Tally and Kolya chat and meet Rhydian, 6/30/2005

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  • Tally has arranged to spend some time with Kolya, since they have a lot to catch up on!
  • Kolya doesn't mind having a chance to get away from the castle either :o
  • Tally suggested a hike along the river. It's been a long time since he has done that.
  • Kolya will bring his puppy ^-^
  • Tally tilts his chin up and sniffs the breeze.

<Tally> Mmmm! I almost forgot what water smells like. <Kolya> heh <Kolya> YOu coudl sniff sme camels, I hear they carry a lot of water.

  • Kolya grins
  • Tally wrinkles his nose.

<Tally> Have you ever *smelled* a camel?

  • Tally shudders.

<Kolya> no, can't say I have ever seen one, even :o <Tally> You can never get the smell out, after you've been riding one for weeks on end. <Tally> Hey, could you visit some time with Windrider? <Tally> Then you might be able to see a camel. <Kolya> well... medium <Kolya> see, ususally I take care of stuff for him when he is off visiting people. <Kolya> but sometimes I get taken places :) <Tally> Hey, you'll have to convince Her Majesty to return to the desert on a commemorative trip, so she can see how little everything has changed since she was there. ^-^ <Kolya> when was she there the first time? <Tally> Oh... way, way back. Like half a millenium ago, when she was pregnant with Dad. <Kolya> ahh, right <Tally> she's pretty hard core, eh? Sick as a dog but sifting through the desert sand for some old mummy or other. <Tally> The hobbies of the rich and famous...

  • Tally shakes his head.

<Kolya> She just likes to show off ;) <Tally> Or something...  ;) <Tally> So, do you have any romantic prospects on the horizon? <Kolya> eh? <Tally> I highly recommend polygyny. <Kolya> that came out of nowhere o_O <Kolya> oh, I see, you're just bragging ;p

  • Tally grins.

<Kolya> well, if I could maybe find one girl, I would probably be satisfied with that :p <Tally> Two nagging wives, who wouldn't want that?

  • Tally jokes.

<Kolya> I don't thik I am really cut ouyt for polygyny, though\ <Tally> Your loss. <Tally> So, still nothing, huh? <Tally> Kolya, you live in the capital of the kingdom and are surrounded by hordes of admiring girls every day! <Tally> You must be looking for Miss Perfect. ^-^ <Kolya> probably :p <Tally> I wonder what she'd be like? ^-^ <Tally> Blonde or brunette?

  • Tally prompts. ^-^
  • Kolya goves you a look

<Kolya> I'm sure I'll know when I meet her :p <Tally> :P <Tally> You're no fun at all. <Kolya> Sure :) <Kolya> I don't know <Kolya> I just haven't met anyone availaible where things have really clicked. <Kolya> I probably 8am* just too picky :p

  • Tally nods.

<Tally> So, aside from seeing things, what have you been doing to keep yourself soooooooo busy you haven't got time to look for girls? <Tally> ;) <Kolya> Helping windrider. <Kolya> RRunning werrands, writing stuf... <Kolya> With her majesty ill, there has just been a lot to do. Especially once the court was called <Tally> Writing? <Tally> Really?

  • Tally seems very keen on that. He, of course, is also a writer.

<Tally> What kind of writing? <Kolya> Like, memos and stuff :p <Tally> Oh.  :P <Kolya> adinistrative stuff. <Tally> Here you had me all excited that you were going to be the next great novelist or something! <Kolya> I was just expounding on the whole 'helping windrider thing... <Kolya> ha, no. <Tally> Okay... so what do you do for *fun*?

  • Tally picks up a stick and starts whacking trees absentmidedly with it as he walks by them.

<Kolya> I go walkig, and swimming and such... Riding on occasion. <Kolya> hang out with people when they're around... <Kolya> You know, Andrea, ulyses, sometimes hayley.

  • Tally nods.

<Tally> And Isabel when she visits, right? <Kolya> yeah, but that's pretty rare. <Kolya> it's more coplicated now. <Kolya> Politics :p

  • Tally nods.

<Tally> Are you happy, all things considered? <Kolya> I'm pretty content, I guess. <Tally> You *guess*?

