Rachel, Janus & Hayley, 7/19/2005

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  • Rachel_ is due to arrive shortly.
  • Tara_ is worrying and trying to make sure everything will go smoothly.
  • Tara bustles in the kitchen. She's been making Rachel's favourite treats. :^)
  • Janus is sipping a glass of wine to calm his nerves, and pretending to read.

<Janus> . o O (Where is Hayley?) <Hayley> (where is Janus?) <Janus> (where else)

  • Aidan peeks in.
  • Janus looks up.

<Janus> Is she here <Janus> ? <Aidan> Not yet. <Aidan> I was just wondering if this is where you would like to receive her? <Aidan> Tara thinks food will smooth everything over, and wishes to set it out somewhere. <Janus> Oh. No, I thought downstairs... <Janus> This room is so cluttered.

  • Aidan nods.

<Aidan> The sitting room or the parlour, then?

  • Aidan would make a great steward...
  • Rook will be perched on a shelf in the room.
  • Tally is keeping Hayley occupied.
  • Hayley is down the hall in her room; she laughs at something Tally says.
  • Aidan waits patiently for Janus to answer.

<Aidan> ...

  • Aidan clears his throat.

<Janus> The sitting room, I suppose.

  • Janus says distractedly.

<Janus> There are more places to.. sit <Aidan> Very well. <Aidan> Do you have any further instructions? <Janus> No... I'm sure Tara will have everything well in hand...

  • Aidan sometimes wishes his father were a bit more "together," like the Countess usually seems to be for important events.

<Aidan> (^-^) <Aidan> All right, I shall go help her, then.

  • Aidan bows and exits.

<Janus> (it's my daughter, not the princess of Iberia) <Aidan> (true, but Diamond puts on a show for her family, so why not him?) <Aidan> (^-^)

  • Hayley 's hooves can be heard clicking on the floor as she approaches Janus' study.
  • Hayley taps politely.

<Janus> Come in...

  • Hayley does.
  • Janus looks up and smiles.

<Hayley> Hi.

  • Hayley is dressed up nicely. She smiles back.

<Janus> You look lovely.

  • Hayley blushes and ducks her head, as usual.

<Janus> Come and sit with me...

  • Hayley obliges.

<Hayley> So... <Janus> Indeed... <Hayley> Are you looking forward to seeing her? <Janus> Oh yes, quite.

  • Janus answers quickly.

<Janus> Who knows when she might visit again...

  • Hayley gives him a penetrating glance.

<Janus> She will be terribly busy, I'm sure <Hayley> Hey... she loves you. She'll make time for you. <Janus> Well, let's not speak of that anymore, shall we? <Hayley> ...

  • Janus tries not to think of the years he spent here alone with Tara, and Rook.

<Hayley> All right, if you don't want to. <Hayley> So, what do you want me to do? <Janus> Do?

  • Hayley nods.

<Janus> When Rachel arrives, you mean.

  • Hayley nods again.

<Janus> I have been thinking about it... but I'm afraid I still haven't come to a conclusion.

  • Janus sighs.

<Hayley> My wise and clever Janus is at a loss for ideas? <Janus> Obviously she will know you are here; We'll not be shuffling you off from room ro room to hide you, that would be a farce... <Hayley> Things must be worse than I thought! <Hayley> :^o

  • Hayley teases.

<Janus> I don't know what her reaction might be... <Hayley> Yeah... I don't think that would be a good idea.

  • Hayley nods.

<Janus> I do feel it will go better for all if I tell her before she sees you... what do you think? <Hayley> ... <Hayley> I don't know. Do you want to be apologetic that I am here? <Janus> No...

  • Janus looks pained.

<Hayley> That's what I figured. You might come off that way, though, if you explain to her that I'm here, and then, well, have things go from there.

  • Janus flips through the pages of the book.

<Hayley> Being in the same room with you when she first is shown in, though perhaps a bit brutal, will show her that you're not ashamed of me. It also might put her off balance, which could be advantageous. <Janus> Advantageous? <Janus> She's my daughter, not a political rival <Janus> ... <Janus> I was meaning to try and consider her feelings as well as yours...

  • Janus says dejectedly.

<Hayley> I know... <Hayley> I didn't mean it that way. <Hayley> It's just, well... oh, never mind. <Janus> What? <Hayley> . o O (I'm just an oathbroken commoner, what do I know about anything...) <Hayley> You'll do what you think is best. <Janus> . o O (I'm supposed to choose?)

