Rachel, Isabel & Kolya, 4/11/2003

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<Isabel> OK, let's see if she's busy. <Kolya> (It was on NG's journal ;) <Kolya> huh? <Isabel> (Does Rachel have a designated FF lpace? I know she doesn't have the Sovereign or the realms to ward her whole freehold, but still, she might have a designated spot) <Isabel> (OTherwise we'll get dropped off at the gate) <Isabel> (air WR) <Kolya> sure, I guess :o <Rachel_> (Her freehold's not really big enough to spare a whole room for F-Fing) <Isabel> Well, last two times I came here she was really stressed and busy and stuff <Isabel> (gate it is) <Isabel> I probably should have sent a message or something, but I wanted to surprise her... <Isabel> :D <Kolya> fair enough :o <Kolya> I guess I'll really be a surprise, huh? <Isabel> You haven't been here yet, right? <Isabel> It's nice and warm here already... <Kolya> no... <Kolya> cool :o

      • Rachel_ is now known as Firmin

<Isabel> I don't think you'll need the sweater

  • Firmin is at the gate today. :D

<Kolya> I guess not <Isabel> (I forget if I know his name)

  • Firmin has his own armour now.

<Firmin> (I don't think you do) <Isabel> Oh, hello... <Isabel> I didn't know you were still here...

  • Kolya takes off the bogga-fruit

<Kolya> (boggan, obviously)

  • Firmin smiles.

<Firmin> Lady Isabel.

  • Firmin bows.

<Firmin> This is a surprise; Rachel had not mentioned she was expecting you. <Isabel> Well, she um, isn't <Isabel> DO you, ah, work here now> <Isabel> ?

  • Kolya is kind of nervous about being here for no discernable reason, but smiles in a friendly way

<Firmin> Yes, I do. <Firmin> Who is your companion?

  • Firmin looks towards Kolya.

<Isabel> Oh, this is Kolya!

  • Firmin bows.

<Isabel> He works for my aunt. <Firmin> Pleased to meet you, Kolya. <Isabel> Ah, that is, the Countess.

  • Firmin smiles again; titles aren't all that important to him but he understands why she is makig certain to use the proper ones.

<Isabel> So... what would your name be? <Firmin> I am Firmin.

  • Kolya bows too

<Isabel> (well, I didn't know if you knew she was my aunt) <Firmin> And what is your business today?

  • Firmin asks politley.

<Isabel> Well, we're just looking for Rachel. <Firmin> (part of his duties... :P )

  • Isabel shrugs. :)
  • Firmin laughs.

<Firmin> I thought so, but I am meant to ask. <Firmin> Well, I see no reason to keep you waiting outside. enter, please.

  • Firmin moves aside to let them through.

<Isabel> Okay... come on, CocoaBean

  • Isabel pulls Kolya around :D

<Kolya> cocobean? <Isabel> say, d o you know where she might be?

  • Kolya blinks and is pulled
  • Isabel turns back to ask Firmin

<Firmin> Not exactly, no... I'd try the gardens and then her study. <Isabel> Thanks! <Firmin> You're quite welcome.

  • Isabel waves and trots off toward the garden.
  • Kolya waves too, and trails after Is.

<Kolya> ....CocoBean? <Isabel> You don't think it's a good nickname? <Isabel> :D

  • Firmin is not wearing his circlet anymore but he's still hot, hotter than he was when his hair was still stained a bit from swampwater. :D
      • Firmin is now known as Rachel_

<Isabel> You know, Ko for Kolya... <Kolya> Sure <Kolya> I just wasn't expecting it :o <Isabel> I just made it up <Isabel> I'm giving it a trial run. :)

  • Rachel_ 's gardens are awash with blossoms on the fruit trees; a heady scent fills the air.

<Kolya> as long as it doen't get shortened to Koko, because they I might start thinking of myself as an evil helper monkey or something.

  • Isabel giggles.

<Isabel> Okay. <Isabel> It sure smells nice here... <Kolya> or a sign-language-using chimp :o <Kolya> yeah, like peaches <Kolya> éme breethes in deeply

  • Rachel_ is sitting in the shade of a gazebo, reading. One of her knight hangs abotu close by.

