Rachel asks Janus for his professional services, 5/28/2005

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  • Rachel_ would have sent a formal request for some of Janus' time, as the Baroness of Emerald Fields to the Count of Aberystwyth, Baron of
 Oxford, etc. etc. but of course under it all she loves her daddy and just likes seeing him and making sure he's doing all right in spite of 
 living with that creature, Hayley.
  • Janus_ will meet you in a salon in the Library.
  • Rachel_ is wearing a pale blue gown with a matching corset embroidered with flowers. Her hair is down and she looks ravishingly beautiful,
 as usual. Gets boring after a while, doesn't it? ;)
  • Rachel_ smiles when Janus arrives at the appointed meeting place.

<Rachel_> Hello, Daddy. :)

  • Janus_ would be there already, having been working on... something.
  • Janus_ is wearing a floor-length deep burgundy brocade robe over a long black vest, white shirt, and black trousers.

<Janus_> Good day, Rachel...

  • Rachel_ glides up to Janus, silk rustling, and would give him a kiss if no one is looking and if his cheek is accessible.

<Rachel_> How have you been? Kept busy, I imagine...

  • Janus_ seems accessible enough.

<Janus_> Not so busy that you need to apply for an audience.

  • Rachel_ looks unhappy.

<Rachel_> I'm sorry.

  • Rachel_ replies, contrite.

<Janus_> Well... <Janus_> What do you think of my library? <Janus_> Isn't it grand?

  • Rachel_ looks around.
  • Janus_ makes a sweeping gesture.

<Rachel_> It is - you'll have enough to keep you busy forever in here... <Janus_> Oh yes, <Janus_> I spend a great deal of time here. <Rachel_> If you're keen on all the topics, that is. <Janus_> Particularly when the castle is full of... people.

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rachel_> Still an old recluse. That will never change.

  • Janus_ frowns slightly.

<Janus_> I have no patience for useless people. <Rachel_> Are they all so useless? <Janus_> So many, so many... <Janus_> Courtiers... Bah...

  • Rachel_ grins.

<Rachel_> I certainly don't take after *you* in the respect. I suppose I am a bit of a throwback, which might be part of our difficulties.

  • Janus_ picks up a quill from a low table and twirls it around absent mindedly.

<Janus_> Our difficulties? <Rachel_> Not yours and mine... <Rachel_> Her Majesty's and mine.  :/ <Janus_> Oh well, I am certain that will blow over in due time. <Rachel_> Well, when one has all the time in world, there is always that hope, I suppose. <Janus_> She is to return to Aberystwyth for the summer, soon.

  • Janus_ says, brightening somewhat.

<Rachel_> Oh yes? You must be looking forward to it. A relief from your onerous duties as lord of a large and thriving County?  :) <Janus_> She has much experience that I do not.

  • Janus_ says, only slightly defensive.

<Janus_> (oven) <Janus_> (back) <Janus_> I appreciate her advice.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> She is good at what she does. One can learn a lot from her... <Rachel_> So, all in all, are things good for you? You seem happier. <Janus_> Mmm... <Janus_> Well, since Lord Vale and I completed our work with Hayley, things have been rather a good deal calmer. <Rachel_> Yes. How are relations with Lord Vale, these days?

  • Rachel_ has some shadowy troublemakers around her barony... if only Lord Vale could exert some authority over *them*. But it's another
 continent and he seems mostly absorbed by Ireland, anyway. However... perhaps he'd like to extend his reach elsewhere... Worth a try, 

<Janus_> Mother handles the official things... but I do keep up a professional correspondence with him. <Rachel_> Of course. <Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> Aidan is well? <Janus_> Hm? Oh, yes, fine. <Janus_> Everyone's well... <Rachel_> Good, good. <Janus_> He's out at Cwn Rheidol today... I think... <Janus_> Perhaps that was Hayley. <Janus_> (Cwm) <Rachel_> Oh? Just taking in some air, I expect. Perhaps he hopes to find some inspiration there. <Janus_> I think he is looking for that boggan...

  • Janus_ frowns slightly.

<Janus_> No matter...

  • Rachel_ 's eyes light up.

