Rachel, Nikolai & Michael, 11/16/2002

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<Rachel_> (Well... Rachel was visiting Rosehill last time we played, mainly to learn what Michael's feelings on her horse farm idea were... relating to the lease and breeding of Godiva to Trigger, anyway. Just tentatively, feeling out his opinion Did she get an answer?)

  • Rachel_ has written Janus to see if she might be allowed to access the trust fund Debbie set up for her. She needs trading goods to buy land and pay for leasing and servicing. :^) )

<Isabel> (he'd be ok with it as long as you understand that it *is* only *temporary*) <Isabel> (Wasn't he supposed to get another hrse out of the deal as well?) <Rachel_> (Of course. That's the idea of a lease.) <Isabel> (that would be good) <Rachel_> (Well, she doesn't have any horses yet. She needs to get some. She wants to try to get a good breeding stallion out of Godiva by Trigger.) <Rachel_> (Godiva can stay at Rosehill once she's bred, if the Duke is amenable; Rachel will pay for her board, feed, medical care, etc.) <Rachel_> (Rachel has done Soothsay and has reason to believe she'll get a colt, but Soothsay is never 100%.)

      • Isabel is now known as Domino

<Rachel_> (I had no plans for providing the Duke with another horse while Rachel leases and breeds Godiva; but if the Duke wants one, she can see what she can do. She won't necessarily be able to find one as good as Godiva, though.) <Rachel_> (Anyway, she'll have left it up to the Duke to decide.) <Domino> (no, I mean he'd want one of your baby horses eventually :) <Rachel_> (Rachel will have been looking out for another quality mare to breed if the Duke wants too steep a price) <Rachel_> (Oh, well, sure, he can have a baby horse eventually once Rachel knows the bloodline is a good one and stuff)_ <Rachel_> (But not until she has a few good ones  :^) )_ <Max> (So, crazy, might not work out kidnapping idea, or good old reliable, works most of the time Will?) <Rachel_> (heehee, kidnapping could be fun)

  • Rachel_ is out in the countryside near Rosehill, kidnapper or no.
  • Rachel_ is looking at some nice land, though she doesn't think she wants to be so close to Rosehill.
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-> *Domino* Rach also would have told Nikolai about her plans. He likes horses too so hopefully he likes her plans.

  • Rachel_ is daydreaming about setting out on her own once more.
  • Rachel_ is excited about the prospect of having her own place, though it likely will not have any sort of Freehold or Glen and she will rely on visits with Janus, Diamond etc. for filling up on Glamour when necessary.
      • Max is now known as Raleigh

<Rachel_> That'll be a bit of a drag...

  • Rachel_ murmurs quietly to herself, secure in her loneliness.
  • Rachel_ walks around a pretty field skirted by woods.
  • Raleigh 's out for a morning (afternoon?) walk along one of the forest paths.

<Rachel_> ~ When we were young and days were warm <Rachel_> ~I'd hold you fondly in my arms <Rachel_> ~In the fields of green we'd walk all day <Rachel_> ~But I no more will be passing this way

  • Rachel_ sings to herself then laughs quietly, not wanting to disturb the serene countryside.
  • Raleigh 's a rather elderly looking Boggan, typically short and pudgy. He fishes around in one of his overcoat pockets for some loose tobbaco, and pack a long pipe.

<Rachel_> Too close to Rosehill!

  • Rachel_ sing-songs to herself.
  • Rachel_ doesn't know anyone is close.
      • Domino is now known as Belden
  • Rachel_ is just lovely and happy to be out in the sun.

<Raleigh> 'Morning, there!

  • Rachel_ does a double take then turns to look at the source of the voice.
  • Raleigh waves, puffing away on his freshly lit pipe.

<Rachel_> Good morning, good sir.

  • Rachel_ says courteously and with a radiant smile.

<Raleigh> Not often I meet someone out here. Seems that everyone's forgotten how nice this countryside can be!

  • Raleigh is a rather gregarious little fellow.

<Belden> . o O (And it seems that you two have forgotten how full of brigsnds this countryside can be!) <Rachel_> And it is exceedingly lovely, isn't it?

