Tara, Janus & Hayley, 7/19/2005

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<Debbie> Well... if you want to do something really strange, we could have a Tara and Janus IC... she has something she needs to ask.  ;^) <Isabel> Uh... okay...

      • Isabel is now known as Janus
  • Janus is frightened and curious (ooc) :o
      • Debbie is now known as Tara_

<Janus> You haven't really played Colin since Beltaine... maybe once or twice <Tara_> (Why frightened?  ;^) ) <Janus> (I can't imagine what she wants... and with you, it's usually something bad( <Tara_> (hee)

  • Janus is taking a break from his work.

<Tara_> (where is he?)

  • Janus walks downstairs, looking for Hayley, but she has not yet returned from her walk with Tally (sure!)
  • Tara_ is sweeping the hall floor at the moment. She is always so busy!
  • Tara_ looks up at Janus and smiles.

<Tara_> Hello Your Lordship!

  • Tara_ says cheerfully.

<Tara_> Decided to stretch your legs, did you? <Janus> Hello Tara... <Janus> Hayley hasn't returned yet, has she?

  • Tara_ is pleased to see him *out of that stuffy study*.

<Tara_> Not yet, no... I expect they'll be back shortly though. It's almost time for lunch and we're very particular about making her eat regular. <Tara_> (the electric lights flicker, as they do so often these days, and then go out...)

  • Tara_ glances upwards and heaves a large sigh.

<Janus> Again? <Tara_> Is there any point to getting that Nocker back to fix that wind turbine? Last time Norbert said there wasn't much left he could do for it... <Janus> (I didn't realize I still had electric lights? :o) <Janus> I really wouldn't know... <Tara_> (you did at the beginning of my second campaign there, and you even had a computer, although the internet was pretty much dead.  ;^D) <Janus> I've never bothered much with mechanical things. <Janus> What an annoyance... <Tara_> Well, it's your call, Your Lordship. <Tara_> Payment for it comes out of your pocket, after all. <Tara_> I'd just as soon start using candles and lamps like in the olden days. <Janus> And open fires? <Tara_> We've been fortunate to have had electricity for as long as we have, bless Debbie's soul for having the foresight to get that thing built...

  • Janus sounds sceptical.

<Tara_> Well, there's fireplaces in all the rooms, isn't there? This house was built before they had electricity... <Tara_> I expect if it had the inclination to burn down it would have already. <Tara_> But... what do you think?

  • Janus is annoyed with having to deal with such a mundane concern.

<Janus> Oh... what do you think? I care not.

  • Tara_ shrugs.

<Tara_> Candles it is, then. <Tara_> Lanterns, anyway. Then the flame will be contained a bit. <Janus> He did have rather a crass mouth, anyway. <Tara_> ... <Tara_> Most Nockers do, Your Lordship!

  • Tara_ says cheerfully.

<Tara_> OH! <Janus> Don't remind me.

  • Janus is not in such a pleasant mood anymore.
  • Tara_ slaps her hand to her forehead.

<Tara_> I forgot! Didn't wish to disturb you in your studies. <Tara_> The moogle came by, there's a letter from Rachel for you. <Janus> Where is it?

  • Tara_ bustles off down the hall and picks it up from a sidetable near the hall.

<Tara_> Coming, coming!

  • Tara_ brings a rolled parchment for Janus. It has a wax seal and everything. :^)

<Janus> Thank you Tara. <Tara_> (I haven't written that letter yet though. She just wanted to cheer him up again.) <Janus> I shall be upstairs if I am needed... <Tara_> You're quite welcome! <Tara_> Oh- Your Lordship... <Janus> Yes?

  • Tara_ sounds hesitant and shy all of a sudden.

<Tara_> (What's his mood at the moment?) <Janus> (general annoyance... stupid lights... stupid nocker) <Tara_> (OK... guess she better not say what she wanted then) <Tara_> Oh, never mind... <Janus> What is it? <Tara_> ...

  • Tara_ doesn't seem to quite know how to broach whatever matter it is...

<Tara_> Well... <Tara_> Last night was my evening off, you know... <Janus> . o O (what now?) <Tara_> And well, I've been seeing this good fellow for a while now. <Janus> . o O (She's leaving...?) <Janus> Yes...? <Tara_> He... proposed to me last night. And well, I told him I'd think about it. <Tara_> I don't wish to leave your service... <Janus> I see... <Tara_> But, well, I'd also kind of like to get married.

  • Janus didn't know Tara was.. 'seeing' anybody...

