Kolya tries to help Rachel

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<Debbie> Kolya's life is crappy, maybe he'd want to talk about that with someone. I'm guessing that since you didn't ask, you're not going to try to stick with Rachel's mind this time.

<Debbie> What's Trolius up to these days?

<Elanya> well...

<Elanya> he would, actually, try

<Elanya> T has been trying to figure more out on his end, but he doesn't have any leads and can't talk toa anyone about it

<Debbie> (Well, what's left of Rachel's mind, anyway...)

<Elanya> maybe she's more receptive when she's broken :o\

<Debbie> Yeah, Trolius hasn't had much luck.

<Debbie> And the only person I have to roleplay in EF is Firmin

<Elanya> :/

<Debbie> Who is also going out of his mind trying to hold things together and wondering when Rachel's replacement will be sent.

<Debbie> ;)

<Elanya> isn't that Rhyduian's job?

<Debbie> Yes, mostly.

<Debbie> But I'm the captain of the guard!

<Debbie> I have to do some, too.

<Debbie> ;)

<Debbie> Tally has prolly gone back to the desert by now.

<Elanya> *nod*\

<Debbie> There's not much he can do in Aber at the moment, and his family needs him.

<Elanya> would K be able to achieve anything by sticking around?

<Debbie> Well, that depends on how long you can bear to stick around.

<Elanya> or is she at least as oblivious, if not more?

<Debbie> The horrible violation continues for a pretty good long time.

<Debbie> You going to ride that out? Anathene sure seems to be enjoying himself.

<Debbie> Rachel screams and screams but she can't seem to faint, because of course she thinks she is dead, and if you're dead, you can't faint, so much, since you don't have blood rushing our of your head.

<Debbie> Finally she screams herself silent, which seems less fun for Anathene.

<Elanya> I will see if I can try to fight him for Rachel, maybe? Try to shield her mind, pr something

<Debbie> Rachel is desperately searching for any way out of this nightmare.

<Elanya> Well, maybe I can give her one, somehow :o

<Elanya> tmaybe I can try and make more conscious contact with her mind while I'm still seeing 'through' her, and let her retreat into me, or something

<Elanya> or at least herback to the 'psychic' plane or whatever, so that she can have a little bit of distance

<Debbie> Are you sure you want to try that? Letting a panicked and utterly insane mind into your head?

<Elanya> ummm....

<Elanya> yes :o\

<Elanya> I figure that since I'me the sane one, and it is my mind, I'll be able to keep control :)

<Elanya> also... desperate to help :o\

<Debbie> You are as insane as she is.

<Elanya> are you saying that is the result, or that it is a silly thing to try? O_O

<Debbie> (I'm not saying that's the result)

<Debbie> (Just that I think you're a little loony to try.  ;D )

<Debbie> How will you guide her towards your safe harbour?

<Debbie> What do you hope will break through to her and make her recognize a safe place to run to, I mean?

<Debbie> Because at the moment, her whole being is concentrated on that freezing claw lacerating her from the inside out.

<Elanya> (it is not crazy to try and save someone who is drowning, even if you know they are going to try and drag you under1)

<Elanya> Hmmm...

      • Debbie is now known as Rachel_
      • Elanya is now known as Kolya
  • Rachel_ 's throat, thankfully, has screamed itself raw and is no longer capable of producing sound, so you can at least think.
  • Kolya will reach out with his psychic mind, and and touch her thoughts, trying to give her a bridge to a better refuge than her body)

<Rachel_> (Am I to assume you are projecting the idea of safety or something?)

<Kolya> (safety and escape, yes)

  • Rachel_ seems to startle for a moment, then:

<Rachel_> :No... no won't fall for that! THIS was supposed to be safe!:

<Rachel_> (but at least you've caught her attention)

  • Kolya will keep trying, but I will send her my sadness and sympathy as well ;_;

<Kolya> :Rachel?:

<Rachel_> :?:

<Kolya> :It's Kolya:

  • Rachel_ becomes even more terrified, and tries to push you away.

<Kolya> :I'm not going to make you do anything, Rachel. I just want to help you:

<Rachel_> :GO AWAY! Haven't you had enough?! GO AWAY! AWAY! AWAY!:

  • Rachel_ tries to suppress memories of being raped by you.
  • Kolya is very upset by that, and a little surprised.

<Kolya> :No... It wasn't me, Rachel:

<Kolya> :It's all lies:

  • Rachel_ blindly tries to free herself from you, only to be rather forcefully reminded of what's happening to her body. She retreats


  • Rachel_ starts keening.

<Kolya> :If you were really dead, I couldn't reach you...:

  • Kolya winces

<Kolya> :I'm so sorry.:

<Rachel_> :Get out of my head, get out get out GET OUT! You're a lie too.:

  • Rachel_ seems to be reacting to your sympathy, which she perceives as false.