  • Belden watches, Veiled in a tree somewhere.
  • Rachel_ has nothing glittery about her; she's just wearing her usual blouse and doeskin breeches with soft boots.

<Raleigh> (Yay, two kidnappers? ;) ) <Rachel_> (All well-made, of course.) <Belden> (I'm just a brigand) <Rachel_> (But nothing particularly worth the trouble of stealing.) <Raleigh> Ah, it is! Especially in this time of year. <Belden> (and if you don't even have a purse then I'm not going to bother)

      • Belden is now known as Longpig

<Raleigh> Have you seen the falls yet? Quite the sight, really.

  • Rachel_ has a nice bow and quiver of arrows. But she isn't entirely stupid enough to go wandering about alone and draped in riches

<Rachel_> Oh, is there a falls? Where is that? <Raleigh> Just over the ridge. I'm on my way over now... I usually pay it a visit on these morning constitutionals. <Rachel_> Is that right?

  • Raleigh nods.

<Rachel_> Perhaps I shall come visit it sometime with Lord Nikolai. <Rachel_> Today I am just looking at this piece of land. <Raleigh> Ah, excellent. It is quite the romantic spot.

  • Rachel_ gestures with an arm to encompass the parcel of land that is for sale.
  • Raleigh waggles his eyebrows suggestively.

<Rachel_> Well, then I'm sure my lord would be jealous if I went with you and not him, now wouldn't he? <Raleigh> Indeed he would!

  • Raleigh laughs.

<Rachel_> So, I am afraid I must wait to see the falls until he can accompany me. <Rachel_> It wouldn't do for me to make him jealous of you.

  • Rachel_ smiles gently.

<Raleigh> Well, I am sure they won't be going anywhere! <Rachel_> Indeed. <Rachel_> Are you from the area? <Raleigh> Indeed. My family's lived in this area going back... oh... as far as I can remember. <Rachel_> Oh, so are you the gentleman who is selling it? I'd heard it was for sale. <Rachel_> (-it + the land) <Rachel_> (I misread that line... thought you said your family had been in this land) <Rachel_> (silly me)

      • Longpig is now known as Belden
  • Rachel_ looks around at some birds while she waits for the elderly Boggan to answer.

<Raleigh> What, all this?

  • Raleigh laughs.

<Raleigh> The Raleigh clan's never had this much land in it's entire history. <Rachel_> Oh, well. Land's not all it's made out to be.

  • Belden drops out of a tree behind Rachel as her cantrip expires, and clubs her across the back of the neck with a sap!

<Belden> * Belden is a wiry redcap girl in a leather mask and armour...

  • Rachel_ collapses unconscious.

<Raleigh> Right, so, let's get her out of here, then. <Belden> Hope I didn't interrupt yer fascinatin' conversation. <Belden> Alrighty

  • Belden tosses Rachel over her shoulder in a fireman's carry.

<Belden> Your place?

  • Raleigh 's voice drops to a business like tone.

<Raleigh> No, I've got a suite prepared for her Lordship. <Rachel_> (Tsk tsk, one would think the Duke would keep his lands free of brigands and kidnapers.  ;^D ) <Belden> A suite? Sweet.

  • Belden giggles.
  • Raleigh takes a set of iron manacles from the non-tobacco pocket of his jacket, and tosses them in front of Belden.

<Raleigh> Put those on her, would you? <Rachel_> (OW!) <Belden> Oy, I already had her up.

  • Raleigh shakes his hands out.
  • Belden dumps the noble unceremoniously on the path.

<Raleigh> Well, I'm sure when she wakes up, she's much less likely to come after you with those on.

  • Belden has no problems snapping them on to Rachel, as she is wearing thick leather gloves.

<Belden> This lil thing... <Belden> I could break her over my knee!

  • Belden hoists the slim sidhe over her shoulder again.

<Belden> Let's get goin'... she's all bony, pokin' into me! <Raleigh> Although I'm sure you could rout her an a straight fight, I believe large walls of earth you'd have some trouble with.

