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* Tally just asks for some food to be delivered to such-and-such a room.
* Tally just asks for some food to be delivered to such-and-such a room.
* Tally asks what Seraph would like, and stuff. Then leads her up to a sitting room or something, that is public, so she won't be uncomfortable, and where they can talk. ;^)
* Tally asks what Seraph would like, and stuff. Then leads her up to a sitting room or something, that is public, so she won't be uncomfortable, and where they can talk. ;^)

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  • Tally wonders where that little rascal Silas is.
  • Seraph is sitting by a little fish pool in the garden, having checked to see if that nasty Nocker was around or not
  • Tally 's nostrils flare as someone's scent comes to him on the breeze.... mmm, Seraph's!
  • Seraph thinks about the stuff that Rachel said about Tally
  • Tally wonders whether he should sneak up on her in fox form and scare her or show up as he is.

<Tally> ... <Seraph> . o O ( Why is everything good so fragile? )

  • Seraph splashes the water with a fingernail
  • Tally is having trouble making up his mind...

<Seraph> hmmm..

  • Tally decides to compromise... he'll go in human form but do so quietly.
  • Seraph splashes it again then straightens up and looks around
  • Tally isn't in sight yet. ^-^
  • Seraph glances back down at the pool, watching her reflection ripple
  • Tally isn't actually trying to *hide*, just be quiet.
  • Tally comes closer... ah, there she is.
  • Tally pauses to watch her watch her reflection.

<Tally> Looking for wrinkles?

  • Tally teases.
  • Seraph looks up and smiles

<Seraph> not for many years yet! <Tally> I should hope not! But don't despair of wrinkles, anyway. Men love wrinkly women! They look so wise. <Seraph> The more the merrier then?

  • Seraph grins

<Tally> Something like that.

  • Tally says seriously.

<Tally> . o O (I don't think a woman is made ugly when she ages. She is made beautiful by her experience.) <Tally> May I join you? <Tally> I have to check for grey hairs. <Seraph> oh alright, I suppose <Tally> Great! <Seraph> but The lice are there on purpose, I swear <Seraph> I'm cultivating them

  • Tally moves to the edge of the pool and crouches there, making a show of checking his head from all angles for grey hairs.
  • Tally grins.

<Tally> They taste good, don't they? <Seraph> very convenient source of protein <Tally> But they itch like crazy! <Tally> Wanna pick them out for me?

  • Tally laughs.

<Tally> . o O (I don't have lice. >:^/) <Seraph> well if you don't want 'em.. <Seraph> I suppose someone's got to give them a home ;) <Tally> Not particularly... they compete with my native population of fleas. <Seraph> I see... <Seraph> well, hmmm...

  • Seraph glances up at Tally's hairline
  • Tally gives himself a last cursory glance for grey and runs his hands through his hair to settle it in place. ;^D
  • Tally turns to smile at Seraph. His eyes are laughing.

<Tally> So, what have you been up to? <Tally> . o O (I wonder if she will play with my hair...) <Tally> . o O (She was good at it the other night.) <Seraph> Turn around <Tally> !

  • Tally does as he's told.

<Tally> You're not going to shave it off, I hope. <Tally> My hair is my crowning glory. Lice, fleas and all.

  • Tally jokes.

<Seraph> I wouldn't want to damage such a fragile ecosystem then

  • Seraph jokes back
  • Tally glances at her over his shoulder and grins.
  • Seraph will run her fingers though your hair, kind of shyly at first

<Seraph> . o O ( Nice boy, but... hmmm... )

  • Tally sighs happily.

<Seraph> I've mostly been dancing <Seraph> I talked to your sister for a bit though <Seraph> hmm... <Tally> Oh yeah? <Seraph> oh, and I met some horrible Nocker who works in the garden

  • Seraph wrinkles her nose up and makes a face

<Seraph> what a cow

  • Tally stiffens and shakes his shoulders.

<Tally> I think I know the one you mean... <Seraph> hmm?

  • Seraph pauses when he does that, but then starts playing with his hair again

<Tally> (he was reacting exaggeratedly to the mention of Viridia.  ;^D) <Tally> Mmm... that feels really nice. If you scratch my belly, I kick my leg, you know. <Seraph> (Yeah, I know)

  • Seraph snickers

<Seraph> I think if someone tried to scratch my belly, I'd kick too

  • Tally laughs.

<Tally> If she keeps mouthing off like that to everybody, I don't imagine she'll be here for long. Windrider will throw her into the oubliette.

  • Tally tries to comfort Seraph for the abuse she suffered at the nocker's hands.
  • Tally half turns back towards Seraph.

<Seraph> Yeah, dad's alway tossing the servants in oubliettes <Seraph> it his favourite secret pastime, you know <Tally> I suspected as much. <Seraph> everyone just assumes it is... not him. <Seraph> :D <Tally> It's hard talking to you this way... I'm getting a kink in my neck. Soon it will be stuck forever, half cocked towards my shoulder. <Tally> At the same time... having my head rubbed by you is extraordinarily pleasant. If you continue to do it much longer, I will be your very own mindless slave. <Tally> A mindless slave with a kinked neck... <Seraph> hmmm, I'll have to work on the neck then...