<Tara_> I was wondering if there might be an solution amenable to all parties concerned? <Janus> ... <Tara_> So... anyway, I shan't give him an answer until... you think about it. <Janus> . o O (She wants to bring him *here*...) <Tara_> I could never... leave off working here...

  • Tara_ blushes slightly and ducks her head.
  • Janus stands there trying to think of how to respond to what feels vaguely like emotional blackmail from a boggan.

<Tara_> (Remember she has a weird condition where she goes banal super fast... so she has to stay in a freehold. But... the way she said she could never leave working for him also might... tell him something about her that she's usually hidden well. Remember, she really, really cares for him. ^-^) <Janus> (Janus can never ever think of Tara that way. I don't think he would ever think that she might have a thing for him) <Tara_> (Heheh, and that's got a great deal to do with why she hides it so much)

  • Janus turns the rolled parchment around with his fingertips.

<Janus> ... <Tara_> So... that's the long and short of it.

  • Tara_ seems to feel a bit guilty as well. She knows it's a lot to ask.

<Tara_> I'll go get lunch ready now...

  • Janus does not like having strange people around his house...

<Janus> Are you going to tell me this person's name? <Tara_> Oh- ah, certainly Your Lordship... He's Remus Thompson. <Tara_> One of your tenant farmers... <Janus> (I assume I have no idea who that is) <Tara_> He's a Boggan, like me. <Tara_> A very hard-working man, and a wiz with gardens... <Tara_> Younger then me, though...

  • Tara_ smiles a bit, trying to lighten things up.

<Janus> . o O (I *like* my overgrown garden!) <Tara_> ...

  • Tara_ looks down again.
  • Tara_ describes which farm is Remus' in case Janus wants to check it out.

<Janus> Well... congratulations. <Tara_> ... <Tara_> No congratulations yet, Your Lordship! <Tara_> I haven't agreed! <Tara_> I'm sorry...

  • Janus is trapped. He doesn't want a stranger living in his home, but he knows that Tara depends on him.
  • Tara_ bites her lip.

<Tara_> I didn't expect you to answer right away... <Janus> . o O (They will not understand... about any of the things that go on here) <Janus> Well, who am I to stand in the way of your happiness?

  • Tara_ looks up at Janus uncertainly... did he just... agree?

<Janus> I will be in my study.

  • Tara_ 's eyes fill with grateful tears.

<Tara_> Yes, Your Lordship!

  • Tara_ curtseys awkwardly and then dabs at her eyes.
  • Janus goes upstairs.
  • Tara_ goes back to work but it's hard because her eyes keep blurring with happy tears.
  • Janus sits in his study, in the dark, brooding.

<Tara_> (He still has Rachel's letter) <Janus> . o O (My mother would just ship the both of them off to some other freehold. If she was feeling generous.) <Janus> . o O (But Tara has lived here almost as long as I have, and she's practically family...) <Janus> . o O (There's nothing to do but suffer through it.)

  • Janus sits in the dark, anticipating the misery

<Tara_> (The front door opens and Tally and Hayley's voices can be heard above the tromping of their feet/hooves) <Tara_> (Tara was prepared for him to say no... ) <Janus> . o O (Nosy eyes looking through my study keyhole... shocked/disapproving looks whenever Hayley visits me alone... questions, infernal questions about what it is his lordship does, and where all the blood comes from.)

  • Janus works himself into a rotten mood.

<Tara_> <Tally> Where's supper? I'm so hungry I could eat a horse! <Tara_> <Hayley> Tara, what's wrong? <Tara_> Nothing is wrong, dear... sit down and eat. <Tara_> <Hayley> You look worried - is Janus all right? <Tara_> (ah, the ignorance of being head-over-heels in love with someone...) <Tara_> * Hayley's hooves clip towards the stairs as if she means to go make sure Janus is okay! <Tara_> He's fine, dear... He was looking for you earlier but you should sit and eat your lunch! <Tara_> <Hayley> I'll go tell him it's time to eat.

      • Tara_ is now known as Hayley
  • Hayley heads upstairs and knocks on the door of course.

<Hayley> Janus! Are you coming to eat? <Janus> No, thank you. <Janus> I require nothing. <Hayley> (you can just convince her you're not hungry and that you don't want to talk and then we can think of something else to do if you like)

  • Janus sounds grumpy.

<Hayley> (or we can keep roleplaying.. I wasn't sure what you'd like to do) <Hayley> <quieter tone> Hey... what's wrong? <Hayley> (just tell me in brackets what your preference is) <Janus> (Rp is good, this or whatever) <Janus> Nothing. <Hayley> ... <Hayley> You sound grumpy! Something is wrong. <Janus> No, there isn't! <Hayley> All right, nothing's wrong. Would you like some company? Tara said you were looking for me earlier.