  • Raleigh guestures. "This way."
  • Belden follows the boggan.
  • Rachel_ wakes uo while she is slung over the Redcap's shoulder but pretends to still be out cold.
  • Belden thinks of all the good stuff Rachel's ransom wil surely buy. A horse, a sword, food...
  • Rachel_ 's mind is woozy at first but then starts thinking of how to get *out* of this very bad situation...
  • Raleigh leads Raleigh through the woods, to a small bunker out in the middle of nowhere.
  • Belden starts a-singin'

<Belden> ~A is for arse-hole, all covered in hair! <Belden> ~B's for the blowjob, after which we don't care! <Belden> ~C is for cunt which doth glisten and throb <Belden> ~D's diarrhea, that's shit all gone wrong!

  • Raleigh ignores the off-key singing.

<Raleigh> Right, here it is. <Belden> ~Merrily, merrily, so merry sail we; no mortal on earth like a sailor at sea!

  • Belden nods and stops singing.
  • Rachel_ feels the iron around her wrists and despairs.

<Rachel_> . o O (If not for those I could rout these bastards in no time flat.)

  • Raleigh opens a thick door, and holds it for Belden.
  • Belden goes inside.

<Rachel_> (Hang on a sec) <Rachel_> (The manacles, are they on wrists alone?) <Raleigh> (The bunker is fairly small and spartan... There's a table with a few chairs off to one side, a small kitchen, a set of chains opposite the door, and a few roll up beds) <Raleigh> (yeah) <Belden> Let's do 'er up, boys!

  • Rachel_ kicks herself off of Belden before the redcap gets inside and she runs into the woods as fast as she can go.

<Belden> Ah, scuse me? I'm holding you. <Belden> () <Belden> (I didn't just balance you on my shoulder the whole way here :P) <Rachel_> (fireman's carry isn't secure; if the person wanted to get off the shoulder they could) <Belden> (yeah, but I'm kidnapping you, not rescuing you, and I'm holding on :P) <Rachel_> (All right; you'd just said fireman's carry before.) <Belden> (I did, but I'm holding on to your waist) <Belden> (geez, this is getting retarded... why don't you just say you have a force field)

  • Rachel_ begins thrashing and kicking and even biting the Redcap if there's any part she can reach.

<Belden> Hey, she's awake <Raleigh> (look at it this way: it's more entertaining if you're inside. ;) )

  • Belden dumps Rachel on the floor and then sits on her.

<Rachel_> (I didn't escape because you're holding me securely. That's not retarded. I am now trying to escape another way) <Rachel_> Get off me! <Belden> She *bit* me <Belden> That ain't couth.

  • Rachel_ gasps for air.

<Belden> Chain 'er up, boss man. <Raleigh> Lady Rachel, please don't agitate my assoiciate. <Belden> Yeh, I kin bite way harder, I'll bet

  • Belden snaps her teeth in the air.

<Rachel_> I don't doubt it.

  • Rachel_ snarls.
  • Raleigh attaches the chain on the wall to Rachel's manacles. The chain's attached at floor level; he's got about four feet to work with.

<Raleigh> (she's)

  • Belden hops off the noblewoman.

<Rachel_> But I'm not about to just sit and look pretty when I have been kidnapped.

  • Rachel_ says when she can breathe.

<Belden> Ain't that all yes are good fer? <Raleigh> Why not? If you don't try to escape, you don't get killed. <Belden> Sittin' pretty...

  • Rachel_ scrambles towards the wall and leans against it, glaring angrily at her kidnappers.

<Belden> <m> wouldn't look s'pretty without a nose <Raleigh> If you coorperate, you'll be fine. <Rachel_> Obviously you can't have done much research into your victim if you think I am like those other girls at court. <Raleigh> Now, we've probably got a bit of a wait. Something to eat? <Belden> You got a rich boyfriend <Belden> That's enough fer us <Rachel_> You definitely haven't done your research.

  • Rachel_ hisses under her breath.

<Rachel_> . o O (Bloody idiots.) <Raleigh> I assure you, Lady Rachel, I have. <Rachel_> Well, let me applaud you then. <Raleigh> Do you know how long it took me to get this bunker set up? <Belden> Tell 'er about the bunker, hehe <Rachel_> Do tell. <Raleigh> Ten years. Ten *years*.