  • Hayley smiles at Janus and sits up into a kneeling position to give him a peck on the cheek.

<Hayley> (A subtle shifting of the house; it seems to brighten a little.) <Hayley> You'd better do it soon, though, because I think she's here. <Janus> I suppose we'd better go downstairs.

  • Janus says with a heavy, resigned air.

<Hayley> I can wait up here if you want.

  • Janus gets out of his seat, and heads for the door.
  • Hayley shrugs.

<Janus> No, come along.

  • Hayley scrambles to her hooves and follows Janus downstairs.
  • Tally smiles jauntily at his father and Hayley as he heads towards the door.
  • Tara_ is already at the door and opening it.
  • Hayley looks to Janus for direction.

<Tally> (hehe, everyone's so uptight)

  • Aidan checks the sitting room one last time; there's tea and cookies and everything laid out in welcome for Rachel.
  • Janus pulls on his cuffs.

<Tara_> Oh, look at you, my dear!

  • Tara_ says in motherly tones.

<Tally> Hi Sis! <Rachel_> Tara, so good to see you... <Rachel_> (Where is Janus? Waiting by the door?) <Janus> (Well, by the door, but Tally is closer.)

  • Rachel_ hugs Tara and Tally.
  • Rook will be perched on a lamp in the sitting room. The light will make his shadow loom big and ominous.
  • Hayley looks up at Janus nervously.

<Janus> Hello, Rachel... <Janus> Ah, how was your trip?

  • Tally picks up his sister's luggage ad gives his father a supportive look.
  • Rachel_ has noticed Hayley.

<Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> ...

  • Hayley slides her hand into Janus'.
  • Tally quietly heads up to Rachel's room with the luggage.

<Janus> (oh, THANKS, Tally)

  • Rook stares at everyone, unblinking.
  • Aidan glides up.
  • Tara_ wrings her hands.
  • Janus squeezes her hand.

<Rachel_> Father... <Rachel_> What is Hayley doing here? <Janus> Well, Tara has set some refreshments in the sitting room... <Janus> You must be tired...

  • Rachel_ says with carefully suppressed outrage/disbelief/various other emotions.

<Rachel_> Don't. <Rachel_> Just don't.

  • Janus stops talking.

<Janus> ...

  • Janus glances, without thinking, up at Rook.
  • Rachel_ looks cold and hard and a lot like Diamond.
  • Janus looks back, straightening his posture.
  • Rachel_ focuses her cold, hard stare on Hayley for a length of time just short of what could be considered rude.

<Janus> Hayley is my guest.

  • Rook gazes at Janus, his stare is hard, but can seem to convey sympathy to his master.
  • Janus says formally.
  • Rachel_ 's eyes flick up to her father's.

<Rachel_> Your guest. <Janus> Her particular condition is helpful to my research, and I am fond of her company.

  • Janus says evenly.

<Rachel_> I am sure. <Janus> Quite.

  • Tally returns to the tension-filled scene.

<Rachel_> Isn't she a little *young*?

  • Rachel_ says coldly.

<Janus> (what's your middle name, vixen?)

  • Tara_ tries to move people along to the food, which will make everything better.

<Tara_> . o O (It has to!) <Janus> (no really, what is Rachel's middle name) <Hayley> (Diamond) <Hayley> (^-^) <Janus> Rachel Diamond Gwydaine. You may be soon to be a baroness, but you are still my daughter, and this is *my* home, and I will have *civil* conversation here. Am I making myself clear?

  • Rachel_ 's eyes cloud over angrily.

<Rachel_> *Civil* conversation? <Rachel_> What is civil about an oathbreaker? <Janus> Rachel!

  • Janus shouts.

<Janus> That is enough! <Tara_> There's food down the hall, your favourite My Lady...

  • Janus visibly composes himself.
  • Tara_ says weakly.

<Janus> Your brothers are anxious to hear of your appointment. Why don't you accompany them to the sitting room.

  • Rachel_ looks like she wants to explode.
  • Hayley remains quiet, by Janus' side.

<Aidan> Rachel, come along, won't you?

  • Aidan moves towards his sister and takes her elbow.
  • Tally takes her other elbow at the same time.
  • Rachel_ looks at her brothers, one at a time.

<Rachel_> You are *okay* with this?

  • Rachel_ hisses with disbelief.

<Rachel_> How long has she been here? <Rachel_> How long have you kept this little *tidbit* from me? <Janus> Come along Hayley, we have work to do, since the Lady seems not overfond of our company...

