Rachel, Soleil & Janus, 11/16/2002

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  • Soleil_ is in Rachel's room, in the morning. How did I get here? it is a mystery.

<Soleil_> (The curtains were open, perhaps.) <Elanya> (The curtains were open ;) <Rachel_> (You're in my room at Daddy's house?  :^O) <Soleil_> (sure I am)

  • Soleil_ is sitting on the windowsill.
  • Rachel_ wakes up to the uncomfortable sensation of BEING WATCHED.
  • Soleil_ is, in fact, watching Rachel :)
  • Rachel_ lies still, eyes closed and feigning sleep, while she listens for any clues.

<Soleil_> (you hear nothing, not even breath)

  • Rachel_ wishes she slept with a dagger under her pillow.

<Rachel_> . o O (If it's Tally, I'll kill him.)

  • Rachel_ sits up in one smooth motion, pulling the blankets up with her modestly, or maybe because she's hiding something under the covers.
  • Rachel_ scans the room.

<Soleil_> (I will desc)

  • Soleil_ appears to be a strikingly handsome sidhe, ageless in the way that elves can be. He easily rivals Rachel's appearance. He has chin-length, pale, iridescent hair with a soft wave to it, much like Rachel's own. His eyes look like purple crystal, shifting in tone from a light, almost lavender colour, to a deep violet.
  • Rachel_ is intrigued by his similarity to her, and wishes Nik were here.

<Rachel_> Good morning...?

  • Soleil_ is dressed in a loose, white tunic with laces at the collar, over white leather trousers. He wears a silver circlet on his brow, and on his left hand, an articulated metal claw/hook thing covers his thumb.

<Soleil_> Good morning, my dear.

  • Rachel_ says a bit coldly. What's the big idea, sneaking in to people's rooms. She is not impressed.
  • Soleil_ speaks in a pleasant tenor voice, with an accent you can't place.

<Soleil_> Do not be alarmed. <Soleil_> I know you are unaccustomed to such intrusions. <Rachel_> Quite.

  • Soleil_ looks out the window.

<Soleil_> Yes, Quite.

  • Soleil_ smiles pleasantly.

<Soleil_> You needn't be upset. <Soleil_> I am here for you. <Soleil_> I am yours. <Rachel_> ...

  • Rachel_ kens him.

<Soleil_> You called me, and so I am here.

  • Soleil_ smiles again.
  • Soleil_ appears to be some strange sort of chimera :D

<Rachel_> (She never did! she's not unhinged like Janus! No nervosa for her!  :^O) <Soleil_> (heh heh) <Rachel_> Funny, I don't remember that. <Soleil_> (maybe I'm lying... maybe I'm not. It is a mystery) <Soleil_> No words were needed...

  • Soleil_ flutters his clawed hand in a dismissive gesture.

<Soleil_> Your desire for trustworthy counsel... that was enough. <Soleil_> I will never betray you, my dear. I can never betray you. I live to serve. <Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> . o O (That sounds too much like Rook.) <Rachel_> And I'm supposed to trust you without question, why? <Soleil_> No, certainly not. I expect many questions. <Soleil_> Else you would not be true to your noble house. <Rachel_> Very well. I will be blunt. <Rachel_> Are you a nervosa? <Soleil_> I am what I am. <Soleil_> I am your family.

  • Soleil_ smiles

<Rachel_> . o O (How did Dovev come into existence? Is this like some family curse or something?) <Rachel_> Are you. <Soleil_> Yes, I am.

  • Soleil_ says conversationally.

<Rachel_> Explain.

  • Rachel_ leans back against her headboard, satisfied that he does not mean to harm her for the moment.

<Soleil_> Hm... Where to begin... <Soleil_> Once I was as you were... long ago, before things became... diminished <Soleil_> We lived in palaces of crystal, and listened to the music of the ages...

  • Soleil_ says wistfully.
  • Rachel_ sighs.

<Soleil_> My spirit could not bear to return to a lessened world, and so I wandered... <Soleil_> Through the centuries, the decades... Time has had... little meaning. <Rachel_> . o O (Oh good, he is explaining. I have no patience for riddles or vagaries.) <Rachel_> So, you were once a faerie, and now you are something else? <Soleil_> So it would seem. <Rachel_> A creature of faerie, but not any of the Kithain as we know them today. <Soleil_> Some might call me a nervosa, some a simple chimera. Others might name me ghost.

  • Soleil_ shrugs.

