Rachel & Nikolai, 10/10/2001

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  • Nikolai hasn't been around before.
  • Rachel_ is sitting desultorily in the gardens.
  • Rachel_ notices the strange Sidhe man.

<Rachel_> (is he attractive?)

<Nikolai> (i'm not strange... perfectly normal. perfectly normal!)

<Nikolai> (and how)

  • Nikolai is a tall, well-built sidhe with a slightly dark, slavic tint to his rugged features. He has short, raven black hair, slicked back, and dark maroon eyes, that reflect light in a most peculiar way...
  • Rachel_ tries not to look at him. It wouldn't do any good to have him think she found him attractive... men are more trouble than they are worth.
  • Nikolai is dessed in a vaguely 18th century style, with a gold and black doublet under a black waitcoat, and white breeches with black riding -type boots.
  • Nikolai is strolling down the gravel path, looking bored.

<Rachel_> . o O (He probably won't leave me alone, though...)

<Rachel_> *sigh*

  • Nikolai looks in the direction of the sound, his ears pricking up.

<Rachel_> . o O (I wish I could meet a blind man.)

<Rachel_> . o O (He dresses like daddy.)

  • Nikolai cocks his head to one side very slightly, then walks towards her.

<Rachel_> . o O (Oh boy... more "You are the most precious and rare creature on this planet! A vision of beauty, blahblahblah)

<Nikolai> Pardon me...

<Nikolai> Do you know what time it is?

<Rachel_> Ah, yes.

<Rachel_> It is half past ten.

  • Nikolai has the slightest trace of a british accent, as of a foreigner who's been living in the UK...
  • Rachel_ checks her watch.

<Nikolai> Oh, already...

  • Rachel_ has a very upper class accent! ;^D
  • Nikolai frowns.

<Rachel_> . o O (Well, at least he had a legitimate excuse for speaking to me...)

<Rachel_> Did you have an appointment with the Countess?

  • Rachel_ hazards a guess.

<Nikolai> Yes, but I do believe I'm being snubbed...

  • Rachel_ looks a bit incensed.

<Rachel_> My grandmother does not 'snub' people.

<Rachel_> Maybe you are in the wrong place.

<Nikolai> Oh, I don't believe so...

<Rachel_> Do you know where her audience hall is?

<Nikolai> that Windrider fellow told me I should wait in the garden, and someone would fetch me.

<Nikolai> At eight o'clock.

<Rachel_> Hmmmm...

  • Nikolai says matter-of-factly, and not very humbly.

<Rachel_> Windrider is known for being somewhat scatterbrained at times.

<Rachel_> Or maybe a page has not done his duty.

<Rachel_> Well, I can try to find out where my grandmother is, if you like.

<Nikolai> Well, there is the fact that Duke Giacomo sent me.

<Rachel_> Oh.

<Nikolai> That might have something to do with the lack of punctuality.

  • Rachel_ 's expression turns icy.

<Rachel_> Indeed.

<Nikolai> I'm just here as a favour to him.

  • Nikolai says, indifferent to her coolness.

<Rachel_> As I am sure you are aware, he is not in favour at this court at the moment.

<Nikolai> I keep up with current events.

<Rachel_> Well then.

<Rachel_> My grandmother has her reasons.

  • Rachel_ stands up.

<Nikolai> But his family and mine are old friends, and I was summering at his villa in Switzerland, so I couldn't really refuse.

  • Nikolai shrugs.
  • Nikolai sits down on the bench Rachel vacated.

<Rachel_> All the same, it is rather unbecoming for your appointment to be cancelled, even if you are sent from Duke Giacomo.

<Rachel_> If you wish to sit there, you are welcome to, but I thought I might intercede on your behalf.

<Rachel_> I imagine your Duke doesn't want to see you return until your errand is complete.

<Rachel_> Am I correct?

<Nikolai> He's not my personal liege, but that's essentially right.

<Nikolai> He'd be disappointed.

