Rachel & Isabel at Emerald Fields, 5/28/2005

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  • Rachel_ has a good budget worked out. She asked Nik to take a look at it while he was there just to pick out any errors she might have made and although he prolly made a few suggestions, for the most part she did a good, thorough job on it.
  • Rachel_ is pleased about that.

<Trolius> (wooh!)

  • Rachel_ is also sort of pleased that Soleil hasn't been around of late, although her curiosity is causing her to almost physically ache.
  • Isabel will show up at the freehold and make someone take her to Rachel :D
  • Trolius could be that someone, or I could be on duty....?

<Rachel_> (someone shows Isabel to wherever Rachel is at this moment.)

  • Rachel_ is in *her* garden!

<Isabel> knock knowck... <Isabel> (-w)

  • Rachel_ turns around and smiles.

<Rachel_> Isabel!

  • Rachel_ moves close to Isabel to embrace her in greeting.
  • Trolius looks up and waves at lady Isabel

<Rachel_> So good to see you.

  • Trolius is slacking slightly, perching on a bench
  • Rachel_ looks a bit better than she did; some more colour to her cheeks, at last. No tired marks around her eyes.

<Rachel_> How have you been?

  • Isabel is wearing a long red shirt-vest thing, with tasteful ruffles made of a light cotton, over tan coloured flared leather pants, with fringes at the bottom.
  • Isabel waves.
  • Rachel_ 's garden is small and fenced in by a stone wall which the last Baron put up to keep out thieves, although its usefulness in doing that is questionable, without guards manning the walls.
  • Rachel_ was just out for a breather before going back to work but now that Isabel is here, she doesn't have to! :^D

<Isabel> Hullo! <Isabel> Nice and warm here.. <Isabel> Well, compared to Wales. <Isabel> ^-^

  • Rachel_ is in a teensy peach orchard at the moment.

<Rachel_> Yes, it is a much gentler climate.

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rachel_> Will you have a seat? It's not very formal, but the grass is soft.

  • Isabel drops to the ground and sits cross-legged.
  • Rachel_ gestures to a cloth she had spread on the ground to sit upon. A book is lying on one side of the fabric.
  • Rachel_ seats herself gracefully.

<Isabel> Missed you at the castle... Tally told me you were there but not that you were leaving that same day! <Rachel_> He told me you said goodbye. <Rachel_> I was sorry I missed you.

  • Isabel pulls on some grass.

<Rachel_> What have you been up to? <Isabel> I was playing a game with Kolya ans Melisande... I could have gone, if he'd said.

  • Rachel_ smiles and watches her cousin.

<Rachel_> It's all right. <Isabel> Not a whole lot... <Isabel> I've made a new friend :) <Rachel_> Oh really? <Rachel_> Who is that? <Isabel> Melisande. <Isabel> She's a lot of fun. :) <Rachel_> ... Lady Melisande... really?

  • Isabel nods happily.

<Rachel_> She was often conservative when spent time with her. Perhaps because of the Countess' presence. <Isabel> Oh, and your grandmother gave me a nice present over yule... <Rachel_> (what did she give Rachel, by the way? ^-^) <Rachel_> (must compare and contrast with Isabel's...  ;^D) <Isabel> (probably some kind of jewelry, and maybe a gown...) <Rachel_> (okay, nice things. Rachel would have given Diamond some jewellery in addition to the stone thing) <Rachel_> Oh yes? <Isabel> It's this hair thingie... it's like a net, made of gold and silver, with pretty red rubies at the joins... <Isabel> It was so pretty. I couldn't believe it. <Rachel_> It sounds lovely.

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Isabel> And then she said I should wear it, and come to the concert, and sit with her and Melisande.

  • Isabel fairly bounces up and down.

<Rachel_> I'm glad you seem to be getting along with her...

  • Rachel_ seems a bit sad that she does not get along with the Countess.
  • Isabel nods.

<Isabel> SHe's been, um, nice. <Rachel_> Be careful, Isabel...

  • Isabel drops the subject, then.

<Rachel_> You can believe me or not, but if she is being nice, usually it means she wants something from you. <Isabel> What cuold she want from me?

  • Isabel asks innocently.

<Isabel> I haven't got anything she'd want. <Rachel_> Who knows? Only she could answer that. <Rachel_> But I doubt she would, even if you did ask. <Isabel> I don't even have title to the Barony unless my father decides to pass it on. And even then... I can't see her wanting it. It's so far away.

  • Isabel shrugs.