  • Janus attempts to steer her back up the stairs.
  • Tally and Aidan remain silent.
  • Hayley shakes her head, no.
  • Hayley glances up at Janus.
  • Janus wants to leave this scene, NOW
  • Hayley shakes her head again.

<Janus> (this is apparent in his eyes...)

  • Hayley thinks it's important to stay.

<Hayley> (this is apparent in her eyes. ^-^) <Janus> (great, make me look stupid...)

  • Rachel_ shakes her brothers' hands off angrily. She doesn't even seem to have noticed Janus and Hayley's little interaction.

<Rachel_> You have never kept anything from me before!

  • Tally and Aidan look a bit stricken, perhaps but remain close to their sister.

<Janus> (what about my decades-old drug habit? ;D)

  • Tara_ wishes she knew how to make everybody happy and get along.

<Rachel_> Why? <Rachel_> Why are you protecting her?

  • Rachel_ 's voice is raised.

<Rachel_> Does the Countess know about this? <Janus> Little escapes her notice.

  • Janus says coolly.
  • Aidan nods slightly.

<Rachel_> So I am the only person in this family who didn't know?! <Rachel_> Well, that's wonderful. Just wonderful.

  • Rachel_ brings her hands up to her face for a moment, trying to wrap her mind around all this...
  • Rachel_ feels so angry, so unhappy, so betrayed!


  • Rachel_ explodes at last.

<Rachel_> She abandoned us!

  • Rook flutters down to a coffee table.

<Rook> (closer to Rachel) <Rachel_> She- she practically killed our father! <Janus> Rachel, you are creating a scene. <Rachel_> She stole him away from us!

  • Rachel_ is practically screaming and is not really hearing anyone.
  • Tally 's facial features are darkening, lowering like stormclouds moving in on the horizon.
  • Janus looks down at Hayley.
  • Rook is staring past Rachel now, bobbing his head from side to side. Like he's looking over her shoulders.

<Janus> . o O (*Now* can we go?)

  • Hayley 's eyes are watery but she seems rooted to the spot.

<Rachel_> And then if that wasn't enough, she came back to do more! She practically killed him *again*! And she broke an oath! <Rachel_> SHE BROKE AN OATH TO US! <Rachel_> OUR family!

  • Rachel_ is screaming at her brothers, more than anyone.

<Rachel_> She does not love you! <Rachel_> How could she love you?!

  • Rook begins to fly around Rachel slowly, staying out of her way, but he seems to be looking for something, or expecting something.

<Rachel_> She left us! <Janus> Are you *quite* finished? <Rachel_> She is only using us, don't you see? <Rachel_> She is a selfish, self-serving, completely reprehensible-

  • Tally slaps his sister.
  • Rachel_ shuts up, stunned, and lifts a hand to her cheek.
  • Hayley stiffens.

<Janus> Taliesin. <Tally> Our mother loved you.

  • Janus says quietly.

<Janus> You should not have done that.

  • Tally says with great difficulty.

<Tally> I know, father, I am sorry...

  • Tally looks truly ashamed.

<Tally> But our mother loved her, and she needs to know that.

  • Tally turns back to his sister.

<Tally> Our mother loved you. <Tally> She nursed you whenever you were hungry... <Tally> She played with you all the time... <Tally> Read stories to you...

  • Tally speaks, of course, only with great effort.

<Tally> She made sure you were clean, and healthy, and happy. <Tally> The day you were born was one of the days she remembered with the greatest joy. <Tally> She could not believe she helped create someone as beautiful as you.

  • Rook lands back on his lamp.

<Tally> But now... you have changed into something ugly.

  • Aidan swallows nervously.
  • Tally is practically in tears. He never cries.

<Janus> . o O (Well, what a lovely reunion.)

  • Janus stands stoically, silent.
  • Rachel_ is silent and the wind seems to have blown out of her sails.

<Rachel_> <m> She abandoned me.

  • Rook 's cold calculating stare studies everyone in the room.
  • Hayley hangs her head.
  • Rachel_ turns to Hayley now.

<Rachel_> Why did you leave? <Janus> Leave her alone.

  • Hayley is surprised.

<Hayley> I was sick... <Rachel_> Father could have fixed that...

  • Rachel_ 's eyes fill with angry tears.

<Rachel_> Couldn't you have?

  • Rachel_ turns to Janus.

<Janus> Rachel, she is not your mother.

  • Janus says tautly.