  • Tally winks.

<Tally> That sounds *very* convincing. <Kolya> doesn't it? <Tally> Don't kill yourself working, okay? <Kolya> Well, I guess... I'm not Unhappy, butit isn't like I rol out of bed everymorning bursting with joy just to be alive <Kolya> I really do like the stuff I'm doing <Kolya> It just seems so strange tsometimes, to think that I'm actually doing any of it, or that anyone would ever think I *should* be. <Tally> Well, that's kind of important, I guess. But what would it take to make you roll out of bed every morning bursting with joy just to be alive? <Tally> Hmm? <Tally> Why shouldn't you? <Tally> You're eminently qualified to do what you do, I think...

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<Kolya> I dn't mean the Seeing.... just the rest of it. <Tally> I think you'd be surprised how many people have no organizational skills to speak of. <Tally> You're pretty levelheaded, which also helps, I think. <Tally> Dana knows we need at least *one* levelheaded person around in this family. <Kolya> hmm. <Kolya> I feel like 'Windrider Lite' -_-

  • Tally laughs.
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<Tally> Well you are pretty pale.  ;) <Kolya> true :) <Tally> Paleface!

  • Tally gives you a rough and tumble nudge.
  • Tally is pretty tanned so he can get away with it. ;D
  • Kolya chuckles

<Kolya> so how is life in the desert with your pair of wanton wenches? ;p <Tally> Oh, I tell you Kolya, they don't leave me alone! <Tally> If it's not one it's the other. It's amazing I still get my beauty sleep. <Kolya> life is hard <Tally> It is! <Tally> ;D <Tally> Of course, the most demanding wench is abut two feet tall. <Rhydian> (A horse is tied to a fencepost along the trail) <Tally> (Does it have livery on it that suggests it is from the castle stables?) <Rhydian> (yeah) <Kolya> I imagine :)

  • Tally sniffs the air currents to try to see if he can catch the scent of anyone he recognizes.

<Rhydian> (no-one you recognize, no) <Tally> Horses smell about three million times nicer than camels. <Tally> I wonder who's out? <Tally> It's someone new... no surprise, the place is crawling with strangers.

  • Rhydian is only barely out of sight, stretched out just on the slope of the riverbank.

<Tally> Gives me the heebie jeebies, it does... <Kolya> dunno.. <Tally> Ah-ha! <Tally> Asleep? <Kolya> what? <Tally> I think he's over there.

  • Kolya looks

<Tally> Asleep? Or... dead?!

  • Tally grins, being dramatic for silliness' sake.

<Kolya> daead people don't generally tie up their horses <Kolya> ;p <Tally> He might have died after! <Kolya> (Any reaction to all of this? ;) <Kolya> I suppose..

  • Rhydian appears to be... fishing, more or less. He has the noble bearing and handsome features of a sidhe, with tanned skin, honey-blond hair, and large, almond shaped green eyes flecked with bright flashes of copper and gold. He seems to be lost in thought, either too absorbed in himself to notice your antics, or deliberately ignoring them.
  • Tally gets a naughty look on his face.
  • Rhydian is dressed in a cream coloured shirt in fine-spun linen, laced up at the chest with wood-weighted ties. He is also wearing fitted buckskin trousers with dark brown leather boots, folded over at the knee. His long, wavy hair is tied back from his face with a red leather cord.

<Tally> <w> If he really hasn't noticed us, it could be fun!

  • Rhydian also carries a sword at his hip.
  • Tally runs into some thick bushes and re-emerges as a fox.

<Kolya> . o O ( *sigh* )

  • Tally prowls closer, trying to determine whether Rhydian has caught any fish yet.

<Rhydian> (nope)

  • Tally follows the river upstream a little ways, then slips into the water.
  • Tally swims downstream along the shore where the trees have grown in, making some nice cover for trout, salmon... and foxes!
  • Rhydian sighs and gets to his feet, tossing his makeshit fishing pole aside.

<Rhydian> (makeshift, lol)

  • Kolya will continue along the path, then...

<Kolya> Good afternoon, sir.