<Rachel_> Well then, I'm sure you want to get it over with as soon as possible.

<Nikolai> I can't imagine it will be that terrible.

<Rachel_> You obviously don't know the Countess Diamond.

<Nikolai> I've heard all the rumours, naturally; but I'm very quick.

  • Rachel_ says dryly.
  • Nikolai smiles.
  • Nikolai follows Rachel.

<Nikolai> So...

<Nikolai> If you are the COuntess' granddaughter, you must be the Lady Rachel...

<Rachel_> I am.

<Rachel_> I expect you have heard all the rumours about me as well.

<Nikolai> (I forget what the rumours are... Is she supposed to be a lesbian?)

<Rachel_> (A Commoner lover, I suppose, yes, probably some about her being 'butch' since she seems to have a singular disdain for men, other stuff like she made a vow to love no man but a blind one, etc.)

<Nikolai> Well, you know, one *does* try to keep informed.

<Rachel_> (And of course, the rumours of her impossible beauty, likening her to a moon goddess.)

  • Nikolai glances over her wings.

<Rachel_> Well, the rumours about my being the bastard offspring of an unholy union between my father and a Commoner are true, as are those of my campaign for equality for Commoners.

<Rachel_> The rest you may interpret however you wish, Lord...?

<Nikolai> Nikolai.

  • Nikolai looks vaguely put off by her words.

<Max> (I think you guys should start capitalizings Words at Random, like you'd see in Eighteenth Century Scientific Works of Some Note.)

<Nikolai> (hee)

<Rachel_> (does he have any insignia denoting him as a higher rank, actually?)

<Nikolai> (nope)

<Rachel_> (ok)

<Nikolai> . o O (Lovely she may be, but she has no Manners!)

<Rachel_> What about my words dismays you, my Lord?

<Nikolai> Maybe I'm old-fashioned.

<Nikolai> But it still dismays me to hear a lady use such language...

  • Nikolai shrugs.

<Rachel_> Well, tell me another word that has the same connotation and is more polite, and I shall endeavour to use that.

<Nikolai> . o O (It would be Polite to leave it out of casual conversation.)

  • Nikolai looks away, sighs.

<Max> (Whee!)

<Nikolai> . o O (Not my Problem.)

  • Rachel_ seems to have 'approved' of Nikolai somehow... evidently because his problem was with her use of 'bad' language and not with her sentiments for Commoners.)

<Rachel_> (  ;^D )

<Rachel_> (is he wearing House colours?)

<Nikolai> (I told you what he's wearing... ^-^)

<Nikolai> (He's not wearing any insignia, if that's what you mean)

<Rachel_> (Yeah, I just went back up and read it again... black and gold, eh?)

<Nikolai> (eyep_

<Rachel_> May I ask what House affiliation you have, my Lord?

<Nikolai> You may ask.

  • Rachel_ smiles slightly.
  • Nikolai smiles.

<Rachel_> Consider it asked.

<Nikolai> I dwell within my father's house.

<Rachel_> Ah, secretive, are we?

<Nikolai> We are.

  • Nikolai smiles again.

<Rachel_> So I shall introduce you as Lord Nikolai of His Father's House, emissary of Duke Giacomo of House Fiona, then?

  • Nikolai laughs.
  • Rachel_ tries to hold back a smile.

<Nikolai> You may do as you like; as soon as you say the Duke'a Name, the Countess is likely o forget all that went before!

<Nikolai> (Duke's)

<Nikolai> (and to)

<Rachel_> Indeed.

<Rachel_> Well, it is this way, my Lord.

  • Rachel_ gestures for him to walk with her.
  • Nikolai goes along with her.
  • Rachel_ heads towards Diamond's audience hall.
  • Nikolai allows himself another tiny glance at Rachel, noting this time the unusual quality of her hair...
  • Rachel_ leads Nikolai through several doors in grand hallways lined with art and sculpture; each doorway flanked by a pair of guards in Diamond's livery. The guards salute her as she passes. She rolls her eyes as they pass the last set.