<Rachel_> ... <Soleil_> I heard your voice, calling to me <Soleil_> A voice so like unto one that echoed through my crystal hall... <Soleil_> You are of my lineage... and so, in this incarnation I am... fettered to you. <Rachel_> You must understand that I am extremely sceptical of all you are telling me. I don't remember calling anyone. What did you hear? <Soleil_> I heard the voice of your heart, lady. <Soleil_> The call of your desire for trust, and acceptance. <Rachel_> ... <Soleil_> For the confidence and approval of your family. <Soleil_> Truly, I had no more power over this meeting than you. <Soleil_> And yet, I am here. <Rachel_> I must say I had hoped for the confidence and approval of my living family, not some ghost from the past. <Rachel_> What are you called? <Soleil_> I am called Soleil. <Soleil_> The winter sun. <Soleil_> Or I was, long ago. <Rachel_> And what proof can you offer me that you are, indeed, somehow an ancestor of mine? <Rachel_> And not just a chimera sent by someone to take advantage of me.

  • Soleil_ crosses the room, reaches out, and touches her hair with the affection of a parent. "The seed is strong."

<Rachel_> Please don't touch me. <Soleil_> As you wish. <Rachel_> I am not comfortable with strangers approaching me so familiarly.

  • Soleil_ says sadly.

<Soleil_> My apologies... <Rachel_> ...

  • Soleil_ sits back down in the window seat, gazing out the window with a saddened air.
  • Rachel_ sighs again.

<Soleil_> You look so like her, it is easy to fall into old habits. <Rachel_> Who is it that I remind you of? A daughter, I must assume. <Soleil_> My dear sister... <Rachel_> Ah, a sister then. <Soleil_> Luna.

  • Rachel_ smiles a bit.

<Soleil_> We were twins. <Rachel_> I am sorry that you lost her, then. <Rachel_> . o O (If indeed, you aren't just making this all up.) <Soleil_> It was a difficult time. <Soleil_> She died in childbirth. <Rachel_> ...

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> I am sorry. <Soleil_> She was built too delicately...

  • Soleil_ says, looking away from Rachel.

<Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> . o O (Thanks for rubbing it in.) <Rachel_> It seems to be a trait that the women of at least two generations of my family share. <Rachel_> What did you say your surname was? <Rachel_> Or did you not have them, in the Dawn Times? <Soleil_> I come from a time before such things, my lady. <Rachel_> Did you know anyone named Dovev?

  • Rachel_ wonders.

<Rachel_> . o O (Maybe.) <Soleil_> No my lady... the name is not familiar.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Soleil_> Is he another relation? <Rachel_> In a way. <Rachel_> I'm still trying to decide whether to trust you or not.

  • Soleil_ nods.

<Soleil_> That is understandable. <Soleil_> You have been ill used. <Rachel_> o.O <Rachel_> Why do you think that? <Soleil_> Your grandmother treats you as a misbehaving child. <Soleil_> Your father would rather lavish his attentions on a misbegotten oathbreaker <Soleil_> Even your brothers take up her part. <Rachel_> ...

  • Soleil_ shakes his head sadly.

<Rachel_> How do you know these things? <Rachel_> . o O (You are not entirely correct.) <Soleil_> I know much that is hidden from the eyes of the living... <Rachel_> . o O (But I won't tell you that.)

  • Rachel_ seems more suspicious of him.

<Soleil_> You think I am incorrect? <Soleil_> I am not.

  • Soleil_ shrugs.

<Rachel_> If you think so. <Soleil_> I know a great deal about our family.

  • Rachel_ shrugs.

<Rachel_> Perhaps. But you don't seem to know a great deal about my heart or my mind. <Soleil_> No one is perfect

  • Soleil_ says, untroubled.

<Soleil_> Least of all those of our bloodline. <Rachel_> (The corner of Rachel's mouth twists up in a bitter smile.) <Rachel_> You have that right, at least. <Rachel_> Too bad so few of us recognize it. <Soleil_> I have had a long time to ponder. <Soleil_> And I have seen much, through the ages. <Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> . o O (What sorts of things, I wonder.) <Rachel_> You remember much? <Soleil_> I remember. Everything.

  • Soleil_ says the last word with a rather odd intonation.

<Rachel_> Tell me about my grandmother, then. <Rachel_> What happened to her when she was a girl? <Soleil_> Are you really ready to know? <Soleil_> It will change everything for you. <Rachel_> You ought to be able to tell me, since you seem to know our family. <Soleil_> Able I am... <Soleil_> But I fear it might upset you... <Soleil_> That is something I do not wish. You have so many troubles. <Soleil_> Are you certain?

