Samhain, 11/8/2002

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(A pre-party gathering of some of the residents of Castel Aberystwyth and their guests. Lady Rachel, Lord Nikolai, Seraph and Domino are in one of Countess Diamond’s elaborate sitting rooms.)

  • Nikolai is dressed as a ninja.

[Rachel_] I'm going to be a gorgon. [Nikolai] How long have you been working on that costume? :o [Rachel_] Oh - a while. [Rachel_] But I'm going to cheat a bit. [Nikolai] Cheat? [Nikolai] How?

  • Rachel_ crouches down to the ground, smiling, crosses her hands over her face and slowly rises, moving her hands aside as she does so.

[Rachel_] Elder Form. [Nikolai] Cheater! :o [Nikolai] Cheaty Mc Cheat

  • Rachel_ now has dark, snaky hair, cat-eyes and looks creepy.

[Rachel_] Well, now, it won't last all night. [Nikolai] I don't know if I want to go to the party with a *cheater* [Rachel_] Then I'll be back to being my boring old self. [Rachel_] Well, is it really cheating if I spent hours and hours and hours and days and weeks and months learning that cantrip? [Rachel_] I never get to use it.

  • Rachel_ pouts.

[Nikolai] I don't see anyone Naming themselves into Napoleon...

  • Rachel_ sighs.

[Rachel_] I sewed the dress myself... [Rachel_] But my snake hair wig didn't turn out the way I'd hoped. [Nikolai] Nockers?

  • Rachel_ nods.

[Rachel_] It sort of... is a little too vicious.

  • Rachel_ shows her hand, which has little bite marks.
  • Seraph shows Domino how to do the Turkish Shimmy ;D

[Domino^] Rah! Rah~ [Domino^] gobblegobble~ [Seraph] you're such a quick learner :D

  • Domino^ shows Seraph how to hold yourself parallel to the ground while balancing on someone's shoulders, using only your arms :D

[Seraph] sweet :o

  • Seraph needs more arm strength
  • Seraph can't hold it very long

[Domino^] Bouncy bounce! [Domino^] What eez your costume?

  • Seraph has a ruff and stuff, but the stab wound fake blood is all on the dress, so that she can do an easy costume change later when she has to perform

[Seraph] me? [Seraph] I'm going as Dead Juliette [Domino^] Moi, je suis Cleopatre! [Seraph] cool...

  • Domino^ says, and then bursts into flames, holding her hands behind her back as though tied.

[Domino^] Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Eet burns! [Seraph] heh [Seraph] that's neat :D [Domino^] I am using ze costume we made :) [Seraph] nice! [Seraph] I've never been to a Samhaine party before... [Seraph] It isn't really done in my part of the world... [Domino^] Quel dommage! [Seraph] if you were really going as Cleopatra, I'd have lots of jewellery you could borrow [Seraph] Alas, I don't know who tied up burning girl is... unless you're supposed to be a witch trial victim :o [Domino^] Oh... zut alors :(

  • Tally swoops in, and goes right towards Seraph, puts his arms around her and bends her into a dramatic pose.
  • Tally is dressed in full Renaissance garb, doublet and poofy short pants and hose, to be Romeo. :^D
  • Tally has a sickly greenish-grey complexion.

[Seraph] yeep! [Tally] Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

  • Tally grins.

[Tally] Sorry, did I interrupt anything? [Domino^] J'm'en vais pratiquer. [Domino^] :P [Seraph] okay..

  • Tally releases Seraph with a flourish.
  • Domino^ saunters off, still burning.

[Tally] A thousand apologies, my lady.

  • Seraph looks up at Tally

[Seraph] I'm trying to figure out who Domino is [Seraph] She's burning wearing-armour girl [Tally] Oh- I met her once. She came to visit Father's. [Seraph] was she tied up? [Tally] May I be cursed with the fleas of a thousand camels if she is not, perhaps, portraying Joan of Arc. [Seraph] Who? [Tally] Joan of Arc? [Seraph] yeah? [Tally] She was an evil minion from hell sent to lead poor Christian souls on the path to corruption. [Seraph] I seee.... [Seraph] Sounds good for Domino then ;D

(Lady Isabel shows up but no one notices her right away.)

  • Isabel pouts.

(Windrider and Kolya arrive) [Windrider] doot doot doot doot

  • Kolya adjusts his little monkey fez
  • Kolya does a silly and bad little dance to Windrider's 'music' ;)
  • Windrider winds the organ :D
  • Rachel_ turns to Windrider and smiles a creepy gorgon smile.

[Windrider] ~doot doot doot [Kolya] *dance Dance*

  • Kolya shakes a tin cup at the gorgon ;D
  • Windrider nudges monkey Kolya toward Rachel

[Kolya] ook! [Isabel] Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee [Isabel] partyparty dancedance :D [Isabel] eeeeeeeeeeee!! So cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

  • Isabel is dressed as some kind of nymph, with a 'dress' made of leaves and vines, and flowers dripping from her cascades of blonde hair.
  • Rachel_ finally notices her cousin.

[Rachel_] Is!

  • Rachel_ cries happily.

[Rachel_] Your costume is marvellous! [Isabel] Thanks :) [Kolya] monnnnnkeyyyyyyyy!

  • Kolya makes little monkey sounds

[Isabel] monkey! :D [Kolya] thanks :) [Windrider] Hey, what about me? :D [Kolya] are you a nymph?

  • Windrider is dressed as an organ grinder, duh

[Isabel] are *you* a nymph?

  • Kolya shakes his cup at Is ;D
  • Isabel repeats, and giggles.

[Kolya] is there an echo in here? [Isabel] *is* there an echo in here? [Isabel] hee hee [Kolya] I'd say yes. ;D

  • Rachel_ smiles.

[Isabel] yes! [Kolya] nifty [Kolya] oook [Windrider] Dance, little monkey!

  • Kolya dances badly (Think: Yatta! ;D)

(You can see Windrider’s hair for the first time in ages :D)

  • Isabel tries to hide the nervous glances she is casting between Rachel and Kolya.
  • Kolya seems to be in a generally good mood :D
  • Seraph looks around at other people's costumes

[Seraph] Oh, the monkey guy is cute! [Seraph] Who is the ninja?

  • Nikolai hops around in a ninjesque fashion
  • Rachel_ watches everyone and smiles.

[Nikolai] What's your grandmother dressing as? [Rachel_] I'm not sure... [Rachel_] She likes her surprises, you know. [Rachel_] And we... well, we haven't really been speaking much, anyway. [Rachel_] And your father? [Nikolai] Oh well... [Nikolai] Unless he changed his mind, some kind of dragon thing [Rachel_] Oh, that will be a costume to see! [Nikolai] Heh [Rachel_] So... are you for hire? [Nikolai] Sou desu [Nikolai] Kaimasu ka?

  • Nikolai bows.

[Rachel_] I don't suppose I could hire you to off a few people for me? [Nikolai] hyakusen-en desu

  • Rachel_ raises an eyebrow.

[Nikolai] yasui desu ne [Nikolai] *bow* [Rachel_] I'll have to brush up on my Japanese, I see. [Nikolai] bah-ganu desu

  • Nikolai says knowingly
  • Rachel_ has no idea what Nik is saying. ^-^

[Rachel_] When did you learn Japanese, love? [Nikolai] Heh heh... I just dug up an old phrase book.

[Seraph] Is this even bigger than Samhain? [Seraph] Beltaine, I mean? [Windrider] Depends on what side of the court you're on [Seraph] hmmm.. [Windrider] ;) [Tally] Yeah... [Seraph] well, costumes always seem to make people more excited, I think :) [Windrider] Some people take it more seriously than others

  • Kolya makes monkey sounds at Seraph and shakes his tin cup
  • Seraph giggles

[Seraph] I guess so :o [Windrider] Now, pay the monkey, miss! :D [Windrider] *grind*grind* [Seraph] cute little monkey!

  • Seraph pats the monkey on the head

[Seraph] but alas, they didn't bury me with any money :/

  • Tally tosses some candy into Kolya's cup.

[Seraph] there we go :D

  • Tally grins.
  • Seraph takes Tally's arm
  • Tally makes two silver coins appear from his sleeve and hands them to Seraph.

[Tally] They should have given you these, at least. [Seraph] for my eyes, I suppose? [Tally] Something like that.

  • Tally produces two more and inserts them into his eye sockets and then tries walking around a bit, hamming it up.
  • Seraph giggles more, bubbling over with mirth
  • Tally bumps into things... like Seraph. On purpose. :^D
  • Seraph will follow up his zombie act ;D

[Seraph] truuuuue looooove is eteeeeeeeernal.... [Seraph] braiiiiiins [Nikolai] I think *they've* had enough candy. :o

  • Rachel_ laughs.

[Isabel] No such thing! :D [Kolya] agreed! [Rachel_] I'm glad to see them having so much fun!

  • Isabel high fives Kolya

[Kolya] ook! [Isabel] :D

  • Kolya has big clumsy monkey paw gloves on :D

[Windrider] Is Aidan going to be joining us tonight?

  • Windrider asks Rachel in a slightly quieter voice.

[Tally] Braaaaaaaaaaaains...

  • Tally bumps into Windrider and reaches up to "get" his brains.

[Tally] No hat this time... easier access... [Windrider] ah! [Windrider] Monkey, attack! [Kolya] EEEEEK!

  • Kolya flails at the Zombie Romeo
  • Tally engages monkey Kolya in a friendly wrestling match.

[Rachel_] I think he was planning on being around, Windrider. Why?

  • Rachel_ answers when she has a chance after the monkey and the Romeo start wrestling.

[Windrider] I was just wondering how he was doing. :)

  • Kolya has clumsy monkey costume, makes wrestling hard :o

[Rachel_] He's been spending most of his time at Father's, but I think he's doing all right. [Kolya] oh no, my poor monkey brains!

  • Windrider nods. "That's good to hear."

[Rachel_] He misses Cid, though... Aidan never had much self-esteem. [Nikolai] :/ [Nikolai] A shame...

  • Rachel_ nods.
  • Windrider nods in agreement.

[Rachel_] Who needs TV anymore? I get my fill of drama in my own family.

  • Rachel_ laughs.

[Rachel_] He'll pull through.

  • Rachel_ says with lots of love apparent in her voice.
  • Seraph nods
  • Tally sits up and pretends to eat Kolya's brains.

[Tally] Mmmmm, gooooooooood.

  • Tally starts "choking" on the brains.

[Seraph] silly Romeo, Monkey brains are no good! [Tally] Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Maaaaaaaad Coooooooooooooow Diiiiiiiiseeeease!

  • Kolya plays dead for a minute

[Kolya] ... [Kolya] can zombies get that?

  • Tally lurches to his feet and stumbles into furniture until he really stubs his toe.

[Tally] Ow!

  • Rachel_ shakes her head.

[Rachel_] Tally, you are crazy.

  • Seraph does too

[Seraph] cute, but crazy ;D

  • Rachel_ turns to Nik and gives him a mock long-suffering look.

[Nikolai] heh

  • Seraph giggles again and whisks off to retrieve her poor injured boy

[Rachel_] Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to have *sisters* instead. [Rachel_] But then I realize it wouldn't have been half so crazy and exciting growing up... [Seraph] you don't think girls can be that crazy? [Nikolai] sou desu [Rachel_] They probably can be... but it would be a whole different chemistry, wouldn't it?

  • Nikolai nods

[Rachel_] We'd get crazy about other things, I suppose. [Rachel_] I'd have been more ladylike, anyway. ^-^

  • Kolya readjusts his monkey costume and tugs down on his vest

[Kolya] the Monkey manouevre [Kolya] :D

  • Tally allows Seraph to minister to his grievous injury.

[Tally] Juliet, what would I do without you? [Seraph] poor thing. No dancing for you tonight! ;D

  • Tally pretends as if he's got a mortal injury.

[Seraph] what, another mortal injury? [Seraph] poor little Zombie Romeo

  • Tally pouts adorably, then bursts into laughter, stands up and swoops Seraph into a kiss.

[Tally] [w] Love you, kind of. [Seraph] silly boy :)

  • Isabel adjusts a flower in her hair.

[Kolya] So what do we all want to do before the party starts, anyway?

  • Isabel tries not to notice the pda
  • Isabel twists a blonde curl around her finger.

[Rachel_] Good question, Kolya... [Rachel_] We could play Twister.

  • Rachel_ manages to say with a straight face.

[Seraph] twister? :o

  • Carfax wanders over, wearing something bizarre.

[Kolya] hey Carfax :D [Kolya] I thought you'd wandered off for good :o

  • Carfax appears to have on a burlap bag, dyed green, over green pants, a green shirt, and green boots.
  • Carfax is also wearing a red beret.
  • Carfax looks sort of.. embarrassed.

[Kolya] what are you, anyway? [Carfax] ... [Carfax] *mumbles* [Kolya] what? [Carfax] [m] mutter [Kolya] oh, speak up ;p [Nikolai] I don't get it! :o [Carfax] ... I'm an olive [Kolya] ha!

  • Rachel_ can't help but burst out laughing.

[Kolya] That's great :D [Rachel_] That is! [Carfax] :P [Carfax] I was wandering around in the local Dreaming, and when I got back, it was so close to Samhain and I didn't have any costume... [Carfax] A boggan made this for me this afternoon. :/ [Kolya] that's so awesome :D [Isabel] Hee hee, you need a martini glass to go with it :) [Kolya] that would be amusingly ironic :D [Carfax] :P [Tally] Well, you're lucky you got a costume on such short notice. It rocks. You have to win the prize for best costume! [Seraph] oh, yes!

  • Tally gives Carfax some treats.

[Carfax] ... Thanks.

  • Rachel_ twines a little snake around her finger.

[Rachel_] I can't wait to see what everyone else is dressed up as. [Carfax] Everyone else is all... nymphs and medusas and stuff... I'm an olive. :/ [Seraph] I think it is clever :D [Kolya] it isn't bad for last minute [Rachel_] I really like it. At least you didn't have to cheat like me. If only those chimerical snakes were a bit more... torpid. [Rachel_] Oh well. It makes a good booby trap to keep unwanted interlopers from my room. [Nikolai] Hey! [Nikolai] Do you get a lot of those? :o [Nikolai] ;) [Rachel_] Tons.

  • Rachel_ grins.

[Carfax] I saw a girl on fire earlier. [Kolya] better than, like, a ghost, or something [Isabel] On fire? Cooool :o [Seraph] That's DOmino, I think :D [Nikolai] Yes, she's dressing as Jeanne D'Arc... [Nikolai] It's pretty cool. [Seraph] is that the same as Joan of Arc? [Rachel_] Yes Seraph, Joan of Arc is the anglicised name of Joanne d'Arc. [Seraph] ahhh [Seraph] why is she on fire? [Rachel_] She was burned at the stake for heresy. [Seraph] ahhhh [Nikolai] So you two seem to have hit it off pretty well! [Seraph] well, yeah, we have a lot in common I think, or at least enough :) [Seraph] She's really fun [Nikolai] She talks about you a lot. [Seraph] really?

  • Nikolai nods.

[Seraph] what does she say? :o [Nikolai] "oh, comme c'est difficile de travailler avec cette fillette-la!" [Nikolai] "Elle me tanne assez..." [Nikolai] Heheh [Nikolai] That kind of nice stuff. ;) [Seraph] I guess I'll take that as a compliment, then ;)

  • Rachel_ smiles.
  • Rachel_ finds a seat and settles down.
  • Rachel_ arranges her dark metallic blue/black/green gown about her.
  • Tally goes over to sit with his sister for a bit.
  • Tally whispers things in Rachel's ear; she giggles occasionally.
  • Isabel hangs around with Kolya and Windrider
  • Kolya hangs around with Isabel and WR ;D
  • Isabel dances with the little monkey.

[Isabel] :)

  • Kolya does the little monkey dance

[Kolya] I hope you know this is probably about the only dancing I'll be doing all night :o [Isabel] Hah! [Isabel] You'll be monkey dancin' all night long! :)

  • Aidan pokes his head in around the door.

[Aidan] Tally - there you are! [Windrider] Hullo, Aidan! [Windrider] Come on out! [Windrider] We want to see your costume! [Aidan] Hello Windrider. [Kolya] hey, look it's Aidan!

  • Aidan seems preoccupied.
  • Kolya says to distract Is ;D

[Isabel] Monkey dancing!! [Aidan] Hi, Kolya, Lady Isabel... [Aidan] Seraph, Rach... Lord Nikolai.

  • Carfax stands behind Windrider.
  • Seraph waves to Aidan

[Windrider] Well, what are you waiting for]

  • Aidan steps in all the way; he's not really dressed up as anything.

[Seraph] no costume? :o [Windrider] Oh come on now boy, you can do better than that! [Windrider] :D [Aidan] I- just need to take Tally away for a moment, if that's all right. [Seraph] wellll..

  • Seraph eyes her boy

[Seraph] you can borrow him, I guess, but you'd better have a costume next time I see you! :D

  • Aidan directs a pleading look towards Tally.
  • Tally gets up, smiling in a charming fashion.
  • Tally executes a little bow and heads over towards Aidan.

[Tally] If you'll excuse me...