<Kolya> (Graneth! ;) <Kolya> (because he has A Name! ;D) <Rachel_> (The knight nods a greeting and bows politely) <Isabel> Helo-oo...

  • Isabel calls
  • Rachel_ looks up, startled, from her book; apparently it must be an engrossing one.
  • Kolya bows to the knight, 'cause he is certainly not bow worthy himself :o

<Kolya> (he was bowing to Is, but I'm too close not to bow without being impolite, or so he thinks ;)

  • Rachel_ also is not wearing her circlet; she never does. She is wearing a pale peach coloured gown though; she matches the blossoms on her trees. :D

<Rachel_> Isabel...? <Isabel> That's me! :D

  • Rachel_ stands up and smiles, looking a bit confused.

<Kolya> (I want a Drinking Bird that is shaped like a service Boggan ;) <Rachel_> And... Kolya. <Kolya> hello, Your ladyship :)

  • Kolya bows to her too, of course

<Rachel_> How are the two of you doing??? <Rachel_> Come in, sit, please.

  • Rachel_ gestures to the other benches in the gazebo.
  • Kolya glances at Is, and will go sit

<Rachel_> How are you Kolya? <Kolya> I'm doing pretty well, thatnks :)

  • Rachel_ asks him, scrutinizing him a bit closely.

<Kolya> How are you making out here? :o

  • Isabel is wearing a pale pink off the shoulder top thing that flares out below her breasts, and creamy soft leather pants with a bit of a flare.

<Rachel_> I had somene look into the attack but I couldn't learn anything useful, I'm afraid...  :/

  • Kolya seems like he is trying to hide something.,

<Rachel_> I'm doing as well as can be expected. <Kolya> Oh.. <Kolya> well, thanks anyway.

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Isabel> Are you still really busy? <Isabel> You look a bit more relaxed than last time <Rachel_> Not as busy as I *was*, no... I've got the financial situation sorted out satisfactorily... <Rachel_> But I am still busy.

      • Analisa has joined #changeling
  • Analisa will come out, carrying a tray of tea and some sweets, for three

<Rachel_> It's hard to balance everyone's needs... <Rachel_> I went on a progress about the Barony a few weeks ago so I could meet my people and they could meet me.

  • Analisa smiles at you all as she places the tea on a table or something
  • Rachel_ smiles at Analisa.

<Rachel_> Thank you, Analisa. <Isabel> On a what? <Analisa> éme will curtsey <Rachel_> Oh-

  • Rachel_ blushes.
  • Analisa will curtsey
  • Analisa bustles off
      • Analisa has quit IRC (Quit: )

<Kolya> . o O ( wow, that's service :o ) <Rachel_> Just traveling about and stopping wherever changelings are to be found to introduce myself and find out what their immediate needs are... <Isabel> Oh yah? <Isabel> How did that work out> <Rachel_> As well as can be expected... there's still so much distrust. <Kolya> :/ <Rachel_> I don't blame anyone but it certainly doesn't make things easy for me. <Rachel_> I think I've made some progress, though. <Kolya> ... <Kolya> would either of you like some tea?

  • Kolya says, reaching towards the pot

<Isabel> What kind is it> <Isabel> ? <Rachel_> Probably Lady Grey, my favourite.

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rachel_> Analisa is very thoughtful. <Rachel_> I will have some, thank you, Kolya. <Rachel_> But I can pour it myself.

  • Rachel_ grins girlishly.
  • Kolya will pour some for rachel while Is decides

<Kolya> oh, I was getting some for myself anyway, that's okay :) <Rachel_> Unless of course you don't give me the chance! <Rachel_> :D <Kolya> It's really just an excuse to get cloet t\hos little snacky-cakes :o <Rachel_> Oh, very well... <Rachel_> :) <Kolya> Is? <Isabel> I'm just trying to remember if that has caffeine in it <Isabel> I'm supposed to not have so much of that... <Rachel_> How are you doing, Isabel? You look fine - you have that "expectant mother glow" thing going... <Rachel_> It does have a bit of caffeine but it is not so bad as coffee. <Rachel_> I can have something else brought for you if you prefer? <Isabel> Maybe just some milk, or juice or something... but I don't want to be a pain ;o <Isabel> (:o) <Kolya> oh, right...