<Isabel> She doesn't seem like she wants anything... <Rachel_> Well, you do have an attachment to the Shadow Court, don't you. It's possible she sees some use in that. <Isabel> Uh... maybe I'm just not smart enough to notice...? <Isabel> The Shadow Court? <Isabel> I don't know anything about that... <Rachel_> Or whatever it passes itself off as now. It's all right. He's far enough he can't hear.

  • Rachel_ means Trolius, obviously.

<Isabel> No, I really don't. <Isabel> :o <Rachel_> <w> Caelan.

  • Trolius picks some leaves of a bush ;)
  • Rachel_ has trouble believing Isabel is *that* naive...

<Isabel> But I don't know anything about what he does. <Isabel> :o <Rachel_> No, but you have a relationship with him. Perhaps that is enough.

  • Isabel looks away, though.

<Rachel_> Someday you might have children with him, and they are not so careful with their tongues.

  • Isabel looks tired, now that you think of it.

<Rachel_> It might be something else entirely. <Isabel> ... <Rachel_> I don't pretend to know her mind. <Isabel> What do you mean? <Isabel> . o O (Why are you always so down on everything? :()

  • Isabel looks nervous and unhappy now.
  • Rachel_ isn't really sounding depressed, just cautionary.

<Isabel> I mean, can't she just be nice to me? <Rachel_> Maybe. <Isabel> ... <Rachel_> . o O (But I don't think so. Really.)

  • Rachel_ smiles cheerfully.
  • Isabel tucks a curl behind a pointed ear.

<Isabel> :( <Rachel_> I ought to be a grump, eh? <Rachel_> Jumping at invisible shadows.

  • Isabel pulls up a few blades of grass.

<Rachel_> . o O (I just don't want you to be rudely awakened to reality the way I was, if it can be helped...) <Rachel_> (Hazel, with Rachel's empathy, did she pick up any negative attitude towards her on the Duke's part over the yule season? They would have seen one another at some point, I think) <Isabel> (nope) <Rachel_> (Ok) <Rachel_> So what game were you playing with Tally and Lady Melisande?

  • Isabel rubs her eyes.

<Isabel> (I didn't mention Tally) <Isabel> (Kolya I mentioned.) <Isabel> Kolya... <Isabel> Um, truth or dare. <Rachel_> (Tally talks to Rachel.)

  • Rachel_ cracks a grin,

<Rachel_> Really? <Rachel_> That must have been interesting? <Isabel> uh-huh.

  • Isabel nods.

<Rachel_> I'd have loved to be involved.

  • Isabel smiles a bit again.

<Isabel> Uh... <Isabel> I don't think it wuold really have been your thing :o

  • Rachel_ raises an eyebrow.
  • Isabel tries to picture Rachel mooning a boggan, and fails.

<Rachel_> I'd just have gone for the truths, and not asked for any dares. <Isabel> Oh, well that's not any fun... <Rachel_> I *have* played it before, you know. <Isabel> ANd you'd be surprised what you can do with a truth.

  • Isabel winks.

<Rachel_> Truths can be more fun than dares at times...

  • Isabel scowls ever so briefly.

<Isabel> . o O (you should ask your brother) <Isabel> (you can tell she's thinking something with her Inside Voice ;)

  • Rachel_ notes that and looks thoughtful.

<Rachel_> I don't suppose it's in the stodgy Baroness' code of conduct to indulge in such things, anyway... <Isabel> Yeah.

  • Rachel_ looks regretful.

<Isabel> ... :/

  • Rachel_ looks around.

<Isabel> Isn't this what you wanted? <Rachel_> ...

  • Rachel_ turns to give Isabel a very sober, serious look.

<Rachel_> You want the truth? <Isabel> Well... why would you come if you didn't want it? <Isabel> It's so far from everyone. <Isabel> ... <Rachel_> Oh... I thought I wanted it when the opportunity arose.

  • Isabel leans forward, blonde hair spilling over her shuolders.

<Rachel_> But... I've had time to think about it now. And really, the reason I came boils down to the wrong one.

  • Isabel looks up.

<Isabel> What's that? <Rachel_> But it's a bit to late to renege on things, and I've grown fond of the people here... <Rachel_> Oh... well. <Isabel> You could always let them give it to someone else... <Rachel_> I had hoped that if I could do well here, be successful at this, the Countess would finally come to see that I can be a good ruler too, but do so by ruling in a fashion quite different from her. <Rachel_> I wanted to justify myself, I suppose...

  • Rachel_ sighs.
  • Rachel_ smiles sadly.

<Rachel_> It's not that easy, Isabel. <Isabel> Sure it is. Even kings can quit if they want.

  • Isabel shrugs.