  • Aidan looks relieved.
  • Windrider watches Tally go
  • Aidan and Tally leave. "I simply cannot be a carrot!" Aidan can be heard whispering urgently. "Whatever gave you such an..." *fades off down the hall.

[Carfax] . o O (Carrot... does that beat an olive or not?) [Seraph] so, what is this Twister game? [Isabel] Oh, it's a super fun game! [Isabel] I'm very good at it. [Isabel] You have all these dot thingies see, and then someone spins the thing, and you have to put your foot on the right thing [Kolya] alas, this clumsy monkey suit will make it impossible for me to play [Kolya] I can spin though

  • Kolya grins deviously

[Isabel] And then if you fall over on the thing you lose! :) [Seraph] sounds fun :D [Isabel] ... [Isabel] Well! [Isabel] Speaking of fun, I think it is time for a little pre-party drink! :D [Rachel_] Twister is more interesting when most of the players are drunk, after all.

  • Isabel saunters over to a side table where there are some assorted decanters and bottles full of stuff.

[Isabel] Who wants? [Seraph] um, sure :) [Kolya] eek, monkey want drink, ook [Windrider] Not for me thanks, I have to look after my drunken monkey. [Isabel] What'll you have? [Kolya] monkey want beer!... [Kolya] There isn't any over there, though. damn [Isabel] I don't see any right here, no... [Isabel] Maybe later, outside... [Isabel] :/ [Seraph] Is there any cherry wine? [Isabel] How about if I surprise everyone? [Isabel] :D [Seraph] sure! [Kolya] hmmmm.... [Kolya] why not!

  • Rachel_ gets up and crouches down next to another cupboard and pulls out a seriously battered Twister box. ;^D.
  • Rachel_ unfolds a Boggan-made cloth sheet which long-since has replaced the old vinyl one and spreads it on the floor.

[Rachel_] So... who will be the first contestants?

  • Rachel_ asks mischievously.

[Kolya] You and Is and Seraph.

  • Isabel will mix people some drinks that are pretty damned strong, but not bad tasting at all.

[Kolya] Girl game! [Kolya] :D

  • Kolya snatches up the spinner

[Isabel] Oh, you pervy nymph fancier [Isabel] Guess I'd better get rid of this... :D

  • Isabel downs her beverage disturbingly quickly.

[Rachel_] All right, but only if we get our share of eye candy afterwards! Nik and you and Windrider play after us. [Windrider] I'm eye candy? [Windrider] Woohoo! [Kolya] :o [Kolya] hee!

  • Seraph will take a few sips from hers, but not down it because she needs to perform later and is using fire, and being drunk would be bad :o
  • Rachel_ flashes a smile at WR.

[Kolya] Rachel has a secret taste for Older men ;) [Rachel_] Hardly.

  • Rachel_ says significantly; Nik *is* younger than her, after all. :^D

[Kolya] Or organ grinders :) [Windrider] Quiet, you naughty monkey! [Kolya] ook! [Kolya] well, then....

  • Kolya will start up the game
  • Rachel_ takes up her place on one side of the mat.
  • Isabel stands hipshot, looking saucy.
  • Isabel 's leaf skirt is kinda short to be playing Twister in, but she doesn't seem to have thought of that.
  • Seraph takes up her position
  • Rachel_ makes a show of stretching and stuff, as if she is a pro. Then she gives Isabel and Seraph a fun challenging glance.

[Rachel_] May the best woman win!

  • Rachel_ grins.

[Seraph] hee!

  • Carfax is silently thankful that he was not included in the Twister roster.
  • Carfax realizes that this might be because he has accidentally become invisible!

[Carfax] :o [Rachel_] (I don't think Rachel has met him or he would have been. But she didn't want to make him uncomfortable)

  • Kolya spins away then!
  • Carfax fades back into sight when nobody is paying attention. ;_;

[Carfax] ;)

  • Kolya is an evil spinner and mostly makes things up as he goes along ^-^

[Rachel_] Is, I think you and I ought to ally against Seraph...

  • Rachel_ smiles.

[Seraph] Hey no fair! [Isabel] Let's mash her with our boobies!

  • Isabel giggles

[Seraph] eek! [Seraph] Oh no, not the cleavage! ;D

  • Seraph licks her lips
  • Isabel has had perhaps a bit more than just that one drink. Just a bit.

[Seraph] whatever will I do :o [Kolya] mmmmmm [Kolya] . o O ( Hot Sidhe on Eshu action, wooh! ) [Windrider] . o O (Lady Rachel! :o)

  • Kolya arranges his players into amusingly compromising positions ;D
  • Seraph doesn't seem to mind :D

[Rachel_] (Rachel would roll her eyes if she knew he was thinking that her actions are not suitable for a young lady of the Gwydaine family. Diamond has no idea how to have fun.  :^D) [Windrider] (he is just surprised ;) [Rachel_] (Ok, well, she's always loved to have some fun.  :^D) [Rachel_] (I'm more worried about Nik's opinion, but I think he's red-blooded enough to enjoy seeing three beautiful women clamber over one another.  ;^D)

  • Nikolai isn't sure whether to look like he's enjoying this or not. :D

[Nikolai] . o O (so many boobies..)

  • Rachel_ can't stop laughing through the whole game.
  • Rachel_ is having such a great time!

[Rachel_] I- can't - hold- this- any- longer! [Seraph] hee!

  • Rachel_ collapses in a fit of giggles.

[Seraph] The alliance is broken! [Isabel] eee!!

  • Rachel_ scrambles away from the mat.

[Rachel_] Is, I'm on your side. [Rachel_] If you can beat a bellydancer, more power to you!

  • Rachel_ gets up and staggers off to wherever Nik is.

[Nikolai] Good game... Really good... heh [Rachel_] You play next. [Nikolai] Uh... I have a cramp [Nikolai] :o

  • Rachel_ playfully punches Nik.

[Rachel_] Coward! [Kolya] I have to play, you have to play ;) [Isabel] Tellible ninja clamp!

  • Isabel laughs

[Nikolai] Ninjas aren't known for their honourable ways

  • Rachel_ slides her arm around Nik's waist and cheers on both her friends.

[Kolya] hmm, only two contenders, eh.... [Kolya] Gotta make things appropriately challenging :D [Isabel] :o [Kolya] Warrior maiden versus desert flower, who will take the prize? :D

  • Rachel_ sniggers.
  • Isabel tries to reach her foot between Seraph's twisted arms, and ends up doing an impromptu splits...

[Isabel] Argh, OW! [Rachel_] Ooooh!

  • Rachel_ has sympathy pains for her cousin.

[Isabel] eeeeeeeeee... [Isabel] :( [Isabel] I lose [Seraph] yeek! [Isabel] And it huuurts... [Seraph] victory! [Seraph] you okay?

  • Isabel staggers to her feet.

[Isabel] My hips... :o

  • Seraph helps her up

[Kolya] Ahh, come sit down, Is [Kolya] you can spin and relax [Isabel] Okay...

  • Kolya passes her the dial
  • Rachel_ unwraps her arm from Nik and nudges him gently towards the Twister map.

[Rachel_] Your turn.

  • Rachel_ says sweetly.

[Nikolai] I suppose, if I must.. :/

  • Silas creeps stealthily up to Kolya

[Kolya] I warn you, I'm so going to lose in under five minutes [Kolya] I'm not so mobile in this :o [Nikolai] Not if I lose first! [Kolya] yeep! [Windrider] Hooray, I am going to win! :D [Silas] I bet I could beat you...

  • Silas says, tapping Kolya on the arm

[Windrider] Uh oh, maybe not :o [Kolya] hey Silas!

  • Rachel_ turns her face up towards Nik's and gives him a kiss of encouragement.

[Rachel_] More if you win.

  • Rachel_ giggles and skips off towards Isabel.
  • Silas is dressed in some of your clothes, Kolya :)

[Kolya] so are you being me, or something? [Silas] Ah... yeah. [Isabel] Oh, so cuuute. [Kolya] or were you just bored and raided my closet? :D

  • Isabel coos over Silas.
  • Silas has the sleeves and legs rolled up so he doesn't trip on them

[Seraph] cute

  • Silas grins

[Kolya] so you're playing then? [Silas] If I'm allowed. [Seraph] sure!

  • Rachel_ settles down next to Isabel.

[Rachel_] Hey, you all right? I felt that one. [Isabel] [w] My butt hurts!

  • Tally steps back into the room and sees what's up.

[Tally] Oh, hey, wait a minute...

  • Tally looks horrified that it's *guys* lined up around the Twister mat.

[Seraph] Tally you have to play too! [Tally] I'll play with the girls 'cause I'm a wuss. [Seraph] we already played! :D [Seraph] you can play with us if you win ;D [Kolya] ooh, incentive :o [Isabel] I'm not playin' anymore... :o [Seraph] :/ [Seraph] You're playing anyway, Tally ]:D

  • Seraph pokes him

[Seraph] Windrider is playing, you can play too :D [Tally] Right, my fondest fantasy has always been to be on the bottom of a heap composed of Windrider, my sister's boyfriend, and Kolya. Oh, and little boys too. [Seraph] weenie [Kolya] you make it all sound so attractive :o

  • Silas smiles proudly

[Isabel] Oh well, if Tally is not secure enough in his masculinity

  • Isabel rolls her eyes expressively.

[Kolya] ooh, low blow :o

  • Tally looks like a sourpuss but lines up anyway.

[Isabel] What-ever [Seraph] heh [Seraph] yay! Spin!

  • Isabel spins
  • Silas bounces up and down happily at getting to play with grown-ups
  • Isabel will try to match Kolya's meanness in spinner cheating :D
  • Rachel_ watches the boys and men play, but mostly she watches Nikolai. :^D
  • Kolya will get out fairly quickly because the damned tail is in the way of everything and he isn't that flexible to start with :o
  • Silas is small, which is to his disadvantage in reaching things, but very flexible.
  • Isabel will make Tally do things that look especially gay ]:D
  • Seraph giggles at her boy's plight
  • Isabel giggles as the pooka ends up practically humping Nikolai

[Seraph] saucy ;D [Isabel] heee!

  • Tally manages to "assume the positions" with grace.

[Tally] Oh Lord Nikolai, I never knew...

  • Tally says in an effeminate tone.
  • Nikolai looks embarrassed... Well, actually, it's hard to tell with that ninja mask.

[Nikolai] Ungh. [Windrider] :/ [Windrider] I feel neglected

  • Tally doesn't actually hate playing Twister; he was putting on a show.

[Tally] Lady Isabel, would you be kind enough to arrange for me to end up in a similarly compromising situation with my Uncle W.R?

  • Kolya will accept his defeat gracefully and go back over to hang out with the girls ;D
  • Kolya gives Is meanness tips ;D
  • Silas will, however, make an effort to tickle people as he plays. ;)

[Windrider] Eeeh!

  • Windrider succumbs to Silas’ evil trick!

[Kolya] oh, you evil little bastard! :D [Silas] heh heh heh

  • Windrider falls over.
  • Windrider falls over.

[Windrider] Curses! [Kolya] Good job, Silas :D [Tally] I'll have to keep an eye on you. [Windrider] No molestation for me

  • Tally fixes the little Satyr with a watchful gaze, but he's just playing.

[Seraph] Aww gee dad, it's not that bad, really ;D [Isabel] Too much information :o

  • Seraph giggles

[Windrider] I think I will just sit down and grind my organ :D [Windrider] ~doot doot doot [Kolya] hee!

  • Kolya does the Monkey Dance

[Windrider] Heh-heh. [Tally] That sounds lovely, W.R.

  • Isabel will tie Tally and Nikolai up in a sexy knot in easy tickle range of Silas!
  • Rachel_ cheers the remaining players on.
  • Seraph giggles

[Seraph] Go for the knees, Silas ;D

  • Seraph reveals Tally's secret weakness ;)

[Isabel] The *backs* of the knees! [Seraph] yeah!

  • Silas is pretty sneaky, but he is too keen, and overreaches, falling over in a pile.

[Tally] Hey! [Isabel] Oh, poopie [Silas] Crap. [Silas] Er, I mean.... [looks around] crap. [Kolya] I guess cheatin' doesn't pay :/

  • Silas comes over to be by Kolya in his defeat

[Tally] I'll have to tell people about your third nipple if you keep that up, my darling. [Isabel] :o [Seraph] you do that, dear. [Seraph] Is, make him do left foot yellow ;p [Isabel] *spinspin* [Isabel] Oh look, left foot yellow :D [Seraph] goodness, that oughtta be hard ;D

  • Sir_June slips quietly into the room, once it's clear that the girls' game is done.
  • Tally carefully moves his left leg over Nikolai's neck and plants it firmly down on yellow.

[Tally] Sorry, old chap... I did bathe the other day. I think.

  • Sir_June is dressed as a geisha, with a black embroidered silk kimono and a fan.
  • Sir_June observes Nikolai's plight

[Nikolai] guh...

  • Sir_June hasn't really mastered the "walking with small steps" thing, but otherwise looks the part, except for the eyepatch ;)

[Nikolai] I yield!

  • Kolya hasn't met June, I don't think :o

[Nikolai] :o

  • Nikolai collapses.

[Seraph] yay, Tally!

  • Rachel_ laughs and goes to Nikolai.
  • Seraph waves to the Geisha

[Nikolai] Ugh... I may never recover.

  • Kolya looks up at the new girl
  • Rachel_ helps Nikolai up.
  • Sir_June nods, fluttering her fan

[Seraph] You need some Rachel Therapy, maybe ;) [Nikolai] Yess... [Rachel_] I'm sorry my dear. But it was quite amusing.

  • Tally stands up and does a victory dance.

[Sir_June] You seemed to be enjoying yourself, sir.

  • Sir_June says to Nikolai

[Rachel_] Hello Sir June!

  • Rachel_ says cheerily.
  • Rachel_ is secretly surprised that she dressed up.
  • Sir_June nods, unsmiling as ever

[Nikolai] As much as one can enjoy having another man's crotch shoved in one's face...

  • Isabel giggles giddily.
  • Sir_June quirks an eyebrow at that

[Rachel_] Especially when the man in question is Tally...

  • Rachel_ giggles.

[Tally] Hey! I resemble that remark. [Sir_June] I'm sure there are some men who would very much like milord's crotch in their face, sir.

  • Rachel_ sort of tries not to look taken aback by that remark.

[Nikolai] Uh... [Nikolai] I... guess...

  • Ulyses will enter, dressed as a musketeer.

(The partygoers break up into smaller conversational groups...)

[Rachel_] Would you care for a drink, Sir June?

  • Sir_June thinks for a moment.

[Sir_June] Very well, a small glass of wine... [Rachel_] Red or white? [Sir_June] Red, please. [Windrider] It must be about time for us to be getting outside... [Seraph] Nice to see you again, Sir June :) [Windrider] And for Seraph to get ready... [Tally] I might be able to teach you a few moves for next time you play Twister, if you like. [Seraph] oh yes! [Seraph] I have to go, crap!

  • Seraph jumps up

[Seraph] I'll see everyone later.. costume change time :o [Kolya] later, Seraph...

  • Tally calls from the corner “See you, Juliet!”
  • Tally blows her a kiss and winks.
  • Tally turns back to Silas.
  • Sir_June waves her fan farewell to Seraph
  • Ulyses is overheard “Will she be dancing later tonight?”
  • Windrider answers Ulyses.

[Windrider] Fairly soon, actually. (Windrider wanders over to the other group) [Rachel_] How about you, Nik? [Nikolai] Uh, I'm not performing, that I know of... [Rachel_] No, I meant, would you like a drink? [Nikolai] Oh, not just yet, thanks [Rachel_] All right.

  • Rachel_ goes and pours some red wine for Sir June and brings it over.

[Sir_June] Thank you.

(And...) [Isabel] Ulyses! [Isabel] Oh oh! [Isabel] You're still here! Or you're back! Or something! [Isabel] :D [Ulyses] Greetings to all.

  • Ulyses makes a flourishing bow.

[Ulyses] It is so good to see you again Lady Isabel. [Isabel] Like my costuuuume?

  • Isabel spins around saucily.
  • Ulyses will bow and kiss Isabel's hand.

[Isabel] hee hee [Ulyses] I must admit...I'm having trouble hiding my admiration of it my lady.

  • Ulyses pretends to blush in embarrassment, then winks at Is.
  • Isabel just laughs it off :)
  • Ulyses also has a guitar case with him...but he puts it in the corner for now.
  • Seraph draws everyone’s attention by jumping up. “I'll see everyone later.. costume change time :o”

[Ulyses] Will she be dancing later tonight?

  • Windrider answers Ulyses’ question from his conversational knot. “Fairly soon, actually.”

(Windrider comes over to this group)

  • Kolya sips the concoction of death Is mixed for him :o

[Kolya] so, are we going out, then? [Ulyses] out? [Kolya] outside [Windrider] Outside, man!

  • Windrider laughs.

[Windrider] You know, the big place with the high ceilings [Windrider] ;)

  • Ulyses grins as well.