  • Rachel_ is thinking of the story of the kitchen boy, and stuff. It would be proof that maybe he is what he says he is.
  • Rachel_ doesn't know about the patricide. ^-^

<Rachel_> Let's just say that I know a bit about her past already. If you can recite her history to me, then it might convince me to believe you. <Rachel_> It is not something she tells everyone. <Soleil_> It is not something she tells anyone, my love.

  • Rachel_ arches a delicate eyebrow.

<Rachel_> You are wrong, there. <Soleil_> When she was but a wisp of a girl, the Lady Diamond Winterborn defied her father and trysted with a household servant. <Soleil_> That is what you know. Am I correct? <Rachel_> Partially. <Soleil_> For her insolence, she was punished. As was he.

  • Rachel_ nods, disturbed. He is, apparently, what he says he is.

<Soleil_> Do you wish to know the rest? <Soleil_> Are you prepared? <Rachel_> Is there more? <Soleil_> There is <Soleil_> If you have the strength to hear it. <Rachel_> You make it sound like it is not something I would want to hear. <Soleil_> ... <Rachel_> What could she have done that is so terrible? <Soleil_> Perhaps it is something for another day. <Rachel_> Perhaps... <Soleil_> *Tara knocks on the door*

  • Rachel_ is full of doubt all of a sudden.

<Rachel_> Yes?

  • Soleil_ is gone when Rachel looks back.

<Soleil_> (:D) <Soleil_> (Tara is probably asking if she wants breakfast etc :) <Rachel_> Yes, please. Thank you, Tara. <Rachel_> I'll be down shortly.

  • Rachel_ looks around for Soleil.
  • Soleil_ is gone without a trace.

<Rachel_> . o O (At least now I know he won't be around all time.) <Rachel_> Are you still there? <Rachel_> (Does Soleil come back?) <Soleil_> (nope) <Rachel_> ...

  • Rachel_ hopes he's not watching as she changes into day clothes, then heads downstairs.
  • Rachel_ cleans up for the day, as well... although even with bedhead she's heartbreakingly beautiful. ^-^

<Rachel_> (where is Janus?) <Janus> (around somewhere... working presumably) <Rachel_> (he didn't come down to have supper with them or anything, the evening previous?) <Janus> (no... he told Tara he wasn't feeling well, or something) <Janus> (conflict bad!) <Rachel_> (Yeah... his unswerving desire to avoid conflict or any messy situations is just going to generate more messy situations, unfortunately.) <Janus> (hehe)

  • Rachel_ glides past her father's study.
  • Rachel_ is reminded of how annoyed she was that he AVOIDED her all day yesterday. >:^(
  • Janus is upstairs, copying his research notes from the previous day into a more legible form, in a great, leather-bound tome.
  • Rachel_ pauses by his door. She can hear the scritch of a pen.

<Rachel_> (How early in the morning is it???) <Janus> (when would Rachel wake up?) <Janus> (???) <Janus> (;D) <Rachel_> (depends on how late she was up the night before. Prolly not as late as Janus usually stays up - I assume he hasn't changed his routine?) <Rachel_> (i was afk for a moment) <Janus> (not really, no) <Rachel_> (9 am-ish, then. Early for Janus! He usually gets up at 10, doesn't he?  :^D) <Janus> (maybe he went to bed early ;) <Rachel_> (maybe) <Janus> (was yesterday the day she arrived, or was it the day before?) <Rachel_> (yesterday, I think) <Janus> (Ok, he really did then, remember?) <Rachel_> (No... I thought he went to study and stuff, but that's fine. He went to bed early. Poor Hayley, he's impossible to live with. ^-^) <Rachel_> (So moody. Janus must be pregnant.  ;^D ) <Janus> (lol)

  • Rachel_ decides to *try* and talk to her father.
  • Rachel_ taps on his door.
  • Janus pauses in his writing, suddenly filled with inexplicable dread!

<Janus> ... Yes? <Rachel_> (Hayley is not with him, atm. She's still asleep, maybe. She does tend to sleep alot) <Janus> (k) <Rachel_> Father... may I come in? <Janus> ... Certainly.

  • Janus puts the pen down.

<Rachel_> (mostly 'cause she is sick, and also is constantly being drained by the injuries on her back.) <Rachel_> (and various other things.)

  • Rachel_ turns the knob gently and steps in.
  • Rachel_ looks around Janus' study. Looks pretty much the same as it always did?

<Janus> (Yes. cluttered.)