  • Rachel_ leans back against the wall and listens quietly, to see if she can come up with anything.

<Raleigh> But it's a lovely piece of work, isn't it? <Rachel_> Actually I find your decor quite repulsive. <Raleigh> No one comes or goes through that door but Belden, me, or our unfourtunate captive.

  • Rachel_ lifts an iron-clad wrist to demonstrate.

<Belden> Sorry we ain't got no ro-co-co frescas. <Raleigh> You may want to keep those on. <Rachel_> How long do you plan to keep these on me? If I go banal I won't be of much interest to my rich boyfriend. <Belden> He ain't gonna know that, hee hee

  • Raleigh points to the celing. There's a big metal blade up there, currently firmly attached.

<Raleigh> If the bunker is damaged, or that chain comes out of the wall, our friend up there will be paying you a visit. <Rachel_> How very boring. Do you know how many B-movie villains came up with the same idea? <Belden> We don't get t'see many picture shows <Belden> Maybe it's diffrent over in Crystal Palace

  • Belden sneers

<Raleigh> It's efficient.

  • Rachel_ glances at Belden.
  • Belden is leaning against the door.

<Raleigh> Finding the right people to set the cantrips up... but, in a few hours, it will all be worth it.

  • Raleigh sits down at the table.

<Rachel_> You will certainly deserve what you get.

  • Rachel_ says generously.

<Raleigh> You should watch your mouth, Lady Rachel. Belden has a nasty temper. <Belden> An' I'm awful hungry. <Rachel_> . o O (If you think father, and the Countess, and His Grace, and Nikolai will let you live long after you claim your ransom.) <Rachel_> I also have a nasty temper and it is not well-exercised. I rarely get to use it. <Rachel_> But for the sake of comfort, I shall endeavour to keep it in check. <Belden> Ha! Ha! <Rachel_> This space is rather confined for three people. <Raleigh> Hopefully, we won't be here long. <Belden> Still talkin like miss high an' mighty... <Belden> So sorry we don't got no caviar for ya, princess.

  • Rachel_ turns sideways so she doesn't have to look at the two people.

<Rachel_> That's fine; I don't much like caviar.

  • Raleigh turns to Belden.

<Belden> OO, she's got a smart mouth. <Belden> Ain't she got a smart mouth, boss?

  • Rachel_ stares up at the ceiling and walls and stuff.

<Raleigh> Quite. Did Rudolph head off with the ransom demands? <Belden> Far's I know.

  • Belden nods.
  • Belden 's curly red hair bobs.

<Raleigh> Too bad about him. They'll probably string him up. <Belden> Never did like 'im <Belden> Had a smart fuckin' mouth. <Rachel_> I think that whatever they do to him, it will be much, much worse than that.

  • Belden glares at Rachel, and bares her awful teeth.

<Rachel_> Why are you doing this, by the way? <Rachel_> I understand the desire for money and property. <Rachel_> I was trying to get some for myself. <Raleigh> There's something we can only get from folks like you. <Rachel_> What's that?

  • Rachel_ crosses her arms.

<Belden> Hee hee hee <Belden> Somethin ya just *hate* to see us have <Rachel_> (as well as she can) <Rachel_> What might that be, pray tell? <Raleigh> I've had a place set up in the dreaming just for it.

  • Rachel_ arches an eyebrow.

<Raleigh> Your lovely little spark of immortality.

  • Rachel_ is surprised.

<Rachel_> I'd give it to you freely if I could. <Raleigh> I doubt that, madam. <Rachel_> I know you won't believe one word of what I say but living forever is not all it's chalked up to be. <Belden> She ain't gettin' it boss. <Raleigh> No, she isn't. <Rachel_> I would like to "get it" if you'd care to explain further. <Raleigh> Some of the balefire, my Lady. <Rachel_> . o O (I don't believe they don't know how much I have worked for Commoner equality in the past... And bringing it up now surely would not help.) <Rachel_> . o O (They know who I am and what I have done.) <Raleigh> It probably means nothing to you. <Rachel_> . o O (Which makes this pretty sad.) <Rachel_> . o O (Oh well. You can't please all the people all the time.) <Rachel_> Balefire? <Rachel_> You want a freehold? <Rachel_> Join the club.

