Tally and Kolya discuss Rachel, 7/3/2005

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  • Kolya doesn't really think that he can get anything done,... he just wants to make sure that people close to r are really keeping and
 eye on her, and if I tell one of the boys, surely, the other will get informed as well ;)
  • Tally has rigged up a basket and found a basketball somewhere, and is shooting nets in some out-of-the-way courtyard of the castle.
  • Kolya will try and catch up to Tally again, after their aborted river walk the other day

<Kolya> Holy crap :o <Tally> *ponkponkponk*

  • Tally dribbles before tossing. ;)

<Kolya> I haven't seen anyone play basketball in , well, forever :o

  • Tally looks around and smiles.

<Tally> You forget I am a child of the eighties. <Tally> Want to play?

  • Tally seems prepared to chest-pass the ball to you.

<Kolya> man <Kolya> it's been a while <Kolya> I don't remember half the rules

  • Tally grins and passes you the ball.
  • Kolya will accept the pass though

<Kolya> At least I'm taller than you, that's something ^-^ <Tally> We have just about enough players for a real game, too.

  • Tally reminds you. Really, all we can do is shoot some baskets and try to steal the ball from one another. ;)
  • Kolya will mess around

<Tally> (We do that for a while, have loads of fun, then stop for a break to drink some water, perhaps.) <Kolya> (with the ball ;) <Kolya> (indeed)

  • Tally tosses you a towel.
  • Kolya is not as altheltic or active astally... but he is tall ^-^

<Kolya> thanks. <Kolya> Man, than was fun :o

  • Tally grins again.

<Kolya> I eally haven't done anything like that in forever.

  • Kolya wipes off the sweat :p
  • Tally takes a swig of ice-cold water from a container and then passes it to you.

<Kolya> play much basketball in the desert?

  • Kolya grins
  • Tally has hardly broken a sweat... used to more extreme heat than this, I guess. ^-^

<Tally> Not at all. Would *you* want to try teaching a bunch of Bedouins in robes how to play?

  • Tally 's yellow eyes are sparkling.

<Kolya> Oh, gofds, I'm getting flashbacks to really painful early 90's movies >_< <Tally> What, those dogs who play hockey and shit? Man, mom used to force us to watch those all the time. <Kolya> thopse too <Kolya> there was one about someone goign to teach... some African triebe... the really tall people with the neck hoops. the Massai,


<Kolya> Why were there so many stupid movies about sports? <Tally> There was? <Tally> I remember Jamaicans bobsledding, I think... <Kolya> ha ha! <Kolya> Cool Runnings! <Tally> There were a few stupid movies about pretty much anything, kicking around those days. <Kolya> well, yes. <Kolya> But then there were things like Air Bud\ <Tally> Those disaster ones were always painful, don't you think? <Kolya> and if many painful sequels. <Kolya> (its) <Tally> Especially with the Canadians toting themselves as God's gift to Earth.

  • Kolya grins

<Tally> Those frigging Canadians.

  • Tally winks.

<Kolya> We're unobtrusive ;) <Kolya> People like us :) <Kolya> also, we always made secret deals with the aliens

  • Tally smiles. He's Canadian too, by birth.

<Kolya> those parts just never made it to screen :D

  • Tally laughs.

<Tally> You finished with that water? You better have left some for me or I'll beat you up. <Kolya> I keep forgetting you're not actually British. <Kolya> or British born, anyway

  • Tally shrugs.
  • Kolya passes you the water

<Tally> Dual citizenship means so much these days.

  • Tally takes another swig.

<Tally> Ahhh!

  • Tally smiles.

<Tally> Up for another round? <Kolya> Gimme a minute :p <Kolya> siome of us don't spend their days trapsing around the desert in million degree heat\ <Tally> :P <Kolya> actually... <Tally> Come down and visit, I'll whip you into shape! <Tally> Hmm? <Kolya> Oh, there was something I meant to talk to you about before you take off again. <Tally> Okay...

  • Tally wonders what! :)
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<Kolya> Well, it's your sister. <Tally> Oh? She's single, go for it.  ;) <Kolya> ha ha. <Kolya> No, that's not it. <Kolya> did you hear about my quest? <Tally> I might have... <Tally> In exhaistive detail, actually... <Tally> (exhaustive)

  • Tally looks uncertain, though.

<Kolya> well.... When Her majesty was ill, I went on a vision quest to mount snowdon. <Kolya> And I Saw, well, a lot of things.

  • Tally nods, listening. He's very good at listening when you can get him to shut up.

<Kolya> One of them was a vision about Emerald Fields, at least, and another one was about your sister, more directly <Tally> Oh?

  • Kolya nods
  • Kolya will describe them both to you

<Tally> (So, the one I gave you, and which other one? o.O) <Kolya> (The one about hrachel being in a dark cloud and not being able to reach her) <Tally> (okay, thanks) <Tally> All right... <Kolya> This is strange for me... <Kolya> The first one is, wel, more obscure than these things usually are for me. <Kolya> especially for your family. <Tally> Rachel is pretty obscure. Or is that obtuse? <Kolya> But maybe it's because I don't know her that well, or because I haven't sopent that much time with her. <Kolya> anyway, they were both a bit worrying.

  • Tally scratches his jaw pensively.

<Kolya> With her amajesty's permission, I wrote Rachel about them

  • Tally nods.

