Seraph tells Tally that she is pregnant, 2/7/2003

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  • Seraph will apologize to Tara for showing up unnannounced
  • Seraph realizes it isn't really the 'done' thing in this household, but....

<Tara_> Oh, I don't mind!

<Seraph> <==excited :D

  • Tara_ says cheerfully.

<Seraph> Well, no...

<Tara_> <w> We could use a few more visitors, really...

<Seraph> But, I don't want to bother The baron, either...

<Tara_> Well, are you here to see *him*?

<Tara_> I think probably not.

<Seraph> No, of course not :D

<Seraph> I'm here to see tally :D

<Seraph> is he around?

<Tara_> He's in his study, as usual. I don't plan on calling him away from his work to say hello to you, so you needn't worry about being a bother!

  • Tara_ smiles warmly at Seraph.

<Seraph> oh, that's a relief, thanks :)

  • Tally comes in from the right, practically bouncing with joy. He heard Seraph!

<Tally> Seraph!

<Seraph> Tally! :D

<Tally> What are doing here?

  • Seraph hops over and gives him a warm embrace
  • Tally hugs her tightly back and gives her a kiss on the cheek while he's at it.
  • Tally is super happy to see her! what a nice surprise! :^D
  • Tara_ smiles to herself and then bustles off down the left towards the kitchen.

<Seraph> I have some really good news!

<Tally> You do?

<Seraph> But, is there anywhere we can talk in private?

<Tally> Uh- sure.

<Tally> But she has eyes here, too you know.

  • Tally grins.

<Seraph> I don't really care about her either :0

<Tally> All right...

  • Tally pauses to remember if his room is a pigsty or not.
  • Tally thinks it wasn't.

<Tally> Upstairs!

  • Seraph is fairly bursting with excitement

<Seraph> Wherever :)

  • Seraph will follow him
  • Tally tugs on her hand and leads her towards the stairs, which are just opposite the front entry.
  • Seraph looks around the house, always curious about the sorts of things the Gwydaines leave lying around ;)
  • Tally pulls her into his room. It's a male room - kind of dark green and stuff. He has a nice big bed. In the window seat there is a flattened cushion with a coating of fox fur. ^-^
  • Seraph looks around

<Seraph> ooooh

<Seraph> who have thunk I've never been in here before?

  • Seraph goes and curls up on the bed
  • Tally has a bookshelf and a desk and an armchair, and a fireplace.
  • Tally bounces onto the bed and rolls onto his side, propping himself up on his elbow so he can feast his eyes upon his beautiful Seraph.

<Seraph> me 's eyes are sparkling

<Tally> What's the news?

  • Tally asks, curious and excited.

<Seraph> I'm pregnant :D

  • Tally 's eyes widen.

<Tally> Wh- what?

<Seraph> I'm going to have a baby :D

<Seraph> your baby

  • Seraph pokes him in the chest
  • Tally 's face folds itself into the most brilliant smile you've ever seen on him.

<Tally> <w> Really?

<Seraph> yes :D

  • Tally looks overcome with emotion, eyes shining.

<Seraph> The only other person I told is dad...

<Seraph> Because I knew you'd be so happy :)

<Seraph> I though so, last month... but I wasn't sure, so I wanted to wait..

<Seraph> and now I'm really sure :)

  • Tally is still not quite sure how to react, but eventually comes to his senses and sits up, pulling her up into a huge hug.

<Tally> <softly> Oh, Seraph!

  • Tally squeezes her gently.
  • Seraph hugs Tally back

<Tally> For once... I can't think of anything clever to say...

<Seraph> oh, you!

  • Seraph pokes him in the chest
  • Tally strokes her hair and holds her close.

<Tally> Hey!

<Seraph> 'for once'

  • Seraph teases

<Seraph> I'm sure I've had you speechless more than once before this >:D

  • Tally pulls away and regards her, biting his lip. He actually looks like he might cry for joy.
  • Tally searches her eyes, trying to communicate how wonderful this is.

<Seraph> (Hee, this si such an a-typical reaction to a teenage pregnancy ;D )

<Seraph> so...

  • Seraph cuddles up closer

<Tally> (Tally nearly was a dad once, remember? He loves children.  :^) )

<Seraph> (yes. And he isn't exactly a teenager :d)

  • Tally folds her into a careful, reverent embrace, cradling her head against himself.

<Seraph> I'm not going to break in half, you know...

<Tally> I didn't think you were... it's just...

  • Seraph reaches up to play with tally's hair

<Tally> I don't know.

<Seraph> well, I was hoping we could maybe celebrate the good news some, hmmm?

<Seraph> Since I did come all the way out here

  • Tally turns his head to kiss her and smiles.

<Seraph> We can be quiet :D

<Tally> <w> We'd better be; father's study is right next door.

