for then? o_O <Hayley> I'd have dragged him off into the woods by now. <Hayley> You can always come back after. <Jeanie> totally! I admire your self control ^_^ <Isabel> I don't wanna seem too... eager...

  • Isabel tosses her drink back.

<Jeanie> ahh, that *is* a dillemma, hmmm... <Hayley> Honey, in this crowd, it would probably be cool if you dragged him away by the hair with a club in your off hand... <Jeanie> still, I can't believe he is wasting his energy jumping fires!

  • Isabel laughs.

<Isabel> Oh... Caelan pretty much never gets tired.

  • Jeanie giggles

<Jeanie> lucky girl! <Isabel> He's very... fit... <Isabel> @_@

  • Hayley eyes the fit soldiers.
  • Jeanie licks her lips

<Jeanie> they all seem to be, don't they? <Isabel> He can lift me like, over his head. <Jeanie> :o

  • Hayley smiles.

<Isabel> Mmm-hmmm :) <Jeanie> that must make things...interesting ^-^ <Hayley> ... <Isabel> Yeah... <Kolya> interesting?

  • Kolya rejoins the group

<Kolya> Interesting how? <Kolya> Or do I not want to know?

  • Jeanie eyes Isabel, and giggles\

<Isabel> We're just talking about... Caelan... <Isabel> Um... <Hayley> And how he can lift Isabel over his head.

  • Hayley says, poker-faced at the double-entendre.

<Kolya> err, lovely

  • Kolya takes a drink of his mead

<Isabel> ...

  • Hayley grins impishly.

<Kolya> maybe I will leave the three of you to talk about, ahh, girly things? o_O\

  • Isabel giggles.
  • Jeanie grins from ear to ear

<Jeanie> Aww, we don't bite. <Jeanie> ... <Jeanie> much >:D

  • Isabel giggles again.

<Isabel> Hee hee. <Isabel> Oh Jeanie, you're so funny! ^_^ <Hayley> I know guys who would pay to be a fly on a wall during a conversation like this, but suit yourself. ^-^ <Kolya> Un huh, I'm just likley to ind out waaaaaay more than I ever wanted to know about people I really don't need to know these things about :o <Kolya> So I'm going to escape while I have the chance ;o <Hayley> Okay... catch you later.  :) <Isabel> Okay well, um, maybe you can find some boys to talk about sex with! <Isabel> :V <Kolya> .... <Kolya> I'll see you later is -_- <Isabel> Later! :) <Kolya> Hayley, Jeanie :)

  • Hayley smiles apologetically at Kolya.
  • Kolya will get while the getting is good :o

<Hayley> Have fun.  :)

  • Jeanie giggles as he goes

<Hayley> Boys... <Jeanie> Theat is the mark of a guy who isn't gettin' any! <Isabel> Poor Nicky :( <Hayley> Yeah, he is a sweetheart. <Hayley> It's too bad he doesn't have anyone. <Jeanie> oh, one of the nice ones, eh? <Jeanie> Poor thing <Isabel> Everyone likes him, I don't get it.

  • Hayley nods.

<Isabel> I named Coco after him :)

  • Isabel says proudly.

<Jeanie> Coco? <Hayley> You two have been friends for a long time, haven't you?  :) <Isabel> My baby girl... <Isabel> Oh yeah, I've known Kolya since he was like... Coco's age :) <Isabel> For like, ever. <Hayley> That must be kind of weird, sometimes. ^-^ <Jeanie> o_O <Isabel> Oh not really :) <Hayley> No? <Isabel> Let's talk about boys more! <Isabel> How's Janus doing? <Isabel> How come he's not here, again? <Hayley> Oh, he's great. <Jeanie> :) <Hayley> Well, I tried to get him to come... <Hayley> But you know him.  :P <Jeanie> to *stay* anyway <Hayley> He is happier reading his books.

  • Isabel crinkles up her nose cutely.

<Isabel> Well you should have twice as much fun to make up for it!! <Isabel> Drink up ladies!! <Isabel> Oh crap, I'm out :(

  • Hayley takes another sip.

<Jeanie> no! <Jeanie> :o <Jeanie> Oh, I'm close :o <Hayley> Let's wander over that way and get refills.

  • Isabel looks forlornly at the bottom of her glass.

<Isabel> ok. <Jeanie> And we've lost our drink fetcher! <Hayley> Perhaps you'll spot some more lovely sights on the way.

  • Isabel will move with the two of you into the drink line.
  • Isabel glances back at the fire.