  • Rachel_ says dryly.

<Raleigh> You don't have a barganing position. We, however, currently do.

  • Rachel_ settles down against the wall.

<Rachel_> Indeed it would seem so. <Rachel_> Perhaps I shall have to resort to kidnapping once I am returned to my family. If it works for you it ought to work for me.

  • Raleigh smirks.
  • Rachel_ returns to studying the walls and ceiling.
  • Belden sits on the table.

<Belden> How long d'we gotta wait? <Raleigh> Too long.

  • Rachel_ rubs her wrists which hurt.

<Raleigh> They'll probably try to remove her by force before dealing with us.

  • Rachel_ kens the building.

<Rachel_> (I presume it has Weaver Ward on it, and stuff.) <Rachel_> (From their earlier talk.) <Raleigh> (Yeah, and gimmix set to release the big pointy bit, whee) <Rachel_> Quite impressive, what you've got here. <Rachel_> You had to call in a number of favours. <Rachel_> Do you kidnap regularly?

  • Rachel_ asks conversationally.

<Raleigh> This is a one shot deal, my Lady. <Raleigh> If we succeed, we have no need to do it again. If we fail, we will be very, very dead. <Rachel_> Surely you could have had no assurance of success? <Belden> Desp'rit times... <Raleigh> It's an outside chance. <Rachel_> So, ten years ago you hatched a plan to capture an important guest of His Grace's, is that correct? <Raleigh> Twelve. Reasearch and planning, and all. <Rachel_> How could you have known that you would get anyone important enough to have their disappearance noticed by him? <Rachel_> It seems like a real gamble. <Belden> He's got lots've important friends. <Belden> ANnif not... always his kid. <Rachel_> Probably some of his "important friends" are just people he is keeping an eye on to make sure they don't backstab him. <Rachel_> If you'd caught one of them, he would not have cared one whit if you killed them. <Belden> Who cares? <Belden> Yer here <Belden> That's alls that matters. <Rachel_> I recognize that. <Rachel_> Still, as you mentioned, we may have a long wait. I was just trying to pass the time. <Rachel_> I'm impressed that you made such an elaborate scheme and could not even be sure of success. <Rachel_> You've got balls.

      • Raleigh has quit IRC (Ping timeout¤)
  • Rachel_ says with some real respect. ;^D
  • Rachel_ is impressed and trying to distract herself from being too concerned about her situation. The iron hurts like hell though.

<Belden> We ain't got nothin' to lose.

  • Belden snarls.

<Belden> (I like this name. Since Bleden's probably going to die tonight I think I'll use it for my character in Julie's game.) <Rachel_> hehe <Rachel_> (() <Rachel_> (That was in brackets; Rachel is not laughing at Belden's desperate situation)

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> You know I can't escape; also, your bunker is Weaver Warded, so I cannot use any magic to get out; nor can my family see in. <Rachel_> I don't suppose you would consider removing these manacles? <Rachel_> (n/m!) <Rachel_> (Just remembered I'm thinking of Runic Circle.) <Rachel_> (Shje didn't say that.) <Rachel_> (Argh.) <Rachel_> (Too many cantrips)

  • Rachel_ just nods.

<Rachel_> I don't suppose my status of captive entitles me to a sip of water, perhaps? <Rachel_> It is a hot day and I've had nothing to drink since breakfast. <Rachel_> Your case might go over better if I am returned to my family in reasonably good condition. <Belden> Ya look fine t'me.

  • Belden grunts.

<Rachel_> Very well. No willow bark tea either then, I presume. I shall just have to endure this splitting headache. <Rachel_> If you'll excuse me.

  • Rachel_ lies down and closes her eyes and tries to sleep.

<Rachel_> (I wonder if Max is coming back?  :^o)

  • Rachel_ lays her hands down on the ground as far from the rest of her body as possible. so coldly burning... :^/
  • Rachel_ flutters her wings slightly to settle them and tries not to think of the manacles or the horrible headache that she has just started to feel now that the adrenaline rush is gone.