<Rachel_> In one respect, you and my grandmother shall certainly get along, the two of you being traditionalists.

<Nikolai> Is that a real David?

<Rachel_> It is.

  • Nikolai wonders out loud as you pass a particular painting.

<Nikolai> Impressive...

<Nikolai> Napoleon Crossing the Alps at somesuch...

  • Rachel_ shrugs.

<Rachel_> I suppose. It was easy to purchase grand masters when the Plagues started killing the mortals off.

  • Nikolai idly wishes he had a cane to spin.

<Rachel_> Art has little value when one is dying.

<Nikolai> Yes...

<Nikolai> The mortals.

<Nikolai> ...

  • Rachel_ stops in front of a set of carved oak doors. She asks the page standing there whether the Countess is in.

<Rachel_> (Do you want her to be around? You get to roleplay her...  ;^) )

<Nikolai> (She won't see him. She's still having fits. Windrider is trying to convince her, but she's hopping mad. Let's say this is shortly after she spoke to Janus...^-^)

  • Pageboy explains to Rachel and Nikolai that the Countess is not seeing anyone.
  • Nikolai sighs.

<Nikolai> Perhaps she'll calm down over the next three days...

  • Rachel_ 's lips thin in disapproval (looks much like Diamond... ;^D )

<Rachel_> Perhaps.

  • Rachel_ doesn't sound convinced.
  • Nikolai pulls a sealed envelope out of an inside jacket pocket.

<Nikolai> Could you at least see that she gets this?

  • Nikolai asks the page.
  • Pageboy nods.

<Pageboy> Yes, my Lord.

<Nikolai> Thank you.

  • Nikolai hands it over.
  • Pageboy takes the envelope from Duke Giacomo.

<Nikolai> (it has his seal on it, yah)

<Rachel_> (yeah, I just assumed...)

<Rachel_> Well.

  • Nikolai looks to Rachel.
  • Rachel_ turns to look at Nikolai.

<Rachel_> I'm afraid I haven't been much help, have I?

<Nikolai> You did try.

<Nikolai> I thank you for your efforts.

<Rachel_> You're welcome.

<Rachel_> Will you be staying for a few days, then?

<Nikolai> I suppose I'll wait the three days, and see if she feels more friendly.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> Have you been given quarters yet?

<Nikolai> Yes, theoretically.

<Nikolai> I haven't been shown there as of yet.

<Rachel_> Ah.

<Nikolai> . o O (The eyes are truly remarkable...)

<Rachel_> Well, let us go ask the Chatelaine where you will be staying and arrange for you to be shown.

<Rachel_> I'll not have you leaving saying the Gwydaine family's hospitality is lacking.

<Nikolai> You are a worthy hostess, Lady.

  • Nikolai smiles.
  • Rachel_ 's eyes flash to a darker shade.

<Nikolai> I suppose, when one's family has the reputation that yours has acquired, perhaps it does give some license for... eccentricity?

<Rachel_> . o O (It better not start now; he's been quite bearable thus far.)

<Rachel_> And what reputation might that be?

  • Rachel_ asks sweetly, with a hard edge buried deep.

<Nikolai> Well, the family is an old and powerful one

  • Nikolai says non-chalantly.

<Nikolai> Not to mention your noble father's war-hero status.

  • Rachel_ may be in open rebellion to her family's ideals but she is still proud of her lineage. ;^)
  • Rachel_ softens a bit.

<Nikolai> I do know my history, Lady Gwydaine.

<Rachel_> I wouldn't dream of accusing you of not knowing it. It's just I get tired of hearing all the petty, jealous talk that goes about among the courts.

<Nikolai> ('Start', hmf!)

<Nikolai> Well, I have the advantage, perhaps, of being a visitor, then.

<Nikolai> But personally, I never get tired of it...

<Nikolai> It's useful in gauging the... temperature of things.