<Isabel> Oh poop, where did he go??

  • Jeanie makes eyes at boys

<Isabel> (Caelan)

  • Tally wanders down to the beach...

<Jeanie> Hmmm...

  • Hayley has fun pointing out hot guys for Jeanie's consideration.

<Jeanie> This isn't a party, its a banquet ^-^

  • Hayley looks around for Caelan, and keeps her ears perked for his very loud, obnoxious voice, too.

<Jeanie> I don't see yours though :/ <Hayley> A feast for the eyes, certainly  :) <Jeanie> speak for yourself >:D

  • Isabel toys with a little golden locket around her neck while she waits for her next glass!

<Hayley> Oooh, look there... <Isabel> Oh, Tally's here

  • Isabel remarks idly.
  • Hayley points out a pretty Selkie man. It is not Faren, though. ;)

<Isabel> He's ok...

  • Tally is accompanied by Seraph and laughing with her about something. :)

<Isabel> Kind of scrawny for my taste! <Jeanie> mm... pretty though :)\ <Hayley> I guess I'm partial to the slender ones...

  • Seraph_ laughs musically and shakes her hips
  • Tally shimmies skillfully back. He has been learning the past couple of years! ;)

<Tally> Dance or drink first? It's impossible to choose... <Seraph_> Drink, then dance :) <Seraph_> then drink. It is important to rehydrate ;)\ <Tally> I could spend all night drinking in the sight of you...

  • Tally admires Seraph's lovely form and smiles.

<Isabel> Finally!!

  • Seraph_ grins

<Seraph_> Ooooh! <Seraph_> People :)

  • Seraph_ waves
  • Isabel greedily takes a pint of something off the fellow tending the taps.

<Tally> But I guess I shall have to settle for mead. <Isabel> Seraaaaaaaph!!

  • Isabel waves energetically with her free hand.
  • Jeanie follows Isabel's example

<Seraph_> Hey isabel! get us drinks?

  • Seraph_ makes pleading eyes
  • Hayley smiles happily.

<Isabel> Oh, you butter. <Isabel> Okay <Isabel> ^_^ <Hayley> Hello Tally, Seraph. <Isabel> Two more please! ^_^ <Seraph_> thanks :D <Hayley> Good to see you both here! <Jeanie> <w to hayley> Is that the dancer?

  • Tally gives his little mother a peck on the cheek.

<Isabel> Is Sally with the nurses tonight, hon?

  • Hayley nods.

<Tally> We both are. I'm an expert now, too. Just ask her.

  • Seraph_ nods

<Seraph_> She should be sleeping by now... dreaming about tigers, I expect :o <Hayley> You'll have to give us a demonstration. I think you'd look interesting with pasties.

  • Hayley smirks.
  • Isabel giggles.

<Jeanie> you dance with pasties?

  • Tally laughs and roughs up Hayley's hair.
  • Tally turns to Jeanie.

<Tally> All the time. <Isabel> Coco was pretty wound up this afternoon, but she was down when I left too. <Jeanie> how odd :o <Tally> If it's a really good night, I can get the tassles to rotate in opposite directions. <Isabel> So we were just talking about *boys* <Isabel> ^_^

  • Isabel says to Seraph.

<Seraph_> silly fool ^-^oh, we were? <Seraph_> what were we saying? <Isabel> We are shopping for.. .for Jeanie here <Isabel> And comparing... notes...

  • Isabel giggles.

<Isabel> Hee hee, notes. <Tally> Oooooh...

  • Tally scans the crowd for likely-looking boys.

<Seraph_> Hmmm... <Tally> How about him? <Isabel> Oh gross. <Isabel> :p <Tally> You didn't even look!

  • Seraph_ giggles and rolls her eyes

<Seraph_> Dear, everyone knows you have terrible taste in men :D

  • Isabel leans over to Hayley

<Isabel> So... my cousin Janus... <Isabel> Come on <Isabel> Tell us. <Isabel> :V <Hayley> Ummm...

  • Hayley blushes.

<Jeanie> yes, Hayley, have a fresh drink, and tell us a tale! ;D

  • Isabel takes a pull of her drink.

<Tally> I do not! Aidan is the one with no taste. <Seraph_> oh, clearly ^-^ <Seraph_> oooh, look at her ;_; <Hayley> Tally will hear...

  • Hayley squeaks.
  • Seraph_ points out a stunning Sidhe warrioress

<Isabel> He can plug his ears if it bugs him so much! :V <Tally> Oh, now you - you have terrible taste, my dear... <Seraph_> mmm... <Seraph_> clearly!