<Rachel_> If I hand things over to someone else, then I will have proved that I'm a failure. <Rachel_> No, I will stick it out and see what happens. <Isabel> Well, who cares what other people think, if you're not happy.. <Isabel> .<m>well, what do I know. :/ <Rachel_> I do. I care very much what she thinks...

  • Rachel_ ducks her head.
  • Rachel_ looks off to the side, trying not to let tears well.

<Isabel> ... <Isabel> What was that thingie you sent her?

  • Isabel asks trying to change the mood.
  • Rachel_ pulls herself together and when she turns back to Rachel, you'd have trouble guessing she had a momentary lapse.

<Rachel_> Oh... nothing. Just something I saw in a dream of her. <Rachel_> I thought it might have some significance, but it didn't. <Isabel> Well, she was pretty excited when she first opened it up... <Rachel_> Is that so?

  • Rachel_ sounds interested.
  • Isabel nods.

<Isabel> Yeah, she was very interested... <Rachel_> Did she mention anything about it before throwing it into the Room of Things I Have No Use For? <Isabel> She showed it to Dovev... <Isabel> And he licked it... <Isabel> And he told her it was dead. <Isabel> And then she looked real disappointed. :/ <Isabel> And she said "Oh, put it away then." or something. <Isabel> And Windrider took it... wherever... <Rachel_> Ah well. <Isabel> ANd Me and Melisande were, um, confused :o <Rachel_> I shall have to keep an eye out for another then. <Isabel> And then Dovev flaoted off... wherever it is he goes. <Rachel_> I'm not sure what it might do, either. <Isabel> Um... you weren't playing a trick on them, were you? <Rachel_> I suspect possibly something to do with scrying...

  • Isabel asks timidly.
  • Isabel seems to be not saying something.

<Rachel_> No trick, not really... <Rachel_> (a smile plays at the corners of her mouth) <Kalman> (miss Belden, is your wedding chapel open ;D) <Isabel> (you bet) <Rachel_> If it was anything, it was a message. But it seems not to have worked, so I won't pursue that matter anymore. <Isabel> OK...

  • Isabel fidgets.

<Rachel_> What is it? You're bursting with nervous energy.

  • Rachel_ asks indulgently / affectionately.

<Isabel> ... <Isabel> Well... <Isabel> Did you wonder why I came to visit you? <Rachel_> I hoped you just wanted to visit...

  • Rachel_ seems a bit cautious now, but still friendly.

<Isabel> Well, yes... <Isabel> But there's something I wanted to talk to you about... <Rachel_> All right. <Isabel> I wanted to, before, but you seemed... even more busy and stuff then...

  • Rachel_ gives Isabel her full attention.

<Rachel_> Well, don't keep me waiting in suspense! I'm a Gwydaine and an Eiluned! <Isabel> But, um.

  • Rachel_ jokes.

<Isabel> I wanted to tell you before you heard it from somebody else, I guess. <Rachel_> Okay...

  • Rachel_ sounds a bit uncertain now.
  • Rachel_ is still attentive, though.
  • Rachel_ smiles at Isabel encouragingly.

<Isabel> I'm having a baby...

  • Rachel_ 's eyes widen in surprise and her hand flies to her mouth.

<Rachel_> What? Really? <Rachel_> Are you- are you pleased?

  • Isabel looks questioningly at Rachel
  • Rachel_ seems happy for her cousin but isn't sure whether Isabel wants a baby or not. That's all. :^)

<Isabel> Yeah... probably in July... <Rachel_> Wow... that's - that's amazing.... <Isabel> Um, well... I am. Yes.

  • Rachel_ is speechless for once. ^-^

<Rachel_> Well, I'm glad for you, then... <Rachel_> Does Caelan know? He must...

  • Rachel_ bites her lip.

<Isabel> He does...

  • Rachel_ isn't exactly sure how one handles these sorts of situations and is embarrassed by her naivete.

<Rachel_> He's pleased too? <Isabel> Well he's... well, he was surprised. <Rachel_> He'll get over it... <Rachel_> He'll probably be proud as punch when his little daughter or son arrives... I think that's how it goes, usually...

  • Rachel_ blushes.
  • Rachel_ ducks her head.

<Isabel> He has so muhc on his mind already though... <Rachel_> I'm sorry- I must sound like an idiot... I've no idea how to act in such a situation, being as this is the first time a girlf friend has told me this sort of thing...

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> Things will work out... <Isabel> I sure hope so... <Rachel_> You should be able to find a nursemaid without too much trouble if the need arises. <Rachel_> Tara would adore tending to a little baby again, I'm sure... For one. Not that she's likely to leave my father's service, of course, but... I'm sure there are many others- I'm rambling, aren't I? <Rachel_> Does your father know? And the Countess? <Isabel> Huh...