  • Tally goes over to Silas.
  • Silas is sprawled on the floor on his stomach, watching

[Tally] Hey there. You did pretty good. [Silas] Thanks. I'm too short, though. [Tally] You'll grow, I think.

  • Silas nods

[Silas] I've heard that...

  • Tally hands Silas some treats and sits down on the floor next to the childling.
  • Silas will happily take the treats, of course ;)

[Tally] So... where's your girlfriend tonight?

  • Tally teases.
  • Silas looks confused for a bit

[Silas] Oh, you mean Lina? [Silas] I don't know. Somewhere, I guess. Maybe Jesper is dressing her up, 'cause she's probably too little to think of a costume herself. [Tally] Oh, I don't know. [Silas] Well, maybe... [Tally] I might be able to teach you a few moves for next time you play Twister, if you like. [Silas] Ah, okay.

  • Tally notices that Seraph is leaving and calls to her “See you, Juliet!”
  • Tally blows her a kiss and winks.
  • Tally turns back to Silas.

[Tally] Like this -

  • Tally starts doing some gymnastic things; splits, back arches, handstands and the like.
  • Silas is very impressed
  • Tally will start teaching him some of the simpler things if he wants.
  • Silas will happily try them out
  • Silas falls over trying a backbend

[Tally] Hey, you okay? [Silas] Yep.

  • Tally ‘s ears perk up when he hears Windrider laugh.

[Tally] Oh- guess it's time to go outside.

  • Silas hops up to his hooves again

[Tally] We can do even crazier stuff out there.

  • Silas grins at that

(The gang heads outside to join the crowd that is already milling about... A minstrel band is playing some background tunes while people do their initial socializing)

  • Tally stands up and accompanies Silas outside, unless the childling wants to run off ahead. Tally likes kids. :^)
  • Silas will wait for Kolya to follow before he runs outside.
  • Tally smiles happily and stretches.
  • Rachel_ walks with Nik and possibly Sir June.
  • Sir_June will follow a bit behind, probably
  • Ulyses will stay close to Is since I haven't met most of the others.
  • Isabel will introduce Ulysses to her friends on the way out
  • Kolya goes outside, arr
  • Lina_ jumps out from behind a bush and ROARS! (Well, as best she can, anyway).
  • Silas runs over when he sees Lina, smiling

[Kolya] huh? [Kolya] oh, hey down there? :D

  • Lina_ ROARS again, with her arms up in front of her like claws.

[Kolya] ooh, scary! [Isabel] Oh, what a scary monster [Isabel] :o

  • Silas pretends to be scared and runs behind Tally
  • Lina_ is dressed up in a carefully-put-together T. rex costume made from some lady's cast-off green velvet gown.

[Kolya] (midget dinosaur ;)

  • Lina_ continues roaring at people for a bit, smiling hugely the whole while.
  • Tally turns around to "protect" Silas.

[Tally] Hey! Leave my friend alone, you big mean dragon!

  • Silas is laughing his head off, actually ;)
  • Tally winks at Silas.
  • Lina_ advances on Tally and Silas and roars as loud as she can.

[Kolya] great costume, Lina [Lina_] Hi Kolya!

  • Lina_ grins.

[Lina_] I'm going to eat you! [Isabel] Hehe [Kolya] ook! [Kolya] but I'm such a happy dancing monkey!

  • Lina_ "attacks" Kolya!
  • Kolya monkey runs away and hides behind WR ;D
  • Lina_ runs after him and bumps into Windrider.

[Lina_] ROAR! [Windrider] hey hey, leave the monkey alone :)

  • Lina_ roars up at the Eshu.

[Windrider] Eek! [Isabel] I wonder when it's going to start!

  • Rachel_ can't help but smile at the little girl's antics.

[Windrider] On second thought, you can have him, just don't eat me [Kolya] eek!

  • Lina peers up at the tall Eshu.

[Lina_] Who are you?

  • Lina_ asks WR.

[Windrider] I'm Windrider!

  • Windrider crouches down to be at eye level with the little girl.

[Lina_] I'm Silas!

  • Lina_ says proudly, puffing her chest out.

[Windrider] Oh? Who's he, then? [Lina_] I'm not afraid of anything!

  • Windrider looks over at the little Satyr.
  • Silas looks proud

[Silas] I'm Kolya! [Windrider] .. Uh-oh [Kolya] ook! [Windrider] :o

  • Silas does a cartwheel in Kolya's castoffs ;)

[Kolya] I never knew I was so athletic :o

  • Isabel has wandered off to look at all the decorations.

[Silas] Maybe you are and you just don't know it! [Kolya] heh, maybe :) [Lina] I've seen you! You work for the queen. [Windrider] I do indeed. [Windrider] And what do you do? [Lina_] I work very hard to keep Jesper good. [Windrider] That must be a tough job!

  • Kolya looks around at decorations and for other people he knows
  • Lina_ nods.

[Lina_] Can I go play with Silas? [Windrider] There's another Silas?

  • Windrider sounds surprised.

[Windrider] I didn't know it was such a common name. [Silas] No, she means me! [Silas] You want to play with *Kolya*, right, Silas? [Seraph] heh heh heh [Windrider] Ah, well, I suppose you can, in that case. ;) [Kolya] heh

  • Lina_ looks a bit confused about what Silas is saying but runs off to be with him.
  • Lina_ gives him a big hug.
  • Silas hugs back

[Silas] Nice costume [Lina_] The ladies made it for me! [Silas] It's nice :) [Lina_] Let's go-

( Suddenly, the band stops playing, and the lanterns hanging in the trees dim significantly. After a few seconds' silence, the sound of compelling, primal drum rhythms is heard...)

  • Lina_ quiets down when things change.

[Kolya] oh, it's starting!

  • Tally heads down to the staging area to admire Seraph dancing.
  • Silas looks around with interest

[Tally] You want to come, Silas? Lina?

  • Silas nods

( The crowd stops its buzzing, and begins to pull apart to make way for a procession of drummers and torch bearers, escorting a pair of cavorting female figures wreathed in dancing orange flames. )

[Lina_] OK!

  • Silas takes Lina's hand and runs towards the procession
  • Lina_ runs along with Silas happily.
  • Kolya tries to get a better view
  • Seraph is a cavorting female figure wreathed in flames

[Rachel_] Would you like to get a closer look?

  • Rachel asks Nikolai.

(The drummers and torchbearers form a semi-circle in front of the minstrels, framing the dancers.)

  • Domino^ and Seraph are clothed *only* in flames, as a matter of fact.
  • Silas is impressed ;)
  • Sir_June can see fine, due to her height
  • Tally wonders briefly if he ought to cover Silas and Lina's eyes... but decides they might as well learn sometime.
  • Lina_ watches, fascinated.

[Kolya] wow :o

  • Domino^ and Seraph vary their dance along with the rhythms... everything from sinuous, serpentine movements, to tumbling and shimmying! :D
  • Seraph and Domino have managed to work out an amazing choreography which incorporates elements from many dance styles
  • Rachel_ is impressed.

[Rachel_] They're *very* good.

  • Rachel_ murmurs.

(As the tempo builds to the number's climax, the two women take torches from four of the fire-bearers and start whipping them around!)

[Nikolai] [w] Dom's been dancing since she was as big as Lina...

  • Tally watches Seraph proudly.

[Rachel_] [w] I never did get to see her dance...

  • Lina_ starts whirling around herself, trying to imitate the dancers.

(On the final, nearly deafening drumbeat, they bring their four fiery brands together on the ground, where they erupt into a column of flame so bright it forces most of the audience to look away... When they look back, the two dancers have vanished, but the pyre remains. The pillar of flame begins to twist and stretch until it splits down the middle, and then bulges out to form a fiery ring.)

  • Lina_ keeps whirling around for a bit before she realizes the atmosphere has changed and stops.

[Kolya] . o O ( ahhh, the grand Entrance... )

  • Diamond_ and Michael step out through the arch (of course)...
  • Lina_ stares at the "king and queen."
  • Lina_ shrinks towards Silas a bit.
  • Lina_ 's eyes are big and round.
  • Silas gives her a hug for comfort
  • Tally notices the little girl.
  • Lina_ clings to Silas.
  • Diamond_ is dressed in a shimmering gown made of millions of tiny crystals... It shimmers and flows over her lithe body like a waterfall.
  • Diamond_ is wearing a crystal mask as well, and diamonds in her pale hair. In her hands, she holds as if in offering, an exquisitely crafted silver sword.
  • Michael_ is the image of Blake's Great Red Dragon, cutting a much more fearsome figure than usual in the custom-smithed armour/costume.
  • Michael_ ‘s helmet is shaped like the head of a fearsome horned dragon, the jaws framing the Duke's features, and casting shadows in the hollows of his face which make him look much more severe than usual
  • Rachel_ smiles up at Nik.

[Rachel_] [w] Is it any easier this time around?

[Diamond_] Welcome, friends.

  • Diamond_ says in a liquid voice.

[Diamond_] How time does change... the wheel seems to spin so quickly.

  • Lina_ leans in towards Silas.

[Lina_] [w] What does she mean? [Silas] [w] She's getting old.

  • Lina_ nods seriously.

[Lina_] [w] OK. [Diamond_] In times of old, this was a time of change... When we would give ourselves and the world over to the rule of wilder, darker souls. [Diamond_] Forces of Fate have decreed this passing of the torch must be suspended, but still, we must reflect and consider the darknesses within us all, which, although we would conceal them, help to make us who we are. [Diamond_] Shadows are the children of the light, as are we all.

  • Diamond_ smiles regally.

[Michael_] We bid you enjoy our hospitality, and our pageant of shadows...

  • Michael_ gestures with his hand, and the fiery ring explodes into thousands of scintillating sparks.

[Michael_] (The drums resume playing as the couple make their way to their place on the dais)

  • Rachel_ seems kind of sad.

[Nikolai] [w] What is it, Rachel? [Rachel_] [w] Well, tonight kind of marks a time of change for me. [Rachel_] [w] I might not be here to celebrate Beltaine or Samhain much in the future. [Nikolai] [w] Oh... I thought you would be happy, getting your own barony, at last... :/

  • Sir_June looks away, trying not to eavesdrop on the couple

[Rachel_] [w] I am, sort of... but I wish she was happy for me, too. [Rachel_] [w] That's all. [Nikolai] [w] I'm sorry... :/ [Rachel_] [w] It's not your fault, love.

  • Rachel_ smiles up at Nikolai.

[Nikolai] [w] I just wish there was something I could do. [Rachel_] [w] You are happy for me. That is enough.

  • Rachel_ 's gorgon-cat eyes shine with the strength of her love for Nikolai. Prolly looks kind of weird. :^D

[Nikolai] Eek, your eyes are creeping me out! :o [Nikolai] They're a little *too* good. [Rachel_] That's the idea.

  • Rachel_ smirks.

[Rachel_] Let's walk?

  • Rachel_ suggests.

[Rachel_] I'd like to gawk at everyone's costumes. [Nikolai] Are you going to turn me to stone?

  • Nikolai asks with mock-suspicion.

[Rachel_] Well, you're lucky... [Rachel_] Elder Form doesn't work that way. [Nikolai] Whew.

  • Jesper spots the kids in the crowd and goes over to Silas and Lina
  • Jesper is dressed as a pirate

[Jesper] There's my little parrot!

  • Jesper says, scooping Lina up for a hug

[Lina_] Jesper!

  • Lina_ laughs her high, childish laugh and hugs him.

[Lina_] I'm not a parrot!

  • Lina_ says indignantly.

[Lina_] I'm a Brontosaur.

  • Jesper sits Lina on his broad shoulder, where she can get a good view of the crowd

[Jesper] No? You're on my shoulder and you're all green... it's an easy mistake to make. ;)

  • Jesper ruffle's Silas's hair as well
  • Silas squirms away
  • Tally smiles up at the little girl.

[Tally] Hi...

  • Tally greets Jesper.
  • Jesper nods, smiling

[Jesper] Hello. [Tally] You've got quite the bundle of energy there, next to your neck. You sure it's a good idea? [Jesper] Oh, she's a handful, to be sure, but I'm used to it.

  • Jesper waits until Lina gets bored of looking around, and then he'll put her down

[Lina_] Give me a ride!

  • Lina_ commands. ;^D
  • Jesper will obligingly trot around in a circle for her
  • Jesper laughs

[Jesper] I'm getting old, dear. I have to put you down now.

  • Jesper says after a bit

[Lina_] Okay...

  • Lina_ says, sounding a bit disappointed.

(A chilling wind blows through the crowd from the other side of the garden)

  • Sir_June looks around, concerned
  • Diamond_ looks up and narrows her eyes.

( An eerie red light glows dully for a moment, spreading over the assembled Kithain )

  • Servant is dressed in Red, Black, gold and purple livery, and is holding a simple white mask to his or her face
  • Servant 's voice some how carries across the wind to be heard easily by everyone

[Servant] Announcing the arrival of the Lord of Eire, Anastasius Vale, his Lady, Irene Crawford, Caelan Rea, General of the Armies of Balor , and Faren O' The Waters, Mastermind of the Shadow Court

  • Servant steps aside to let those distinguished individuals enter

[Isabel] :o

  • Anastasius enters first
  • Anastasius is wearing an oversized mask.... it looks like something from a nightmare, but not anything you can place specifically.... It has curved horns from the forehead and chin, and one of the eyes is covered
  • Sir_June watches to see what other people are doing.
  • Anastasius has Irene on his arm, and is followed by Faren and Caelan
  • Irene is dressed as a feathered serpent, a low backed dress of some kind of feather material cut low in the back to display her natural scales, and a mask to match, with large, yellow reptilian eyes
  • Faren is tall and slender; dressed all in black. His form is hidden by a long black cloak made entirely of feathers. His face is covered completely by an elaborate mask of a hawk's face, complete with a cruelly curving bill. His hands, when visible, are gloved with black leather. The tips of the leather fingers are adorned with claws. He wears scaly black leather boots that might remind people of Dovev's skin. He seems to have a dark, brooding aura about him. He stands to the side and slightly behind of his Lord and his Lady.
  • Caelan appears as a figure cloaked and armoured all in black, his face completely lost in the shadows of his hood. He carries an enormous sword on his belt.
  • Diamond_ slowly rises to her feet. Michael takes her hand in his as he does likewise. They do not seem terribly disturbed.
  • Sir_June won't kill anything yet, then ;)

[Diamond_] Lord Vale.

  • Rachel_ stiffens next to Nikolai. They had better not mess up the evening!

[Diamond_] We are so very pleased that you were able to join us.

  • Diamond_ says, as though she had been expecting him.

[Michael_] Indeed, your host is welcome to our revel. [Michael_] (as long as you don't fuck anything up, being the implied subtext)

  • Anastasius does a small little bow to the two figures on the dias
  • Sir_June is calm but ready to move quickly if necessary
  • Nikolai watches his father...
  • Silas scans Tally and Kolya's faces, trying to figure out what's going on.
  • Tally seems surprised and a bit concerned perhaps.
  • Kolya looks a little vacant ;)

[Anastasius] Lord and Lady Gwydaine, your hospitality at such a time is most graciously extended, and we are pleased to accept. [Diamond_] Please, come and sup with us. Tell us how you are faring across the sea.

  • Lina_ isn't sure who these people are or why all the grown ups are suddenly tense. She looks to Silas for explanation.
  • Silas just shrugs. For once he's not sure either.

[Anastasius] Of course, Your Excellency.

  • Anastasius nods and turns to Caelan and Faren

[Anastasius] [q] Have fun... [Caelan] . o O (Don't pick me to babysit Wallflower. Don't pick me...) [Caelan] . o O (Yay!) [Faren] [q] How much fun?

  • Caelan nods.

[Anastasius] [q] don't do anything too foolish, the mists will only come in the morning..

  • Anastasius turns back to the Gwydaines

[Faren] [q] Enjoy your meal, Tierney.

  • Faren turns to the nearest girl, who happens to be wearing a whale suit.

[Faren] Care to dance?

  • Anastasius will proceed to the dais with Irene in Tow
  • Irene seems quiet but is probably somewhat nervous ;)
  • Faren takes her hands and forces her into a dance.
  • Diamond_, Anastasius, and Michael proceed to James Bond Villain at each other for a while.

[Faren] Ah, a lady after my own heart. What is your name, dear child? [Ginny] G- ginny.

  • Isabel is fixing herself up inside the castle right now, replacing some flowers and whatnot.

[Faren] Are you frightened?

  • Faren asks matter-of-factly.
  • Caelan wanders over in the general direction of where Kolya and friends are gathered.
  • Ginny bites her lip.

[Faren] I thought so. Even better.

  • Silas looks up at Kolya

[Silas] [w] What's going on? [Faren] Come on! Play the music louder! [Kolya] ...

  • Faren whirls the poor boggan into a low back bend and continues to dance with her.

[Kolya] Those were some important people who I don't think would usually be very welcome here [Kolya] but it is Samhain so everything is different... [Silas] Ah.

  • Silas nods like he understands

[Caelan] Hey gang. [Kolya] hey... [Kolya] nice costume [Caelan] So's yours. Looks good on ya. [Kolya] eeek

  • Kolya says, monkey-like
  • Silas takes Lina's hand, ostensibly to comfort her, even though he's sort of frightened too.