  • Rachel_ sets her jaw a bit.

<Rachel_> Well.

<Rachel_> Shall we find the Chatelaine, my Lord?

<Rachel_> . o O (He is being purposefully ambiguous.)

<Nikolai> . o O (Sensitive thing.)

<Nikolai> Certainly.

  • Rachel_ nods curtly, and heads off towards the Chatelaine's office.

<Nikolai> . o O (Funny girl. I wonder if she really is a lesbian.)

<Nikolai> ...

<Nikolai> Have I offended, my Lady?

<Rachel_> (what do you think she ought to be... Sidhe? Boggan? Something else?)

<Nikolai> (anything but redcap or nocker. ;D)

<Rachel_> I am not sure. You speak in riddles.

<Nikolai> (A satyr...! )

  • Rachel_ says bluntly.

<Rachel_> (Really? A satyr?  ;^) )

<Nikolai> (A grump Satyr... that way she could sort of play matchmaker, by putting people in certain rooms)

<Rachel_> (heheh, ok)

<Nikolai> Riddles, my Lady?

  • Nikolai says innocently.

<Rachel_> Yes, riddles. I prefer more open men, myself.

  • Nikolai arches an eyebrow.

<Nikolai> You're in the wrong court for that, my Lady.

  • Nikolai smiles a bit.

<Rachel_> I am not here by choice, my Lord.

<Nikolai> . o O (Was that an insult or a come-on?)

<Nikolai> And how is that?

<Max> (Can't it be both?)

<Rachel_> My father sent me here to learn how to be a proper lady of the Gwydaine family. He does not approve of my 'hobbies'.

<Nikolai> (House Eiluned.. you're supposed to love riddles!)

<Nikolai> (Silly rachel.)

<Nikolai> Ah.

<Rachel_> (Mysteries, maybe... riddles can be infuriating.)

<Nikolai> What sort of hobbies would a proper Gwydaine lady pursue?

<Rachel_> Certainly not befriending Commoners.

<Nikolai> Countess Diamond's closest advisor is an Eshu, is he not?

  • Nikolai looks vaguely puzzled.

<Rachel_> The Gwydaine family seems to have diverging opinions on Commoners when it comes to those who serve them and to those who do not serve an immediate and useful function to the family.

<Nikolai> Ah.

<Nikolai> . o O (Such as your mother...?)

<Rachel_> Certainly no Commoner should aspire to be a ruler themselves. It is the divine right of Sidhe to rule; the divine right of the Commoner to serve.

  • Rachel_ says bitterly.

<Nikolai> ...

<Rachel_> Look, we are here.

  • Rachel_ raps on a door.

<Nikolai> . o O (Surely she knows what she wants is impossible.)

  • Chatelaine answers the door; she is a grump Satyr with greying blonde hair and good-natured, somewhat laughing brown eyes.

<Rachel_> Hello, Marguerite, how are you today?

  • Marguerite curtseys.

<Marguerite> Very well thank you, Lady Rachel.

  • Marguerite directs a questioning glance in Nikolai's direction.
  • Nikolai bows his head to the Satyr woman.

<Rachel_> This is Lord Nikolai.

<Nikolai> Good morning.

<Rachel_> He has claimed the right to hospitality and requires some accomodations.

  • Nikolai smiles charmingly for the chatelaine.

<Rachel_> He apparently has some arranged already but has not been shown to them.

  • Marguerite smiles back and curtseys.

<Marguerite> (again, to him, this time).

<Marguerite> Ah, yes, the emissary from the Duke...

<Nikolai> Yes, I drew the short straw...

  • Nikolai shrugs in mock dismay.

<Marguerite> We do have rooms prepared for you my Lord. Shall I show you to the-

<Rachel> That won't be necessary, Marguerite.

  • Nikolai looks at Rachel, arching an eyebrow.

<Rachel> I am sure you have a busy schedule to attend to. I will show him to his rooms once I know where he is to rest.