  • Isabel nods.

<Isabel> They do... <Rachel_> . o O (Maybe she's seen something about the child...) <Isabel> She invited him to lunch... and then I told him, it was ok... I had a feeling he already knew, that she said something to him...

  • Rachel_ 's facial expression flickers into a frown for a fraction of a second and then she's back to beaming

<Isabel> I was just glad he didn't yell. :)

  • Rachel_ smiles.
  • Isabel plucks some more grass.
  • Isabel yawns.

<Isabel> I hope it all works out...

  • Isabel says again.

<Isabel> I don't know what he's thinking. <Rachel_> Well, hopefully he'll be pleased that he knows his line will continue. <Rachel_> Most nobles go in for that sort of thing. <Isabel> He... he isn't a noble.

  • Isabel rubs at her temple again, tiredly.

<Rachel_> (Oh, n/m I thought you were talkinf about your father) <Rachel_> (I didn't say that then) <Rachel_> (confused) <Rachel_> Isabel, you look tired. Let em show you to your rooms. <Rachel_> (em = me) <Isabel> It's OK... I just didn't sleep much last night. <Rachel_> ... <Isabel> Caelan... <Isabel> Well.. <Rachel_> ... <Isabel> He had sort of a fit <Rachel_> Oh... <Isabel> (I've never mentioned this to you before)

  • Rachel_ assumes Isabel means a fit of anger about having impregnated Isabel.

<Rachel_> I'm sorry... I'd hoped he'd be supportive... <Isabel> It was.. it was awful. <Isabel> Huh? <Isabel> No... you don't understand... <Rachel_> I guess I don't... <Isabel> He has these attacks... sometimes.. <Isabel> ¬_¬ <Rachel_> Oh! Epilepsy or something?

  • Kalman wonders oocly if that is genetic :o

<Isabel> I knew about it, but I'd never seen it happen before... <Isabel> (I think it comes down on the mother's side) <Rachel_> Is he all right now? <Isabel> Now...

  • Isabel nods.

<Isabel> We were just sitting, talking or whatever... and then it was like, like he was looking through me... or not there at all... <Isabel> And then he sort of ... fell.. and he smashed his head against the table, and there was all this blood... and...

  • Isabel shudders.

<Rachel_> Well... luckily you have Primal now. You can help him when he injures himself in a fit.

  • Rachel_ tries to comfort her.

<Rachel_> It would be terrifying, though... <Rachel_> I can't imagine the terror I'd feel to see Nik go through something like that...

  • Rachel_ puts an arm around Isabel in sympathy.
  • Rachel_ squeezes ger gently in a comforting embrace.

<Isabel> I didn't know what to do... <Isabel> :(

  • Rachel_ remembers her first aid course! She learned it by reading some of Debbie's old St. John Ambulance books!

<Rachel_> Well, he's all right. <Rachel_> That's what matters, right?

  • Isabel nods...

<Isabel> :( <Rachel_> I know a little bit about the kind of care one is supposed to give a person having a seizure. <Isabel> He acted sort of weird this morning though... <Isabel> Oh? <Isabel> What are you supposed to do? <Rachel_> I can tell you about it or write it down sometime if you like. <Rachel_> He acted weird? <Rachel_> How so? <Isabel> All I could think of was that one episode of some stupid show where they made a girl bite a popsicle stick... maybe that was something else... <Isabel> Just... sort of shity... different. I don't know :( <Isabel> (shifty) <Rachel_> Well... you actually shouldn't put anything in their mouths, according to the most recent course my mother had taken... but that's beside the point. <Rachel_> Maybe he was just weak from the seizure, or confused a bit... I'm not sure. <Rachel_> Just play things by ear. I don't think this could be a permanent change in him. <Rachel_> Perhaps he was ashamed that you saw him at his weakest. <Isabel> But what do I *do*? <Rachel_> Men are like that, or so I've heard... <Rachel_> Just continue loving him and be supportive. <Isabel> I mean... if it happens again, what do I do? :( <Rachel_> Oh <Rachel_> !

  • Rachel_ gives Isabel a lesson in care of epileptics.

<Rachel_> (it's pretty easy) <Rachel_> (don't restrain them, move anything away from them that they could hurt themselves on, give them nothing by mouth, and afterward, elevate their legs a bit to minimize shock, cover them with a blnaket, comfort them, and let them recover) <Rachel_> (ask if they need to take any medication, if they show no signs of improvement, get them to medical attention) <Rachel_> (whee) <Rachel_> (I need to get to bed... falling asleep sitting up) <Isabel> (ok)