<Kolya> :I promise I'm not, Rachel. I swear it by the Fates, may they strike me ever blind and dumb if I am:

<Rachel_> :What good is an oath?! Everyone broke them.:

<Kolya> :No, Rachel. The Dreaming wouldn't let that happen.:

<Rachel_> (you get an image of her male knights raping her, she tries to suppress it, too.)

  • Kolya will give her a hand with that. :o

<Rachel_> (Also, a flashback to Tally and Aidan)

<Kolya> :You've been taken beyond the reach of oaths.:

<Kolya> :It's all false..

  • Kolya will give the the image of Tally, on the beach, crying because he isn't being allowed to help, of almost hitting me because he's so angry and upset
  • Rachel_ shakes her head.
  • Anathene_maybe grips Rachel's chin and peers into her eyes.

<Anathene_maybe> What's this, poppet? You're not paying attention to me.

<Kolya> :...:

  • Rachel_ focuses on him again for a moment.
  • Kolya is a little scared when he notices.
  • Rachel_ 's mind is overwhelmed with terror again.
  • Anathene_maybe smirks.

<Anathene_maybe> That's better.

  • Anathene_maybe pushes his thumb-claw in with extra violence.
  • Kolya winces along with Rachel

<Anathene_maybe> I want this to be extra special. I want you to remember this for a long time.

<Kolya> :Please come away, Rachel. He wants to destroy your mind. Don't let him...:

<Anathene_maybe> (You get the feeling that he may not be talking only to Rachel, there.)

  • Rachel_ whimpers.
  • Rachel_ wishes she could faint but she's dead, she can't...
  • Kolya is scared and horrified, but even that is overwhelmed by compassion

<Rachel_> :Why...?:

<Kolya> :Because he is evil. I don't know.:

<Kolya> :But if you won't come with me... then let go. You can let go.:

<Kolya> :You're not dead.It's just.... magic. It's not Anathene. You know it can't be. He's not even dead, now. You know that. It can't *be* him:

<Rachel_> :I don't know that, I don't know anything...:

<Kolya> :You do Rachel. You were there, you saved your grandmother, remember?

<Kolya> :He was joined with that Sluagh:

<Kolya> :It can't really be him, just like it wasn't... it wasn't anyone else you know.:

<Rachel_> :He was...?:

<Kolya> :Yes, you know that, Rachel.:

<Kolya> :You know your family, your friends, would never do this to you. I know you do. Don't let him trick you, you're stronger than that, I know it.:

  • Rachel_ sounds bewildered and confused.

<Rachel_> :But they all know things... no one else could...:

  • Rachel_ finally faints.

<Kolya> (What's Anathene's reaction?)

<Kolya> ("Anathene's")

<Anathene_maybe> (Well, you're not seeing out of her eyes anymore, or feeling through her.)

<Anathene_maybe> (Going to try to separate from her like you have before?)

<Kolya> (I'm kind of scared to..... but, yes. I know it doesn't take me long to escape if I have to :o)

  • Anathene_maybe is holding her up and peering into her face rather dispassionately.

<Anathene_maybe> So... that's it, then.

<Anathene_maybe> Too bad. You were fun while you lasted.

  • Anathene_maybe allows her to fall to the floor which is suddenly there and very solid stone.

<Kolya> (did she faint because she wanted to or because he body just couldn't take any more?)

<Anathene_maybe> (Mostly because she just couldn't take it anymore, but you think some of what you said might have sunk in.)

  • Kolya hopes so. Clearly she'll know it's true when she wakes up very much alive... or else is really killed :p
  • Kolya watches to see what he does next
  • Anathene_maybe glances up roughly at where you're standing, then leaves the room.

<Kolya> (Can I follow?)

<Anathene_maybe> (It's the same room you're used to. Darkness descends as he leaves.)

<Kolya> (well, yes, but I'm not usually out yet when he leaves, so can I follow him out of the room?

<Anathene_maybe> (You cannot. There does not seem to *be* anything beyond those walls. It's eerie and deathly cold.)

<Kolya> ('k)

<Anathene_maybe> (The darkness gradually dissipates, and the wreck that was once Rachel is bathed in moonlight. The shadows of trees rise above her, and the northern lights dance their ghostly dance far above.)

<Kolya> (!! where?)

<Kolya> (well, I'll leave that for someone else to figure out)

<Anathene_maybe> (You have the feeling she's in the real world again, and then you're swept back to yourself in Aberystwyth.)

<Kolya> (keen)

  • Kolya will go and find one of the head honcho types, adn spill all, anyway

<Anathene_maybe> (In the moonlight, you could tell she was naked, as she has been every time you've visited her. There is not much left of her once-beautiful wings, and her right hand is a warped and twisted ruin. A dark gash oozes blood along her cheek where Anathene sliced her, and her thighs are also black with blood.)

<Anathene_maybe> The End, for now.