<Rachel_> (Ugh, my room seems to be getting *hotter* not cooler as the night progresses.)

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<Raleigh> (re) <Rachel_> (re) -> *Raleigh* Do you want to know what happened?

  • Rachel_ tries to sleep and can't help but smile... the old Boggan called her "my Lady."

<Rachel_> . o O (It's really pretty sad.)

  • Rachel_ sighs.
  • Raleigh drums his fingers on the table.

<Belden> * sounds of barking dogs <Raleigh> Ah, there we are...

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  • Rachel_ sits up.

<Belden> That'll be then, what d'you think? <Belden> (them)

      • Isabel is now known as Nikolai_
  • Rachel_ rubs the lump on her head.

<Rachel_> Probably. <Rachel_> But it could just be a mortal hunter, as well. <Rachel_> There are lots of deer in the wood. <Raleigh> I somehow doubt it. <Rachel_> You're probably right to doubt it.

  • Rachel_ leans against the wall and waits quietly.

<Rachel_> . o O (How embarrassing. They'll never let me out on my own again.)

      • Nikolai_ is now known as Some_Knight

<Rachel_> . o O (I hate pages and bodyguards.)

  • Some_Knight bangs on the door.

<Some_Knight> Open this door, you ruffians! <Some_Knight> Open in the name of His Grace! <Some_Knight> OR we shall knock it down, by Dagda! <Rachel_> It's booby-trapped, don't try to break in. <Some_Knight> <dogs> *baying*

  • Rachel_ calls out.

<Some_Knight> <NIkolai> That was Rachel!

      • Some_Knight is now known as Nikolai_
  • Rachel_ sounded pretty calm. ;^D

<Raleigh> She's quite correct. You should leave the door where it is. <Nikolai_> Rachel! Rachel! Are you OK? <Rachel_> I'm fine; they're quite civil for kidnappers. <Rachel_> . o O (I'm trying to help you two out so don't blow it.) <Belden> But we might not be if ya keep bangin' on the door like that! <Raleigh> She's fine, for now. What about the demands? <Nikolai_> <Some Knight> Booby-trapped *how*? <Rachel_> There is a blade suspended above me; it has a cantrip on it. <Nikolai_> <Some other knight> You're insane if you think His Grace is going to just hand over the balefire! <Rachel_> The whole building is Weaver-warded; the blade will fall rather suddenly if the weaver ward is broken.

  • Rachel_ is surprised; how did that knight know they were after balefire?

<Raleigh> Well now, seeing as you've heard from a reliable source... <Nikolai_> <Some kinght> His Grace does not deal with terrorists! Nor does he barter for his family like swine at the fair!

  • Rachel_ lifts a hand to her forehead in exasperation.

<Nikolai_> Even if we do give it to you, how far do you really think you'll get? <Nikolai_> Do you really expect to escape? <Rachel_> I wish you two had just asked me to get you some balefire. I might have been able to pull it off and I don't care if Commoners own freeholds. <Nikolai_> Return Rachel to safety, and I will personally see that your punishment is as lenient as possible. <Belden> Shut up! <Belden> (to Rachel) <Raleigh> We've got everything taken care of.

  • Rachel_ shakes her head but falls silent for now.

<Raleigh> We'll be just fine once we've got what we're here for. <Nikolai_> You think you can just waltz off into the sunset and no-one is going to look for you? That there's no-one who can find you?

  • Rachel_ really wishes the cold iron were *gone*

<Nikolai_> You are gravely misinformed! <Rachel_> . o O (Nikolai... don't be an idiot, please.) <Raleigh> Well, that's a shame, isn't it? <Raleigh> It's also a shame that her lady is currently bound in cold iron. <Rachel_> . o O (Although living eternally does not appeal, I am not quite ready to give it up yet.) <Raleigh> Please hurry up, will you? <Nikolai_> ... <Nikolai_> We shall have to send someone back to the freehold to fetch it.

  • Nikolai_ says resignedly.

<Rachel_> . o O (Good Nikolai) <Nikolai_> We did not expect your... hideout to be so fortified. <Raleigh> I'm sure you're probably working on that now.