[Caelan] Hey kids.

  • Caelan looks down at the small changelings... pretty intimidating, with the no face and all. :)

[Silas] ...

  • Lina_ sidles up to Silas.
  • Kolya looks around, since he hasn't seen Ginny's whale costume yet and wonders where she is

[Kolya] Nazgul?

  • Silas won't hide, but he's not saying anything either.

[Caelan] Hey, you got it. Cool. [Kolya] where did Is get off to? [Caelan] I was gonna ask. [Kolya] She was around a minute ago...

  • Rachel_ glances up at Nikolai, lips thin. She is angry.

[Rachel_] Excuse me. [Nikolai] ...

  • Rachel_ heads towards Caelan.

[Nikolai] [w] Maybe we should go for that walk now? What do you say? [Nikolai] [w] Uh, crap.

  • Nikolai follows helplessly.
  • Sir_June follows as well, then

[Rachel_] Hello Caelan.

  • Caelan looks around.
  • Caelan looks over at the sidhe.

[Caelan] Rachel, right?

  • Caelan drawls.

[Kolya] . o O ( bugger ) [Rachel_] Do you have any influence over that friend of yours? [Caelan] Which one? [Caelan] Ace sometimes listens to me, but Faren's boss is in his pants, heheh.

  • Rachel_ looks disgusted.

[Kolya] what?

  • Caelan would be sneering, if you could see his face.
  • Kolya looks around for the other unseelie guy

[Rachel_] Figures.

  • Faren is dancing with a whale.

[Caelan] Oh I wouldn't worry too much about your little friends. He's into younger chicks nowadays. [Caelan] Much younger. [Caelan] *snicker* [Kolya] Ahh, crap, that's Ginny :o [Kolya] 'Scuse me....

(Other people are filling up the dance floor now, since the Countess seems to have ratified the scary people.)

  • Kolya will monkey waddle over towards the dancing couple
  • Ginny is trying not to sob.

[Ginny] Let me go, please. You're hurting me... [Kolya] hey, mind if I cut in? yeah didn't think so right!

  • Kolya will attempt to steer the whale away

[Ginny] Kolya! [Kolya] yeah...

  • Ginny tries to break away from the hawk.
  • Faren laughs and lets her go in the middle of a spin so she goes flying to the ground.
  • Kolya will try and keep her upright
  • Faren pirouettes on the spot, laughing.

[Kolya] ... [Faren] Any other takers? No? [Kolya] [q] jerks. :p [Faren] Great, time for a drink.

  • Faren saunters off towards a refreshment table.
  • Melisande finally makes her grand entrance to the party. Her costume is elaborate: a cream-coloured 18th century-style ballgown, but translucent. You can see the bone and wire that makes up the frame of the dress, as well as her tightly-laced corset.

[Caelan] Niiice

  • Melisande 's hair is piled up on top of her head and dotted here and there with pearls. She also wears a mother-of-pearl mask.
  • Melisande costume is beautiful, but a bit creepy - like being able to see through someone's skin to the bones beneath.
  • Melisande scans the crowd, taking in the situation at a glance.
  • Melisande approaches Diamond's dais discreetly, to see if her mistress needs anything, but won't get too close.
  • Diamond_ appears to be conversing with a creepy creepy man.
  • Melisande will observe the situation for a moment, decide that Diamond surely has things under control, and turn back to the gathering
  • Ginny struggles to her feet in her bulky whale costume.
  • Kolya gives her a hand

[Kolya] Nice costume...

  • Ginny is crying.

[Kolya] hoy [Kolya] Ahh come on Ginny, he’s just being an asshole because he got to come in with important scary people

  • Caelan has followed Kolya over.

[Caelan] Yeah pretty much [Kolya] eh?

  • Kolya glances over at Caelan

[Ginny] He hurt me... [Caelan] Us important scary people make him feel like he needs to prove stuff, ya know [Kolya] Are you okay?

  • Kolya frowns
  • Ginny rubs her wrists where Faren was holding them.

[Ginny] He was so strong...! [Caelan] Eh, not really [Caelan] *shrug* [Kolya] well, I really doubt he is in for a goodnight, so maybe you can take some consolation in that

  • Ginny nods disconsolately.

[Ginny] He was so cold... I don't think he'd care... [Kolya] Or, hey, we can ignore him and try to have a better time [Caelan] You shoulda dressed up like Shamu [Kolya] wanna see Windrider grind his organ? ;D [Ginny] All right... [Kolya] keen!

  • Ginny agrees to Kolya's plan.

[Kolya] we call that 'overcompensation' where I come from.... [Kolya] generally it means he has a fragile ego, a small penis, or is terrified of clowns

  • Caelan snickers

[Kolya] or, hey, all of the above :D [Caelan] So where *is* Is? [Kolya] I don't know... she was Nymphing around earlier. [Kolya] She's being Echo [Caelan] 'kay...

  • Caelan looks around

[Caelan] Wanted to ask you something about her... [Kolya] Whassat?

  • Kolya is still walking back toward WR with Ginny

[Caelan] meh... [Caelan] maybe later..

  • Caelan shrugs.

[Kolya] ...okay. [Caelan] Ah, fuck.

  • Caelan looks over at Faren.

[Caelan] Problems for me... what kind of night is it when *I* have to be the good one? :P [Kolya] ... gods only know :o

  • Caelan moves over toward the brewing conflict.
  • Kolya looks down at Ginny

[Kolya] That's the Caelan one. [Kolya] He is differently bad [Kolya] more sociably tolerable, though, apparently.

  • Ginny nods.

[Ginny] Thanks for rescuing me from him, Kolya...

  • Ginny says shyly.

[Kolya] hey, no problem, he was an asshole

  • Kolya looks for Windrider
  • Kolya looks around for Silas
  • Silas is with Jesper and Lina (and, I think, Tally)

[Kolya] Silas must be off with Lina somewhere, and WR is in hiding :o [Kolya] ... *everyone* is hiding :o

  • Faren sips a drink and scans the crowd.
  • Rachel_ moves over to the drinks table purposefully.
  • Rachel_ confronts Faren.

[Rachel_] What's the big idea, coming in here and forcing yourself upon people? [Nikolai] [w] Rachel, don't do anything too rash.

  • Sir_June stands quietly behind Nikolai and Rachel, a short distance away.

[Faren] Aren't you doing the same to me right this moment?

  • Caelan stands in the shadows behind Faren.

[Rachel_] Don't be ridiculous. [Faren] Well, you are. I didn't ask for you to come over and yell at me. Now run along and play with your pretty boy. [Nikolai] No one is *yelling*.

  • Nikolai says evenly.
  • Rachel_ bridles.

[Rachel_] Don't patronize me. [Nikolai] [w] Rachel, you are only giving him the reaction he wants. Let's go.

  • Nikolai whispers into her ear.

[Nikolai] [w] Don't give him the satisfaction. [Faren] Listen to your pretty boy. I imagine you'll be doing a lot of that now, won't you, *Baroness*?

  • Rachel_ 's pale features cloud with anger.

[Nikolai] [w] Rachel...

  • Caelan idly wonders if Faren is as dumb as he is stupid.

[Caelan] :) [Rachel_] How dare you insinuate that I am incapable of acting in a responsible fashion? How dare you when you barge in here uninvited and act completely irresponsibly yourself? [Nikolai] [w] Calmness, Rachel, calmness... [Faren] Well, I suppose it's because I don't have a granny to impress.

  • Faren sounds like he's enjoying this.
  • Sir_June sighs almost silently
  • Rachel_ 's eyes widen with even more anger.

[Rachel_] I don't have the time to waste on people like you.

  • Rachel_ turns and leaves, gathering what dignity she can. Which isn't much.
  • Sir_June steps aside to let her pass

[Faren] Have a good evening, Lady Rachel.

  • Nikolai will go with her, his arm around her waist. He does not so much as spare Faren a backward glance.
  • Sir_June does glance back at him, but follows the couple

[Caelan] Nice try, no dice... [Faren] Who was trying to win anything?

  • Caelan says with a shrug.

[Caelan] You tell me; I'm only here for the food.

  • Caelan shrugs again, then walks off.
  • Faren goes back to "enjoying" himself.
  • Rachel_ crumbles once she is far enough away.

[Nikolai] How about that walk?

  • Nikolai asks softly.
  • Rachel_ nods through her tears.

[Rachel_] They're all *right*, aren't they? [Nikolai] Nope.

  • Nikolai says simply.
  • Rachel_ walks with Nikolai and tries to feel like going to Concordia and becoming a baroness isn't all just the worst mistake she has ever made.
  • Sir_June stays about 30 paces behind the couple, just in case.
  • Isabel bounces out of the castle.
  • Isabel sees Lina, Tally and Silas first.

[Isabel] Hi gang :) [Silas] Hi

  • Silas points silently at where Caelan and Faren stand...

[Isabel] Where'd Kolya go? [Isabel] Oh... who's that guy? It looks like Rachel wants to eat his head? :o [Silas] They're bad guys. [Isabel] Uh oh. Bad guys are bad!

  • Isabel giggles.
  • Silas nods

[Isabel] I wanna drink... [Isabel] Be right back!

  • Isabel heads over to the table.
  • Isabel looks over what's available.
  • Isabel pays no mind to the nasty glaring man.
  • Anastasius is allowed to leave the Dais
  • Caelan goes over to Anastasius
  • Kolya will find WR and do the Monkey dance for Ginny's amusement
  • Ginny smiles and laughs.
  • Ginny feels better now that Kolya is paying attention to her.

[Kolya] you want a drink or anything? [Ginny] Oh! Sure! [Kolya] keen, I'll navigate the jerks and be right back. What would you like? [Ginny] Um, how about a singapore sling? [Ginny] Do you know how to make one? [Kolya] sure :) [Kolya] yeah, or I can wing it. [Kolya] Is would know, I'm sure, though she mixes things a bit strong [Kolya] I'll figure something out, anyway

  • Kolya will wander over to the drinks table

[Kolya] Hey Is [Kolya] Caelan was looking for you [Kolya] ... [Isabel] Huh? what? [Kolya] a Singapore Sling is, like, orange juice, gin and grenadine, right? [Isabel] pretty much, yah! [Isabel] Hey, are you supposed to be Hawkman?

  • Isabel asks Faren
  • Kolya chuckles

[Isabel] Wasn't he like... the one that was always... like... flying around uselessly?

  • Isabel doubles over laughing
  • Kolya will make a Singapore sling

[Faren] Ha, ha. [Isabel] Kolya... is he better or worse than Aquaman] [Isabel] I'm not good with comics [Kolya] ummm..

  • Kolya looks around for Caelan
  • Caelan is hanging around Anastasius for the moment.

[Kolya] Well, there was a time in the early 2000's when they tried to make Aquaman cool... [Faren] It was a futile effort. [Kolya] It didn't work well, so they tried with Hawkman, and that also failed... [Kolya] I think Aquaman is more innately lame, though [Kolya] Hawkman was just sort of.... useless [Isabel] Oh okay [Isabel] So you're better than Aquaman! Hooray!

  • Isabel pats Faren on the shoulder.

[Faren] Please don't touch me.

  • Faren says disdainfully.

[Isabel] I'm sorry if I... ruffled your feathers

  • Isabel nearly falls over laughing.

[Faren] You do think you're a smart little thing, don't you. [Kolya] hey, isn't that Caelan over there? [Isabel] Buh? where? [Kolya] You should go show him your lovely nymphet costume

  • Caelan is walking towards Isabel and Faren.

[Faren] Over by Lord Anastasius. [Faren] Coming this way. [Kolya] actually, no coming this way...

  • Isabel gets to her feet and straightens out her leaves.
  • Kolya pours himself a drink as well

[Caelan] Hey Is.

  • Caelan says genially.

[Isabel] Ohhh... is that really you?

  • Isabel is *so* drunk.

[Faren] Does she always have to get drunk before she spends time with you, Caelan? [Isabel] It makes me more limber! [Isabel] *giggle*

  • Kolya casts a sympathetic glance at Caelan, and then wanders off
  • Isabel leans up against Caelan.

[Isabel] Is that really you?

  • Isabel pokes a finger into the hood.

[Faren] Enjoy. You can probably get drunk yourself after a single kiss.

  • Faren says dryly and then wanders off to seek out other entertainments.

[Caelan] Yup. [Caelan] You look... great.

  • Caelan pulls the hood off and looks her over appreciatively.

[Caelan] So you're what now?

  • Ginny is chatting shyly with Windrider.

[Kolya] here you go, a Singapore sling. [Kolya] I don't think it is too strong [Ginny] Thanks!

  • Ginny smiles and takes a sip.

[Ginny] It's perfect, Kolya. [Kolya] hey, wow, first time for everything [Ginny] Your costume rocks, Kolya. It's nice that you and Lord Windrider collaborated. [Kolya] heh, yeah, we thought it was pretty clever :D [Kolya] We thought it would be fun :D [Kolya] and it excuses me from having to do any other dancing, which is good :o

  • Lina_ is getting sleepy...
  • Jesper will take Lina to bed if she is falling asleep...

(Off in the woods, a nearly imperceptible breeze picks up; a few leaves and black feathers swirl up, then coalesce into two figures)

  • Janus smoothes down his jacket, and fusses with his sleeves.

[Janus] I do hope I don't look too silly.

  • Hayley looks up at her splendid escort and feels very grown up.

[Hayley] You don't. You look magnificent. [Janus] Well, shall we?

  • Hayley nods.

[Janus] Tally and Aidan are already here, no doubt. [Hayley] I should think so. [Hayley] And Rachel... [Janus] Of course.

  • Melisande notices the new arrivals, but will conspicuously ignore them.

[Kolya] (Melisande is just too good to socialize with any of us, isn't she? ;) [Melisande] (pretty much, yeah ;)

  • Tally wonders where Seraph has gotten to.
  • Seraph is looking for people, and talking and stuff with other random people that she knows and whatnot
  • Seraph looks around for Tally
  • Tally is also looking for Seraph. ^-^

[Seraph] Tally!

  • Seraph waves

[Seraph] hey, is that your dad?

  • Seraph says, noticing the Baron Winter ;)

[Tally] Yes, that's him. [Tally] Kind of. [Tally] It's actually his evil twin. [Seraph] who is the Satyr? [Seraph] scary thought ;)

  • Silas still lurks near Tally as well
  • Janus and Hayley draw closer to the crowd.
  • Janus looks around for Rachel or either of his sons, or someone safe to socialize with...
  • Hayley is dressed in a gown of muted rusts, reds, golds, and such. She wears a cloak that looks like a carpet of fall leaves. The top half of her face is covered with a mask of pheasant's feathers; she wears a wreath of leaves, nuts, berries and the like on top of her soft curls.
  • Hayley is conspicuously shorter than Baron Winter.
  • Janus is tall and resplendent in a white long jacket with pale blue/pearly accents that resemble the patterns frost makes on windows, with white breeches tucked into soft white boots. He wears a snowy mantle over top of his assemblage, and a half-mask made of snowy owl feathers. His silky blue hair is surmounted by a small circlet that looks like ice.
  • Seraph waves to the Baron
  • Janus will head over to Tally and Seraph.
  • Janus will nod, and even smile a bit, though it's a little stiff.

[Janus] Good evening, Taliesin...

  • Seraph is back in her Juliette costume

[Tally] Good evening, Father Winter.

  • Tally bows to his father.

[Tally] And my little mother.

  • Tally hugs Hayley.
  • Hayley is surprised by that term of affection but hugs him back.

[Seraph] Good evening, Baron Gwydaine...

  • Seraph drops a little curtsey

[Tally] Seraph, this is certainly not the infamous Hayley O'Leary. [Seraph] Infamous? [Janus] Oh, not really...

  • Janus says, too quickly.
  • Hayley laughs nervously.

[Tally] Hayley, this is my good friend, Seraph. [Seraph] Nice to meet you :) [Tally] Can we show you around?

  • Tally holds out his elbow for Seraph.
  • Seraph will take it
  • Aidan appears at his father's side silently.

[Aidan] Hello Father, Hayley. [Janus] There you are... [Seraph] hello Aidan

  • Aidan is not dressed as a carrot.
  • Aidan is dressed as a peacock. Quite an elaborate outfit, actually. ^-^

[Aidan] I'm glad you *did* come. [Seraph] that's a lovely costume :o [Aidan] Thank you.

  • Aidan inclines his head graciously towards Seraph.

[Aidan] Shall we walk?

  • Aidan suggests.

(The Baron and his family go walking)

  • Irene will be released from dais duty
  • Irene looks around for anyone she knows
  • Irene will spot Melisande, who she doesn't know *well*, but better than nothing, right?
  • Melisande is not dancing, but stands watching the dancers.
  • Irene goes over where M is watching the dancers

[Melisande] Lovely, no?

  • Irene brushes at the feathers on her mask where they are tickling her face
  • Melisande says without turning around.

[Irene] They look like they are having fun... [Melisande] So many beautiful people.

  • Melisande sighs and turns to the new arrival, a smile on her face.

