Rachel & Fletcher, 5/28/2005

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  • Rachel_ has just finished teaching for the day.
  • Fletcher will come in quietly after the children leave.
  • Rachel_ is tidying up her desk as you enter, and she takes a few moments to notice you.
  • Fletcher will wait for her to finish.
  • Rachel_ smiles warmly when she looks up.

<Rachel_> Hello Fletcher - I didn't hear you come in. I'm sorry. <Fletcher> <w>Its ok. How have you been? <Rachel_> All right. You? <Fletcher> <w>I've been keeping busy.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Fletcher> <w>Any knews of how Kolya is doing?

  • Rachel_ shakes her head.

<Rachel_> I did write but I haven't received a reply yet.

  • Fletcher looks at you puzzeled.

<Fletcher> <w>You do not use magic to comunicate? <Rachel_> I do with certain people. It doesn't seem appropriate for communicating with the Countess. <Fletcher> <w>I see. <Fletcher> <w>What exactly is wrong with him? <Rachel_> He had the Second Sight. <Rachel_> He was attacked in Tara Nar, and the Gift was somehow taken from him. <Fletcher> <w>But we don't know how? <Rachel_> When he visited here with Isabel a couple weeks ago, he was attacked again upon returning to Aberystwyth... I think that's where it happened anyway. The attack was carried out in pretty much the same way as the first one. <Rachel_> As you know from my conversation with Dovev, Soleil is the most likely suspect.

  • Rachel_ sighs heavily.

<Fletcher> <w>He is guilty

  • Fletcher says with finality
  • Rachel_ looks up sharply at Fletcher.

<Rachel_> You know this for sure? <Fletcher> <w>From his lips. <Rachel_> Funny how he tells you the truth but not me. <Rachel_> I asked him the same thing after the first attack and he lied. <Fletcher> <w>Of course. But there was little use of lying to me. I knew the answer already.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> How did you find out? <Fletcher> <w>He has greater secrets than that. I forced his hand to protect those secrets.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> I am sure he does. <Rachel_> Would you be willing to tell me what you have learned?

  • Fletcher ponders this.

<Rachel_> Or how you forced his hand? <Rachel_> If not, I won't hold it against you. <Fletcher> <w>You know quite a bit yourself. <Rachel_> I know some. <Fletcher> <w>This is a family afair. I have been reminded on many occasions that I could well die if I learn too much of your family.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> Have you? <Rachel_> (learned too much) <Fletcher> <w>perhaps.

  • Rachel_ nods again.

<Rachel_> Then perhaps it is best that you never speak of it with anyone. <Fletcher> <w>It would not be for you or I to decided who knows to much. <Rachel_> Have you thought about learning to read? I'd be happy to teach you whenever you have the time.

  • Rachel_ changes the subject because it's getting dangerous. You never know when Di might be watching.

<Fletcher> <w>You have much to do. There are others who could teach me if needed. <Rachel_> It would be my pleasure to teach you if you wish to learn. <Fletcher> <w>Are there any other questions you need answered?

  • Rachel_ thinks.

<Rachel_> Have you been speaking with the people of this barony much? Not the ones who live in the plantation house. <Fletcher> <w>Some. <Rachel_> Have they voiced any complaints, concerns, or anything like that to you? Anything that I should attend to? <Rachel_> I'm afraid many of them are rather nervous still about speaking to me. <Fletcher> <w>There were those that attacked Trolius. They have left your lands. <Fletcher> <w>They wanted to continue their war against the Sidhe, but understood that yours was not the best Barony to wage it in.

  • Rachel_ nods, looking a bit glum.

<Rachel_> Some people have sent children to learn after my invitation, as you know... have you heard anything about that? <Fletcher> <w>I have been concentrating on other things. <Fletcher> <w>It would be easy to find out. <Rachel_> (that's one of the things she did on her little tour of the barony; invite people to come learn to read, write, etc. but they are not sworn to Rachel or anything; and they can go home to help plant and harvest and stuff)

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Fletcher> <w>I will let you know. <Rachel_> If you would be willing to feel things out for me, I'd appreciate it. You can move in circles I cannot. <Rachel_> What other sorts of things have you been looking into? <Fletcher> <w>True. <Fletcher> <w>The common laws are not truely over. There will be more rebellion, but I feel it will be less so in your lands.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Fletcher> <w>What will you do of the attack?

  • Rachel_ rubs her chin.

<Rachel_> That is a tricky situation. <Rachel_> I don't even know who did it; and you didn't seem willing to tell me last time we discussed this. <Fletcher> <w>Not that attack. <Fletcher> <w>Kolya. <Rachel_> Oh.

  • Rachel_ stops looking puzzled. ^-^
  • Rachel_ had been pretty sure that that the Trolius attack had been "resolved" so was confused about him brining it up.

<Rachel_> I think that is out of my hands. <Fletcher> <w>Then whose hands will resolve it? It is in your lands. <Rachel_> If Soleil is responsible, then it also occurred in the High Queen's castle, which is not in my lands. <Rachel_> The Countess of Aberystwyth also has an interest in this. <Fletcher> <w>Have you told the Countess his name? <Rachel_> I told Dovev; you know that. I am sure he told her the name. <Fletcher> <w>I mean the name he went by in life. <Rachel_> He had many names; I believe she knew most of them. <Fletcher> <w>Very well. I will assist any way I can in the matter.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Fletcher> <w>It was the names I felt were dangerouse. <Rachel_> Have you spoken to Sleet about this? <Fletcher> <w>yes. <Rachel_> She knows that people may come for Soleil? <Fletcher> <w>She will leave soon, when Trolius leaves.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Fletcher> <w>She feels death is close for her. <Rachel_> -_- <Fletcher> <w>Why much Trolius leave? <Fletcher> (must) <Rachel_> I don't want him to. He doesn't want to either. I am trying to arrange for him to stay. <Rachel_> But that, too, is out of my hands. I am only a Baroness, and that title is really only to assuage the other Sidhe in the area...