  • Rachel_ smiles slightly.
  • Janus smiles, but seems guarded somehow.

<Rachel_> Disorganized, as always... how do you find anything in all this clutter? <Janus> I have an eidetic memory.

  • Rachel_ is also somewhat guarded.

<Rachel_> Ah, that explains it. <Rachel_> What *are* you studying now, anyway?

  • Rachel_ has an inkling.

<Janus> Different things.

  • Rachel_ raises an eyebrow.

<Janus> The old ways. <Rachel_> Ah...

  • Rachel_ is intrigued.

<Rachel_> What have you learned? <Janus> A great deal. I've been quite busy. <Rachel_> But you don't care to elaborate, hmm? <Janus> It wouldn't mean much to many people, I'm afraid.

  • Rachel_ asks, feigning disinterest and running her hands along a mahogany bookcase to hide her disappointment.

<Rachel_> . o O (You can be so arrogant.) <Janus> (I suuuure can :D) <Rachel_> I'd like to think that I don't fall into the category of "many people." <Janus> I suppose...

  • Rachel_ turns back to her father.

<Janus> Not many people enjoy chatting with Rook. <Rachel_> I am your daughter, after all.

  • Janus picks up the pen and turns it about with his fingertips.

<Rachel_> (lengthening pause? ^-^) <Janus> (so it would seem)

  • Janus wonders if Rachel is going to ask him about Rook and his vengeance.
  • Janus hopes not.

<Rachel_> I was disappointed that you were too busy to join us for supper last night. <Rachel_> I did come here to see *you*, after all. <Janus> I was not feeling well. <Rachel_> Really?

  • Rachel_ glances away.

<Rachel_> You look much better than you did... <Janus> . o O (Because Hayley isn't here with me? Is that what you mean?) <Rachel_> (you get the feeling that actually she means you look better than you did before Hayley came back) <Rachel_> (It's probably as close as she'll come to saying that maybe being with Hayley is... not...so...bad.) <Janus> (how do I get that feeling, exactly? psychic powers? ;) <Rachel_> (No, her body language) <Janus> (and I am the king of empathic perception... riiiight) <Rachel_> (You can tell, by people's expressions and stuff, and the stress they put on things) <Rachel_> (Or not, if you don't want him to) <Rachel_> (things = certain words) <Janus> (well in any case, that is not an apology) <Rachel_> (No, it isn't. ^-^)

  • Rachel_ slides her eyes back up to Janus' face.
  • Janus is looking down at his book with a melancholic expression.

<Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> Father, I'm sorry if I upset you. <Rachel_> . o O (But I still don't like Hayley very much.) <Janus> She was... very excited to see you.

  • Rachel_ raises an eyebrow.

<Rachel_> Really.

  • Rachel_ can't really bring herself to believe that.
  • Janus spins the quill between his thumb and forefinger.

<Rachel_> I didn't expect to see her here... <Janus> I could not dissuade her. <Rachel_> And it hurt me very much that no one had seen fit to tell me. <Rachel_> I am part of this family, too.

  • Rachel_ says, a sad tone creeping in.

<Janus> I was not prepared to face ... a scene such as yesterday's. <Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> Have you spoken with Her Excellency recently?

  • Rachel_ never used to call Diamond by anything but "grandmother" when talking to Janus.

<Janus> She was here before Samhain.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> Then you must know what she thinks of me. <Rachel_> It hurt that my brothers and father would share her opinion.

  • Janus looks puzzled

<Janus> ... Some time before Samhain <Rachel_> Oh.

  • Rachel_ covers her mouth with her hand.

<Rachel_> . o O (I've said too much.) <Rachel_> She is... not pleased with my appointment. <Rachel_> She does not think I am ready for it, or even remotely capable of it. <Janus> Oh... <Janus> That is... unfortunate. <Rachel_> I haven't even seen her, except from a distance on Samhain, since the day I got the news... <Rachel_> I am not worthy of her confidence. And I guess I can understand why... <Rachel_> But it hurt me, yesterday, to learn that I was not worthy of yours, either. <Rachel_> The two of you mean so much to me.

  • Rachel_ is trying to maintain her composure.
  • Rachel_ sits down on the couch in Janus' study.
  • Janus puts the pen down.

<Janus> Rachel, at the time that Hayley returned here, I was... not well. <Janus> It is not trust that I lack but strength.

  • Rachel_ brushes a tear away from her eye.

<Janus> I am growing old... such things exhaust me.

  • Rachel_ is startled by Janus saying that.
  • Rachel_ turns to scrutinize him.