  • Rachel_ tries not to dwell on the iron and the bump on her head because that just magnifies the pain.

<Raleigh> Don't do anything stupid, please... it'd be a shame to have to hurt anyone.

  • Raleigh has a bit of a dismissive tone in his voice.

<Rachel_> I'm fine for now, Nik... <Nikolai_> ... I know... <Rachel_> I love you.

  • Rachel_ says just in case things go horribly wrong and she doesn't get to say it again.

<Nikolai_> I love you too Rachel.... I won't let anything happen to you.

  • Belden makes gagging sounds.
  • Raleigh smirks.
  • Rachel_ can't help but grin wryly.

<Rachel_> . o O (A little late for that, my dear.)

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<Rachel_> . o O (But it's the thought that counts.)

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  • Rachel_ glances at Belden, amusement sparkling in her eyes though her face is lined with pain by now.
  • Rachel_ looks away again.
  • Michael_ shoves the door open. It slams into the wall with a loud bang... Strangely, the blade does not fall to slice Rachel.
  • Rachel_ is torn between sympathy for the commoners and anger at them.
  • Raleigh jumps up.
  • Michael_ has Awe in full effect (yo). Nikolai, and an assortment of knights stand behind the DUke.
  • Michael_ swings his staff in a broad arc.
  • Belden goes flying across the room, into a wall.
  • Rachel_ stands up slowly, awed.

<Belden> *cracking sounds* <Michael_> This foolishness has now come to an end!

  • Michael_ booms angrily.

<Raleigh> (Tell me what Awe is, so I can react accordingly. ;) ) <Michael_> (Grandeur, I meant) <Michael_> (Sovereign 3) <Rachel_> . o O (I'm sorry for you guys.) <Michael_> Release Lady Gwydaine at once!

  • Belden groans in pain.
  • Raleigh fumbles in his pockets for the keys to the manacles.
  • Rachel_ glances at the old Boggan. There is pain, anger, relief and a touch of sympathy in her eyes.
  • Raleigh shakily undoes Rachel's manacles.
  • Rachel_ straightens and extends her wrists, looking tall and firm.
  • Nikolai_ motions for the knights to enter the room.
  • Raleigh stands against the wall, sweat running down his face.

<Michael_> Let them be bound with their own irons!

  • Rachel_ rubs her wrists to restore some feeling in them and looks at the boggan with a hint of pity.

<Raleigh> (Are we to do our own bounding, or will that be taken care of?) <Michael_> * Two knights advance, gingerly take the manacles from the boggan (and the keys), then slap one of the manacles on him. <Michael_> * Another knight half walks, half drags Belden over, and slaps the other on her.

  • Rachel_ then straightens once more, nods once to the Duke and leaves the bunker, if possible. She doesn't want to see what will happen to her captors.
  • Raleigh looks over at Belden. "We never had any chance at all, did we?"
  • Belden looks up, some blood trickling down from her scalp into her face.

<Belden> Guess not, boss.

  • Belden says miserably.

<Belden> 'struth...

  • Belden hangs her head.

<Nikolai_> Get them out of here. <Nikolai_> >:/

  • Rachel_ walks over to the periphery of the trees and leans against one.

<Raleigh> It was worth a shot, though, right?

  • Nikolai_ walks over to Rachel.

<Belden> I hope lil sis will be OK...

  • Rachel_ is facing away from the sidhes and the bunker.

<Raleigh> ... <Nikolai_> Rachel?

  • Michael_ and Raleigh are led out by the knights.

<Michael_> (er, Belden and Raleigh) <Michael_> * A tether is fastened to the manacles, so that they can walk along behind someone's horse, lucky them.

  • Rachel_ nods but doesn't turn to face Nik. Her shoulders just kind of stoop a bit more as she leans more weight on the tree.
  • Nikolai_ puts his hands on her shoulders.

<Nikolai_> Are you ok? <Rachel_> I'm fine... <Rachel_> But I'm afraid for them.

  • Belden stumbles along.

<Nikolai_> For them?

  • Nikolai_ exclaims incredulously?