  • Rachel_ sighs; she really doesn't like the title or think it is necessary.

<Rachel_> If the Countess decides that Baron Lozano needs Trolius more than I do, then Trolius will have to go.

  • Rachel_ looks glummer.

<Fletcher> <w>Your title protects the people here, far better than I ever could. <Fletcher> <w>I would not play it weakly.

  • Rachel_ smiles faintly.

<Rachel_> It's just a word. I am only a temporary fixture. I am supposed to smooth the way for a Commoner leader here, you know. <Fletcher> <w>No...I did not know that.

  • Fletcher is very very surprised.

<Fletcher> <w>They would go that far? <Rachel_> Well, that's why I am here. And that is why I am encouraging people to come and learn to read and to write. <Rachel_> And to learn ow to defend themselves too. <Fletcher> <w>Your lands border some of the most vile tyrants of the wars....They will seek to see this fail. <Rachel_> That's why I haven't told anyone. and I hope you won't either. <Rachel_> I trust *you* Fletcher. <Fletcher> <w>Very well. Who's plan is this? <Rachel_> Who put me here? <Fletcher> <w>Yes, and would put a commoner in your place. <Rachel_> Once it has a chance of working. <Rachel_> Which may not be for quite some time...

  • Fletcher contemplates this.

<Rachel_> You do know that my title is not hereditary, don't you? <Fletcher> <w>I know little of titles. <Rachel_> If I have children and they are changelings, or if I adopt one, they will not become a baron or baroness after me.

  • Fletcher nods.

<Rachel_> Not under this appointment, anyway. <Fletcher> <w>Would you lose your title after the comoner comes? or would you keep it but lose the lands?

  • Rachel_ laughs slightly.

<Rachel_> These lands were never mine to begin with, not really. I'll still be a baroness, but somewhere else. In a court maybe; I don't know. This barony will be my commoner successor's. <Rachel_> And hopefully he or she will be a wise, strong and kind leader. <Rachel_> So... if you find someone here whom the others respect already, whom you yourself respect... I hope you might put a bee in his or her ear... <Fletcher> <w>Very well. <Fletcher> <w>Does Analisa know?

  • Rachel_ shakes her head.

<Fletcher> <w>I see. <Rachel_> It's probably best that no one does, but I may mention it to her if you believe she should know and could be trusted not to tell others.

  • Rachel_ blushes.

<Fletcher> <w>I trust her. I trusted her during the wars as well.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> That's a strong recommendation.

  • Rachel_ smiles warmly.

<Rachel_> I'll talk to her soon. <Elanya> (Analisa?) <Rachel_> She'd probably know of a few likely candidates herself...

  • Rachel_ muses.

<Rachel_> (yes) <Rachel_> Is there anything more?

  • Fletcher 's face looks like there is.

<Fletcher> <w>What will you tell her grandmother? <Rachel_> About Soleil? <Fletcher> <w>Yes <Rachel_> I'll tell her whatever she needs to know.

  • Rachel_ 's eyes turn steely grey and hard with resolve.

<Rachel_> I have no sympathy for those who deceive me.

  • Rachel_ 's eyes soften again.

<Rachel_> I am worried about Sleet, though... <Rachel_> I don't want her to get involved. <Fletcher> <w>and Trolius. <Rachel_> All I can do is warn her, though... <Fletcher> <w>He is bound by oaths and friendships in all of this. <Fletcher> <w>She has been warned. <Rachel_> Trolius?! <Fletcher> <w>She is very well aware of the situation. <Fletcher> <w>Yes.

  • Rachel_ looks surprised this time.

<Fletcher> <w>The same truths that could endanger me, may also endager him. <Fletcher> <w>Especially if he is back under the gaze of Diamond. <Rachel_> Ah... he heard too, did he?

  • Rachel_ sighs.

<Rachel_> I don't know what the two of you know. <Rachel_> I don't know that you know anything. <Fletcher> <w>He knows the name. <Fletcher> <w>the name that links Soleil to your family. <Fletcher> <w>That alone may be enough to have him killed. <Rachel_> Well... I am not so sure about that. <Fletcher> <w>You would be the first who wasn't. <Rachel_> But I will leave you two out of it. <Rachel_> It might have been best if you did not tell me that you knew anything about Soleil.

  • Rachel_ sighs.

<Rachel_> But you have. <Fletcher> <w>Do not worry of me. <Fletcher> <w>It is Sleet and Trolius who are in the real danger. <Rachel_> I will leave Trolius out of it. And if he gets involved, I will try to help him. <Rachel_> But... you must know that I have no influence on the Countess at all. <Rachel_> . o O (Only the Duke, maybe.  :/ ) <Rachel_> So what I can do... is questionable.  :/ <Rachel_> . o O (If she brings father, he might help me too. If he thinks she is being unreasonable... but he is practically enthralled to her so I can't really expect any help from that quarter.) <Fletcher> <w>I trust you will do well for these lands. If you could keep Trolius in the bargain, so much the better.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> I want to, believe me...  :/ <Fletcher> <w>He can hid within people. <Fletcher> <w>Good day to you.

  • Fletcher will give you a small bow and pick up his belongings.

<Rachel_> Good day to you, too, Fletcher.

  • Fletcher will quietly leave.