<Kolya> She sent me back a note saying that she knew what it was about, and she woudl take care of it. <Kolya> But I feel... uneasy about that. <Tally> ... Why?

  • Kolya looks throughful as he tried to think of how to explain.

<Kolya> I guess, I usually have more of a sense of closure about things, once they have passed.

  • Tally waits patiently, because he's not sure what you want him to say yet.

<Tally> Okay... <Tally> So, you're a little worried about Rachel. <Kolya> And i don't. <Kolya> yes. <Tally> ... <Kolya> I'm worried, but I don't know what I can do about it. <Kolya> She doesn't particularly care for me, I don't think, anand certainly not enough to confide in me if anything is the matter.\ <Kolya> and I'm *also* worruiied that if she thinks this is resolved and it *isn't*, she might not be, I don't know, alert enough?

  • Tally nods hesitantly.

<Kolya> I know that you guys are all pretty close, even if you are a bit scattered.

  • Tally nods.

<Kolya> I was going to mention it to Aiden.... but, welll, pooka are renown for being able to get people to talk to them at least.

  • Tally smiles.

<Tally> So... you want me to try to convince her to revisit her visions? <Tally> Or what?

  • Tally isn't quite sure what you want him to *do*. Do you want me to talk to her, or tell you anything I might know already?

<Kolya> I don't really know.

  • Tally nods.

<Kolya> I just want to make sure that there are other people watching out for her. <Tally> Well... it's a little hard since I'd have to dig a hole through the Earth's core to keep a good eye on her, and that might make me go blind... <Kolya> maybe talk to her, see if there is something going on.... or somethign we don't already know about anyway. things have been pretty stressful for the family lately, as you know.

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<Tally> But I think the whole family knows something ain't quite right with her, if that helps...

  • Tally nods.

<Kolya> Well... some. <Kolya> I just don't know what anyone is doing about it. <Tally> The problem is, she's a prickly pear and proud as an oak. <Tally> I think she is determined to get through this herself, somehow... <Kolya> do you think she will? <Tally> *ponkponkponk*

  • Tally dribbles the ball briefly.

<Tally> I don't know... she scares me a bit, sometimes. <Kolya> yeha. <Tally> I've tried all sorts of things but nothing seems to work. <Tally> She's really kind of mixed up about our mother, and her grandparents, and herself.

  • Kolya nods, although he isn't *really* sure what you meant by that.

<Tally> I think maybe she doesn't really know quite where she fits in? <Kolya> Well... that's life, isn't it? <Tally> For some people, maybe...  ;) <Kolya> It seems like it, around here lately, anyway.

  • Kolya says, a bit cynically
  • Tally glances at you, catching the cynical tone.

<Tally> I think she has these really high expectations about everyone, including herself, that no one can live up to... <Tally> But I don't really know... <Tally> I don't have a PhD in How Rachel's Mind Works. <Tally> But I don't think it's working quite... right, these days... something's broken, anyway. <Tally> *ponkponkponk*

  • Kolya nods

<Kolya> It's going to lead her somewhere bbad.

  • Tally seems sad talking about her.
  • Tally nods.

<Kolya> :/ <Tally> She knows it, too... I think. <Tally> She's slowly cutting herself off from everyone else. <Kolya> even you and Aidan? <Tally> ...

  • Tally looks at you unhappily. It seems the answer is yes.

<Kolya> Sorry :/

  • Kolya sighs.

<Tally> I think she's trying to make it... easier? on us but she's going about it all backasswards. <Kolya> yeha <Tally> It's like she's shutting down.

  • Tally sighs.
  • Kolya thinks of the bareness of her barony in his vision

<Tally> She's never found it easy, being what she is, you know? <Kolya> At the very least..... she needs to realize that whatever is happening it *can't* only affect her.\ <Kolya> it just can't... won't work that way.

  • Tally nods.
  • Kolya sighs

<Kolya> I can only imagine how you feel about it... *I* find it frustrating, and I'm not even that close to her.

  • Tally nods.

<Tally> She's a bundle of conflicting emotions, that's for sure... <Tally> ... <Kolya> :/ <Kolya> Well. <Tally> I was so happy for her when she got that job... but now I wish she had never taken it. <Kolya> I guess that killed the mood.

  • Tally shrugs.

<Kolya> yeah... I wonder if things would have been any nbetter if she'd stayed here though? <Tally> Probably not.

  • Tally sighs.

<Kolya> I guess its moot. <Kolya> well. <Tally> It's hard because I remember this free-spirited little girl... nothing bound her, she seemed to have no limitations. But now she is incapacitated. Like a reverse chrysalis. Like a butterfly becoming a caterpillar. <Tally> Anyway... <Tally> I suddenly don't feel like playing anymore. <Kolya> yeah.

  • Tally passes the ball back to you, looking very troubled.
  • Kolya catches it
  • Tally picks up his towel and the water.

<Kolya> sorry, man :/

  • Tally shrugs.

<Tally> ... <Tally> Are you going to stay here? <Kolya> here? <Kolya> like, now? <Tally> (meaning the courtyard) <Kolya> I was just lost in through for a minute <Kolya> I don't know. <Tally> Well, I'm probably not going to.

  • Tally waves and wanders off.

<Kolya> :/

  • Kolya waves
  • Kolya will stay there for a bit to do some thinking