<Marguerite> Ah, very well, my Lady...

  • Marguerite looks a bit thrown for a loop.

<Marguerite> He has the green room in the east wing... you know the one? Ah-

  • Marguerite fumbles with the keys jangling from her belt.

<Marguerite> This is the key.

<Nikolai> Ah, green. MY favourite colour.

  • Marguerite says, taking one off and offering it to Rachel.
  • Nikolai smiles at the satyr again.
  • Rachel_ takes it from the satyr.
  • Marguerite smiles a bit at Nikolai.

<Rachel_> Thank you, Marguerite.

<Marguerite> You're welcome, my Lady-

  • Marguerite starts to curtsey again.

<Rachel_> Oh, stop it with all the bobbing!

<Rachel_> And please just call me Rachel.

  • Marguerite looks taken aback.

<Marguerite> Sorry, my Lady.

  • Rachel_ directs a 'look' in the Satyr's direction.

<Marguerite> I mean, sorry, Rachel.

  • Nikolai watches the exchange silently.

<Marguerite> <m> The Countess will have my head...

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rachel_> Not if you don't say anything!

<Nikolai> . o O (Silly leftists.)

  • Rachel_ sings.
  • Rachel_ turns to Nikolai.

<Nikolai> You *know* what they say about secrets, my Lady.

<Rachel_> Well my Lord. Shall we?

<Rachel_> Remind me, what do they say?

<Nikolai> That three can keep one only if two are dead...

  • Nikolai smiles a strange smile.
  • Rachel_ starts walking towards the east wing.
  • Nikolai follows her.

<Rachel_> (is he like a serial killer or something?  ;^) )

<Nikolai> (he has a funny sense of humour is all ... ^-^)

<Rachel_> (American Psycho...)

<Rachel_> (  :^D )

<Rachel_> If you're thinking of snitching on me to gain favour with my grandmother, I can assure you it won't work.

<Nikolai> I'd already dismissed that idea.

  • Nikolai says offhandedly.

<Rachel_> It will just launch her into an even fouler mood, and then you will be here weeks before she will hear your entreaty.

<Rachel_> You are a wise man.

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Nikolai> Some say so.

  • Rachel_ walks on in silence to his room, unless he ventures any talk.
  • Nikolai looks thoughtful.
  • Rachel_ is too well-bred to ask what he is thinking of.
  • Rachel_ eventually stops at a door down another corridor lined with beautiful things.
  • Rachel_ slides the key into the lock and opens the door, then gestures for him to enter.

<Nikolai> Cassatt...

  • Nikolai notes appreciatively.

<Rachel_> (who/what is Cassatt?)

<Nikolai> (a female impressionist painter)

<Rachel_> (oh, OK... Never encountered her works, I'm pretty sure)

<Nikolai> (O_o)

  • Nikolai steps through the doorway.
  • Nikolai looks around the green room.

<Nikolai> Lovely...

  • Rachel_ steps into the rooms after him. The walls are white and there is a large Renaissance tapestry on one wall depicting a forest scene; the bed is a four-poster Queen size, hung with green velvet curtains; the windows also are bordered with green velvet. There are a couple green leather upholstered chairs arranged about a stone hearth beside which is piled some wood; there is a painting above the mantlepiece.

<Nikolai> Leads one to wonder what sort of accommodations she gives people she *likes*...

  • Rachel_ smirks.

<Nikolai> Old World freeholds are always impressive.

<Rachel_> The Countess does not usually bother with the day-to-day, mundane tasks such as assigning rooms.

<Rachel_> That is what she has a Chatelaine for.

<Nikolai> You don't think she'd make an exception for a friend of the DUke's?

<Rachel_> If you were an /important/ visitor, the Countess might have had something to do with your arrival.

  • Nikolai smiles teasingly.

<Nikolai> Oh, *touché*, my Lady.

  • Rachel_ smiles a bit more broadly.

<Rachel_> Here is the key.

  • Nikolai holds out his hand to take it.