[Irene] yes... [Irene] I like your dress, it is very nice [Melisande] Merci. [Melisande] Yours also is lovely. [Irene] thank you..._ [Melisande] Ze conversation of ze rulers 'as grown dull? [Irene] um, well... [Irene] I don't know about all the things they are talking about [Irene] so, yes, I suppose [Melisande] Perhaps ignorance is, as zey say, bliss. [Irene] maybe

  • Irene sighs

[Melisande] You are melancholic? [Irene] oh, well, generally, I'm told :/ [Melisande] Zen you are in good company ce soir. [Irene] how come? [Irene] I mean, why are you melancholic?

  • Melisande 's eyes slide sideways, in the direction of Janus and family.

[Melisande] We always want what we cannot 'ave.

  • Melisande sighs again.

[Irene] oh... no, no we can't

  • Irene also sighs

[Irene] I just... I never get to see Anastasius except on Samhaine [Irene] so I never remember it [Irene] it doesn't seem fair, does it? [Melisande] Non, it does not. [Irene] especially if he is wearing such a creepy mask... [Irene] (it is very creepy ;)

  • Melisande has a wry expression.

[Melisande] You could ask 'im to take it off. [Irene] oh, I could, maybe... [Irene] what if he said no? :o

  • Melisande shrugs

[Melisande] Zen 'e would be disappointing a lovely lady. [Melisande] But I 'ave noticed men do that all too often.

  • Irene blushes slightly

[Irene] ... [Irene] I guess they do... [Irene] I don't think I'm that lovely, though. [Melisande] No?

  • Irene shakes her head

[Melisande] Why not? [Irene] There are lots of other girls who are prettier and more personable than me... [Irene] I'm just... politically convenient, I think [Irene] Only no none even tells me about that. [Melisande] I as well... but at least your... convenience ... is do you say? 'E is *yours*. [Irene] I guess so... [Irene] It hardly seems it though [Irene] Mine in name only, maybe [Irene] more like, I'm his, I think [Irene] He is very nice to me, though [Melisande] Zat is good, at least. [Melisande] I myself 'ave not only my father, but milady (*nod in Diamond's direction*) on my side, but it does no good. [Melisande] Zey expect me to do ze impossible, it seems.

  • Irene nods sadly

[Irene] at least you get to *do* something though

  • Melisande laughs bitterly

[Irene] I just get... stuffed up in Ravenshale with nothing to do and then paraded around once a year :/ [Melisande] Moi? I get to be here at court, stuck in ze library, and zere is nothing I can do to bring him to me. [Irene] I heard.... that he is.... under a curse

  • Irene says quietly

[Melisande] Peut-etre. If so, 'is mother cannot fix it. [Melisande] But in ze meantime, I am not permitted to find anyone else. And so it goes. [Irene] I don't think she can... [Irene] you're not allowed? [Irene] That's not fair :( [Melisande] My father 'as 'is 'eart set on zin match. For milady, I am ... a convenience.

  • Melisande shoots Irene another wry smile

[Irene] At least if I am being forced to marry someone, he wants the match... [Irene] That's really not fair

  • Melisande nods

[Irene] And there is no other man for you at all? [Melisande] Not in all ze time I've been 'ere. I suppose milady 'as warned zem away, or perhaps she 'as cursed me.

  • Melisande is only half-joking

[Irene] .... [Irene] That would be terrible :o [Irene] I don't think she would do that, though... [Melisande] No, perhaps not.

  • Irene mopes and talks to Melisande ;)
  • Faren has spotted Janus and melts off towards Anastasius.
  • Anastasius is conversing with some various nobles
  • Caelan is dancing with Isabel and has not noticed the Hayley problem.
  • Isabel is sprawled all over him, pretty much.

(Back to the Baron and Co.) [Aidan] (Tally and Aidan are obviously trying to show their solidarity with their father and Hayley, anticipating unpleasantness ahead.).

  • Seraph will let herself be towed along by Tally but secretly keeps her eyes out for Domino or Sir June. A Geisha indeed! ;D

[Janus] Very well...

  • Tally strolls along with Janus, Hayley, Aidan and Seraph.
  • Tally is beaming.
  • Diamond_ is watching everything with hard crystal eyes.
  • Janus casts a brief glance over his shoulder to the platform where his mother is seated.
  • Hayley slides her hand into Janus' and studiously does not look towards the platform where the Countess is sitting.

[Hayley] [m] It's beautiful like it always was... [Janus] I assume we've missed most of the excitement, all the entrances...

  • Aidan nods.

[Seraph] I missed them too... [Tally] You *were* one of them... [Seraph] well, yes, but I missed the countess.... [Tally] She had nothing on you.

  • Hayley glances around, looking for people she might know who might, um, like her.
  • Janus relaxes somewhat as they get further away from the main group of revellers.

[Janus] Your costume is quite stunning, Aidan!

  • Hayley relaxes a bit as Janus does.

[Aidan] Thank you, Father. It's certainly better then being a carrot. [Janus] A carrot?

  • Janus looks perplexed.

[Janus] Well yes, I suppose that it is.

  • Aidan smiles wryly.
  • Tally grins.

[Janus] Whoever would suggest that? Oh.

  • Janus smiles.
  • Hayley notices a girl talking to a lady and thinks she looks familiar.

[Seraph] where did you get it, Aidan?

  • Hayley watches the girl for a while to try to make sure.

[Aidan] Oh, I had it all along... [Aidan] The carrot was just a cover up. [Janus] Clever. [Seraph] oh, I seee. very clever ;)

  • Aidan and Tally exchange secretive, amused glances.

[Seraph] why the need for a cover up? [Aidan] There wasn't one, really. [Aidan] I needed to get Tally out of that room to discuss some other matters. That's all. [Aidan] It's really not that interesting a story. [Janus] Oh? what other matters?

  • Janus sounds interested.

[Seraph] hmm?

  • Seraph pokes Tally in the ribs
  • Tally shakes his head.

[Seraph] what are you two conspiring about? :o [Aidan] You'll find out in due time. [Janus] Oh, come now... what is it? [Seraph] what?

  • Seraph pokes Tally again

[Seraph] When? [Tally] Hey, do you know what? [Tally] Aidan and I are 150 years old today. [Janus] yes, that's so... [Seraph] are they? [Seraph] you are! [Seraph] You didn't even say anything :( [Janus] Well, thereabouts. [Hayley] [m] 155 actually. [Hayley] Janus... I think that's Irene over there. [Janus] Lady Irene? So it is.

  • Janus looks over.

[Hayley] I haven't seen her in months...

  • Hayley says wistfully.

[Janus] Perhaps later we will get the chance to speak with her.


  • Faren finds Anastasius.

[Faren] Tierney... I think it's high time I left.

  • Anastasius nods

[Anastasius] I understand [Faren] Do you think you can survive the night without me?

  • Faren says hollowly. He knows the answer is, of course, yes.

[Anastasius] I think I will be able to manage [Anastasius] go somewhere else, Faren, and try to have a good time... [Faren] Would you do me the favour of sending me off? I'd rather not have to feed someone to the kelpie tonight.

  • Faren gets sent off somewhere.
  • Silas sits curled up under a shrubbery, watching the crowd
  • Diamond_ and Michael will come down off the dais to do a bit of mingling...
  • Diamond_ glides over to the two ladies.

[Diamond_] Good evening, ladies.

  • Melisande curtseys politely
  • Irene does as well

[Melisande] Bonsoir, madame. [Irene] Good evening, countess...

  • Irene says demurely

[Diamond_] Are you enjoying your evening? [Melisande] It is a lovely party. [Irene] Yes, countess, it is

  • Melisande says, not quite answering the question ;)
  • Irene follows M's lead ;)
  • Diamond_ holds herself with perfect regal posture, as always; but there seems to be something unsettled about her eyes.

[Diamond_] Quite. [Irene] are you enjoying yourself? [Melisande] Does something trouble you, madame? [Diamond_] These soirées *can* be taxing, can't they?

  • Melisande nods in agreement
  • Diamond_ laughs dryly.

[Diamond_] Your dress is simply amazing, Lady Melisande.

  • Melisande lowers her eyes

[Diamond_] As is your attire, Irene. [Irene] thank you, countess... [Melisande] Merci, madame. [Irene] You look very stunning, also [Diamond_] Thank you...

  • Diamond_ looks sidelong out at the crowd.
  • Melisande follows her gaze

[Diamond_] Oh, one of Vale's little friends is leaving. Such a pity.

  • Irene frowns
  • Irene bites her lip instead
  • Irene looks around for him

[Diamond_] I do not know why the lord would freely choose to associate which such brutes, honestly

  • Irene looks down
  • Diamond_ is speaking a little more openly than usual, tonight.

[Irene] What do you think of him, your excellency? [Diamond_] He is a very intelligent man...

  • Diamond_ says thoughtfully.

[Diamond_] And Intriguing.

  • Irene nods
  • Irene tries to decide if that is a good thing or not ;)

[Diamond_] I should definitely relish the opportunity to parlay with him again...

  • Irene smiles a bit

[Diamond_] As for certain of my other 'guests'...

  • Diamond_ 's lips thin to a pale line.

[Irene] Faren? [Diamond_] ... Quite.

  • Irene nods

[Irene] I think he was, um, nervous

  • Diamond_ sighs.

[Irene] But that was very rude

  • Irene wonders if she has said something wrong

[Irene] . o O ( probably )

  • Diamond_ seems distracted.

[Irene] Is everything alright? [Melisande] Is zere anything I can do for you, madame?

  • Irene asks timidly
  • Melisande is not timid, but does sound a bit concerned

[Diamond_] Nothing that won't get me into trouble, I'm afraid. [Diamond_] Oh, it vexes me so!

  • Diamond_ smacks her hand with her fist.

[Diamond] Parading that little harlot about like a princess. Honestly.

  • Melisande raises an eyebrow at that unusual display
  • Irene turns a little pale

[Irene] ...Hayley?

  • Melisande glances in that direction
  • Diamond_ sighs again.

[Diamond_] ... Quite. [Melisande] At ze moment, zey are sitting, not parading. [Diamond_] Give it a moment.

  • Irene meeks

(Meanwhile, back with the Baron’s crowd again.) [Hayley] So... Seraph, do you sing?

  • Hayley ventures.
  • Hayley doesn't know that she's a dancer.

[Seraph] no... I'm a dancer, actually [Hayley] Oh, really? [Hayley] I wish I could have seen you. [Janus] Seraph is Windrider's daughter.

  • Seraph nods

[Seraph] I'm around a lot... and I'm always dancing ;0 [Seraph] ;) [Hayley] Windrider's daughter?

  • Janus nods.

[Hayley] I thought you seemed familiar somehow... [Hayley] Well, it's double the pleasure to meet you, then.

  • Hayley smiles.
  • Seraph laughs

[Seraph] I guess there is a bit of a resemblance [Hayley] I've never been very good at dancing myself... but Tally and Aidan have been showing me a bit this week. [Tally] Shhhh! That was supposed to be a secret. [Janus] I wouldn't worry terribly much.

  • Janus says with a shrug.

[Seraph] hmm? [Hayley] No... I guess not. [Hayley] I'd like to sit for a while... if no one minds. [Janus] Very well... [Janus] [w] Are you alright?

  • Janus quickly ushers her over to the nearest bench.

[Hayley] Oh, yes. Just a bit nervous. [Janus] Oh, good.

  • Hayley settles down on the bench.

[Janus] Well, I am as well, I must confess. [Janus] ¬_¬ [Hayley] Why don't you go mingle, Tally, Aidan, Seraph?

  • Hayley musters up a smile.

[Seraph] well, sure, we'll be around though, if you want anything :)

  • Tally smiles encouragingly at Hayley and Janus and then wanders off with Seraph.

[Tally] Are you too tired from earlier this evening to dance with me?

  • Tally teases.

[Seraph] never too tired to dance :D

  • Aidan stands uncertainly.

[Aidan] Are you sure you don't want me to stay?

  • Aidan asks his father.

[Janus] It's alright, Aidan, I don't think anyone is going to assault me for my lunch money.

  • Aidan blushes and nods.
  • Seraph will go and dance with Tally

[Janus] If they do I shall simply scream like a little girl until you all come and rescue me.

  • Aidan turns quickly and goes.
  • Hayley gives Janus a sharp look.

[Hayley] They're just trying to be supportive.

  • Hayley says gently.

[Janus] My, you are tense. [Janus] It was a joke... unusual, I'm aware [Janus] But not altogether unheard of. :)

  • Hayley smiles.

[Hayley] All right. I'm sorry.

  • Hayley looks down at her small hands.
  • Janus takes one of them in his.

[Janus] Cheer up, we're supposed to be 'festive'.

  • Hayley turns to look back at Janus.

[Hayley] I know... [Hayley] I'm trying to be cheerful but I must admit I'm a bit overwhelmed.

  • Hayley smiles

[Hayley] So... we're here. What would you like to do? [Janus] What would *you* like to do? [Hayley] I'd kind of like to dance... [Hayley] But I can see that we probably shouldn't do it down there. [Janus] Why not? [Hayley] Well... it's too close. [Janus] Too close to what?

  • Hayley smiles sadly at Janus.

[Hayley] You know. [Janus] She's way on the other side. [Hayley] I'm not a very fun date, am I?

  • Hayley stands up and brushes herself off.

[Janus] The night is young... [Janus] Come on, we can stay over on this side. [Hayley] All right, let's dance. [Janus] Splendid!

  • Janus will lead Hayley to the courtyard where people are dancing.
  • Hayley follows along happily.

[Hayley] I apologize in advance if I step on your feet.

  • Hayley allows Janus to lead her into a dance.
  • Tally swirls past Diamond with Seraph in tow.

[Seraph] say, where did rachel and them go? [Tally] Beats me. [Isabel] Hieeeee Tallyfox! [Seraph] hey Isabel :D

  • Isabel waves to Tally as he and Seraph pass. Boy, she must be really smashed to be being nice to him. ;D

[Seraph] wow, she is really far gone :o [Tally] Hieeeeeeeeeeeeee Isabel! [Isabel] Come over here, I wanna.. um [Isabel] Want to.. introduce you! [Seraph] hmm?

  • Isabel grabs on to Caelan's arm.

[Caelan] I think we met

  • Caelan grins wolfishly at Tally.

[Tally] I think we might have, too. Thanks for the scar; all the girls swoon over it. [Caelan] Anytime, guy. [Seraph] what? [Isabel] Oh, you already know each other, that's great :D

  • Seraph looks suddenly nervous

[Tally] Glad you think so, Cous. [Isabel] Everyone's happy... I'm so happy [Isabel] Everyone should get alooonnnng...

  • Isabel leans heavily on Caelan.

[Isabel] 'Cause I'm so sad...

  • Tally whirls Seraph off in another direction.

[Tally] [w] It's all right. [Seraph] is? [Caelan] Maybe we better sit down, huh? [Caelan] Or maybe you better, anyway

  • Seraph doesn't see either of those two girls, pout :)(

(Back to the plotting ladies) [Melisande] [q] Madame, I implore you, if zere is anything I can do... [Melisande] [q] I beg but your words of wisdom.

  • Melisande lowers her eyes modestly

[Diamond_] I am at a loss.

  • Irene looks miserable
  • Melisande frowns slightly

[Melisande] [q] What should I do?

  • Melisande asks Diamond
  • Irene feels sad for Melisande

[Diamond_] I don't know... I don't know!

  • Diamond_ is visibly upset at this point.

[Diamond_] If I get rid of her, he'll be upset...

  • Irene straightens her shoulders a bit

[Irene] .... [Diamond_] But she... she is ruinous evil!! [Irene] but Hayley is nice :( [Diamond_] She is NOT "nice"!! [Irene] ... [Irene] [q] she is nice to me.... [Diamond_] She is *ruining* my son's life! She is ruining everything!!

  • Diamond_ gets a hold of herself before she actually starts screaming.

[Irene] ... [Irene] but he looks happy too.... (* Janus looks pretty happy. ;D Hayley is also happy.)

  • Irene meeks some more
  • Diamond_ stands very still, with her eyes closed, and her fists clenched at her sides.

[Diamond_] If you will please excuse me, ladies. [Irene] I'm sorry, Your excellency, I know you understand these things better than me.

  • Melisande sighs
  • Diamond_ walks away stiffly.
  • Irene pouts

[Irene] I'm sorry Melisande... [Irene] That wasn't fair to you...

  • Melisande shrugs

[Irene] But how come no one at all gets to be happy? [Melisande] I am used to it by now. [Melisande] Perhaps we were terrible people in some other life. [Irene] I know you must not like her very much, But Hayley is very nice... well to me, anyway... [Irene] I don't know why the countess hates her so much :( [Melisande] She is an oathbreaker.

  • Melisande says flatly.
  • Irene meeks again

[Irene] [meek] it wasn't her fault.... [Melisande] [q] Janus is selfish to want 'er twice.

  • Irene nods

[Melisande] [q] And she is selfish to want 'im. [Irene] I dunno...

  • Irene nods

[Irene] maybe you are right.... [Irene] Tabitha told me that love is just a special kind of selfishness.... [Melisande] Who is zis Tabitha? [Irene] She is, um, one of my handmaidens [Melisande] She must be wise. [Irene] ...yes. [Irene] About some things [Irene] she's, um, had lots of boyfriends...