<Janus> It is a difficult thing, for a father to face the derision, the disgust, of his only daughter. <Rachel_> (does he look older, like her? ^-^) <Janus> (he looks tired)

  • Rachel_ searches Janus' gaze, looking deep within.

<Rachel_> (lesser men might quail under such a gaze!  ;^D ) <Janus> (it's hard to quail when I can remember your potty training ;D) <Rachel_> (heee!) <Rachel_> (It will serve her well in her court, I hope... the magnitude of her gaze. They won't remember her potty training. :^D )

  • Rachel_ breaks contact eventually.

<Rachel_> You love her that much, do you? <Janus> I do.

  • Rachel_ shakes her head slightly.

<Rachel_> You really can't help it, can you. <Rachel_> ...

  • Janus sighs and looks annoyed.
  • Janus picks up the pen again.

<Rachel_> Father-

  • Rachel_ tries to get his attention once more.
  • Janus looks up at her.
  • Rachel_ stands up and comes towards him.

<Rachel_> I... can't promise that I will *like* her... but I can see that... your life is richer with her in it. <Rachel_> And that- is important to me. <Rachel_> I am sorry that I hurt you, yesterday.

  • Rachel_ looks down at her feet, standing before her father for all the world like a little girl caught in the act of doing something terribly naughty.
  • Rachel_ certainly doesn't look much like a little girl anymore, though. ^-^

<Janus> Well... I will survive. <Rachel_> (does he sound sincere? ^-^)

  • Janus smiles a small smile.

<Janus> (yes, but you can tell (with all that Empathy) that his pride is still smarting)

  • Rachel_ looks up and smiles shyly back, then moves around his desk to the side of his chair to give him a hug.

<Rachel_> I love you so much, father. You must know that. <Janus> I love you too, Rachel.

  • Janus says quietly.
  • Rachel_ kneels by the side of his chair in a respectful little-girl way she's had all her life and continues to hug him.
  • Janus sighs and relaxes somewhat.

<Rachel_> (She had to swallow her pride to say those words about Hayley, herself, you know. It wasn't easy!  :^D )

  • Rachel_ looks like she intends to remain there all day. ^-^

<Rachel_> (kneeling with her arms around her father) <Rachel_> (You're going to have to peel her away. ^-^) <Janus> You're a good girl, Rachel... You'll do well in Concordia, regardless of what your grandmother thinks.

  • Rachel_ realizes how undignified she is acting and retracts her arms from her father, placing her hands gently on the arm of his chair, instead.

<Rachel_> I hope so... <Rachel_> But sometimes I wonder.

  • Rachel_ looks away, slightly ashamed perhaps.

<Rachel_> It's going to be so turbulent... <Rachel_> And I had to settle for knights I don't really know - Her Majesty will be providing them to me... <Rachel_> I don't like that. <Janus> ... No, nor should you.

  • Janus says, concerned.

<Rachel_> Well, I had hoped that the Countess might spare a few... but she needs all she has, even if she did still think I wasn't a waste of skin. <Janus> Have you considered asking my... your, ah... the Duke? <Janus> I understand he is quite fond of you... <Rachel_> I have... <Rachel_> But I'm not sure how to go about it... <Janus> Perhaps through Nikolai.

  • Janus suggests.

<Rachel_> And at any rate, His Grace might not think very well of me anymore, either... <Rachel_> I'm not sure. I hope not. <Janus> I'm sure His Grace can make up his own mind, Rachel.

  • Rachel_ blushes, embarrassed.

<Rachel_> I know. <Rachel_> Nikolai has been wonderfully supportive... <Rachel_> I'm afraid I've been a bit of a drag of late... <Janus> I'm sure he must understand. <Rachel_> He does. He is the best.

  • Rachel_ loves him so much! ^-^

<Rachel_> I wish he could come to Georgia with m-

  • Rachel_ blushes, remembering this is her father, and he might not want to think of his daughter being with a man. ^-^

<Janus> Yes well, I'm sure he'll visit.

  • Janus says quickly.

<Janus> ¬_¬

  • Rachel_ nods quickly.

<Rachel_> I don't want to seem... like a bother to His Grace, though. <Janus> I doubt very much that you are. <Rachel_> I intend to start raising horses now that I have some land! <Rachel_> I'll be leasing Godiva from His Grace, you know... and do you remember Trigger, Marilyn's Faerie stallion? <Janus> Vaguely, yes. <Rachel_> I hope to get a good colt out of them to be my founding sire. <Rachel_> We'll have to see... <Janus> My uncle in Concordia used to keep stables, I believe...