<Rachel_> No, she is not. So why are you with her? <Janus> That is a foolish question.

  • Aidan hugs his brother in the background.

<Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> You aren't going to answer anything, are you. <Janus> In this sort of situation... I think I shall not.

  • Rachel_ bridles again.

<Rachel_> Well, what sort of situation would be conducive to giving me some straight answers, then? <Janus> One where you are civil.

  • Janus says coolly.

<Rachel_> You just don't want to face the truth, father. <Rachel_> Why did she *leave*? Why didn't she get you to help her?

  • Rachel_ says tearfully.

<Rachel_> How could anyone who is supposed to have loved us as much as she was, just *go*? <Rook> Not everyone is prepared to live forever my lady.

  • Rook says apologetically.
  • Hayley tucks a lock of hair behind an ear self-consciously.

<Rachel_> She's not going to live as long as you this time, either. <Rachel_> Why are you doing this to yourself again, father? <Janus> Rachel, since you seem quite willing to carry this conversation on by yourself, I will leave you to it.

  • Janus says tersely.

<Janus> I am returning to my studies. <Janus> Hayley, you may do as you wish. I have no more taste for this.

  • Janus heads up the stairs, with or without the satyr.
  • Rook stays downstairs and stares at Rachel.
  • Rachel_ shakes her head and heads down to the sitting room.
  • Tara_ and the twins follow her.
  • Rook follows her as well.
  • Hayley goes upstairs to Janus.
  • Janus is pouring himself a drink.
  • Tally and Aidan try to talk to Rachel and stuff.
  • Hayley taps on Janus' door.

<Janus> Yes? <Hayley> May I come in? <Janus> As you like.

  • Hayley enters.

<Hayley> ... <Hayley> Are you all right? <Janus> Oh, what a misery that was.

  • Janus says dryly.
  • Tara_ bustles and pours tea.
  • Janus drains the glass, and pours another.

<Tara_> Rook, you're shedding your feathers. <Tara_> Make sure you don't lose any on my food, please. <Rook> We do not shed

  • Rook says, insulted
  • Tara_ picks up a couple small feathers.

<Tara_> What do you call these, then?

  • Rook smiles an evil smile.

<Janus> (place holders) <Hayley> Funny... <Rook> perhaps someone else in the room is in need of the services of a rook or murder. <Hayley> I thought it went quite well, actually.

  • Rook looks towards Rachel but speaks a warning to Tara.

<Rook> We may have company soon. <Rook> Lady Rachel, may we be of some service to you? <Tara_> ? <Rachel_> Doing what, Rook?

  • Rachel_ says patiently.

<Rook> You are in distress. We can see that. We wish to help you. <Rachel_> I just want some answers. <Rachel_> That's all.

  • Rachel_ has managed to calm down a bit.

<Rachel_> But he doesn't know the answers, or he doesn't want to know them. <Hayley> ... <Rook> Perhaps the master has not the words. <Rook> And some questions have no answers that can be put in words. <Rook> Ask. <Hayley> She asked some important questions.

  • Janus finishes drink #2.

<Rook> (Rob finishes drink #1) <Rachel_> Rook, while I am aware that you are a nervosa, and a loose bit of my father's psyche given form, you are not him any more than Hayley is my mother. <Janus> (I'm winning! :D) <Rachel_> I would prefer to get the answers from my *father*. <Rook> It is what you would prefer.

  • Rook seems to think about that for a bit.

<Hayley> Janus... please don't get drunk. <Hayley> That doesn't help anything. <Hayley> It just puts things off for another few hours. <Janus> . o O (You would be surprised)

  • Hayley looks sad.

<Janus> I am very tired, Hayley. <Rook> Try us, we may have insight.

  • Janus says. He sounds it.

<Rook> And if you get upset at us, well, we are only a servant after all.

  • Rook says humbly

<Hayley> Do you have any questions you want to ask me? <Rachel_> Rook, I appreciate your offer. <Rachel_> However, this family has been sweeping things under the carpet for about a century. <Rachel_> It's high time we aired things out, don't you think? <Rook> You have had over a century of practice, Do you think you will really stop now? <Rook> We came into existence for a reason. <Rook> Have you given thought to the fact that this is one more way we can serve? <Janus> ...

  • Hayley moves over to sit next to Janus.

<Rook> We have had the secrets of ages whispered to us. <Rook> We have read the names of nature from atop your father’s shoulder. <Rook> We are your only window to a place your father lets no one in. <Rook> We fear not darkness, or anger, or insanity. <Rook> We live to serve

  • Tally and Aidan sit quietly and listen.