  • Isabel pokes Hayley lightly in the ribs.

<Isabel> C'mon! :D <Seraph_> Well, apparently it is my job to distract you for a moment so Isabel can hear some juicy stories about her family ^-^

  • Seraph_ grabs her man and will suitably 'distract' him with her tongue :D

<Jeanie> go girl! <Jeanie> :D <Jeanie> so, come on :D

  • Tally allows himself to be distracted.

<Hayley> What do you want to know, exactly, that won't squick you out? <Hayley> He's, um, your cousin...

  • Isabel pulls Hayley a little bit away from Tally and Seraph.

<Isabel> Is he a little, you know, weird? :V <Hayley> Weird? <Hayley> No... <Isabel> Or like... boring? <Hayley> Not at all. <Hayley> He's just different from me, that's all... I like other people, and he doesn't, so much. <Hayley> But I could never say he's boring. <Hayley> Would I be with him still if he was? ^-^ <Isabel> Other people? <Isabel> Like, what other people? <Jeanie> hmmm? <Jeanie> how do you mean like? :o <Hayley> Oh... <Isabel> Yeah, how do you mean? <Hayley> Well, not the way you're thinking!

  • Hayley blushes furiously.

<Jeanie> awww... <Hayley> I mean... I do admire lots of people... <Jeanie> you're so funny when you get all flustered like that! It's cute ^-^ <Hayley> But that's as far as it goes. <Isabel> You are the blushiest satyr I ever met! Hee!

  • Hayley blushes again when you say that.

<Hayley> I'm just...

  • Jeanie gives you a one handed hug

<Jeanie> It's okay, I'll take her quota of shamelessness! >:D <Hayley> I've never been with anyone else...

  • Hayley says in a small voice, as if ashamed to admit it.

<Hayley> (It is very unsatyrlike, after all) <Isabel> Oh wow, for serious?! <Jeanie> :o <Jeanie> well *girl*! <Hayley> ... <Isabel> That's like... so... *limiting*...! <Jeanie> wow....

  • Isabel takes another big drink.

<Hayley> Well, I love him so I'm not about to try anyone else now. <Jeanie> well... I suppose it is easier if you don't know what you might be missing ;) <Hayley> But yeah, I do often wonder what it would have been like if I had... <Isabel> Poor thing... ;_; <Hayley> But I was 13 when he rescued me, and I've lived with him, on and off, pretty much ever since. <Isabel> Oh yeah, I kinda remember that I guess... <Isabel> Thirteen... whoas. <Hayley> So there really was no opportunity. <Jeanie> :o <Hayley> Anyway... I'm happy with him, and that's the most important thing, right?

  • Isabel takes a healthy drink.

<Jeanie> welll... as long as he keeps you satisfied ^_^ <Isabel> Um, yah!

  • Jeanie polishes off her new glass

<Isabel> Oh, you beat me!! <Isabel> ;_;

  • Isabel empties hers as well.

<Hayley> It probably sounds weird to you two.

  • Hayley is still on her first glass.

<Jeanie> well, Hayley, it just means I have less competition. Why do you think I like you so much? ;)

  • Caelan comes up behind Isabel...
  • Caelan reaches his arms around her waist, pulling her back a step or two.

<Isabel> ! hey!! :o <Isabel> Oh, it's you. ^_^

  • Caelan appears to have misplaced his shirt. :V

<Jeanie> Oh, silly man... you're supposed to club her and then grab her by the *hair*!

  • Hayley giggles.
  • Caelan 's chest is scarred with strange, exotic-looking symbols.

<Jeanie> then haul her off and have your way with her ^-^ <Caelan> Hey babe, who's your new friend? <Caelan> I like her already, hehe. <Isabel> Oh um.. .this is Jeanie. ^_^

  • Isabel presses back against him.
  • Jeanie is a petite satyr with short wavy black hair, and pale skin, and a smattering of freckles

<Jeanie> you must be Caelan. <Jeanie> We've heard so much about you >:D <Caelan> Oh yeah?

  • Isabel giggles.

<Isabel> Um... What happened to your shirt, sweetie?

  • Caelan shrugs nonchalantly.

<Caelan> I dunno. I lost it. <Caelan> Do you care? :V

  • Tally stops kissing Seraph long enough to glance in the sidhe's direction.

<Isabel> ... Nooooo... @_@ <Tally> Are you game? <Seraph_> don't be silly! <Seraph_> >:D

  • Isabel idly runs her hand down along his stomach.