  • Seraph slides one hand down a little bit lower

<Seraph> or, you could just turn around... <Seraph> and then people might think I was throttling you

  • Tally laughs.

<Tally> The gentle and lovely Seraph, a murderess at heart. <Seraph> who would suspect? <Seraph> although if I meet that nocker again... <Tally> Would you like me to tear her throat out next time I see her? <Seraph> then of course, I see her with Rachel around... quiet as a mouse :p <Seraph> Eh, Rachel said something to her <Tally> Really... one of those, eh?

  • Tally frowns.

<Seraph> yeah

  • Tally shakes his head and turns towards her.

<Seraph> I don't remember her name... <Seraph> except that it rhymed with chlamydia

  • Tally bursts out laughing.
  • Seraph grins

<Tally> Well, Chlamydia it is, from now on, at least between you and me. <Tally> It suits her, don't you think? <Seraph> yeah <Seraph> well, I don't really think she merits that much discussion, though <Tally> You're probably right... <Tally> However, you should know that I am geased to repay those who make me laugh out loud. So what'll it be? <Seraph> hmm?

  • Tally is facing her and smiling happily, and his eyes are warm.
  • Tally reaches out shyly and pulls a curl of hair by your ear gently, letting it go so it can sproing back up.

<Tally> Shall I pick your lice for you? <Seraph> well... <Seraph> I suppose <Seraph> I did say I'd take them swimming later on <Seraph> you can just toss 'em in the pool. They won't know the difference <Tally> Come here, then...

  • Tally smiles and spreads his arm out so you can lean against him if you like.
  • Seraph 's hair is partly bound up, but only by a scarf
  • Seraph will do so
  • Tally wraps his arm around her and lays his hand on her side, then unties the scarf with his other hand and starts running it through your hair.
  • Seraph shakes her head a little bit so the hair slides down
  • Tally slides his hand under the unbound hair and rearranges it so it’s easier to run his hand through it.
  • Tally admires the silkiness of her long, hennaed curls.
  • Tally is quiet for a bit, thoughtful.

<Tally> . o O (It seems like she might really like me...)

  • Tally is surprised and pleased but cautious.
  • Seraph closes her eyes while he plays
  • Seraph 's hair is down to just above the middle of her back
  • Tally is nice and warm, and his half-embrace is strong and maybe kind of protective.

<Seraph> so what have you been doing all day, then?

  • Tally runs his hands through her hair and trails the edge of his finger along her back where the hair falls. He doesn't go low down her back, as he doesn't want to make her feel rushed or uncomfortable.

<Tally> Hmmm?

  • Tally slides his hand up to her shoulder and plays with her hair some more.

<Tally> I played hide-and-go-seek with Silas for a while. <Tally> Have you met him? <Seraph> Hmm, no I don't think so... <Tally> Nasty little bugger, redcap childling. <Tally> He sleeps in the woods. <Seraph> hmmm <Seraph> I haven't seen many kids around at all, really <Seraph> or redcaps for that matter <Seraph> did you win, then?

  • Tally rearranges Seraph's hair and contemplates the curve of her neck as it joins her shoulder for a bit, caressing it gently.

<Tally> Are you kidding? I had to let him win a few rounds. <Seraph> kind of you...

  • Tally 's voice is quiet and peaceful and calm. A pleasant tenor sort of voice.
  • Seraph feels the little hairs at the back of her neck stand up a bit
  • Seraph sighs happily
  • Tally slides his hand into her hair again and follows the curve of her waves of reddish brown silk.

<Tally> Are you comfortable? <Seraph> mmm... yeah... <Seraph> Are you? <Tally> No way. This is torture.

  • Seraph 's mind suddenly wanders into the stuff that Rachel told her about earlier
  • Tally dares to lean in and kiss her neck right where it meets her shoulder.

<Seraph> . o O ( everyone comes with baggage... ) <Tally> . o O (I hope she won't kill me...) <Tally> . o O (So beautiful.)

  • Seraph starts a bit, startled out of a day dream by the contact, but then relaxes in his arms
  • Tally is worried that he went too far.

<Tally> Is that all right?

  • Tally asks, concerned.
  • Seraph looks back and smiles up at him

<Seraph> it's fine.... you anchored me back here, I was starting to drift away...

  • Tally smiles.

<Tally> I guess that's a compliment...

  • Tally gives her a slightly narrow-eyed look, trying to figure out if she meant it nicely or not. ;^D
  • Seraph smiles contentedly, closes her eyes and leans back into him

<Seraph> you guess right

  • Tally lowers his hair-caressing arm to encircle her completely and clasp his hands protectively about her waist.
  • Tally lays his head next to hers.
  • Seraph feels all tingly!

<Tally> <w> Have I told you how beautiful you are yet, today? <Seraph> that depends on how you count the day, I think....

  • Tally smiles.

<Tally> . o O (Where to go from here...?) <Seraph> are you hungry?