  • Kolya will just pour himself some, then

<Rachel_> Milk is good for strong bones and teeth!

  • Rachel_ teases.

<Rachel_> Or I'm sure we can have some fresh lemonade brought... <Rachel_> What would you like best?

  • Kolya takes a cake-y thing too

<Isabel> .. both> <Isabel> ? <Isabel> But not mixed together... <Rachel_> Milk *and* lemonade...?

  • Rachel_ makes a face.

<Kolya> I hope not :o <Rachel_> At least you're not asking for pickle and peanut butter sandwiches...

  • Rachel_ grins.

<Rachel_> I'll see what I can do. <Kolya> yet, anyway ;) <Kolya> don't give her any ideas, I have no idea where anyone would get peanut butter these days :o <Isabel> I haven't had peanut butter in forever... <Kolya> damnit... <Isabel> I guess you'd have to grow a lot of peanuts. <Kolya> sahouldn't have said anything ;D <Rachel_> I'm sorry I brought it up!  :o <Rachel_> :D <Kolya> Oh, probably Ulysses and Andrewa could turn something up, if Windrider couldn't <Rachel_> I have *some* - Tally brought it once. <Rachel_> Would you like it? <Isabel> No.. that's okay. <Rachel_> All right. <Isabel> :) <Isabel> So... <Isabel> besides your trip... <Isabel> What's new?

  • Rachel_ raises a hand for a moment.
  • Isabel picks up a cookie

<Rachel_> Just a moment, Is... <Isabel> ...

  • Rachel_ stands up and goes to the door to the gazebo.

<Rachel_> Emily!

  • Isabel pauses with the cookie halfway between the plate and her mouth

<Kolya> ... <Isabel> (gazebos have doors? :o) <Kolya> (they have entryways) <Rachel_> (the part that's not fenced in by a balustrade and benches is the door.  :) ) <Kolya> (Who is Emily? o_O)

  • Isabel looks around.

<Isabel> . o O ( ? )

  • Kolya does too

<Rachel_> (A young pooka girl runs up in livery)

  • Kolya seems a bit jumpy for some reason
  • Isabel glances over at Kolya

<Rachel_> There you are... would you please see if Analisa can provide us with some milk and lemonade?

  • Kolya sips some tea to try and cover it, because itg seems so irrational

<Rachel_> (the pooka nods and runs off) <Rachel_> Thank you!

  • Rachel_ calls after her, shaking her head slightly as she turns back towards the others.

<Rachel_> She's full of energy!

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Isabel> I guess... pookas usually are <Rachel_> She never seems to stick around for long.

  • Rachel_ settles back down in her seat.

<Rachel_> Did you see her clothes...? All stained with grass.  :)

  • Isabel has forgotten what she was asking about

<Rachel_> I wish I was that young again.

  • Rachel_ turns back to Isabel.

<Isabel> I didn't really notive, against the black... <Rachel_> You were saying? <Isabel> (notice) <Isabel> ... <Isabel> I forget... <Rachel_> Oh - it shows up in the silver. <Isabel> :o <Rachel_> Oh! I'm sorry... <Rachel_> :/

  • Rachel_ looks pensive.

<Rachel_> Oh! You were asking what else I've been up to. <Isabel> Oh, right. :)

  • Kolya nods

<Rachel_> Nothing particularly interesting - just governing this small Barony and hoping I'm doing a good job... <Rachel_> What have you been up to?

  • Rachel_ asks generally - including both her guests in that statement.

<Rachel_> (er, question) <Isabel> Well...

  • Isabel looks over at Kolya.
  • Kolya smiles encouragingly

<Isabel> :) <Isabel> I have some news <Rachel_> You do?  :) <Rachel_> Do tell! <Rachel_> I wish I had as interesting news as you seem to always have... <Isabel> Heh.

  • Isabel giggles a bit nervously
  • Kolya grins
  • Rachel_ really sounded a bit wistful. :)

<Isabel> Well, you know how to fix that...