<Rachel_> Not that it offers much security; there are probably a few other copies floating around in the household, this being an Eiluned freehold and all.

<Nikolai> To be expected.

  • Rachel_ drops the key into his outstretched hand, then strides towards a second doorway.
  • Nikolai 's fingertips brush Rachel's as the key passes from her hand to his.
  • Rachel_ flushes and her eyes flash a bit.
  • Rachel_ strides over to a smaller door.
  • Nikolai doesn't let on that anything 'happened'.

<Rachel_> Private bath in here.

  • Nikolai nods.
  • Rachel_ says stiffly.
  • Nikolai tucks the key into a pocket.

<Rachel_> Supper is generally served at 6 pm sharp in the dining hall.

<Rachel_> If you curry the favour of one of the page boys, you might be able to have it sent here to your rooms.

<Nikolai> . o O (Very touchy...)

<Nikolai> I'm not particularly interested in page boys.

  • Nikolai smirks.
  • Rachel_ 's features harden into a cold stone mask.

<Rachel_> And I am not particularly interested in strangers.

<Nikolai> . o O (Wow. And I wasn't even thinking that. Amazing.)

<Nikolai> Awfully conceited, aren't you.

  • Nikolai says pointedly.

<Nikolai> . o O (No point in making nice if every little thing is going to be misconstrued.... Pity. We could have had some interesting discussions....)

  • Nikolai masks his disappointment with a slight scowl.
  • Rachel_ looks quite taken aback; her eyes widen and change colour.

<Nikolai> . o O (It must be interesting to have the world revolve around you, Lady Rachel... Equality, indeed...)

<Rachel_> I apologize if I have misread your intentions.

  • Nikolai stares back at her impassively.

<Rachel_> I am used to those of the male persuasion seeing me as an object and not a person. It gets tedious.

  • Nikolai arches an eyebrow but still doesn't look impressed.
  • Rachel_ doesn't seem to care whether he's impressed or not.

<Nikolai> My father taught me to be a gentleman.

  • Rachel_ seems unsure what to say to that... then:

<Nikolai> . o O (She's completely unaware of her own hypocrisy....)

<Rachel_> Well, I am glad. There are too few of those around these days.

<Rachel_> Now, if you'll excuse me, my Lord.

<Nikolai> Good day, Lady Gwydaine.

  • Rachel_ walks past him toward the door.

<Rachel_> Rachel.

<Nikolai> . o O (She's not apt to find any of them, with that attitude...

<Nikolai> Good day.

<Rachel_> (heehee)

<Rachel_> Good day.

<Nikolai> (good ic, that... and leaves the door open to more!!!)

<Rachel_> (heheh... snotty Rachel, eh?)

<Nikolai> (She's the snottiest!!)

<Nikolai> (Nik was trying to be nice, but he got fed up)

<Nikolai> (Like, jeez lady, it's not my fault I'm a man!! :P)

<Rachel_> (heehee)

<Nikolai> (what did you think of the character?)

<Rachel_> (maybe it's from hanging around with all sorts of leering Commoners...  ;^D )

<Rachel_> (Is he a Riddler?)

<Nikolai> (That's one of his legacies)

<Rachel_> (I could tell.  ;^) What house? Balor?)

<Nikolai> (I havent decided what his seelie one is yet)

<Nikolai> (you couldn't tell?)

<Nikolai> (I was leaning toward Peacock when I first made, him, but he's leaning more towards Sage or smething now)

<Nikolai> (er, not peacock... that's unseelie too... I meant dandy)

<Nikolai> (actually, th desc of that or Courtier still fits him)

<Rachel_> (OK... no, I can't really tell what house.)

<Nikolai> (he was tempted to tell her, but he thought she really ought to have been able to guess)

<Nikolai> (silly Riddlers)

<Rachel_> (Fiona?  ;^) )

<Nikolai> (I wish I had the players' guide, though; THe seelie legacies in the main book aren't a perfect fit... I wonder if there's something better...)