  • Tally slips underwater when he is close enough, then swims up to the line and gives it a tug with his jaws, careful not to get the hook lodged in him.
  • Rhydian stretches lazily... He is quite tall, and broad shouldered.
  • Kolya doesn't want to startle the Sidhe... he'll leave that to tally

<Rhydian> Oh... Good day.

  • Tally pulls on the fishing rod strongly, and it flies into the water! Must be a big one, just when you tossed your rod away!
  • Rhydian says politely.

<Kolya> No luck fishing? <Kolya> ...?

  • Rhydian shrugs.

<Tally> *splash* <Rhydian> Well, i wasn't really that interesting anyway.

  • Rhydian looks briefly over his shoulder.

<Rhydian> (it) <Rhydian> Oh well. <Rhydian> I certainly don't know what I'd do with a fish if I caught one, after all.

  • Tally tugs the rod downstream, zigzagging a bit so it looks like a fish, until he can't hold his breath any longer, then he lets it go.

<Tally> >:( <Tally> . o O (Boring old sidhe!) <Kolya> I'm sure you could find someone around to take care of it for you

  • Rhydian laughs a little.
  • Kolya says, glancing at the freshly surface pooka

<Rhydian> I never thought about taking one as a pet.

  • Rhydian looks back over his shoulder again, following your gaze.

<Kolya> wasn't quite what I eamnt, but hey :) <Kolya> (meant) <Rhydian> You're Kolya... is that right? <Rhydian> I've seen you at court.

  • Tally climbs up onto the bank, sees that you two have noticed him, then works up a froth so he looks like he is foaming at the mouth.
  • Kolya noods

<Rhydian> ... <Kolya> And you're from...Wyrm's head?

  • Tally walks towards you nonchalantly, almost as if he isn't registering your presence.
  • Kolya glances at Tally
  • Rhydian frowns at the animal.
  • Tally shows no fear! Like a rabid animal wouldn't!
  • Rhydian draws his sword.

<Rhydian> I am fairly certain that rabies was eliminated from this island... <Rhydian> ... Still, it might be best for us to move along.

  • Tally weaves a bit as he walks towards you.

<Rhydian> (Kolya is afk)

  • Tally is careful to keep a good distance between himself and the sword-wielding Sidhe, however.
  • Tally 's trajectory carries him closer to Kolya...

<Rhydian> (KOLYA IS A F K) <Kolya> ...

  • Rhydian moves between the unarmed important mortal and the diseased animal...
  • Kolya pauses.
  • Kolya seems to be listenign to somethign in the wind.

<Kolya> ..

  • Kolya glances at tally.

<Kolya> Aparently I'm needed up at the castle <Kolya> :/

  • Tally glances up at Kolya.

<Rhydian> Right, well...

  • Tally sits on his haunches and looks disappointed.

<Rhydian> Do be careful. <Kolya> It was nice to meet you, sir.

  • Tally licks the foam off his lips.

<Tally> Okay, see you later maybe?

  • Kolya bows politely to Rhydian.

<Kolya> I will :) <Rhydian> And you... It was an honor to have the chance to speak with you. :) <Kolya> Tally... Play nice :p <Rhydian> Oh. A pooka.

  • Rhydian sounds almost disappointed.
  • Tally turns to Rhydian and flashes him a foxy smile.

<Kolya> Oh, ah, thanks :)

  • Tally bows politely.
  • Rhydian sheathes his sword.

<Rhydian> Oh well. <Kolya> Afhave a good afternoon, both of you :)

  • Kolya will head back up towards the castle.
  • Rhydian picks up a deep red jacket that he had hung up on a low branch.
  • Tally looks up at Rhydian.

<Tally> I guess I had you going for a *little*, anyway... <Rhydian> I might have killed you, you know.

  • Rhydian remarks casually as he climbs the bank.

<Tally> You'd have had to catch me first. <Rhydian> Then I suspect we both would have been in a great deal of trouble.

  • Rhydian sighs.
  • Rhydian says half to himself.

<Tally> Oh, I doubt anyone would miss me very much.

  • Tally falls into pace beside you.