  • Rachel_ raises an eyebrow.

<Isabel> Just forget to mix that little drink sometime, and voila! You too, can be as big as a house! <Isabel> :)

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Kolya> heh <Rachel_> I don't know that I'd be a very good mother at this stage of my life... <Isabel> WHy not? <Rachel_> I've no idea *what* Nik would do! <Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> Haven't seen him since Yule, anyway....  :/

  • Kolya coughs

<Isabel> Oh... <Kolya> :/ <Isabel> Is stuff not going so well...?

  • Rachel_ looks away for a moment, then turns back, smiling bravely.

<Rachel_> I don't know... it's just he's always so busy, or I am... <Rachel_> And it's hard to find someone with Flicker Flash who has time, too... <Kolya> (Nik is busy, alright. Busy hanging out at the exhcange ;) <Kolya> :/ <Isabel> Oh... <Rachel_> It was easier when I was still home... he could always just visit when his father came. <Isabel> yeah... <Isabel> Well, I hope it works out... <Kolya> you need to, like, appoint one of your knights to learn that ;) <Rachel_> <w> Me too...

  • Isabel wraps her arms around her stomach and feels self-conscious.
  • Rachel_ looks really sad for a moment, then smiles again at Kolya's comment.

<Rachel_> But what is your good news?!

  • Rachel_ leans forward and takes Isabel's hands in her own, drawing her cousin toward her a bit, eyes shining with anticipation.

<Kolya> . o O ( Girls are odd )

  • Kolya glances around

<Rachel_> (Emily is coming across the lawn with a tray) <Isabel> . o O ( I don't want to make her feel bad ) <Isabel> There's that little pooka kid...

  • Rachel_ glances in the direction of the plantation house.
  • Emily_ comes tromping up the stairs, trying very hard not to spill the large pitcher of milk and the equally large pitcher of lemonade.

<Emily_> 1! 2! 3!

  • Emily_ counts the steps as she takes them and then bounces to a halt before the sidhe and the kinain.

<Emily_> Here you go! Viper venom and hippo bile just like you asked!

  • Emily_ beams.

<Rachel_> Thank you, Emily. <Kolya> my favourites :D

  • Rachel_ lets go of her cousin and takes the tray from the girl.
  • Rachel_ sets it down on the table.
  • Kolya will shuffle the tea tray over a bit
  • Isabel smiles at the little girl.

<Rachel_> Would you like some lemonade or milk yourself?

  • Rachel_ asks the childling.

<Emily_> I'd rather have a cigar, but sure!

  • Emily_ looks pleased.

<Rachel_> What'll it be then? Viper venom or hippo bile? <Emily_> Bile! <Rachel_> All right, one glass of bile coming up.

  • Rachel_ pours some lemonade into a glass and hands it to the pooka.
  • Rachel_ turns to Isabel.

<Rachel_> And you? <Rachel_> Venom or bile first? <Isabel> Ugh...

  • Isabel makes a face.

<Isabel> Gee, I don't know if I want either, now.

  • Emily_ trips off to the steps and settles down happily, drinking down her lemonade.
  • Emily_ turns back.

<Isabel> yuck... <Emily_> It's gooo-oooo-oood! <Emily_> Are you sure you don't wanna drink some?

  • Emily_ holds her glass out towards Isabel.

<Isabel> ... No thanks :o <Emily_> Okay...

  • Emily_ shrugs and gulps the rest of hers down.
  • Emily_ sets the glass on the deck of the gazebo and disaapears into the shrubs again.

<Rachel_> Surely you won't let a little pookinese get in the way of your refreshment...?

  • Rachel_ smiles mischievously as she regards her cousin.

<Kolya> (do we have lemonade at Di's? ;) <Isabel> My stomach is not the cast iron fortress it used to be... <Isabel> (we could) <Kolya> heh <Rachel_> Nonsense! <Kolya> ('k)

  • Rachel_ pours some lemonade into a glass herself and takes a sip.