  • Seraph smiles impishly
  • Tally strokes her cheek gently and grins.
  • Tally gives her all he's got. But we ain't roleplaying that. ^-^

<Seraph> (no ;)

  • Tally cuddles Seraph close, arm draped over her waist protectively, as he usually does. ^-^
  • Seraph sighs happily

<Tally> When are you due?

<Tally> I'll have to start knitting booties.

  • Seraph thinks for a moment, then snorts at Tally's comment

<Seraph> Early October, I think.

<Tally> October? Really?

<Tally> (same month as his birthday!  :^D)

<Seraph> I think, why?

<Tally> It will be the best early birthday present in the history of the universe.

<Seraph> oh, right!

  • Tally smiles and brushes a lock of her hair behind her ear affectionately.

<Tally> I'm glad... glad you're not angry...

<Seraph> Why would I be angry?

<Tally> Some girls wouldn't be as happy as you seem to be...

<Seraph> well, they are silly.

<Seraph> or... they just don't know how to live :)

<Tally> Where do you want to live? Father kind of likes you; we could stay here but it's so quiet. I think you need a place full of people.

<Seraph> to live?

  • Tally nods.

<Seraph> I was thinking of going home for a while...

<Seraph> I should see my mother.

<Tally> ...

<Seraph> are you going to come with me?

  • Seraph looks up at him

<Tally> ...

<Tally> Could I?

  • Tally asks, excited by the prospect.
  • Tally loves travelling.

<Seraph> of course, silly :)

  • Tally beams.

<Seraph> I'll probably wait until it is closer to the time

  • Tally nods.

<Tally> What is your mother like?

<Tally> I hope she won't kill me.

<Seraph> She's the kind of woman Windrider would fall in love with ;)

  • Tally grins.

<Seraph> She's a dancer too

<Seraph> Her names Is Farashad

<Tally> Good letter of recommendation, that...

<Seraph> I think so :)

<Tally> I'll have to get Windrider to advise me on suitable fashions.

  • Tally says in his mock-effeminate tone.

<Seraph> I've been told I'm a lot like her... we look a lot alike too

<Tally> Uh-oh!

<Seraph> oh, I'm sure you'll look lovely in a dress ;D

<Tally> If I get her confused with you, am I in for it?

  • Tally grins mischievously.

<Seraph> oh, no...

<Seraph> She's not fae... not any more...

<Seraph> :/

<Tally> Oh. Oh!

<Tally> So... we'll have to watch what we say?

<Seraph> oh, no, that's okay

<Seraph> It isn't liek we have to worry about the stupid church

  • Tally nods.

<Seraph> She knows, anyway.

<Seraph> We don't have secrets

  • Tally looks impressed.

<Tally> Do you know of any good midwives?

<Seraph> Oh, mom will..

<Seraph> She knows all those people

  • Tally nods, looking thoughtful and perhaps a bit wistful.

<Seraph> And if she doesn't, Meyarne will

<Tally> Who is Meyarne?

  • Tally asks curiously.
  • Seraph sighs wistfully

<Seraph> Oh, you'll love her... i hope :o

<Seraph> She's like a sister to me... sort of

  • Seraph blushes a bit

<Seraph> Maybe not a sister

<Tally> ...

  • Tally raises an eyebrow.

<Seraph> we're also a lot alike

<Tally> Is she one of us?

<Seraph> She's kinaine

  • Tally nods.

<Seraph> She's the daughter of the guy who introduced my mom and Windrider :)

<Tally> Ah!

<Tally> Heh.

<Seraph> She was almost my sister, though, by marriage

<Seraph> that would have been complicated :o

<Tally> Who was to get married to whom?

<Seraph> my mom and her dad

<Seraph> but they decided to keep things informal, afterall

  • Tally smiles. He wants to know a bit about the people there before he plunges into it headfirst.
  • Tally nods.

<Seraph> I think he went off on another wanderlust too

<Tally> ...

<Seraph> Not that we were ever particualrly stationary ourselves

  • Seraph sighs happily again

<Tally> Is there anyone who isn't or wasn't an Eshu down there?  :^o

  • Seraph giggles

<Seraph> well, we're going someplace very special ;)

<Tally> You're not setting me up to be paraded about in a sideshow as a freak of nature, I hope!

  • Tally looks "horrified."

<Seraph> there aren't a lot of other kiths where we are going, no, but there are in the other cities, so don't worry :)

<Tally> All right.

<Tally> Will you shave my fur for me down there? I don't want to die of heat stress.

  • Tally grins.
  • Tally is teasing.

<Seraph> sure, why not :D

  • Tally laughs lightly and cuddles closer to Seraph for a moment, giving her a quick hug.

<Seraph> (:D)

<Seraph> could be fun

<Seraph> I'll need about 50 razorblades, though ;)

  • Tally reaches over to his bedside table and pulls out the dagger she gave him for Yule (but doesn't bring it close to her).

<Tally> You don't think this'll do?

  • Tally grins and sets it back where it belongs.