  • Janus opens the door anyway.

<Janus> You need to go and eat. <Hayley> ... <Hayley> I can... bring it up here!

  • Hayley scrutinizes Janus.

<Janus> I may as well tell you to do whatever you want, because you're going to anyway...

  • Hayley grins.
  • Janus goes back over to the sofa and sits down, but doesn't shut the door.

<Hayley> Be right back!

  • Hayley zips off downstairs and comes back up in short order with a tray of food (more than she needs, actually. Of course)
  • Hayley sets the tray down on the floor between her and Janus and sits on the couch.

<Hayley> It started snowing a bit!

  • Hayley picks up a plate of sandwiches and starts eating one.

<Hayley> Just a few flakes. <Hayley> They melted when they hit the ground. <Janus> I suppose it's miserably cold <Hayley> Kind of... <Hayley> But we dressed warm. <Hayley> I think I'm getting used to the cold finally. <Hayley> It's only been, what... more than a year since I came to the great white north with you...

  • Hayley says wryly.
  • Hayley glances at Janus and smiles.
  • Hayley is very cheerful!
  • Janus is not.

<Hayley> What did you want me for?

  • Hayley asks curiously, hoping to start a conversation with the reticent Sidhe...

<Janus> ...What? <Janus> You're the one who wanted to eat up here.

  • Hayley rolls her eyes and smiles.

<Hayley> *Before* that, silly... <Hayley> Does it bother you? <Janus> Does what bother me?

  • Hayley leaps to another subject entirely.
  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> That I always manage to do whatever I want? <Janus> That depends on what you want, I suppose <Hayley> True...

  • Hayley takes another bite of her sandwich.

<Hayley> Right now... I want my ebullience to cheer you up. <Hayley> Will it work?

  • Janus snorts.
  • Janus crosses his arms over his chest.

<Hayley> (is he just getting pissier?  ;^D) <Janus> (no, not really... about the same)

  • Hayley shakes her head and smiles.

<Janus> Tara is getting married

  • Hayley chokes.

<Hayley> Wh-what? <Janus> She wants to bring him here. <Janus> To live. Here.

  • Hayley pounds her chest a few times to clear the obstruction.

<Hayley> Ooooh... <Hayley> So... what did you tell her? <Janus> Well I didn't have much choice! <Janus> She said if I didn't agree, she would tell him no <Hayley> Wow... <Hayley> So we're going to have someone new here? <Janus> Apparently.

  • Hayley seems highly pleased by the prospect.
  • Janus says unhappily.

<Hayley> Oh Janus, people aren't *that* bad.

  • Janus glowers.

<Hayley> You're always locked away in here, anyway. So it's not like you'll ever see him. <Janus> Everything will be different. <Janus> I'll have to act differently. <Hayley> Act differently... how? <Janus> A baron is expected to carry himself in a certain manner <Janus> As my mother is expected to carry herself in a certain manner <Hayley> ... <Janus> Else people begin to take *liberties* <Janus> ...

  • Janus scowls at the wall.

<Hayley> Ooooooh.... liberties!

  • Hayley gasps.

<Hayley> I'm extremely wicked then...

  • Hayley muses.

<Janus> Don't mock me. <Hayley> I'm not. Not really.

  • Janus doesn't look impressed or convinced.

<Hayley> Janus... I really don't see how it could be so bad... <Hayley> I think it will be nice to have someone else to talk to.

  • Hayley sounds a bit lonely as she says this.

<Janus> I don't want a stranger living in my house, watching me all the time, judging what I do! <Hayley> ... <Hayley> He won't be a stranger for long. <Hayley> And, really... I'm sure he'll have better things to do than stare at you all day. <Hayley> Like stare at Tara all day. <Janus> I don't want to think about it. <Janus> He'll *talk*. <Janus> With his little friends. <Hayley> Tara doesn't talk. <Janus> About things that go on here... about the blood, and about you... <Janus> Tara is *Tara*. <Janus> I don't know this person! <Janus> Perhaps it would be different if I'd met this fellow *even once*

  • Janus actually raises his voice.

<Janus> But no! <Hayley> . o O (Now we get to the root of the trouble) <Janus> All of a sudden it's “Oh, your lordship, I've been seeing this fellow and we want to get married and please let him live at your house!” <Hayley> Okay. Now that makes sense. <Hayley> Why don't you tell Tara how you feel? <Janus> I've never even *heard* of this... this *person* before! <Hayley> ... <Janus> Because she ... she *looks* at me, and she makes me feel so damned *culpable*...