<Rachel_> Then I feel sorry for you, Rook. <Rook> Sometimes We are a Rook, and sometimes We are a Murder.

  • Rook smiles, even in bird form.

<Rook> We are blessed by the fact that we exist for a purpose. You must find your own purpose. <Rook> So long as We fulfill our purpose We are content and need no pity.

  • Hayley pulls Janus closer, cradling him, almost.

<Rook> Ask your questions.

  • Rachel_ sighs.
  • Rachel_ doesn't expect to get any decent answers from a nervosa.

<Rachel_> All right, I'll entertain you.

  • Rook bows

<Rachel_> Why did she leave? <Rook> Her mind was not prepared for eternity. <Rook> Nor was she prepared to have her name redone. <Rook> The renaming of something is very significant. <Rook> She was not prepared for that. <Rachel_> So, she wasn't actually sick, then? She just decided "oh, I'm bored of this, time to go?" <Rook> She was dying. And it would have been a slow and painful death.

  • Janus is not saying anything, obviously
  • Hayley strokes his hair.
  • Hayley kisses his forehead.

<Hayley> I did not stop loving you.

  • Janus closes his eyes.

<Hayley> Or my children. <Rook> There was also some question of her judgment at the time of her death. She may have been having an episode when she decided to end it. <Rook> Is that a straight forward enough answer My Lady Rachel? <Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> I don't understand how a person who was so much in love could wish to die. <Rachel_> Love is everything... <Hayley> I was so tired, though... I felt stretched thin. Every day was a struggle for me. <Janus> I don't want to talk about this. <Hayley> ... <Rook> Because then you die with all that love in your heart. Instead of having your whole personality destroyed from the inside by a painful and fatal tumour.

  • Hayley 's hand pauses midstroke.

<Rook> What is a greater fear than loss of self? <Hayley> All right...

  • Hayley masks her disappointment.
  • Hayley sighs.

<Hayley> I was afraid.

  • Hayley leaves it at that.
  • Hayley leans forward and kisses the top of Janus' head again.

<Hayley> I love you, Janus. I always have. <Rachel_> She didn't even say *good-bye* to him. <Rachel_> She was just there, and the next moment, she was gone. <Rachel_> It was cruel. <Rook> We think it may have been an episode. <Rook> Like we said, she was getting worse. She may not have been in her right mind at the time. <Janus> <m> I wonder if Rachel will leave... <Hayley> <m> I don't know.

  • Rook talks as if he is recounting facts. Pure detail, no emotion.

<Hayley> <m> I hope not. <Hayley> Tara made so many nice things. It would be a shame to let them all go to waste.

  • Hayley squeezes Janus gently.

<Janus> Yes.

  • Janus agrees unhappily.

<Rachel_> But now she's back, and she'll just do it again. Can't he see that? <Janus> Poor Tara... She will be so upset. <Rachel_> She has proven over and over that she is unreliable. <Rook> This is a new 'she.' <Rook> You would do well to speak of them as separate people.

  • Rook 's voice shows emotion on that sentence.

<Rachel_> *Hayley*, then, has already *left* him at least once. <Rook> (but it’s hard to read what emotion.) <Rook> Yes <Rachel_> And, she abandoned her oath to the Countess as well. <Rachel_> Isn't that enough proof?

  • Tally rolls his eyes.

<Rook> We travel with Hayley quite a bit now. <Rachel_> See? <Rook> When she came back, certain things were made clear to her. And she found them acceptable. <Rachel_> Even *you* don't trust her. <Rook> We are not here to trust. <Rachel_> Father doesn't trust her, then. <Rook> Part of him is guarded this time. <Rook> He is cautious of falling so hard again. <Rook> You should also be cautious, but understand that your father’s mood has improved greatly since she has acquiesced to the conditions of living here. <Rachel_> So what happens when the second one shows up? <Rachel_> Has he thought of *that*? <Rook> We live to serve.

  • Rook says that with a very dark undertone.

<Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> You'll murder him? <Rook> We doubt it will be necessary. <Rachel_> Brilliant, my father has enslaved himself so much to her that he will kill. <Rachel_> They're both her victims. <Rachel_> It doesn't seem quite fair. <Rachel_> Does it. <Rook> Would you not kill for love. <Rook> More people kill for love than for hate. <Hayley> ... <Hayley> Things seem quiet down there...