<Tally> Do you mind if I accompany you back to your horse, my lord? I left my things in a bush there.

  • Rhydian unwinds his horse's reins from the fencepost.

<Rhydian> As you wish. <Tally> Then I'll run away and leave you be if you like.

      • Kolya is now known as Lan-Away
  • Rhydian shrugs gracefully.
  • Tally pauses to see if you're going to say anything, then makes another little bow and disappears into a copse where he changes back into his human form.
  • Rhydian puts on his jacket, and straightens his hair before swinging himself up onto his mount's back.
  • Tally re-emerges.
  • Tally is a handsome, athletic-looking young man, with longish red hair and a dark tan. He has set aside his Bedouin-style robes for more western garb today.
  • Rhydian gazes out toward the large hill to the south.
  • Tally looks towards it as well.

<Tally> Is that where you were headed? <Rhydian> I hadn't decided. <Rhydian> Say, do you... <Tally> Hmm?

  • Rhydian stops himself, and then shakes his head slightly.

<Rhydian> Never mind. <Tally> ...

  • Rhydian almost asked for directions from a pooka!
  • Tally smiles politely. He has sharp canines.
  • Rhydian idly pets the horse's neck.

<Tally> I guess we haven't quite been introduced...

  • Rhydian seems pretty distracted, not paying much attention to you or his surroundings at the moment.

<Rhydian> Hm..? <Tally> I'm Taliesin Woodrow - is something the matter? <Rhydian> Oh, quite so. I'm sorry. <Rhydian> I am Sir Rhydian ap Caradoc.

  • Tally looks slightly concerned. (Spill the beans!)
  • Rhydian neglects to answer your question, possibly because you are a stranger and it's none of your business. :V

<Tally> (I am a pooka, though... and I do look so nice and concerned/sympathetic) <Rhydian> (maybe if you were a girl :p) <Rhydian> You don't sound local... Do you reside at the palace? <Tally> Oh, I grew up down south, but my father has recently taken up residence at the castle. <Rhydian> Oh, I see... <Tally> ...

  • Rhydian peers at you a little more shrewdly.

<Rhydian> Taliesin, was it...? <Tally> You seem preoccupied, however... <Tally> Hmm? <Tally> Oh.

  • Tally nods.

<Rhydian> Do you have a brother who is called Aidan? <Tally> I don't rightly remember... the name does sound familiar, though. <Rhydian> And a sister who is called Rachel?

  • Tally scratches his chin.

<Tally> Again, a familiar name, but I'm not so sure about the sister part. <Rhydian> I thought you might... <Rhydian> It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance then, prince Taliesin.

  • Tally smiles.

<Rhydian> I ought to have known.

  • Rhydian says half to himself

<Tally> Oh, don't worry about it too much. I spend as much time away from the castle these days as possible, so it's no wonder you didn't recognize me. <Tally> And please, I was a djinni before I was ever a prince - call me Tally and I might grant you three wishes. <Rhydian> As you wish... <Rhydian> I was going to say that a prince might want to reconsider trying to trick errant knights into attempting to slay him... <Rhydian> But then, I suppose that a prince can do whatever he wishes.

  • Tally smiles.

<Tally> There was a time when I outraced horses and hounds for fun. That's how I lost half my tail.

  • Tally 's tail is, of course, quite complete and luxurious.

<Rhydian> As a humble knight I do not enjoy such lax freedoms... <Rhydian> I must return to the castle, and my uncle the count, if you will excuse me.

  • Tally smiles and bows politely.
  • Rhydian bows his head politely.

<Tally> Do you want to race me back? ^-^ <Rhydian> Thank you, but ... no... <Tally> :P <Rhydian> I am not in *that* much of a hurry. <Tally> Oh, all right.  :/ <Tally> Perhaps I'll see you again at supper. <Rhydian> Perhaps. <Rhydian> Godd day, Highness. <Rhydian> (Good) <Tally> I expect it will be miserable, and may you suffer along with me.

  • Tally says politely.

<Rhydian> As you wish.

  • Rhydian says pleasantly, before trotting off.
  • Tally heads back up to the castle himself.