<Nikolai> (nope)

<Rachel_> (Eiluned?)

<Nikolai> I practically did tell her... :D

<Nikolai> <Rachel_> Ah, secretive, are we?

<Nikolai> <Nikolai> We are.

<Nikolai> ^-^

<Nikolai> Eiluned, indeed

<Nikolai> I'm a good Riddler.

<Nikolai> I would have gotten a Willpower.

<Rachel_> Heheh.

<Rachel_> I sort of though that Eiluned might be the case when he said that, but it might also have been his being a Riddler; or, if he was an evil house, he wouldn't want to tell the truth.

<Nikolai> Well, the cat thinks I should go to bed.

<Rachel_> hehe, you listen to cats now, do you?

<Rachel_> ;^)

<Nikolai> Only when I agree with them

<Nikolai> ^-^

<Rachel_> heheh

<Nikolai> So, without further ado

<Nikolai> 'Night! :)

<Rachel_> Rachel was mostly pleasant; it's just when she thought he might be hitting on her that she turned acid.

<Rachel_> Night!

<Nikolai> (Yeah, and he totally wasn't...

<Rachel_> Yeah, but she's used to that being the case...

<Nikolai> (I mean, obviously he found her attractive, but he wsn't hitting on her

<Rachel_> so unfortunately she generalizes.

<Nikolai> (He *was* going to ask her for dinner or something (politely), but the she turned into the ice queen and he gave up...)

<Rachel_> Heehee

<Nikolai> He thought it would be interesting to discuss her political views

<Rachel_> Maybe he'll be able to win her trust eventually.

<Nikolai> Well, there's not mch incentive, atm

<Rachel_> It's harder for male Sidhes than anyone else.

<Rachel_> ;^)

<Nikolai> Most sidhe girls are so redictable there's no fun in debating...

<Nikolai> Or they just agree with him because they want to mary into his dad's $...

<Nikolai> marry even

<Rachel_> heheh

<Rachel_> Rachel feels most men are predictable... or they want to marry into her dad's money.  ;^)

<Nikolai> Oh well, Rachel probably would have taken things too personally in any debate anyhow

<Rachel_> Maybe.... she is kind of young.

<Nikolai> She's actually older than Niko...

<Nikolai> Oddly enough

<Nikolai> He was born during the plague years

<Rachel_> Cool.

<Rachel_> Rach was pretty sheltered...

<Nikolai> And he's pretty not

<Nikolai> ;)

<Rachel_> Is her hypocrisy the way she is so stuck up when it comes to Sidhe?

<Nikolai> well, to men

<Rachel_> Ok.

<Nikolai> She's a raging sexist pig!

<Nikolai> ;)

<Rachel_> Fair enough.  ;^)

<Rachel_> She is.  ;^D

<Rachel_> She's a hard nut to crack.

<Nikolai> That's like me saying, well, all commoners I've met are stupid, so wy shouldn't I just assume that any given one I meet will be stupid as well?

<Nikolai> ^-^

<Rachel_> If Aliss were male, she might try for someone like Rachel... what a challenge.

<Rachel_> ;^D

<Nikolai> Right now Nik is like, yeah, she's pretty, but her personality sure isn't!!

<Nikolai> It detracts a couple of dots in his eyes, anyway

<Rachel_> heheh

<Nikolai> Holy Taming of the SHrew, Batman

<Rachel_> It stems from past experiences with men.

<Nikolai> Unfortunately, she doesn't provide a manual when you meet her

<Rachel_> Indeed.  ;^)

<Rachel_> And no one wants to stick around long enough to figure her out.

<Rachel_> ;^)

<Nikolai> Or a little note from Janus: "Please excuse Rachel for being a brat. She has had Bad Experiences with Men. Signed, her Father."

<Rachel_> teehee!

<Rachel_> :^D

<Nikolai> Well, he has to stick aound *some*...