  • Seraph realizes that she hasn't had anything to eat since that Sherbet
  • Tally is somewhat bewildered by the sudden development of things.

<Tally> . o O (Ah, food, good idea.) <Tally> Mildly. <Tally> Do you want to go get something to eat? <Seraph> um, sure

  • Seraph sits up
  • Tally lets her go, reluctantly so she can sit up. ^-^

<Tally> Or... I could go find something and bring it back? <Seraph> where to? <Tally> I know where there's a few rabbits. <Seraph> I hope they are cooked :o

  • Seraph teases
  • Tally grins, joking. He probably does but he isn't going to go kill them and eat them raw with her. ;^D

<Tally> Well... there's also the henhouse.

  • Tally stands up, the intimate mood is broken for now. He hopes there will be more of those!
  • Tally holds out his hand to her to offer her a hand up.

<Tally> Coming?

  • Seraph will take it
  • Tally pulls her to her feet, easy for him to do. ^-^
  • Seraph is very light.. or it might just be the dancer's musculature at work
  • Tally doesn't let go of her hand immediately.
  • Seraph won't let go immediately either
  • Tally looks her in the eye and smiles with a little more confidence, a little less shyness.
  • Tally squeezes her hand slightly then lets go.
  • Seraph smiles back

<Seraph> the hen house is it?

  • Tally has pretty yellow eyes! The shadows of leaves are in them.

<Tally> Yes indeed, my favourite.

  • Seraph 's eyes are just brown.
  • Tally walks beside Seraph, heading towards the kitchens.

<Tally> Do you like it here? <Seraph> hmm, I suppose, raw eggs aren’t so bad, if they haven't all been collected <Seraph> here?

  • Tally nods.

<Seraph> It's nice... <Tally> It must be different... from home. Effing cold, for one. <Seraph> A lot greener than home...more mountains too <Seraph> Yeah, cooler, that's for sure :o <Tally> It's not so bad by mid-May. We get about 15 days of hot weather between now and September. <Tally> If you're lucky, you'll see the sun once or twice.

  • Tally grins and glances at her sidelong.
  • Seraph chuckles

<Tally> I'm not sure whose brilliant idea it was to have Beltane the first of May... <Seraph> I don't know, it has been awful bright already.. <Seraph> Maybe that's why there's so much fire/ <Seraph> ? <Tally> Maybe. <Seraph> And, well, the close body contact? <Seraph> I wasn't cold, anyway

  • Tally chuckles.
  • Tally glances at her, smiling. Perhaps a slight blush to his tanned cheeks.
  • Tally looks away again, still smiling. He's flattered.

<Tally> That's 'cause you sucked all my body warmth away from me. You vampire.

  • Tally teases.

<Tally> (in real life, I know so many women who complain about being cold, and men who complain about their wives being cold...) <Seraph> I'm from a warm place.. my body craves the heat. If I don't get enough from other people, I turn into ice <Seraph> (Oh yeah, Joel does it too. Boys are warm ^-^) <Tally> ! <Tally> We can't have that, now, can we!

  • Tally looks mock-horrified.

<Seraph> yeah, dad would be very upset... <Seraph> and that just wouldn't do at all! <Tally> It certainly wouldn't!

  • Seraph grins

<Tally> A lovely girl like you, turned into an ice sculpture. <Tally> The world would mourn. <Seraph> it would <Seraph> but at least there would be something pretty to look at at the wake

  • Tally smiles and throws an arm around her, giving her a companionable half-hug, then releasing her.

<Tally> . o O (She's fun...  :^) ) <Tally> Hmmm... there is that.

  • Seraph smiles over at him
  • Tally says, thoughtfully, eying her speculatively.

<Seraph> . o O ( grinning like an idiot fourteen year old! Still, happy... ) <Tally> Maybe I could have Cid whip up a cryogenic unit and then set you in my living room. <Tally> Then your beauty need never fade from mortal sight. <Tally> And I would have an interesting conversation piece, to boot. <Seraph> that would be worthy <Seraph> I would be happy being a piece of art, I suppose.. <Seraph> who is Cid?

  • Seraph asks, thinking the name is vaguely familiar

<Tally> Well... Aidan ended up in jail briefly, can you believe that?

  • Seraph snickers

<Tally> And this guy, his cellmate, came up and put his arm around him, and said "Hi, my name is Bubba, but you can call me Cid." <Seraph> I can imagine. <Tally> They've been inseparable ever since. <Seraph> I remember now...

  • Tally and Seraph arrive at the kitchens and Tally begs for some food. ;^D
  • Seraph thinks she should have told him that we should go through a page, but then watches how the boggans react to him instead of Rachel
  • Tally doesn't get scolded as much as Rachel, do you think?

<Tally> (I don't know how Sas would work it for Tally and Aidan.)

  • Tally just asks for some food to be delivered to such-and-such a room.
  • Tally asks what Seraph would like, and stuff. Then leads her up to a sitting room or something, that is public, so she won't be uncomfortable, and where they can talk. ;^)