<Tally> What will be our strategy?  ;)

  • Tally likes hunting.
  • Jeanie gigles at Isabel's hormonal pawing

<Caelan> So what's she sayin' about me? :V <Jeanie> oh she mentions how, *energetic* you are ^-^ <Hayley> And that you can lift her over your head, which lends itself to some interesting possibilities. <Jeanie> That you're pratically untiring. <Jeanie> mmm-hmm, that too ^-^ <Caelan> So, just the basics then :V <Seraph_> hmmm... <Jeanie> we were working our way up to details ;)\ <Caelan> You little tart. <Hayley> But we got interrupted.

  • Caelan smacks her on the ass.

<Isabel> Hee! <Isabel> ^_^ <Hayley> <w> Mmkay, now *they're* weird.

  • Hayley whispers to Jeanie.

<Hayley> ^-^

  • Isabel presses up closer.

<Seraph_> Why don't you let me go anfd get a 'feel' for her? <Jeanie> hmm? <Tally> Ah, you always worry that I'll ruin your hunt, love... am I that hard to look at?

  • Tally pouts.
  • Seraph_ licks your nose

<Seraph_> yes, you're filthy and disgusting

  • Tally wrinkles it.

<Tally> You'd better lick me clean, then... <Seraph_> if you really want first crack..... <Seraph_> or maybe we could tag team? ^-^ <Tally> I am rather fond of teamwork. <Seraph_> shall we, then? <Tally> Mmm-hmmm.

  • Tally says, with a look of anticipation on his face.
  • Tally and Seraph close in for the kill.
  • Hayley watches Tally and his wife go.
  • Seraph_ waves at the others as we head out on our hunt

<Jeanie> what are they up to, hmm? :o\ <Caelan> Who gives a fuck?

  • Caelan says cheerfully.

<Hayley> I think they're up to that Sidhe over there...

  • Hayley points out the one her son had been discussing.

<Jeanie> ahhh :o <Caelan> Ha ha, <Jeanie> Well, good for them <Caelan> Good luck with *that*. <Hayley> It's probably good that Janus left; he doesn't really approve. <Jeanie> I still need one for me <Hayley> Yes, you do! <Jeanie> So, how about that ogre friend of yours?

  • Jeanie asks Caelan

<Caelan> Marv? <Jeanie> where's he run off to? <Caelan> He'll break you in fucking half. <Jeanie> ^-^ <Caelan> Maybe you like that kinda shit though

  • Isabel giggles.

<Jeanie> I may just look like a wee little thing, but I've got a big... heart >:D

  • Caelan laughs loudly.

<Caelan> Well you knock yourself out. <Hayley> If he doesn't do it for you. ^-^ <Jeanie> Cheers, don't mind if I do ^-^

  • Hayley can't believe you're really going to go after an ogre.

<Caelan> So how you doin', babe? <Hayley> Well... have fun... I'll be around for a while longer if you need a few Heather Balms. I probably shouldn't tell you to break a leg...

  • Caelan talks into Is' neck as he paws at her. ;)
  • Jeanie grabs a fresh drink, since we are still hovering near the keg

<Isabel> @_@ <Jeanie> Well, as long as it isn't mine.

  • Hayley grins.

<Jeanie> I'll see you all later, I hope. or maybe not, who knows? <Jeanie> :)

  • Jeanie waves

<Isabel> I'm good... I...

  • Jeanie skips off to go and find Marv

<Isabel> I need to talk to you about something right now!

  • Hayley smirks.

<Caelan> Oh yeah, you look like a girl who could use a real good talkin' to.

  • Hayley wanders off, since there's no one left to talk to here...
  • Caelan goes off somewhere with Isabel.
  • Hayley finds a fire to dance near.
  • Kolya has been wandering around, talking to various folks, and spots Hayley alone again

<Kolya> hey there :)

  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> Hi there- having fun? <Kolya> Isabel couldn't hold off any longer, huh? <Kolya> I'm alright. <Kolya> still in one piece, anyway ;)

  • Hayley continues to dance... the firelight highlights her curves to glorious effect.

<Hayley> Good.  :) <Hayley> Care to dance? <Kolya> People see Caelan puch me hello and they think they should *all* do it :p <Hayley> Well, I guess you hit it off well with them, then. ^-^ <Kolya> ahh, sure! <Kolya> ha ha! ;p <Kolya> I'm a really terrible dancer, though <Kolya> really terrible

  • Hayley shrugs.