  • Janus says thoughtfully

<Rachel_> Oh, you mean Isabel's father? <Rachel_> Mmm-hmm, she likes horses too. <Janus> Yes. I visited there once, as a child, I think. <Rachel_> I asked her to come with me... but she can't.

  • Rachel_ seems sad.

<Janus> Oh? Why not? <Rachel_> I know I could have trusted her, at least. <Rachel_> Oh... well, her father wants her very much to remain with the Countess. <Janus> Oh, I see. <Janus> I don't remember much about Lady Isabel, I'm afraid... <Rachel_> She's a sweetheart. I'm so glad I got to meet her. <Rachel_> She'll be able to visit, at least...

  • Janus nods.

<Rachel_> A friend of mine... from my previous stay in Concordia, will be joining my court. <Janus> Oh?

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Janus> Who is that?

  • Janus asks innocuously.
  • Janus recalls being not overfond of those 'friends in Concordia'.
  • Janus suspects she is referring to some uppity commoner.

<Rachel_> Lady Olivia... she's of House Gwydion. <Rachel_> We worked together with the Underground. <Rachel_> She is quite clever and level-headed... whereas I tend to be quick-tempered. <Rachel_> Also, the gifts of those of her House will be invaluable to me. <Rachel_> I do trust her. <Rachel_> . o O (And then there is Soleil, I guess... but best not to mention him, in case he never shows up again.) <Rachel_> . o O (I doubt that will be the case, though...) <Janus> Oh, I see. <Janus> I don't believe I know her. <Rachel_> No, not yet. You will meet her though, if you come to Tara Nar!

  • Janus nods.

<Rachel_> I'm trying to hire a tutor, as well, who can teach me Wayfare... but I haven't found anyone I'm satisfied with, yet. <Rachel_> It's been difficult, working out of Aberystwyth...

  • Rachel_ pauses to catch her breath.

<Rachel_> I must be boring you... I'm certainly keeping you from your studies. <Janus> I don't mind... I have nothing but time. <Rachel_> I wish Tally would come back to Concordia... but he has his own life to lead, now... <Rachel_> He could teach me... <Rachel_> Oh well.

  • Rachel_ sighs.

<Rachel_> I'm going to miss my two brothers, and you, and Aberystwyth... <Janus> Even Aberystwyth? <Janus> I thought you had rather cooled towards the place.

  • Rachel_ nods, smiling sadly.

<Rachel_> I haven't stopped loving her... she just stopped loving me. <Rachel_> I'll miss all the shows at Beltaine and Samhain... <Rachel_> And the few times she did seem to really care about me. <Janus> I wouldn't go so far as that...

  • Janus says, perhaps a bit defensively.
  • Rachel_ 's eyes are watery.

<Rachel_> I'm sorry... <Rachel_> You're probably right.

  • Rachel_ wipes her eyes.

<Rachel_> She is hard to know or understand. <Janus> Your grandmother has some... different ideas. <Janus> She was raised in a time when things were done quite differently.

  • Rachel_ moves from her kneeling position and sits back against a bookshelf, on the floor.
  • Rachel_ sighs.

<Rachel_> I know... but so was His Grace, and he is so different from her. <Janus> Some people are more adaptable than others, I suppose <Rachel_> ... <Janus> And... he did not remember that part of his life for nearly two centuries... time to acquire some new perspectives, perhaps. <Rachel_> Maybe. <Rachel_> (Tara calls up. "Rachel! Are you going to eat? Your breakfast's all gone to waste!")

  • Rachel_ looks startled.

<Rachel_> I forgot all about breakfast... <Rachel_> Have you eaten already?

  • Rachel_ asks her father.

<Janus> No... <Rachel_> Would you care to? <Rachel_> (Eat with me! not that satyr! ^-^) <Janus> I suppose I could do with some tea, or something. <Rachel_> Splendid!

  • Rachel_ rises gracefully to her feet.
  • Rachel_ brushes herself off, although I doubt Janus' study is all *that* dusty, really.

<Rachel_> Will you come down, then? <Rachel_> Or shall I bring our meals here? <Janus> I'll come down.

  • Janus gets up.
  • Rachel_ smiles happily and holds open the door for him. ^-^

<Rachel_> (want to end things there or is there something more we can do / you'd like to do?) <Janus> (not really anything happening here, I don't think) <Janus> (unless Hayley stirs things up or something) <Rachel_> (OK)