  • Janus is angry

<Hayley> Culpable for what? <Janus> I don't know!!

  • Hayley has stopped eating and is focusing her energy and attention on Janus now.
  • Janus crosses the room and stands in front of a glassed-in cabinet stuffed with books and artifacts.

<Hayley> Janus...

  • Hayley stands up and heads over to stand next to him.

<Janus> (the cabinet also contains my liquor >;D)

  • Hayley turns so her back is to the cabinet and then places her hand over the handles.

<Hayley> I think you're being a bit irrational. If you don't know what you're feeling guilty for, why feel guilty? <Janus> Because I know she has nowhere else to go <Hayley> Okay. <Janus> And she wouldn't anyway... She is basically saying either I let him live here or I live with her unhappiness on my conscience. <Hayley> ... <Janus> What kind of thing is that to ask?? <Hayley> Janus... I have a hard time believing that Tara, *Tara* would have done that to you. <Janus> Well she did! <Hayley> Are you sure you're not missing something, or misunderstanding her intentions? <Hayley> You do tend to... misunderstand people's intentions a lot. <Janus> I am not *simple*, Hayley! <Hayley> No, you're not. You're frightfully clever, in fact. <Hayley> *But* you are perhaps a bit overly sensitive. <Hayley> Which is fine. <Janus> She said that she wouldn't give him an answer until I told her whether he could stay here or not. <Janus> And then she said 'of course I could never leave your service' or some such thing. <Janus> So there you have it, Tara's future happiness, up to me. Wonderful. <Hayley> Do you think she'd lack the courtesy to actually introduce him to you, to make sure you were all right with it? <Hayley> I've noticed that sometimes, proposals are unexpected. <Janus> Well she hasn't yet! <Janus> And apparently she's been seeing him for quite some time <Janus> And DON'T talk to me like I'm a CHILD! <Hayley> ... <Hayley> I'm not. <Janus> (People downstairs can probably hear... at least hear yelling. :/) <Hayley> I don't think they'd be getting married right away, Janus. It's not like he'd be moving in tomorrow or anything. <Hayley> It's probably months away. <Janus> That isn't the point! <Hayley> Janus - you don't like meeting people. You're making that perfectly clear right now. <Hayley> Tara *knows* that. <Hayley> Maybe she *didn't* bring him up here because she didn't think it would come to this so soon and she didn't want to bother you! <Janus> She might have *mentioned* something! <Hayley> How often do you and Tara have little heart-to-hearts? <Janus> We live in the same house! <Hayley> Yes, and she loves working here, working for you, I'm quite sure. But the fact is, you're still her employer, when you get down to it. <Hayley> Maybe she didn't think it was an appropriate discussion topic with you.

  • Hayley tries to be the voice of reason.

<Janus> So now it is? <Janus> Look, I'm frightfully sorry I even mentioned it.

  • Hayley rolls her eyes.

<Hayley> Don't be. <Hayley> I'm here to be talked to. <Hayley> And to try to help sort things out... <Hayley> And to occasionally point out character flaws, though I much prefer focusing on all the wonderful things about you. <Hayley> I wish you'd just go talk to her maybe and see what her intentions are. <Hayley> I can't believe that Tara - *our Tara* would deliberately force you into a corner. <Hayley> It's just not - part of her personality. <Janus> Well maybe she doesn't know she is but the result is the same! <Janus> And I don't want to talk about this anymore!

  • Janus sits back down and crosses his arms.

<Hayley> All right.

  • Hayley goes over and sits down next to him again and starts eating.
  • Hayley glances at Janus frequently but remains mostly quiet.

<Hayley> (kept him away from the alcohol for now, hurrah!) <Hayley> (does he just sit and be grumpy?) <Janus> (Yeah, unless something else happens I guess)

  • Hayley finishes eating her sandwiches and sets her plate back down on the floor, then lays on her side, cushioning her head on the arm of the sofa.
  • Hayley gazes around the library for a bit.

<Hayley> Hey, Janus...

  • Hayley says suddenly as if a thought has just occurred to her.

<Janus> What. <Hayley> ... When you were a boy, what did you want to be when you grew up? <Hayley> I just realized that's something I never knew... <Janus> I don't remember.

  • Janus says briskly.
  • Hayley turns to look at him.

<Janus> ... <Hayley> You must... <Hayley> Won't you tell me? <Hayley> Please? <Janus> I wanted to write stories. Books,

  • Janus says after a long time.
  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> You kind of do... but they're books of poetry... <Hayley> Have you written any stories? <Hayley> ... <Janus> Not for a long time. <Hayley> Hey... sometimes you'd tell stories to the kids and they'd be ones I'd never heard before! <Hayley> I just thought they were ones I didn't know... <Hayley> Because I wasn't as bright as you... <Hayley> But you made them up, didn't you. <Janus> Maybe. <Janus> I don't remember.