<Nikolai_> THey had you in irons! :o

  • Rachel_ turns towards Nikolai.

<Rachel_> They just wanted some balefire so they could have their own freehold. <Belden> * THe knights mount up.

  • Rachel_ 's eyes are teary.

<Nikolai_> Rachel... do you really think that the kind of people who would waylay someone and hold them in irons for ransom are the kind of people who should be responsible for a freehold? <Rachel_> No, probably not, you're right... <Rachel_> But why did they need to resort to such measures to gain access to a freehold in the first place?

  • Michael_ watches from the bunker doorway.

<Rachel_> I just wish they hadn't had to. <Nikolai_> I don't think I could ever understand how people like that think. >:/ <Rachel_> I don't think they were truly wicked. But... then they say victims of kidnapping often come to feel close to their captors.

  • Nikolai_ nods.

<Nikolai_> You're just shaken up, Rachel. <Rachel_> So I should probably not trust my own judgment in this right now.

  • Rachel_ looks towards Michael.
  • Michael_ walks past the two wilders, and swings himself up onto his great white horse.

<Michael_> Are you two coming along, then?

  • Michael_ has dropped the Grandeur, obviously.

<Rachel_> Your father will do as he sees fit.

  • Rachel_ tries to smile. But she's still shaken up.
  • Nikolai_ looks to Rachel.
  • Rachel_ looks back to Nikolai.

<Nikolai_> Are you ready to go?

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Nikolai_> We brought an extra hose for you. <Nikolai_> (HORSE!!) <Rachel_> (heehee!) <Rachel_> How did you know so soon that something had happened?

  • Rachel_ wonders.

<Michael_> I will see you back at the freehold, then.

  • Rachel_ curtseys to the duke.
  • Nikolai_ nods to his father before answering.

<Rachel_> Yes, Your Grace. Thank you. <Nikolai_> THey had sent someone to... convey their demands. <Rachel_> Oh, yes, they did mention that.

  • Rachel_ shakes her head.

<Rachel_> I lost track of all that went on.

  • Michael_ urges GOdiva on to catch up with the party.
      • Michael_ has quit IRC (Quit: Still the prettiest.¤)

<Rachel_> I guess I was more stressed out than I had thought. <Rachel_> Let's go... I don't want to be near that place much longer.

  • Nikolai_ nods, looking concerned...
  • Rachel_ shudders and rubs her wrists.
  • Nikolai_ shows the lady to her horse.

<Nikolai_> Do they hurt much? <Rachel_> They burn, coldly. <Rachel_> Poor Tally, he had it *in* him. <Nikolai_> I should hope that would go away by tomorrow at the latest... <Nikolai_> Yes, I'd heard about that. <Nikolai_> How abhorrent. <Nikolai_> And did they ever catch the fellow? <Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> (He doesn't know about Caelan and Isabel?)

  • Nikolai_ is waiting to make sure Rachel can get herself up on the horse before mounting his own.

<Nikolai_> (why would he?) <Rachel_> Her Excellency and His Grace dealt with it, I believe. <Rachel_> Perhaps you should ask your father? I don't know all the details. <Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> I'm going to need assistance, this *once*.

  • Rachel_ usually vaults on to the horse by herself.

<Rachel_> I don't trust my arms to support my weight for a little while. <Nikolai_> I'm happy to oblige...

  • Nikolai_ gently helps lift her up into the saddle.
  • Rachel_ smiles down at him once she is settled.
  • Nikolai_ does not take the opportunity to grab her butt. :)

<Rachel_> (heehee)

  • Nikolai_ willl have many other opportunities, after all

<Rachel_> Thank you kindly, my Lord. <Raleigh> (snick)

  • Rachel_ says graciously and playfully.

<Nikolai_> My pleasure, Lady.

  • Nikolai_ bows with exaggerated formality.
  • Belden vaults onto his horse.

<Belden> (ww) <Rachel_> (heheh)

  • Nikolai_ does the vaulting around here.
  • Rachel_ kicks her horse into a canter once she is quite sure that Nikolai is settled.
  • Rachel_ canters after the knights and the Duke.

<Nikolai_> (And they ride back off to the freehold, la la la)