<Rachel_> It really is good. Not at all like bile. <Rachel_> :)? <Isabel> Yah... do we have to keep talking about bodily fluids? <Rachel_> In fact, it is quite a delicious lemonade, sugared perfectly. <Kolya> you'd be surprised ;p <Kolya> one of the 'perks' of prognancy, I guess ;o <Rachel_> All right, no lemonade for you then... hoe about some fresh cow's milk? <Isabel> That sounds much less revolting, thanks...

  • Rachel_ smiles and pours a glass of milk for Isabel then.

<Rachel_> Here you go. <Rachel_> Anything for you, Kolya? <Kolya> (I keep thinking 'beaver bile' ;) <Rachel_> Or are you content with the tea? <Kolya> Ive still got my tea, thanks.

  • Rachel_ nods and sits back down.

<Isabel> Oh, it's nice and cold.

  • Isabel holds the glass against her cheek.
  • Rachel_ leans towards Kolya.

<Rachel_> <w> Funny how she doesn't think about cow's milk actually *being* a bodily fluid...

  • Rachel_ grins.
  • Rachel_ sits straight again and sips her tea, all prim and proper.

<Rachel_> Now then... where were we?

  • Kolya smirks

<Kolya> Isabel's news <Kolya> which she keeps managing to dodge, somehow, though I would expect her to be more, ahh, bursting ;)

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> Indeed... most uncharacteristic.

  • Isabel sticks her tongue out at Kolya, and takes a big drink
  • Rachel_ regards Isabel over her tea cup.

<Isabel> well...

  • Rachel_ sips expectantly.
  • Isabel sets the glass down and taps her ring against the rim...

<Isabel> ... I'm getting married! :)

  • Rachel_ 's eyes widen.
  • Rachel_ lowers her tea cup.

<Rachel_> <high pitched girlish voice  :D > Really? <Rachel_> . o O (To... Caelan?  :o)

  • Isabel breaks into a smiles.

<Isabel> Uh-huh! <Rachel_> Well! <Rachel_> Wow!

  • Kolya grins too

<Rachel_> I- don't know what to say! <Rachel_> Congratulations are in order, I guess!

  • Rachel_ sets her cup down and leans forward to hug Isabel.

<Isabel> Thanks... <Rachel_> So, congratulations!

  • Isabel smiles some more.
  • Rachel_ leans back and smiles, regarding her cousin.

<Rachel_> Wow.

  • Rachel_ repeats.

<Kolya> . o O ( that didn't go so badly ) <Rachel_> Really? <Isabel> I didn't know what you'd think...

  • Isabel says a bit shyly.
  • Isabel nods

<Isabel> Really...

  • Rachel_ seems to still be trying to digest this information. ^-^

<Rachel_> Wow.

  • Rachel_ nods herself, smiling. ^-^

<Rachel_> When- when are you getting married?

  • Rachel_ wonders if people are going to be invited to attend or whether the couple will chose a quiet ceremony to avoid awkwardness.

<Rachel_> And it- is to Caelan, right? <Isabel> Well, who else would it be?

  • Rachel_ is still smiling.

<Rachel_> I don't know... <Rachel_> It just... wow.

  • Rachel_ ducks her head to her hand, embarrassed.

<Isabel> :) <Rachel_> I sound like an idiot.

  • Rachel_ says, peeking out between her fingers.
  • Rachel_ recovers herself, withdrawing her hand from her face.

<Isabel> Don't be silly... <Isabel> Anyway, I don't really know what we're doing yet... <Isabel> It's only been a couple of days :)

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> Thank you for telling me so soon...

  • Kolya sips tea
  • Rachel_ smiles shyly, flattered.
  • Rachel_ picks up her tea cup and takes another sip.

<Isabel> You're one of my best friends! <Isabel> :)

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rachel_> And you're mine, of course...  :) <Rachel_> . o O (It's nice to have friends... so lonely here.) <Rachel_> Well... you'll keep me posted, won't you? <Isabel> Of course...

  • Kolya wonders if anyone has been turning Rachel's heart to hatred lately. Doesn't seem like it :)
  • Rachel_ smiles again.

<Rachel_> I know you will... it's just sometimes I feel so cut off here, you know...

  • Rachel_ says quietly.