<Tally> Mother used to get me to do all the diaper changing and bathing of my younger sibs for her, so I'm an old hand at that sort of thing.

  • Seraph grins

<Seraph> Well, we'll see

<Tally> You're expected to do so much, as the eldest. But changing Aidan's diaper when I was still a babe in arms myself was a blessing.

<Tally> I developed my fine motor skills much faster than him.

  • Seraph chuckles

<Seraph> obviously

<Seraph> all that child labour is probably where you get your stamina then, is it? :)

  • Tally grins. He is good with his hands... ^-^

<Tally> Yes, indeed.

<Tally> So... when do you want to make this generally known?

<Tally> I hear lots of ladies like to keep everything under wraps until three months is up.

<Tally> I can *try* to be quiet about it, but I'm not promising anything.

<Tally> I have this urge to go crowing on the rooftops of Aberystwyth. ^-^

<Seraph> oh, go and crow

<Seraph> I just wanted to tell *you* first. Well, second, I guess...

  • Tally smiles shyly.

<Seraph> but I don't think I'll be able to keep it to myself either :D

  • Tally moves in close to kiss Seraph.
  • Seraph relaxes hapily in his arms
  • Tally is so very happy!
  • Tally lies quietly with her cradled close, just relishing the moment.

<Seraph> I'm lucky I'm a dancer too...

  • Tally has not been this happy in such a long time...

<Tally> Mmm? What?

<Seraph> the litle thing will probably just pop right out :D

<Tally> Oh... muscles.

  • Tally grins and pokes Seraph gently in the belly.

<Seraph> MOm said she was in labour for all of about twenty minutes :0

<Tally> I'll lend you mine, too, if it will help.

<Seraph> Oh, I don't know, I think I have enough of my own

<Tally> Then maybe we can get it down to 2 minutes!  :^D

<Seraph> I like your muscles right where they are :)

<Tally> ...

  • Tally looks at Seraph seriously and wistfully, a thought just having struck him.
  • Seraph runs her fingers lightly along Tally's arm, and then turns around

<Seraph> ....

<Seraph> what is it?

<Tally> Seraph... would I be allowed to be with you, when the baby comes? Or are men not allowed to be there among your people?

  • Tally seems genuinely concerned that he won't be allowed! :^o

<Seraph> My people are Eshu, silly, they're pretty open minded

  • Tally blushes.

<Seraph> NO one is going to say no, but YOu'll probably hear enough horror stories when we get there that you may change your mind ;D

<Tally> I don't think so. A flight of dragons couldn't keep me from your side.

  • Tally says with bravado. ;^D

<Seraph> Yeah? I know a guy... a Satyr, mind, who swears that's how he lost his hand ;)

<Tally> You only have teeth where they're *supposed* to be. I know *that* for sure.

  • Tally grins.

<Tally> The Nunnehi have a number of bizarre stories along those lines...

  • Tally shudders at the thought.

<Tally> Yuck! yuckyuckyuck!

  • Tally cuddles close to Seraph for comfort. ^-^

<Seraph> oooh?

<Tally> Oops... I said the magic s-word, huh?

<Tally> Do you really want to hear this...?

<Seraph> yes! :)

<Tally> Okay...

  • Tally places his hands on Seraph's belly.

<Seraph> I'm not as fragile as other people naked in this bed, ;)

<Tally> But Junior can't hear.

<Seraph> Oh, junior's got to learn sometime :)

  • Tally relates one of a number of interesting vagina dentata stories that Ceiridwen has read in collections of Native American tales.
  • Tally changes his voice for the different characters' speech and stuff. ^-^

<Tally> (That's how Debbie used to read their bedtime stories... awww)

  • Tally prolly isn't as good as most Eshus at telling stories, but he does have a few dots in Performance. :^D
  • Seraph listens raptly

<Seraph> Oh, I'm going to have to pass these little gems along :D

  • Tally modulates his voice expressively for the different parts of the story. :^D

<Tally> Hee!

<Tally> How about I be your Sheherazhad?

<Tally> A story a night once we're together more or less permanently...

<Tally> I'll have to do some research between now and moving home with you.

<Seraph> hmm?

<Tally> 1001 Eshuian nights.

<Seraph> I do like stories, mmm

<Tally> Well, then I'll devote my life to learning new ones to tell you!

  • Tally smiles happily.

<Tally> You can chop off my head if I fail you.

  • Tally teases.

<Seraph> ahh, I couldm but then who would I have to change all those diapers?

<Seraph> :D

  • Tally grins and nuzzles his face into Seraph's hair, breathing in its perfume.
  • Tally sighs happily, stroking her arm idly with one hand.
  • Tally is going to doze off if she is silent.

<Tally> (I wish Hazel were home; it would be fun to go tell Janus the news)

<Seraph> (probably that's about that then)

<Tally> (But he'll probably do that when Seraph isn't there, in case Janus reacts badly)

<Debbie> Janus will have months' notice of his departure this time, at least.

<Debbie> ^-^