  • Melisande laughs at that, at least

[Melisande] Fortunately my selfishness is not born of love. [Irene] no? [Melisande] Not of zat kind of love, no. [Melisande] I would marry 'im because it would make my father pleased, and milady. It would please me as well... to 'ave won. [Irene] ooooohhh.. [Irene] . o O ( maybe she would get along well with Tabitha :o) ) [Irene] Well, it think it would have been a very hard competition... [Melisande] Oui, it is 'ard to compete against a ghost. [Melisande] Especially one who walks and talks.

  • Irene nods

[Melisande] Even if she were reborn again, it would do me no good, except perhaps bring a few years of peace. [Melisande] [q]...a few years of room to work. [Irene] huh? [Melisande] Rien, ma chere.

(Janus and Hayley and the others continue to dance, oblivious... )

  • Hayley is a bit uneasy at first but then she relaxes and everything works!
  • Janus holds Hayley tight. :)
  • Hayley is elated and holds Janus tight as well.

[Janus] . o O (She looks more beautiful than ever...) [Janus] . o O (I want never to leave this moment...)

  • Hayley whirls about with Janus, forgetting - for a while - what she is and who she is. All that matters is that she and Janus love each other more than anything.
  • Hayley is oblivious to the people plotting her death.
  • Janus sighs happily.
  • Janus runs his fingers through her soft hair.
  • Hayley breathes in sharply.

[Janus] Hayley?

  • Janus is always worried that Hayley's back is going to start hurting her.

[Janus] Is everything alright?

  • Janus looks down at her.
  • Hayley squeezes Janus tightly.

[Hayley] Everything is *wonderful*...

  • Hayley ‘s eyes blur with tears of happiness.

[Janus] [w]Yes...

  • Janus smiles back down at her.
  • Hayley sighs happily.
  • Tally smiles and points out his father and Hayley to Seraph.
  • Tally hugs his pretty lady tightly. He is very happy.
  • Ginny has had a couple drinks which has made her brave and asks Kolya to dance. ^-^

[Kolya] oh.. I really really don't dance. [Kolya] except the monkey dance [Kolya] it doesn't count [Ginny] Oh please? [Ginny] I promise I won't hold it against you. [Ginny] I can monkey dance too.

  • Ginny smiles.

[Kolya] I don't know... [Kolya] I'm embarrassingly bad...

  • Caelan wanders over to pester Kolya some more. Isabel is nowhere in sight.

[Ginny] And I'm a whale... [Kolya] ....and? [Kolya] a saucy whale ;) [Caelan] . o O (ew)

  • Kolya seems perhaps a bit unsure of himself

[Ginny] Come on - just once?

  • Caelan gets a funny look on his face

[Ginny] If you don't enjoy it I'll never make you dance again. [Kolya] ... [Caelan] I'll come back... or somethin' [Kolya] promise? :p

  • Kolya says to Ginny! ;)

[Ginny] Yes.

  • Kolya sighs, longsufferingly
  • Caelan goes and sits down by the drink table, looking bored

[Kolya] one dance then... [Ginny] All right!

  • Ginny beams.
  • Caelan is not especially comfortable being here.

[Caelan] . o O (Hurry up with that boggan dammit)

  • Kolya will dance one dance with Ginny
  • Kolya is really a terrible dancer
  • Ginny doesn't seem to mind.
  • Kolya does :/
  • Kolya tries to pretend that he is having fun, but isn't very good at it, and maybe isn't trying all that hard...
  • Ginny encourages Kolya with kindness and patience... and affection. ^-^
  • Kolya is just unenthused for dancing, not matter what :/

[Caelan] . o O (Holy shit, he's crappier than me)

  • Caelan idly scans the refreshment table for non-gay-looking food.
  • Silas laughs at Kolya's dancing from his hiding spot
  • Ginny tries hard to help Kolya enjoy it.
  • Kolya tries to pretend like her encouragement means something, when, alas, he is still terrible and still hates dancing :o
  • Ginny seems disappointed but doesn't let it get to her.

[Kolya] I'm sorry, Ginny [Kolya] I'm just not a dancer :/ [Ginny] It's all right. [Ginny] You're good at other things. [Ginny] I think that creepy guy wants to talk to you.

  • Ginny points towards Caelan.

[Kolya] Caelan? [Kolya] probably...

  • Ginny nods.

[Kolya] I'll go see what he wants, I guess

  • Caelan is classlessly picking through the sandwich tray

anyone else here :o [Kolya] It is probably something about Is. or else he just doens't know anyone else here :o [Ginny] All right...

  • Kolya will escape the Boggan before his surliness makes him say something mean :o
  • Kolya will go over to Caelan
  • Ginny wanders off to find something else to do.

[Kolya] what, you don't like asparagus? [Kolya] How can anyone not like asparagus ;p [Caelan] Whoever thought of putting asparagus in a sandwich [Caelan] It's gross *and* gay. [Kolya] probably a Boggan [Caelan] Blech. [Caelan] Busy now? [Kolya] Not so much [Caelan] Right... [Caelan] You spend a lotta time with Is, right. [Kolya] yeah... [Caelan] Somethin's bugging her. She's all like, mopey all the time. won't say why. [Caelan] I wanna know.

  • Caelan fixes Kolya with a dark look.
  • Kolya sighs

[Kolya] She is sad because all the people in her life don't seem to get along [Caelan] Oh. [Caelan] What people? [Kolya] Ummm... [Kolya] Well, you and half the world... [Kolya] And Rachel doesn't like me, so that makes her sad... [Caelan] Me? [Kolya] Yeah, you... [Caelan] Figured...

  • Caelan kind of slumps and looks incredibly miserable for about... half a second.
  • Caelan then gets up.

[Caelan] Well, I'm goin'. [Kolya] going? [Kolya] where's Is? [Caelan] I took her to her room [Kolya] ahhh... [Caelan] She wanted to lie down [Caelan] ... [Caelan] Hey [Caelan] Is she breaking up with me??

  • Caelan asks as though the thought had just occurred to him, which it probably did ;D

[Kolya] what? [Kolya] I don't think so o_O [Kolya] She just wants everyone to get along :/

  • Caelan grumbles something unintelligible.

[Caelan] Yeah. Right. [Caelan] See you later, Kolya. [Kolya] ...okay...

  • Caelan walks away.
  • Kolya shakes his head as he watches Caelan walk away, and then looks around for someone else he knows :o

  • Rachel_ must be about ready to come back by now. ^-^

[Nikolai] Oh look, Rachel... your father's here.

  • Rachel_ looks.

[Rachel_] ... [Nikolai] Who's that with him?

  • Rachel_ had been talked down to being calm and happy again. But that changes.

[Rachel_] That would be *Hayley*.

  • Sir_June lurks quietly

[Nikolai] Oh. *Hayley.* [Rachel_] What does he think he's *doing*? [Nikolai] It looks like he's dancing [Rachel_] I can't believe this... bringing her here, of all people. [Rachel_] He... looks happy.

  • Rachel_ is trying valiantly to keep herself together.

[Rachel_] You know what? [Nikolai] What? [Rachel_] I'm just going to pretend I didn't see it. [Rachel_] I won't remember in the morning. [Rachel_] I didn't see it. [Nikolai] I guess that's one way to deal with it.

  • Nikolai shrugs.

[Rachel_] Nikolai... what do you want me to do? [Nikolai] What do *I* want you to do? [Rachel_] March up to them, pull them apart bodily and confront them?

  • Nikolai repeats, surprised.

[Rachel_] Or have fun with you? [Nikolai] I'd really prefer the latter. [Rachel_] Yes, me too. [Nikolai] :) [Rachel_] Shall we dance?

  • Rachel_ pulls Nikolai to the dance area.
  • Nikolai will oblige Rachel.
  • Rachel_ lets everything else slip away as she dances with Nikolai.

[Rachel_] [m] I love you. [Nikolai] [q] I love you too...

  • Sir_June watches the couple dance from the edge of the green

  • Anastasius comes over to where Melisande and Irene are talking

[Anastasius] My ladies... I don't mean to interrupt your conversation, but I would like to ask the Lady Irene for a dance

  • Melisande looks at the new arrival, drawn out of her own thoughts
  • Melisande smiles at Irene.
  • Irene smiles and blushes...

[Irene] Ummm. of course....

  • Anastasius will take Irene's hand
  • Anastasius bows to Melisande as well
  • Melisande curtseys back politely

[Anastasius] I don't believe we have been introduced [Melisande] Melisande de la Marne. [Anastasius] Anastasius Vale [Melisande] Charmed, monsieur.

  • Anastasius 's mask may or may not hide a smile ;D

[Anastasius] Likewise, lady... I hate to deprive you of your conversation, however [Melisande] But Irene was just telling me 'ow much she longed to dance with you, monsieur. And to see you without ze mask...

  • Melisande adds cheekily

[Anastasius] well, perhaps I should oblige her then...

  • Irene blushes again

[Irene] oh, well...

  • Anastasius will pull her, gently closer to him
  • Irene will allow herself to be pulled

[Anastasius] if you will excuse us then, Lady Melisande..

  • Anastasius bows again

[Melisande] Bien sur.

  • Anastasius will have the mysterious servant take his mask while he dances with Renie :)
  • Melisande looks for Diamond, to see where she's gone to.
  • Aidan tries to find something to do and wishes Cid were here.
  • Domino_ crosses the dancefloor in a whirl of flame!
  • Domino_ needs no partner :D
  • Domino_ moves pretty fluidly for someone on fire and in armour. ;D
  • Silas emerges from his hiding place because it's getting cold sitting on the ground. He walks around idly.

[Domino_] Bonjourrr, my leetle birrd man!

  • Domino_ grabs a hold of Aidan

[Domino_] Dansons!

  • Aidan is startled!

[Aidan] Ah... very well.

  • Aidan stutters. He hasn't been given much of a choice in the matter.

[Domino_] Je m'appelle Domino... I am a star

  • Domino_ says as she spins him./

[Domino_] You look un peu like foxy man, yes [Domino_] Tres Rrrrowr

  • Aidan smiles.

[Aidan] You're too kind... [Aidan] . o O (Um?) [Domino_] Je te plumerai la queue!

  • Aidan clears his throat as he dances; he is good at it.
  • Domino_ likes to dance *fast*
  • Seraph dances by Domino

[Domino_] Et tu t'appelles comment? [Seraph] Oh, poor Aidan! :D [Aidan] Ah, Aidan.

  • Tally grins.

[Domino_] Oh pretty-pretty.

  • Domino_ tugs on one of his tailfeathers.

[Domino_] Pretty-pretty! [Tally] Aidan, batting for the right team tonight, eh? [Domino_] You are a not-especially-bad danseur!

  • Domino_ grabs onto his butt.
  • Aidan jumps.

[Domino_] Zis is not especially bad either! [Aidan] Ah, Domino - that's your name, right? [Seraph] Poor poor Aidan!

  • Seraph snickers

[Seraph] We should rescue him :o [Domino_] Oui monsieur.

  • Domino_ replies coquettishly.

[Aidan] I'm flattered - that you- find me attractive. [Domino_] Un peu [Aidan] Really, I am but- [Aidan] I... like men. [Domino_] Zat is okay [Domino_] Most people sink I look like a leetle boy!

  • Domino_ laughs.

[Aidan] Well... if you just want to dance, I'm amenable. [Aidan] But I'll have to ask you to kindly remove your hands from my buttocks. [Domino_] 'Ow about eef I jsut use my mouth, you can pretend I am a man

  • Domino_ giggles again

[Aidan] You're making me a bit uncomfortable.

  • Aidan says stiffly.

[Domino_] Oh, only a beet? [Domino_] Cheri, cheri...

  • Domino_ smiles.

[Domino_] Eet's only a dance [Aidan] I'd rather not be groped while I dance. [Domino_] Oh, sure you would. [Domino_] Look, I 'ave big man 'ands

  • Domino_ holds up her hands, waggles her tiny fingers in front of Aidan's face, then spins away with a peal of elated laughter.
  • Aidan bows quickly and disappears into the crowd before she can grope him again.

[Kolya] hey Silas..

  • Kolya waves at the kid

[Silas] I saw you dancing! [Kolya] Where've you been hiding? [Kolya] ugh [Silas] Under a bush.

  • Kolya makes a sour faces

[Kolya] I hate dancing. :p [Kolya] People are always like "Oh you'll like it this time!", but I don't :p [Silas] But you get to touch a girl! [Kolya] yeah... [Silas] And that one liked you. [Kolya] ....yeah... [Kolya] but I'm still horrible at it [Silas] I bet she would let you touch her jumblies. [Kolya] eh? Maybe.. [Kolya] Ginny is nice [Kolya] I don't know if I like her like that or not though [Kolya] I haven't really thought about it

  • Silas seems confused by the concept of "like that"

[Silas] If you like her, you like her, right? [Kolya] well, there is 'friend' liking', and then there is 'I want to touch her jumblies, etc' liking

  • Silas ponders that for a while

[Silas] What about Isabel? She's your friend, but I bet you want to touch her jumblies too.

  • Kolya sighs

[Kolya] Life is too complicated

  • Silas nods in agreement

[Kolya] Isabel has especially nice Jumblies, so I suppose, but mostly she is just a friend friend

  • Kolya shakes his head

[Silas] So there are friends, and friend friends, and friends you like like that. [Silas] You need more words for this, I think. [Kolya] yeah [Kolya] I agree.

  • Kolya sighs

[Silas] Well, I'm glad I'm not a girl. [Kolya] ha [Kolya] well, yeah, maybe

  • Kolya sighs

[Silas] Maybe?? [Kolya] I dunno [Silas] I'm *definitely* not a girl. [Kolya] They don't have it any easier, but I can't imagine they have it any worse :p [Silas] Yeah, but they have to wear stupider clothes. [Kolya] heh, I guess so :D

  • Kolya looks around for Windrider
  • Windrider is talking to random noble lady.
  • Melisande finds a bench to sit on, away from the crowd a bit. Her elaborate skirt moves surprisingly easily, even when she sits.
  • Melisande sits alone, morose
  • Domino_ taps Rachel on the shoulder.

[Domino_] You mind eef I cut in, cherie?

  • Nikolai looks surprised.
  • Rachel_ starts, surprised.

[Rachel_] I guess I shouldn't hog him all evening... [Domino_] Bien sur que non.

  • Domino_ says sweetly.
  • Rachel_ figures she'd better not put up a fuss because of the Rosehill fiasco.

[Rachel_] However, I expect him home at bedtime.

  • Nikolai arches an eyebrow at Rachel.

[Domino_] Well zat ees up to 'im, eesn't eet? [Domino_] :)

  • Domino_ latches on to Nikolai and whirls away!
  • Rachel_ wanders off for a drink and watches the dancers.

[Seraph] Tally...

  • Seraph will tell Tally that she wants to go talk to Sir June :o
  • Seraph wanders over to June
  • Sir_June stands straight and tall in her silk robes, holding the fan in front of her

[Seraph] hello, Sir June :)

  • Seraph skips over

[Sir_June] Hello, Seraph. [Seraph] you look so stoic! [Seraph] geisha are supposed to be happy :D

  • Sir_June arches an eyebrow

[Sir_June] I believe they are supposed to blend into the background when not needed, however. [Seraph] oh, poo on that [Seraph] you should dance :D [Sir_June] I am not a good dancer. [Seraph] oh, you certainly can't be worse than Kolya, and someone made him dance! [Seraph] and the mists will cover it tomorrow anyway :D [Seraph] dancing should be easy for someone with as much natural grace as yourself :)

  • Sir_June looks moderately surprised at that

[Seraph] Nikolai doesn't need you all night anyway... [Seraph] I can show you how to dance and then you can dance with anyone you want :) [Sir_June] Very well, I suppose.

  • Sir_June aquiesces, reluctantly.
  • Seraph smiles widely :D

[Seraph] come on then! :D

  • Sir_June will come on, a bit nervously
  • Seraph will demonstrate Dancing to June :D
  • Seraph will be gentle ;)
  • Sir_June is not that bad a dancer, really, once she learns some steps.
  • Sir_June still doesn't smile, though.

[Seraph] you should smile more... [Seraph] how come you don't? [Sir_June] It doesn't seem necessary. [Seraph] necessary? [Seraph] I didn't think of it that way.. [Sir_June] Useful. Productive. [Seraph] but sure, smiling is necessary, it lets people know that you are happy, or having a good time :o [Sir_June] I don't know.

  • Sir_June blinks.
  • Seraph is still smiling

[Seraph] You can't tell me that you don't like doing *anything*... :o [Sir_June] I like fighting. [Seraph] do you smile when you fight? [Seraph] well, I should watch you fight sometime, and then I could tell you :) [Sir_June] You could ask Nikolai, I suppose. He would know. [Seraph] Some people say that smiling helps make you happy [Seraph] what else do you like doing?