  • Hayley 's ears are perked and alert. ^-^

<Janus> Hopefully Tara has smoothed things over. <Rook> In fact, We have only ever killed for Love or Protection. What could be more noble. <Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> Who have you killed? <Rook> Well, We did not kill him. But vengeance was due.

  • Rook says that last line with a passion that is deep and scary.

<Rachel_> Who? <Rook> A sluagh, that exacted such an insult on your family that it could not be forgiven. <Rook> He had no reason for such an act! <Rachel_> What did he do? *Break an oath*?

  • Rook flies up into the air in rage at the very memory of it.

<Rook> no.

  • Rook transforms into his human form and lands before the lady Rachel

<Rachel_> Well thank goodness he didn't sink to such low depths - <Rook> (It is the mouths in his eyes that move...not the usual one.)

  • Rachel_ remains stoic.

<Rook> He presented to your father the taxidermied body of your mother. Complete with plaque showing where it had been held in a museum.

  • Rook is dead calm, like a storm may begin.
  • Rachel_ pales. So do Tally and Aidan, but especially Tally.

<Rachel_> (None of them knew) <Rook> (I know.)

  • Rachel_ looks sickened.

<Rook> There was no reason for such an act. <Rook> Your father was trying to free the commoners from those laws, and this is how they treated him. <Rook> The grief your father felt.... <Rook> was very deep. <Rachel_> . o O (He was? He thought I was ridiculous for trying to help Commoners...like the Countess.)

  • Rook turns back into a bird and rests on the coffee table, but it’s a small bird...definitely a crow and not a raven.

<Rachel_> One can hardly blame all Commoners for the action of *one*.

  • Rachel_ reproaches Rook reflexively.

<Rook> We did not take vengeance on all commoners, such was the folly of others, we only took vengeance on the one. <Rook> We are precise.

  • Rook says with pride

<Rachel_> Then don't say "this is how *they* treated him." <Rachel_> Speak more precisely. <Rachel_> (you've struck an issue near and dear to her heart, and have temporarily distracted her. Good for you! ^-^)

  • Tally rises gracefully to his feet and heads upstairs.

<Rook> our apologies. <Rook> our mistake. <Tally> Excuse me.

  • Rook says sincerely.
  • Rachel_ is inordinately pleased with her small victory. She has had so few of late.

<Rachel_> That's all right.

  • Rook is happy to give Rachel a victory.
  • Tally taptaps gingerly on the study door.
  • Rachel_ sips her tea.

<Janus> ... <Aidan> So, are you looking forward to going back to Concordia, Rachel?

  • Janus sighs.

<Rachel_> Well, I have mixed feelings... <Rachel_> (They talk. She is calm. ^-^) <Hayley> Want me to get it?

  • Janus shrugs.

<Hayley> We can't hide in here forever.

  • Hayley untangles herself from Janus and goes to the door.
  • Tally apprises her of the situation downstairs, etc.
  • Hayley nods and closes the door, and returns to Janus.

<Hayley> She's being civil now.

  • Hayley reports, smiling slightly.

<Janus> To Rook. <Hayley> Tally seems to feel she's relaxed a bit. <Janus> Good. <Hayley> If you want to stay up here, I understand. <Hayley> But I want some cookies. <Janus> I have no patience for that kind of outburst. <Janus> I will stay here...

  • Hayley looks disappointed.

<Hayley> All right...

  • Hayley sighs and heads out.

<Hayley> . o O (The whole family is *impossible*.)

  • Hayley shakes her head and smiles to herself.
  • Hayley gathers her courage and heads downstairs.
  • Hayley enters the Sitting Room.
  • Rook is perched on the table. Watching Rachel
  • Tally had already returned and is talking with Aidan and Rachel and Tara, and possibly Rook.

<Rook> (talking about what??) <Hayley> (Rachel going to Concordia, blahblahblah)

  • Hayley heads over to the refreshments and pours herself some tea.
  • Rachel_ is irked by Hayley's presence but otherwise ignores the Satyr.
  • Hayley settles down on a loveseat and listens to the conversation.
  • Rook does not participate in the conversation, but changes his perch so he can see everyone in the room.

<Rook> (Rook does not simply "chat") <Hayley> (I thought not. ^-^) <Hayley> (I can't see much more happening here unless any of you have ideas) <Rook> (not unless there is something specific about Rachel's move you want to talk about.) <Hayley> (not really) <Rook> ok, I guess were done then.