<Kolya> :/ <Isabel> So come see us sometime! <Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> I may be able to, after Beltaine... <Kolya> send us a message if you have time,. I'm sure we could scrounge someone to come pick you up :) <Rachel_> If the Countess doesn't mind me coming... <Isabel> what's Beltaine? <Isabel> I mean, why then? <Isabel> That's not until *may*, <Isabel> That's like *forever* <Isabel> :( <Rachel_> Oh! Nothing in particular is special about it! <Rachel_> It's just... I don't know how busy I'll be, but by then, I think things will be more conducive to leaving the Barony at times. <Rachel_> I hope so, anyway... <Isabel> Uh, okay...

  • Isabel doesn't really understand why not until Beltaine, but oh well

<Rachel_> Anyway, it's less than a month and a half away, so it's not as long as "forever" really...

  • Rachel_ smiles gently and regretfully.

<Isabel> it's like two *whole* months... <Rachel_> It's nearly the end of March now, and Beltaine's the first of May... <Rachel_> That's less than a month and a half!

  • Rachel_ teases Isabel.

<Isabel> :( <Kolya> Anticipation will make it better ;) <Rachel_> Something like that.

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Isabel> meh!

  • Kolya grins

<Rachel_> "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" and all that... <Rachel_> *That's* true enough...

  • Rachel_ says ruefully.
  • Rachel_ finishes her tea and sets her cup down, then picks up a little cake and nibbles it.

<Rachel_> What's Aberystwyth like these days? <Rachel_> Still cold, I imagine... not like here. <Kolya> Much the same

  • Rachel_ leans her head against a supporting beam of the gazebo roof.

<Kolya> Dovev scraed the crap opuit of me and Andrea the other day, though :o <Rachel_> Oh?

  • Rachel_ looks amused.

<Rachel_> What happened? <Kolya> he was swimming <Kolya> and, uh, bigger than normal <Kolya> and we didn't really know what he was, at first

  • Rachel_ laughs a bit.

<Rachel_> A sea serpent, hmmm? <Isabel> THat must have been before I got down there

  • Kolya nods

<Kolya> he flew off right before :) <Rachel_> (fancy that!  ;D ) <Rachel_> (fancy that!  ;D ) <Rachel_> I miss him... <Kolya> Dovev?

  • Rachel_ nods and blushes slightly.

<Rachel_> He taught us how to swim, you know... <Rachel_> He'll kill me if I keep spreading stories of what a softie he can be, though. <Kolya> heh <Kolya> that's a really odd mental image :o <Rachel_> He was always such a comforting presence for me... you might not believe that, though!  :) <Isabel> Yeah... I don't know about comforting... <Isabel> He's creepy. <Kolya> I guess you gety used to him after a while...

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> Don't get me wrong... <Rachel_> If he were angry and ready to attack, I certainly wouldn't see him him as "good ole uncle Dovev!" <Isabel> You ever see him... you know... <Isabel> *eat* somebody? <Rachel_> No! <Kolya> ¬_¬

  • Rachel_ looks horrified at the thought.
  • Kolya keeps his damned yap shut ;)

<Rachel_> I hope I never do. <Isabel> But I mean... he *does*, right? :o <Rachel_> I don't know... <Rachel_> I suppose it could be possible.

  • Rachel_ shrugs.

<Rachel_> . o O (She killed her own father after all.) <Rachel_> As long as it's not me, who cares?

  • Rachel_ jokes.
  • Isabel giggles.
  • Kolya finishes his teea

<Isabel> I guess! <Isabel> I'm not likely to get eaten anytime soon :)

  • Kolya idly wonders why she didn't feed him Caelan. must have been dàn

<Kolya> I dout it :D <Isabel> Caelan's real freaked out by him, though <Kolya> that's understandable, I guess <Kolya> :/

  • Rachel_ nods distractedly.