  • Sir_June thinks for a moment

[Sir_June] I like serving my lord. [Seraph] hmmm.. [Seraph] isn't that what yo are doing now, technically? [Sir_June] Yes, somehow, I suppose. [Seraph] so, smile then :D

  • Sir_June 's upper lip twitches slightly

[Seraph] almost! ;)

  • Sir_June 's upper lip twitches again, on the right side.

[Sir_June] I think that may be the best I can do. [Seraph] you need more practice, is all :) [Seraph] now, who do you want to dance with? :) [Sir_June] I do not know who I would want to dance with. [Seraph] no? [Sir_June] No. [Seraph] what kind of people do you like? [Sir_June] Strong people. [Seraph] physically strong?

  • Seraph looks around for a nice looking troll ;)

[Sir_June] Yes, but also ... strong inside. [Seraph] girls or boys?

  • Seraph says teasingly
  • Sir_June looks embarrassed

[Sir_June] Boys. [Seraph] hmm, boys, eh? [Sir_June] Men, technically.

  • Seraph maybe sounds a little disappointed ;)

[Seraph] alright then... [Seraph] what about.... that one? :o [Windrider] Me?

  • Seraph points out a strong looking troll

[Windrider] Not me... [Seraph] not you, dad... [Seraph] :p [Windrider] Oh well, can't win them all :D [Seraph] His name is Ryan... [Seraph] he's one of the Countesse’s guards

  • Sir_June looks at the man

[Sir_June] I don't know... [Seraph] He's not a Sidhe, or I think he'd be a higher rank. [Seraph] he's very stern, though [Seraph] and strong [Seraph] well, one dance can't really hurt you, can it? :) [Sir_June] Alright. I will try it. [Seraph] yay!

(Close to Seraph and Sir June...) [Kolya] Isn't that Tally's girlfriend :o

  • Kolya will wander over to where Windrider is
  • Silas tags along with Kolya

[Kolya] so, how's things over at this end of the party?

  • Silas scampers around happily near Kolya and Windrider.

[Windrider] Things are so lonely without my little monkey. ;) [Kolya] heh

  • Kolya makes a monkey sound

(At the same time, a slight distance off.)

  • Anastasius will come over to Melisande, maskless for the moment
  • Anastasius has very fine white skin, like marble, and softly glowing red eyes
  • Anastasius bows
  • Melisande stands to curtsey to him.

[Anastasius] My lady tells me you are lonely this evening and insists that I should dance with you, if you would care to do so? [Melisande] Ah, you 'ave a way with words, milord.

  • Anastasius is very handsome
  • Anastasius will offer you a hand
  • Melisande accepts it
  • Anastasius will Dance with Melisande and make polite conversation but Heather's mind is drawing a blank on anything to say besides 'so I hear you have the hots for Janus?' ;)
  • Melisande will make polite conversation with Anastasius as well.

(And, back with Hayley and Janus)

  • Hayley stumbles.
  • Janus catches her and steadies her.

[Hayley] I think I need a break...

  • Hayley darts an apologetic glance up at Janus.

[Janus] Would you like to get something to drink?

  • Hayley nods.
  • Janus will take her by the arm and walk over to the refreshment area.
  • Rachel_ tries not to notice her father.
  • Aidan 's familial-trouble-radar goes off.
  • Tally 's does too.
  • Janus notices Rachel trying not to notice.

[Janus] ...

  • Domino_ and Nikolai are dancing and laughing.
  • Rachel_ tries not to let all sorts of jealous thoughts creep in.
  • Janus tries to conceal a pained expression as he picks up some drinks for Hayley and himself.

[Hayley] [w] It's all right. She's entitled to her own opinions. [Janus] Yes, I know. [Janus] Here, let's have a seat.

  • Hayley nods and sits down.
  • Tally goes over to talk to Rachel
  • Janus drinks his wine, perhaps a bit too quickly.
  • Hayley drinks whatever he brought her (wine?) slowly.

[Hayley] ...

  • Hayley kicks her hooves against the legs of the bench.

[Janus] Would you like something else? [Hayley] Are you trying to get me drunk?

  • Hayley grins.

[Janus] No... [Janus] Well... I'm sure there would be water... or something.

  • Janus looks somewhat embarrassed.

[Hayley] I'm teasing... [Janus] I will be right back...

  • Hayley starts nervously.

[Hayley] All right.

  • Hayley smiles at Janus.
  • Janus returns shortly.
  • Janus hands Hayley a glass of non-alcoholic punch.
  • Hayley laughs.

[Hayley] You didn't think I thought you'd actually feel you had to stoop to such levels, I hope? [Janus] Well no, I mean... I didn't want... and other people [Janus] Did you want something else?

  • Janus asks finally.
  • Hayley laughs.

[Hayley] Punch is fine...

  • Hayley 's eyes dance with laughter.

[Janus] Here you are, then...

  • Janus sits down beside her.

[Hayley] But next time I expect something a bit more grown-up.

  • Domino_ whirls Nikolai around to where Rachel is pouting.

[Domino_] Oh, I enjoy very much ze test drive.

  • Rachel_ isn't pouting; she's talking to her brother.

[Domino_] I weel take eet!

  • Nikolai laughs
  • Rachel_ turns to her boyfriend and his friend.

[Nikolai] I think I need to sit down, I'm feeling dizzy! [Rachel_] I doubt you could afford to buy him from me.

  • Rachel_ smiles.

[Domino_] I don't know about zat.. I 'ave... 'idden treasures

  • Domino_ giggles.

[Domino_] A bientot!

  • Domino_ spins away.

[Nikolai] She has way too much energy.

  • Nikolai says as he sits down.
  • Rachel_ moves over so Nik can sit down.
  • Domino_ flits back.

[Domino_] I forgot somesing [Rachel_] Are you thirsty?

  • Rachel asks Nik.

[Rachel_] Oh- sorry Domino.

  • Domino_ bends over and plants a kiss on Nikolai's cheek.

[Domino_] Merci beaucoup!

  • Domino_ singsongs, and then is gone again.

[Nikolai] :o [Rachel_] Don't I get one? I'm the one she ought to thank...

  • Rachel_ jokes.

[Nikolai] Maybe if you un-gayed your brother, she'd kiss you.

  • Nikolai winks.

[Rachel_] That's not really fair to Aidan, now is it? [Nikolai] Yes... I don't think he'd have the energy to keep up with her either.

(At the periphery of the celebration, a newcomer can be seen.)

  • Fletcher will approach the party, he is a very tall Sluagh with broad strong shoulders. His cloths are simple and dark, and he wears a black Zorro style mask.
  • Fletcher stays at the edge of the dance...watching everything unfold.
  • Seraph will nudge June to go ask the Troll to dance
  • Seraph skips over to Rachel, Nik and Tally
  • Sir_June steels herself and marches over to ask him to dance.
  • Rachel_ looks up and smiles at the Eshu.

[Seraph] I made June dance with a boy, I hope I'm not in trouble! ^-^

  • Tally scoots over so Seraph can sit down.
  • Rachel_ looks amused.

[Rachel_] Where is a camera when you need one? [Seraph] oh, leave her alone, she needs to have more fun [Rachel_] I couldn't agree with you more.

  • Seraph snuggles her Tally

[Rachel_] And you deserve a medal, Seraph.

  • Seraph tries not to feel rejected by feeling happy instead.
  • Tally happily lays his arm across Seraph's shoulders and pulls her in close. He is warm and he smells nice.
  • Janus glances over at Rachel.
  • Rachel_ is paying more attention to Nikolai, her brother and Seraph than to her father.
  • Irene will try to sneak over to near Hayley ;)
  • Hayley is just sitting happily close to Janus and sipping her punch.
  • Hayley hasn't felt this complete in a long time.
  • Janus will put his arm around Hayley, after the second glass. ;D
  • Hayley snuggles up to Janus and wonders where Irene went.
  • Irene waves at Hayley shyly, not wanting to disturb her
  • Hayley notices and smiles hugely, and waves Irene over, eyes shining.

[Irene] Hi Hayley....

  • Hayley sits up.

[Hayley] Irene!

  • Hayley is so happy to see her!
  • Irene smiles shyly

[Hayley] Come, sit down! [Hayley] Please! [Irene] I hope I'm not bothering you two.... [Hayley] Oh- well... [Janus] It's alright...

  • Hayley looks shyly towards Janus and flashes him a grateful smile.

[Irene] are you sure?? [Janus] I can.. busy myself elsewhere if you like. [Irene] oh, that's okay... [Hayley] You can stay, Janus. [Hayley] Right?

  • Hayley asks Irene.
  • Irene will sit down near the couple

[Irene] of course!

  • Hayley leans forward to hug Irene.

[Hayley] I've missed you so much! [Irene] me tooo!

  • Irene will hug Hayley back
  • Janus will sit back and let the girls talk...

(Fletcher is looking for someone...)

  • Fletcher looks around and spots Lady Rachel, and her group.
  • Rachel_ is seated at a table near the beverages.
  • Fletcher will approach the drink table, and choose a beverage.
  • Tally whispers sweet silly nothings into Seraph's ear.
  • Fletcher is standing alone, but seems to be paying attention to the group that Rachel is in.
  • Seraph is being especially cuddly right now ;0
  • Tally responds in kind.
  • Rachel_ raises an eyebrow at her brother and shakes her head slightly.
  • Tally is pretty oblivious to anything but Seraph at the moment.
  • Fletcher will approach the group of Seraph, Rachel, and company slowly.

[Fletcher] [w] Good evening

  • Seraph looks up at the Sluagh

[Seraph] hello? [Seraph] hello? [Fletcher] [w] Hello

  • Rachel_ also does.

[Rachel_] Good evening, sir.

  • Rachel_ smiles pleasantly.

[Fletcher] [w] Forgive my intrusion, Are you the Lady Rachel? [Rachel_] Who is it that inquires? [Fletcher] [w] I am Fletcher, I was once part of you underground network. [Fletcher] [w] I am very very pleased to finally meet you.

  • Fletcher seems to be trying very hard not to look to excited/nervous.
  • Rachel_ laughs.

[Rachel_] It was hardly mine... [Fletcher] [w] Often enough you were the last stop for many. [Rachel_] But yes, I am Rachel. I'm surprised you recognized me, Fletcher.

  • Rachel_ has snakes for hair and weird cat eyes tonight.
  • Rachel_ doesn't look like herself; no wings or anything. :^D
  • Fletcher is speaking to Rachel as if she is a person of very great importance.

[Rachel_] What can I do for you? [Fletcher] [w] Stories or your beauty were told to travellers to give them strength for their journey my lady.

  • Fletcher seems surprised at the question.

[Fletcher] [w] Um.. [Fletcher] [w] I had wished to meet you for so very long...but I was told that may not be helpful to you, so I have stayed away. [Fletcher] [w] But this being Samhain, I thought perhaps it couldn't hurt for me to meet you. [Rachel_] Oh...

  • Fletcher bows to Rachel.
  • Rachel_ stands up and curtseys to Fletcher.
  • Fletcher has a very profound look on his face as he bows to Rachel, this is a very big thing for him.

[Fletcher] [w] Thank you for you time. [Rachel_] I'm flattered that you'd seek me out. It is an honour to meet you.

  • Nikolai looks impressed

[Fletcher] [w] No no..the honour is all mine. If you are in need of someone, please ask, I live in the woods just north of here. [Rachel_] Well... there might be some opportunities in that area upcoming... but I'd need to know a bit more about you. You understand... [Rachel_] Would you care to join us? We were just having some drinks. [Fletcher] [w] I would very much like to join you.

  • Fletcher does not look comfortable among the guests...but wants very much to stay close to Rachel.

[Rachel_] Tonight wouldn't be the best time to tell me about that sort of thing. But it is a good time to have fun with people. [Rachel_] Please, do join us. [Seraph] yes, sit with us, and relax :) [Seraph] Rachel doesn't bite :) [Seraph] And we only do if asked nicely ;)

  • Fletcher nods to Seraph and smiles.
  • Fletcher will relax a bit and join the group.

[Rachel_] This is my Lord, Nikolai Garland, my brother Taliesin Gwydaine, and my friend, Seraph.

  • Nikolai nods politely

[Fletcher] [w] Pleased to meet you all

  • Fletcher looks worriedly at Nikolai, but smiles at the other two.
  • Seraph smiles friendly

[Rachel_] Would you care for something to drink, Fletcher?

  • Fletcher looks down at the drink he had finished and not noticed.

[Fletcher] [w] Thank you..I would.

  • Rachel_ pours Fletcher a drink.
  • Rachel_ chats away with him about various things.

(Back with Kolya and Silas)

  • Kolya will hang around with WR, Silas, and Ginny if she comes back over or I see her again later
  • Silas found a sparkler somewhere and is running around making circles and patterns in the air
  • Kolya is amused by the antics of the young Satyr
  • Kolya monkey dances

(And back to Melisande and Anastasius!)

  • Melisande has thought of something to ask Anastasius, if he's still dancing with her

[Melisande] Monsieur, I 'ave a question. [Anastasius] yes? [Melisande] What do you know of 'Ayley? [Anastasius] Hayley? [Anastasius] what makes you interested in her?

  • Melisande nods

[Melisande] Milady is interested in 'er, zo I am interested in 'er.

  • Melisande says in a neutral tone.

[Anastasius] ahh, I see...

  • Anastasius smiles strangely
  • Melisande keeps her face perfectly composed.

[Anastasius] You want to serve your lady well? [Melisande] Bien sur. Zat is why I am 'ere. [Anastasius] I think Milady knows better than to meddle in that affaire, as much as she might like to [Melisande] Oui, she does.

  • Melisande says pointedly.

[Anastasius] But you still wish to know about the little interloping oathbreaker? [Melisande] Of a certainty, monsieur. [Anastasius] What do you want to know? [Melisande] Anything. Everything. [Anastasius] she's from Australia, originally

  • Melisande listens intently, hoping for some sort of information she hasn't already heard.

[Anastasius] although she's been here long enough to have lost most of her accent, I think [Anastasius] you know she's cursed, I presume?

  • Melisande nods

[Melisande] It is a curse which spreads to affect others, it seems.

  • Anastasius nods
  • Melisande thinks of herself more than Janus, though.

[Anastasius] She wants it broken [Anastasius] Although I don't think that if it is, it will have the effect that you and your lady are hoping for

  • Melisande nods

[Melisande] Non, I am quite 'appy to keep 'er cursed for ze time being.

  • Melisande says pleasantly.

[Anastasius] are you? [Anastasius] you think it will be advantageous? [Melisande] I am still trying to understand ze details of zis curse, to be sure. But I believe it is designed to tear 'er apart in ze end. [Anastasius] yes and no [Melisande] Oh? [Anastasius] It makes her life hard to bear, yes, but also the lives of those who she loves.

  • Melisande nods at that

[Anastasius] Your lady has not told you the details, then? [Melisande] Tell me what you understand of zem.

  • Melisande looks Anastasius in the eye calmly.

[Anastasius] This is Samhain, my lady... you think you will remember the things I might tell you when the mists close in tomorrow? [Melisande] Perhaps not... [Melisande] If you were willing, we could speak another time, perhaps? I know my lady is also keen to speak with you again...

  • Anastasius smiles thinly

[Anastasius] I will keep your offer in mind, milady [Anastasius] . o O ( Hayley = *my* toy )

  • Melisande lowers her eyes modestly, smiling

[Anastasius] if you don't mind, however, I think I must seek out my own lady again. [Melisande] Bien sur, monsieur. [Anastasius] Good evening, Lady Melisande, I hope you are somewhat less melancholic.

  • Melisande smiles politely.

[Melisande] Un peu, merci.

  • Anastasius will bow and sweep off
  • Anastasius will retrieve his mask
  • Melisande curtseys and returns to her seat on the bench.
  • Anastasius will look for his woman ;)

(Irene and Hayley catch up with one another.) [Irene] you haven't been around at all :( [Hayley] I... didn't want to get you in trouble after Dovev came... [Irene] I don't think you would get me in trouble... [Hayley] Well... Her Excellency likes you a lot... [Hayley] I didn't want that to change for you, because of me. [Hayley] So... you got to meet your Lord finally?

  • Hayley hopes Irene will not spill the beans. ^-^

[Irene] yes, finally.. [Hayley] What do you think? [Irene] he seems very nice [Hayley] That's good.

  • Hayley smiles.

[Hayley] You deserve a nice person. [Irene] well, maybe. [Irene] I don't think I'll see him again after this for a long time... [Irene] and I won't remember this anyway [Irene] what have you been doing lately, anyway? [Hayley] Well, I've been at Janus'.

  • Hayley reaches for one of Janus' hands and smiles at him.

[Hayley] We've been working on things...

  • Janus nods.

[Irene] that's good :D [Janus] Hayley assists me in my studies. [Irene] that sounds very interesting :o [Irene] I'm still stuck doing weaving :/ [Irene] I feel like Penelope :p [Hayley] Oh, it's too bad you don't like it - you're so good. [Irene] well, I do like it, but there isn't anything else to do...

  • Hayley smiles.

[Hayley] Janus gave me this great book - I finished reading it a while ago. Would you maybe like to borrow it? [Hayley] It would be something to do other than weaving. [Irene] oh, well, if you don't mind parting with it... [Hayley] You can give it back to me again when you're done. [Irene] umm, okay :)

  • Hayley casually waves her hand in the air and Flicker-Flashes the Eyes of the Dragon to Aberystwyth.