  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> You must have... and I never knew.

  • Hayley says a bit regretfully.

<Hayley> Did you ever write any stories down? <Janus> Some. <Hayley> Do you... have them still, somewhere?

  • Hayley is hopeful...
  • Hayley would love to read them if he does have them stowed away somewhere.

<Janus> I'm not getting them. <Hayley> ...

  • Hayley looks sad.

<Hayley> All right... <Janus> They're up in the attic, somewhere

  • Hayley sits up a bit.

<Hayley> Free for the finding...?

  • Hayley smiles hopefully.

<Janus> They aren't very good. <Janus> But do what you will.

  • Hayley smiles one of her brilliant smiles that fills her whole face.

<Hayley> I wanted to be a famous singer... <Hayley> But who'd want to listen to Church songs, which is all I'd be allowed to do... and where could I sing?

  • Hayley smiles and stands up.

<Hayley> Oh!

  • Hayley spots the letter which has been left unopened.

<Hayley> A letter for you? Who's it from?

  • Janus shrugs. "Rachel."

<Hayley> Gonna read it? <Janus> Sometime. <Hayley> All right... <Hayley> Did you need me for some research or would you like to be alone now? <Hayley> . o O (You're just going to drink... :^P) <Hayley> . o O (But I'm not sure what else to do for you.)

  • Janus shrugs.

<Hayley> ... <Hayley> I can't read your mind unless I touch you and even then it's iffy...

  • Hayley tries a smile.
  • Janus picks the letter up off the side table.
  • Janus gives her a 'spare me' look
  • Hayley suddenly feels like a piece of shit.

<Hayley> All right... I get the hint.

  • Hayley picks up the tray and leaves.

<Janus> Hey...

  • Hayley stops in the doorway.

<Hayley> Yes? <Janus> I didn't mean to take it out on you... I'm sorry.

  • Hayley turns back to him and gives him a half smile.

<Hayley> It's okay... <Janus> ... Want to see what Rachel has to say? <Hayley> I'll, um- oh... sure!

  • Hayley smiles a bit more happily and steps back into Janus' study.
  • Hayley sets the tray down on a pile of books on his desk and moves over to sit shyly back at the end of the couch she just vacated.
  • Hayley smiles expectantly and sits back to listen to Janus read the letter.
  • Janus opens it up
  • Janus looks it over...

<Hayley> (Whee, just general stuff mostly, about how she's fitting in to things, but kind of lonely, hopeful that she can pull this off - much like the letter to Isabel except for one major difference) <Hayley> (She mentions that she's recently encountered a haunting and sketches out the information she has gathered about ghosts, wonders if Janus might know anything more about them, possibly) <Janus> Hmm <Hayley> (Then back to the same sort of stuff she said to Isabel, mentions that she hopes to come home for Christmas if her duties will allow... etc.) <Janus> I hope it isn't her freehold that's haunted... <Hayley> ...

  • Hayley looks thoughtful.

<Hayley> If she needs to talk to them... I could help. But she probably wouldn't want my help. <Janus> Well... perhaps I'll mention it in passing...

  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> Do you know much about them? <Janus> I know enough... <Janus> Generally their power over the living world is minimal, but some can be dangerous...

  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> Yeah... the Church had to attend to one really bad one when I was at the school... <Hayley> But I don't know much about it... just rumours. <Hayley> This one was bad enough to require several bishops to attend to it... <Hayley> Usually they don't care about Lost Souls, though... <Hayley> I hope hers is one of the harmless ones. <Janus> Yes... <Janus> Well, I hope she takes it seriously. <Hayley> She's doing research on it... seems like she might be serious.

  • Hayley smiles.
  • Hayley yawns.

<Hayley> Do you think she'll be okay down there? <Janus> Yes, I suppose so, although I expect it will be quite difficult at first...

  • Hayley nods.
  • Hayley lays down on her side with her head near Janus on the seat of the couch and her legs pulled up in a fetal position.

<Hayley> I just don't want anything bad to happen to her...

  • Hayley yawns again.

<Hayley> I'm tired and should go to bed... but I like knowing you're close... could I maybe stay in here with you? <Janus> If you like...

  • Janus smiles.

<Hayley> I'll be close by in case you need some blood or anything...

  • Hayley teases sleepily.

<Janus> Hah-ha. <Janus> (I must sleep now) <Hayley> (me too)