<Rachel_> Was the Countess pleased for you when you were engaged? <Isabel> She seemed to be, yeah :) <Rachel_> Good. <Isabel> She said that... <Rachel_> That...? <Isabel> Well, she wants me to bring him up to the castle... <Rachel_> Ah...shake the weird faceless anxiety

  • Kolya listens attentively and tries to shake the weird faceless anxiety

<Rachel_> . o O (Whatever for...? o.O) <Isabel> Something about starting with a fresh slate or something <Isabel> I haven't told him that <Rachel_> ... <Kolya> :o <Kolya> That ought to be interesting :o

  • Rachel_ hides her alarm.

<Rachel_> Indeed.

<Isabel> Well, he wouldn't even go up there when I was sick <Isabel> Even though he could have claimed hospitality or whatever, and then what could they have done? <Rachel_> Have you told him yet...? <Rachel_> That she wishes to see him?

  • Isabel shakes her head

<Rachel_> Best of luck when you do.

  • Rachel_ smiles encouragingly.

<Isabel> I don't know what I ought to say <Isabel> :/ <Rachel_> Me neither. I really don't know him. <Kolya> :/ <Kolya> I can't imagines he has any fond memories of the place.... <Isabel> Not really... <Rachel_> The dungeons and oubliettes aren't the nicest places, no... <Isabel> But she's so different from what she was like back then... I mean, she must be. She's so nice to me, and Melisande and Kolya...

  • Kolya wonders if rachel has ever seen them

<Kolya> ... <Isabel> (she could have gone down into the dungeons... she could have looked down *into* an oubliette, maybe, but she couldn't have gone down into one)

  • Kolya glances at Rachel to see if she sees the irony in that situation

<Kolya> Well, I guess. <Rachel_> ...

  • Kolya isn't sure exactly what he should tell Is... that her aunt is really only using me and M, so she ccan afford to be noice to us ,a dn as for you and caelan...
  • Rachel_ chooses to remain silent on the matter. she got in trouble the last time. ^-^

<Kolya> . o O ( *sigh* ) <Kolya> well, she can afford to be nice to me, I guess ;)

  • Rachel_ seems well aware of the ramifications when she glances at Kolya quickly.

<Rachel_> . o O (She was nice to me once, too, dear cousin.) <Rachel_> . o O (And you've *no* idea what she's capable of...) <Rachel_> Well, hopefully it will all go well. <Kolya> well, it isn't like he *hs* to go, anyway

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Isabel> Yeah... <Rachel_> . o O (Or so we'd like to think, at any rate.) <Kolya> Or like she could really do anything if he decided not to <Rachel_> Not without pissing off some major powers herself...

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rachel_> I can't wait until the peaches are ripe!

  • Rachel_ sweeps her glance over the peach trees in bloom.

<Kolya> I haven't had fresh peaches in (*forever* <Rachel_> I'll make sure some get sent to Aberystwyth, then.  :) <Kolya> hey, sweet :D <Isabel> That'd be nice... <Rachel_> You're welcome to come here for Beltaine, too... if you like. <Rachel_> I'm afraid it won't be quite so extravagant as Aberystwyth's festivities. <Rachel_> But still, you are welcome here.

  • Kolya assumes she means IS
  • Rachel_ seems to mean both of you.

<Kolya> . o O ( kissing cousins? ;) ) <Isabel> I don't know... you're the only person I know here <Rachel_> I mean to invite my brothers and father as well, and of course Lord Nikolai and His Grace. I believe His Grace will likely have a more pressing appointment, however...

  • Rachel_ smiles.
  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rachel_> Still, it doesn't hurt to invite him. <Isabel> Usually when you go a party and the only person you know is the hostess... it's kind of lame...

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> You'd get to meet new people... <Kolya> Beltan's not really my thing, so much... <Rachel_> But I understand.

  • Rachel_ understands but is sad anyway. :)

<Rachel_> I will extend the invitation to Her Excellency too... <Rachel_> . o O (How frantic things would be if she accepted!) <Rachel_> . o O (But I doubt she will.)

  • Kolya assumes Is isa going to try and find some way to spend the night with Caelan

<Kolya> (I've got to go guys, I'm sorry, I did't think this would go on so long :o <Isabel> (oh, okay...) <Rachel_> (heh, it has been a while, hasn't it?  :D) <Kolya> (But Julie is on, you shoudl try and snag her for something)