[Irene] Oh, thank you :o [Hayley] No problem! Be careful with it though...

  • Hayley pries open the cover and shows Irene the inscription from Janus.
  • Hayley smiles.
  • Hayley closes it up again and hands it to Irene.

[Irene] ooooh... [Irene] thanks Hayley... [Hayley] And, well... if you want to take up herbalism, I guess I might be able to lend you those books too. [Irene] there aren't very many herbs in the Orkneys, I don't think :/

  • Hayley shrugs.

[Hayley] Grow some.

  • Anastasius smiles behind his mask, and heads over to where Janus and Hayley are

[Irene] I guess... [Irene] Oh, Hayley! [Hayley] Yes? [Irene] You aren’t going to remember where this went tomorrow :o [Hayley] Good point... [Irene] won't you miss it?

  • Hayley turns to Janus.

[Hayley] Do you have a pen on you? [Janus] I don't know that I do..

  • Anastasius comes over to the bunch of them

[Anastasius] Good evening

  • Janus looks up.

[Janus] Good evening... [Irene] oh!, hello..

  • Janus scrutinizes the stranger.
  • Anastasius is masked again

[Anastasius] I believe you missed my entrance earlier, Baron Gwydaine [Janus] I must have. [Anastasius] I am Lord Anastasius Vale [Anastasius] Good evening, Hayley

  • Janus looks back and forth between Hayley and Anastasius.
  • Hayley hushes up and quietly Flicker Flashes a writing implement to her hand. Then she writes "Eyes of the Dragon with Irene" on the palm of her hand.

[Hayley] Hello. [Hayley] . o O (I am going to kill you.) [Anastasius] are you enjoying yourselves this evening? [Hayley] Very much so. [Janus] Oh, quite. [Janus] ... [Hayley] . o O (Until now... I'm going to have to spend the rest of the evening explaining to Janus how I know you...) [Anastasius] Interesting costume concept [Janus] It was Hayley's idea. [Anastasius] Ahhh [Anastasius] Well, I apologize for intruding, but I thought I would ask my lady if she cared for anything? A drink perhaps?

  • Anastasius turns to Irene
  • Irene blushes

[Irene] um, okay...

  • Hayley smiles knowingly/encouragingly at Irene.
  • Anastasius nods

[Anastasius] Hayley? Baron? Would you care for anything? [Janus] I'm quite alright, thank you... [Hayley] I'm fine for now, thanks, Anastasius. [Anastasius] Very well, I shall return later, then

  • Anastasius turns away to get a drink for Irene
  • Anastasius heads over to where the drinks are... near Rachel and Co.
  • Anastasius pauses at the drinks table to get himself a bevarine
  • Janus arches an eyebrow questioningly in Hayley's direction.
  • Hayley turns towards Janus, dreading this.

[Hayley] Um... I met him just before I left... here. [Janus] I see... [Hayley] I don't remember very much about the meeting except that he convinced me that going would be a good idea. [Janus] Oh. Really.

  • Anastasius will come back over to the group

[Hayley] I can't really blame anyone except me for that, though. So.. please don't get all angry with him.

  • Irene just sat quietly and uncomfortably when Janus questioned Hayley.

(Back to Fletcher and the gang)

  • Fletcher doesn't chat well...he's not very practised at it.
  • Rachel_ wonders what Fletcher's experiences with the underground were like, and stuff.
  • Fletcher was an escort that ferries commoners through some very dangerous territories.

[Fletcher] (places were commoners were basically slaves and property, and could be killed by nobles if they wanted.) [Rachel_] What have you been doing in the past year or so, Fletcher? [Fletcher] [w] Nothing much, I had to run and hide when the laws were uplifted. [Fletcher] [w] Then I came here for work...but was told that might not be a good idea. [Rachel_] Why did you have to hide?

  • Rachel_ is curious.

[Fletcher] [w] Um...I had helped the Commoners, against the Sidhe. [Fletcher] [w] I was a criminal.

  • Rachel_ is relieved that that is all.

[Rachel_] I doubt you are anymore. [Fletcher] [w] Oh, yes, they still want me dead. [Rachel_] Indeed. I'm sure many want me dead as well. [Fletcher] [w] Yes, it is very good you are here. [Rachel_] However, you aren't legally a criminal anymore, I can almost guarantee it. Unless you killed some Sidhe.

  • Fletcher nods at that.

[Fletcher] [w] Yes, I did.

  • Fletcher looks worried that Rachel will react bad to that.

[Rachel_] Ah... [Rachel_] I'm sorry to hear that. [Fletcher] [w] Yes [Rachel_] It's good you came tonight then.

  • Rachel_ says sadly.

[Fletcher] [w] Yes, It won't be remembered in the morning.

(Out on the dancefloor...)

  • Sir_June finishes dancing with the troll and looks about the dancing space.
  • Sir_June spots Michael mingling in the crowd and approaches him a bit


  • Sir_June clears her throat.

[Michael_] Good evening June. [Michael_] Everything alright?

  • Sir_June nods politely

[Sir_June] Yes sir, there are no major problems at the moment. [Sir_June] Except that I have no one to dance with. [Michael_] That's good to hear. [Michael_] ... Oh?

  • Michael_ looks somewhat surprised.
  • Sir_June looks him in the eye.

[Michael_] Is that an invitation? [Sir_June] It would be an honour, sir. [Michael_] Very well then.

  • Michael_ smiles.

[Seraph] oh my god! :o

  • Tally perks up.
  • Seraph squeaks excitedly

[Tally] Whoa, would you look at that.

  • Seraph pokes Nikolai

[Michael_] I couldn't refuse my bravest knight.

  • Sir_June isn't quite smiling, but the right side of her mouth is quirked a bit, which seems to be about the best she can do.
  • Michael_ will lead the knight in a dance, then. :)

[Seraph] I did that :o

  • Rachel_ turns to see what's up.

[Nik] Hmm?

  • Rachel_ smiles.

[Seraph] I hope it isn't a bad thing :o [Rachel_] Sir June has found another dancing partner...

  • Nikolai looks up...

[Rachel_] A *real* catch, that one... [Fletcher] [w] Who is Sir June? [Rachel_] She works for Lord Nikolai and His Grace. [Rachel_] And that would be her there... [Fletcher] [w] Grace? oh, yes.

  • Rachel_ points out the Duke and the Knight to Fletcher.
  • Fletcher says worriedly.

[Fletcher] [w,m] So many Sidhe.... [Rachel_] Don't worry... they can't all know who you are.

  • Rachel_ says gently.

[Fletcher] [w] I have lived all my life under the commoner laws. I'm still getting used to this all.

  • Rachel_ smiles at Fletcher.
  • Rachel_ is distracted by seeing her grandfather dance with Sir June, though.

[Michael_] I didn't know you danced, June. [Sir_June] I do not, sir. [Michael_] What would you call it, then? [Sir_June] That is, I have not, until tonight. [Michael_] Ah.

  • Michael_ grins.

[Sir_June] But I thought it might be worth a try. [Michael_] Quite impressive for a first attempt, I must say. [Sir_June] Second attempt, sir. I practised on a troll.

  • Michael_ laughs.

[Michael_] I see!

  • Sir_June 's lip twitches into another half-smile

[Sir_June] But I must say, you are a better dancer than he was. [Michael_] Thanks.. I expect I've had a good deal more practice, though. [Sir_June] That must be it.

[Seraph] wow, she's almost smiling :D [Seraph] that's cool [Seraph] and very brave of her, too :o [Rachel_] Do you suppose I stand a chance?

  • Rachel_ asks Nikolai. ^-^

[Seraph] oh, wait 'til she's done :) [Seraph] one of my quickest students ^-^

  • Rachel_ looks around for the Countess to see what she's thinking atm.

(Back to Ana, Irene, Janus and Hayley for a moment)

  • Anastasius gives Irene her drink
  • Hayley turns to see what the ripple of murmurs through the crowd is about.

[Anastasius] Would you care to dance, Irene, or would you prefer to stay and converse with your friends?

  • Irene glances at Hayley and Janus, wondering if they will fight if left alone, because that would be sad

[Irene] ummm...

  • Hayley isn't sure what Janus is going to do.
  • Hayley gives Irene an apologetic look.

[Irene] Um, I think I'll stay here, if that's okay.. [Anastasius] Of course

  • Anastasius bows to her

[Anastasius] Good evening, then [Hayley] 'Bye

  • Anastasius nods to Janus and Hayley, and turns to go

[Janus] Good evening.

  • Sir_June furrows her brow, puzzled

[Sir_June] This seems to come back to me, my lord. It seems ...familiar somehow. [Sir_June] Perhaps it is not merely the second time I have danced.

  • Sir_June looks perplexed.

[Michael_] Oh?

  • Michael_ cocks his head to one side curiously.

[Sir_June] A distant memory, my lord. No more. [Michael_] I understand... [Sir_June] You do?

  • Sir_June looks surprised, trying to read his face

[Michael_] I think I do... [Michael_] Until recently I often felt just so... [Sir_June] Yes, my lord? [Michael_] Before the memories returned, that is. [Michael_] I hope you can find some answers.

  • Sir_June bows her head. She can't look at his eyes anymore.

[Sir_June] [q] You are the answer, my lord. I never feel this way except when I am close to you.

  • Sir_June still can't meet his eyes.
  • Michael_ looks at June's face searchingly.
  • Michael_ is looking for something familiar, perhaps.
  • Sir_June raises her eyes - there might be something familiar there.

[Michael_] I am sorry, June... [Sir_June] I as well, my lord. [Michael_] . o O (Judy?)

  • Sir_June has a sinking feeling in her stomach.

[Sir_June] I apologize. I do not know what has come over me.

  • Sir_June says softly

[Michael_] It's alright. [Sir_June] This is most strange, M... my lord. [Sir_June] I should go.

  • Sir_June breaks away from Michael and moves swiftly away.
  • Kolya shakes his monkey booty and rattles his cup, whee!

(Let’s return to Rachel, Nik, Seraph, Tally and Fletcher...)

  • Rachel_ wonders where Diamond is...
  • Rachel_ glances at Nik.
  • Rachel_ turns back to Fletcher.
  • Fletcher is paying attention to Rachel.

[Rachel_] Sorry about that. [Fletcher] [w] No need to apologise.

  • Rachel_ continues talking to Fletcher et al.
  • Rachel_ notices what her father's up to.

[Rachel_] What-

  • Rachel_ lays her forehead in the palm of her hand.

[Fletcher] [w] You should go to him... [Rachel_] I am *so* glad I won't remember tonight, because absolutely nothing makes sense! [Fletcher] [w] I have taken too much of your time, sorry, go be with friends and family. [Rachel_] No, not at all Fletcher...

  • Fletcher stands to go.

[Rachel_] It was a pleasure meeting you. Honestly. [Rachel_] I'm sorry that I can't help you any more... [Fletcher] Its ok, you have helped us all in the past.

  • Fletcher bows again.
  • Rachel_ stands up and offers her hand for a shake.
  • Fletcher give you a little note.

[Fletcher] If you need someone to help you, come find me. [Rachel_] Thank you, Fletcher. I will keep that in mind.

  • Fletcher will kiss you hand goodbye.
  • Fletcher will slip away quietly.
  • Rachel_ slips the note into her pocket and watches him go.

(And back to Hayley, Janus and Irene, where something else will be revealed...)

  • Hayley tries to gauge Janus' mood at the moment.

[Hayley] . o O (At least he won't remember tomorrow...)

  • Janus is trying not to dwell on it because it will all be forgotten tomorrow anyway.
  • Janus is more tense than before, though.
  • Hayley doesn't know how to salvage the situation...

[Irene] ...

  • Irene sips the drink

[Irene] so what are you both studying? [Hayley] Me? Not much. [Janus] Oh... ancient, obscure magics... [Hayley] I'm not allowed to.

  • Hayley grins.
  • Irene nods

[Irene] I'm not either.. [Irene] they hardly let me study any magic at all... [Janus] That is a shame... [Janus] You seem rather a bright girl. [Hayley] 'Rene is. [Hayley] But her father's a jerk and a half.

  • Irene blushes

[Irene] umm... yes. [Irene] ...

  • Irene shakes her head

[Irene] I know this must sounds really strange, baron Janus, but I feel like I've met you before, and I just can't place where...

  • Hayley focuses all her attention on Janus and 'Rene when 'Rene says that.
  • Janus looks over at Irene.
  • Hayley waits expectantly.
  • Janus gets that memory flash of a dragon again.

[Janus] Maybe we've ... met before? [Irene] I don't know.. [Irene] Maybe.

  • Janus looks intently at Irene.
  • Hayley sort of shrinks back so he can, since she's in between the two of them.

[Irene] It's probably not important... [Irene] I have weird dreams and feelings like that all the time

  • Janus looks *through* her, seeing himself, and Hayley through her eyes.
  • Janus starts.
  • Hayley watches Janus with calculated interest.

[Janus] ... [Janus] I do know you... [Irene] You do? [Janus] I know your name... [Irene] my name?

  • Hayley 's ears twitch.
  • Hayley lets Janus explain.

[Janus] You are... so different...

  • Janus says, sounding sad.

[Irene] I am? [Janus] What have they done to you? [Irene] ...I'm sorry...

  • Irene sounds like she means it
  • Hayley looks down at her hands.

[Janus] Do you remember anything? The mists are thinned, tonight... [Irene] I remember... [Irene] I used to dress you up like my love slave and ride you around the dorms like a pony, at Cambridge [Irene] :o

  • Hayley pretty much knows, already. She feels awkward, stuck between the two of them.

[Janus] ... Ha [Janus] You wish [Irene] err, well, I told people I did [Janus] Rhea... [Irene] And you never introduced me to your mother.. [Janus] Well, now that you've met her, you can see why [Janus] ...

  • Irene smiles shyly

[Irene] Maybe [Irene] ...I told her Hayley was nice tonight, though [Janus] She is.

  • Hayley blushes.

[Janus] I'm very glad that you're her friend.

  • Irene blushes too

[Hayley] [w] My best friend... [Janus] I always wished... that you would have stayed with us... [Irene] I'm sorry I couldn't [Irene] ...I don't know, what I'm doing, I don't know at all this time [Irene] It's like I've lost everything that's ever driven me before [Irene] When I compare like this... it makes me feel so empty.. [Irene] I'm sorry, it isn't your problem

  • Irene is trying not to look upset
  • Irene sniffles into her drink
  • Hayley leans over to hug Irene if Janus doesn't think of it.
  • Janus does, too...
  • Irene cries a bit, then...
  • Irene tries to pull herself together

[Irene] thank you both... [Hayley] 'Rene, you have to come visit sometimes... [Hayley] Janus... I need your hand.

  • Janus obliges
  • Irene wipes her face
  • Hayley writes on his hand "Irene is Rhea."

[Hayley] Don't wash your hand off. [Hayley] We just *can't* forget about this, ok?

  • Hayley sounds almost desperate.

[Irene] Maybe it's better of we do,..

  • Hayley shakes her head.

[Hayley] No. [Irene] ... [Irene] I don't know [Hayley] I was meant to meet you, so you could meet him. [Irene] Everything is complicated enough [Janus] I don't think it's up to us, Hayley.

  • Janus says softly.

[Hayley] But you're both so sad without one another... [Irene] what good would it be to know? [Irene] We'll both be sad anyway, Hayley [Irene] I'm *not* Rhea [Irene] It's not the same now

  • Janus nods miserably.

[Hayley] I'm not Debbie, either. [Hayley] But we're working things out.

  • Hayley pleads.

[Irene] There are... lines drawn that it wouldn't be right for me to cross, Hayley [Irene] You know that [Irene] not right now [Irene] not now.. [Irene] maybe, if we go through this again, it will be different [Irene] I should never have brought this up [Irene] I think I'm going to go... you two... have a lovely rest of your evening, or else!

  • Hayley is biting her lip to keep from crying or screaming out obscenities.

[Janus] ... I'll see you again.

  • Irene stands up, gives a reasonably passably Imperious look at the two, and

[Irene] You will. [Janus] Until then.

  • Hayley turns her head violently into Janus' chest to keep from railing against the cruelty of... everything.
  • Janus winces as she pokes her pointy little horns into him.
  • Irene nods. And leaves
  • Hayley grips his clothes with white-knuckled fists and bites her lip so hard it bleeds. The taste of blood knocks some sense into her and she calms down a bit.
  • Hayley asks Janus if they can go home.
  • Rachel_ watches impassively then asks Nik if he'd like to dance again.

[Nikolai] Uh... alright...

  • Sir_June has, for once, forgotten her duty to Nikolai, and goes somewhere to be alone.
  • Tally turns to Seraph.
  • Tally stretches and asks Seraph if she wants to dance again.
  • Silas falls asleep eventually, curled at Kolya's feet.
  • Kolya takes the kid back to his room, then
  • Kolya will retire for the evening too, after saying goodnight to a few people.
  • Melisande rises to go find Diamond and plot before she forgets too much. Mwahaha.