<Kolya> Is only ever asks me to dance when she's thoroughly trashed

  • Hayley giggles.

<Hayley> I don't mind if you don't. <Hayley> Come on...

  • Hayley smiles encouragingly.

<Kolya> alrighty, just consider it fair warning!

  • Hayley dances with you a bit, eyes shining but not with mockery.
  • Kolya relaly is painful to watch, though....
  • Hayley giggles.
  • Kolya is the king of rhythmless white-guy dancing

<Hayley> You're too cute. <Kolya> you are a girl with a strange idea of cute o_O

  • Janus stands and watches from the shadows at the edge of the firelight, his identity obscured by a lightweight black cloak, which billows in the night breeze...

<Hayley> Are you having fun, is the main thing? <Kolya> I'm cool :) <Hayley> Good!

  • Hayley takes one of your hands and lifts it high so she can do a pirouette under your arched arm.
  • Kolya will stand there like a good prop :o
  • Hayley laughs and is enjoying herself.
  • Kolya grins

<Hayley> You have to keep dancing too, you're not a maypole, though you're tall enough to be one.

  • Hayley smiles impishly.

<Kolya> I just don't want to trip you up! :o <Hayley> You won't~ <Hayley> I'm a satyr. <Kolya> Really, with you dancing around all over the place, I may as well just be a prop ^-^ <Hayley> Oh...

  • Hayley pouts.

<Kolya> what? <Kolya> that's not a bad thing! <Kolya> I just mean you're a lot more noticeable :) <Hayley> Oh, I thought you were relegating yourself to umbrella or cane status again.  ;) <Kolya> heh, not really <Hayley> Good. <Hayley> You try! <Kolya> try what?

  • Hayley lifts your arm up in hers so you can pirouette now. ;D
  • Kolya laughs
  • Janus laughs quietly to himself.
  • Hayley grins.

<Kolya> What's this, the limbo, shrimpy? ;D <Hayley> Shrimpy! Oh, you...

  • Hayley growls, good-naturedly, though.
  • Kolya grins

<Hayley> I am the right height to disembowel you with my teeth! <Kolya> yeha, just about ^-^

  • Hayley snaps at your midsection a couple times to demonstrate, then laughs.

<Janus> . o O ( What the heck was that? O_o )

  • Kolya continues his whiteguy dancing
  • Hayley keeps dancing with you, and seems to be having fun, even though you are a terrible dancer.
  • Kolya is apparently just smashed enough not to be too self-conscious :)
  • Hayley encourages you along. ^-^
  • Balor_Soldier works his way closer to the very attractive little Satyr girl.
  • Kolya eyes the newcomer
  • Balor_Soldier joins Hayley and Kolya.

<Kolya> . o O ( meeeeh.... ) <Kolya> evening

  • Hayley also eyes him. He smells rather alcoholic, but she is good natured, and doesn't mind another dancing partner.

<Balor_Soldier> 'Evening. <Balor_Soldier> Good party, eh? <Hayley> I'm having fun.  :)

  • Hayley agrees.

<Kolya> Not to shabby :) <Balor_Soldier> I bet you are.

  • Balor_Soldier replies to Hayley toothily.

<Kolya> I hear you guys had a good time up north\ <Balor_Soldier> Oh, it was fucking great!

  • Balor_Soldier agrees.

<Balor_Soldier> You should have seen us nail those bastards! <Balor_Soldier> They didn't know what hit them. <Balor_Soldier> Should have done their research better. <Kolya> Yeha, That's what Caelan said! <Balor_Soldier> You know the General, eh? <Kolya> We're on pretty good terms

  • Balor_Soldier grins, and smacks you on the back.

<Kolya> . o O ( *sigh* ) <Balor_Soldier> Awesome, fucking awesome!

  • Kolya grits his teeth/grins

<Balor_Soldier> Awfully nice of them to throw us this little party... couldn't ask for a better end to the campaign. <Kolya> heh, yeah, it was Mostly Isabel's idea, but I helped get it run through the oficial channels. <Kolya> And Hayley's too, I should say

  • Balor_Soldier grins.

<Balor_Soldier> (Do you look at her as you say this, so he knows who you're talking about?)

  • Kolya nods to her, yeah
  • Hayley smiles back at the soldier.

<Balor_Soldier> Hayley, 's that your name? Pretty... <Janus> ... >:( <Kolya> . o O ( damnit :p )

  • Balor_Soldier glances back at you.