<Rachel_> Oh, some gossip? <Janus_> That photographer that Mother is so fond of. <Rachel_> Ah. He does fine work. <Janus_> Very... meditative I suppose... <Rachel_> What is Aidan's interest? He is pretty cute... I wonder. ^-^ <Rachel_> Ah well, it's no use speculating. <Janus_> I don't know. He doesn't tell me these things. <Rachel_> He's always been shy and reluctant to discuss such matters, much like you. You know that.  ;) <Janus_> I sometimes wonder.... <Janus_> ... <Janus_> Well, never mind. <Janus_> What was it that you wanted to speak to me about?

  • Rachel_ 's curiosity is piqued but there is more important business at hand.

<Rachel_> Is this room warded? <Janus_> Hm, what? <Janus_> The building is... <Janus_> My goodness, it took ages to do the whole thing... <Rachel_> I can only imagine.

  • Janus_ paces the room a bit.

<Janus_> Very challenging... <Janus_> Why? <Janus_> Is something the matter, then? <Rachel_> It might be... <Rachel_> Do you remember Sleet?

  • Janus_ stops and fixes you with a probing stare.

<Janus_> Sleet...

  • Janus_ looks pensive.

<Janus_> Oh, of course. <Janus_> The sluagh. The vessel. <Janus_> What of her?

  • Janus_ seems largely unruffled :)

<Rachel_> She's come back. She arrived yesterday and spent the night in my cellar again. <Rachel_> Perhaps it's nothing, but I wanted to mention it... <Janus_> Oh, well... Do you foresee a problem? <Rachel_> Well, you burnt her. <Janus_> Oh yes, I suppose so. <Janus_> She was healed, wasn't she? <Rachel_> As much as possible, but she disappeared the next day. <Janus_> Hm. <Rachel_> She was... very close to Anathene. Possibly she was Luna in a former existence. <Janus_> Yes... he was, well... not possessing her precisely, but something like; and not against her will...

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Janus_> Do you want me to do something about her? <Janus_> (oven) <Rachel_> If there was something you could do... I'd appreciate it. I wish I had the right Arts and Realms to do something myself, but I

 don't.  Not yet, anyway.

<Janus_> Do... how> <Janus_> I am not sure what you are asking, Rachel. <Rachel_> I want her kept out of my house and outbuildings. <Janus_> A ward is simple enough... <Janus_> But you have to grant her the minimum hospitality beforehand. <Janus_> It is a freehold, after all. <Rachel_> If I could keep her out of my barony and my life, so much the better... <Rachel_> But yes, I know the traditional three days. <Rachel_> She arrived yesterday so she has until tomorrow. <Janus_> Well then, I shall free up some time tomorrow. <Janus_> We shall see to it that this bothersome girl vexes my daughter no further.

  • Rachel_ ignores the patronizing wording of that sentence. ;)

<Janus_> :) <Rachel_> Thank you, father. I just don't want to have anything to do with Anathene and his... sympathizers ever again.

  • Rachel_ shudders with disgust just thinking about him.

<Rachel_> . o O (He saw me naked.) <Janus_> It is your freehold, my dear; you may do as you wish...

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> Do you think grandmother will ever forgive me for keeping him a secret?

  • Janus_ settles into a chair.

<Janus_> Well, probably. <Janus_> It was rather foolish though, you must admit,

  • Janus_ says, not *intending* to sound hurtful.

<Rachel_> I was so stupid. I didn't really understand what he was until near the end... <Rachel_> I spent so much time trying to figure out a way to control him. But that's not possible. <Rachel_> I am a very foolish little girl at times.  :( <Janus_> He is a very powerful creature. <Janus_> Ah well, we have all done foolish things. No major harm was done, in the end. <Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> She could have died.

  • Rachel_ means Diamond, obviously.

<Janus_> She didn't. <Janus_> We would not have allowed that to happen...

  • Janus_ says, quietly but forcefully.

<Rachel_> I know... but he was putting up such a fight. What if no one had gotten to her in time?

  • Rachel_ smiles ruefully.