<Nikolai> I look forward to the ics

<Rachel_> Anyway, Rachel's attitude is having the effect she wants it to have - turning men off.

<Nikolai> I would have loved to have really seen the look on her face when he called her conceited! :D

<Rachel_> She was pretty taken aback.

<Rachel_> And kind of angry that someone dared say such a thing to her.

<Rachel_> And also a bit "Is that how people /see/ me?"

<Rachel_> "That's not so good..."

<Nikolai> Well, when you assume that everything someone says/does is a veiled come-on, because you're so damned irresistable, that's pretty conceited

<Nikolai> I could be gay for all she knows

<Rachel_> Not /everything/.

<Nikolai> Well, that's a bit of a hyerbole, but you know what I mean.

<Rachel_> That finger-brushing thing though... that sent alarm bells ringing in her head.  ;^)

<Nikolai> s/hyperole/hyperbole

<Nikolai> A complete coincidence. But I thought it would be fun to see if she'd take it the wrong way, which of course she did.

<Rachel_> heehee, she is very shrew-esque, ain't she?

<Nikolai> I mean, it's pretty hard to take something from someone without touching them

<Nikolai> It's not like he tried to hold her hand...

<Rachel_> I know.

<Rachel_> ;^)

<Nikolai> Niko is sort of like Rachel...

<Nikolai> Except, being a guy, the girls don't bother him so much

<Nikolai> Unless he's looking for intellectual stimulation...

<Rachel_> What Rachel needs is to have an arranged marriage foisted on her.

<Nikolai> Janus wouldn't do that to her!

<Nikolai> Although yeah, he should...

<Nikolai> Maybe DIamond will do it

<Rachel_> Oh dear, does he find Sidhe women so non-intellectual? (Nikolai)

<Nikolai> If she set everything up and then told Janus about it...

<Nikolai> heheh

<Rachel_> hehehe...

<Nikolai> Many of them aren't interested in intellectual pursuits

<Rachel_> Now who's generalizing?  ;^)

<Nikolai> I said many, not most

<Nikolai> Sidhe girls at court, though?

<Rachel_> heheh

<Rachel_> I bet there are some who are there for the intrigue or for intelligence gathering, and not to find husbands.

<Nikolai> I would think that yeah, finding someone to discuss stuff with honestly, without trying to use you to climb the social ladder in some way would be tough, as the heir to a big chunk of title and cash.,

<Nikolai> I'm not talking just about husband-finding

<Rachel_> Yes indeed; and that is exactly Rachel's problem as well... the cash. Also finding someone who is interested in her intellectually and not for her beauty.

<Nikolai> Nikolai likes intrigue and stuff like that, too

<Nikolai> But he needs more than just that

<Rachel_> Rachel really hopes there's some man out there who will love her for her mind and not her body.

<Rachel_> Hard to find, when you look the way she does, and men are such visual creatures.

<Rachel_> The stereotypes you're assigning to female Sidhe also don't work in Rachel's favour...

<Nikolai> Oh, it's plain to Nik that you fall outside the norm

<Nikolai> but Rachel's still a brat

<Rachel_> heheh

<Rachel_> and how!

<Rachel_> ;^)

<Nikolai> (y'arrr!)

<Rachel_> she can be taught, though...  ;^)

<Rachel_> Taught to grow up, that is...

<Nikolai> we shall see

<Rachel_> She needs to be put out in the cold, hard world, out from her daddy's protection, out from her brothers' protection, out from her grandmother's protection...

<Nikolai> you still haven't reall said what you think of the character

<Rachel_> Then she'll grow up. No one left to baby her.

<Rachel_> I think he's interesting.

<Rachel_> But I don't know much about him yet.

<Rachel_> So it's hard to give a really insightful opinion.

<Nikolai> Well cool

<Nikolai> I think 'm gonna go to bed now though

<Nikolai> I do have to get *some* work done tomorrow.

<Rachel_> ok

<Nikolai> See you later.

<Rachel_> lates!