<Balor_Soldier> Is she with you? <Kolya> Mmm... too bad the prince ddn't stick around, eh?

  • Kolya asks Hayley

<Kolya> i bet he could have had a good time too :) <Hayley> Probably he'd be very interested right about now.

  • Hayley agrees.
  • Balor_Soldier looks blearily confused.

<Kolya> I'm just a stand in for the evening, I'm afraid. Her beau had more important court matters to attend to, I'm sure. <Balor_Soldier> So... she's not with you?

  • Balor_Soldier grins and reaches towards her.
  • Hayley stops in her tracks.

<Hayley> I would not do that if I were you.

  • Hayley says, voice like ice.

<Kolya> hey! >:| <Kolya> she's not up for grabs if that's what you're asking.

  • Janus moves toward the little group, pushing back the hood of his cloak.

<Janus> I don't think she is interested. <Janus> >:|

  • Balor_Soldier stops.
  • Janus keeps his face serene and his voice level, but Hayley can detect a hint of a twitch under his left eye. ;)

<Balor_Soldier> Whoa, whoa... where did you come from?

  • Kolya is surprised to see Janus

<Janus> Hello Hayley. <Kolya> . o O ( keen, well... out of my hands then :o )

  • Janus takes her hand.
  • Hayley smiles up at him.

<Hayley> This is my beau. Prince Janus. <Balor_Soldier> Oh, fuck man... <Janus> And you would be...?

  • Janus arches an eyebrow.
  • Balor_Soldier stumbles backwards a bit.

<Kolya> . o O ( really, really drunk ) <Balor_Soldier> I wasn't going to do anything, just trying to get to know the locals.

  • Balor_Soldier gestures placatingly with his hands.

<Janus> I understand.

  • Janus says, trying to be tolerant.
  • Balor_Soldier tries to decide whether it's safe to slip away now or not...

<Kolya> Well, there's lots of other girls to mix with.... <Balor_Soldier> Sure, sure... <Janus> Have a pleasant evening. <Kolya> :)

  • Janus says mildly, while maintaining a death grip on Hayley's hand.
  • Balor_Soldier slips away without further ado, thankful that he got away as easily as he did... :o

<Hayley> <gritting her teeth> Janus... you're breaking my hand. <Kolya> ... <Janus> Oh... <Janus> I'm sorry...

  • Janus lets you go.
  • Hayley smiles anmd shakes her hand out.

<Hayley> It's all right... <Kolya> well... <Kolya> I'lll see you later then?

  • Kolya looks at the couple

<Janus> Thank you for looking out for her, Kolya. <Hayley> Thanks for keeping me company, Kolya. <Kolya> No problem... enjoy the rest of your evening :)

  • Kolya will give them a little bow, and then wander off to get another drink and go do... something? O_o

<Hayley> Ugh... he reeked of alcohol...

  • Hayley wrinkles her nose up.

<Janus> Well, a lot of people do here. <Janus> He likely did not mean any harm.... <Janus> ¬_¬ <Hayley> If he'd tried anything, I'd have shown him a thing or two. <Janus> I hope your evening wasn't ruined. <Janus> You seemed to be having such a nice time beforehand. <Hayley> Oh no, it's been quite fun.

  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> How has your evening been?

  • Hayley wonders why he came down to watch... :o

<Janus> Oh... dull. <Hayley> Well... if you'd stayed here with me it wouldn't have been! <Hayley> ^-^ <Hayley> Now that you are here, would you care to dance? :) <Janus> I don't know that I could keep up. <Hayley> You keep up well enough with me in bed.

  • Hayley grins impishly.

<Hayley> Come on, just *one* dance? <Janus> ... <Janus> Well. <Janus> Alright. :o

  • Janus says eventually.
  • Hayley smiles, pleased.

<Hayley> You are bewitchingly mysterious tonight, coming out of the shadows to save me. <Janus> I missed you.

  • Janus says simply.

<Hayley> In the space of an hour or two?

  • Hayley smiles indulgently.

<Hayley> I am flattered. <Janus> Is there something wrong with that? :)

  • Hayley takes your hands and begins to dance.

<Hayley> Not at all! ^-^ <Hayley> Everything is as it should be.

  • Hayley 's eyes sparkle.
  • Janus is quite graceful, although he is more accustomed to formal styles of dancing...
  • Hayley will try to trick him into a few more dances if she can...
  • Hayley trips lightly, sprightly on her tiny hooves. ^-^
  • Janus will indulge you. :)