<Rachel_> I suppose I could list off "what-ifs" all afternoon, but neither you nor I have time for that. <Janus_> There's no sense in it, anyhow. <Rachel_> I just think about it a lot when I'm alone. The fragility of it all... <Rachel_> Anyway. <Rachel_> you'd probably like to get back to your reading, and I have to get back to my planting. It was nice to be able to dress up for a

 bit, though. 

<Janus_> Planting?

  • Rachel_ nods.
  • Janus_ looks at you like you're mad.

<Janus_> My, they do things strangely in the colonies.

  • Janus_ sounds vaguely amused.
  • Rachel_ shakes her head, smiling mysteriously. He will never understand...

<Rachel_> You should see the colt foal I got out of Godiva! <Janus_> Oh? <Rachel_> He's going to be *beautiful* when he grows up. He already is. <Rachel_> I have high hopes for him... <Janus_> How lovely. :) <Rachel_> I'll miss Godiva when the lease is up this autumn, but I'm sure grandfather will be glad to have her back. <Janus_> He has some lovely animals... but she is the favourite, yes. <Janus_> ... It is going on for half five... Would you perhaps like to stay for tea? <Rachel_> Mmmm... I'd love to! <Janus_> Fabulous! <Janus_> Hayley will be back shortly as well! <Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> Oh, how nice. <Janus_> Yes, we shall have something brought 'round here, rather than go all the way back to the castle...

  • Rachel_ says with a smile (it is a false smile but she does admirably well at hiding that fact)
  • Janus_ seems rather pleased with himself.

<Janus_> Come, I shall show you around a bit in the meantime. <Rachel_> Grand. <Rachel_> . o O (That little parasite...) <Janus_> ... Is something the matter? <Rachel_> Oh no, not at all. <Rachel_> :)

  • Rachel_ lies.

<Janus_> ... <Rachel_> . o O (Hayley.... *hiss* *spit*) <Rachel_> (But you know very well what Rachel's opinion of Hayley is.  ;D) <Rachel_> . o O (It's disgusting, the very thought of you sharing your bed with that runty little beast!)

  • Janus_ seems to lose a little bit of energy.

<Janus_> Well. All right.

  • Rachel_ remains bright and chipper and is very interested in the tour Janus has to give her.
  • Janus_ will show you around the lovely old building, and its stacks upon stacks of obscure texts.
  • Rachel_ slavers over a number of them.

<Janus_> (It is quite a large building, and there are some parts he does not show you, whether by chance or design ;) <Janus_> (Much of the administrative rooms have been converted into apartments and such... so that this is basically a peripheral manor) <Rachel_> Do you intend to take up residence here for the summer months?

  • Rachel_ wonders why the conversion to a manor-like building if not for that. Surely Janus doesn't intend to open the doors to a private
 school of elite sorcerors.

<Janus_> Oh, well, I just like to get away from things :) <Janus_> (I didn't mean apartments like an apartment building... just living/dining/etc spaces I guess) <Rachel_> (I know. But still it's an odd place to live, specially when there's a huge, comfy castle very nearby!  ;) ) <Rachel_> Well, this is a perfect place for you, certainly. I only hope I won't lose you forever to the books!  ;) <Janus_> Oh, certainly not. <Janus_> . o O ( Well, probably not. ) <Rachel_> I should miss you very much.

  • Rachel_ says quietly, maybe thinking along similar lines as you. Hayley is gonna die and then where will you be?
  • Janus_ smiles fondly at you, but there is a touch of sadness, perhaps, in his regard.
  • Rachel_ takes your hand and squeezes it.

<Rachel_> Do you miss the old days very much when I was still a little girl and always clamouring for you to read me a story? <Janus_> Ah, well... sometimes. <Rachel_> (Those would have been days after Debbie's death, certainly. Rach was too young to really remember anything about Debbie.) <Rachel_> I do, too, more often these days then before. I guess sometimes I am lonely and I long for simpler times, especially after Nik and

 I called it off.

<Rachel_> Sometimes I think I am getting old. <Janus_> Oh, surely not! <Janus_> If you are old, then what shall I be? <Rachel_> Forever young, if that is what you wish.

  • Rachel_ smiles gently.

<Janus_> I have so much to do... <Janus_> :) <Rachel_> Me too, really. <Rachel_> :)