Kolya tries to connect with Rachel, 10/4/2005

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<Kolya> C, you are twistwd :o

  • Debbie bows.

<Kolya> well, I saw it coming, really

<Kolya> but, still

<Kolya> poor rachel ;_;

<Kolya> maybve I can RP telling someone about this when Sa gets back

<Debbie> I would leave to see you RP telling someone these things.

<Kolya> since I am using the right name and all

<Debbie> ^-^

<Kolya> I would try to 'send' to her that it's wrong, it's all lies, this isn't your family.

<Debbie> okay, you can try that.

<Kolya> I would try and see if I can extend the vision, horrible as it is, once it returns to her 'real' scenarion, as well.

<Kolya> and see if I can see/sense anything that might give an idea of where she is...?

<Debbie> Well, she's intimately familiar with her surroundings by now.

<Debbie> She's in a featureless square stone cell, about 10 x 10. The only furniture is the bed. There is no window, just walls that rise up and up into darkness.

<Kolya> is there a door?

<Kolya> can I move beyond this scene?

<Debbie> The only other item is a bucket that serves as her chamber pot, and a battered tin plate that must be what her food is served in, though it looks clean as a whistle right now.

<Debbie> There doesn't appear to be a door.

<Kolya> so no entrances?

<Kolya> can I ken her rapists?

<Debbie> When the twins leave, a section of stone wall opens and closes, seamlessly.

<Kolya> 'k

<Debbie> Then she is plunged into darkness.

<Debbie> You cannot move beyond the room, and when you try to ken, you're almost blinded by the glamour emanating from everything except Rachel.

<Kolya> (including the 'boys;'?

<Debbie> Yes.

<Kolya> (alright)

  • Kolya will try to speak to her.

<Kolya> Rachel?

  • Kolya will burn willpower to try to reach her, if he can :o

<Debbie> Rachel lies on the bed, motionless, and seems oblivious to your presence.

  • Kolya tries to reach out to her with his mind

<Kolya> Rachel...

<Kolya> Please don't let these horrible lies destroy you ;_;

<Debbie> No reaction.

<Kolya> (can I get back inside her mind?)

<Debbie> No.

  • Kolya will watch for a little longer, if I can, to see if she does anything..

<Kolya> and ogh, is she wearing the ring Di has been scrying?

<Debbie> It's pitch black, you can't see anything.

<Kolya> (It wasn't earlier....)

<Debbie> <Debbie> When the twins leave, a section of stone wall opens and closes, seamlessly.

<Debbie> <Kolya> 'k

<Debbie> <Debbie> Then she is plunged into darkness.

<Debbie> After a while, you can hear rustling as she pulls herself up off the bed, and moves into a corner of the room where there was a nest of twisted sheets on the floor.

<Kolya> (what sense do I have available to me at this point, then? Just sight?)

<Debbie> Well, I just said you could hear something.

<Kolya> (true... that was just timing ;)

  • Kolya will go to where she is, and see if he can 'touch' her...

<Debbie> You suddenly feel the hairs on the back of your neck raising, and you find yourself rather suddenly and disorientingly back in your own body in the real world.

<Kolya> (As though I was evicted, rather than things just ended?)

<Debbie> It seems that way.

<Kolya> (keen)

<Debbie> you have a terrible, terrible headache.

<Kolya> (I will see fi I can bracket this with other IC later :)

<Kolya> (yeah...)

<Kolya> keen

<Kolya> I have a very good mental picture of what K's 'astral' form looks like, if you are curious

<Debbie> Sure, fire away  :)

<Kolya> he looks like himself, only i a more ghostly form, intangible and with a sort of bluish glowing effec... In the center of his forehed there is a... thing. like a hole that is partially overgrown with scar tissue. Light emmanates from it, but it weeps little tears of blood and trails glamour.

<Debbie> creepy

<Kolya> kind of.

<Debbie> Oh, by the way, I should clarify, Rachel was glamourous too, but only by as much as you'd expect a normal changeling with one or more cantrips cast on her, while everything else seemed to be pretty much pure glamour.

<Kolya> that's Soleil's fault :p

<Kolya> yeah, I figured

<Kolya> I wonder if I'll get any more visions, then :o

<Kolya> or if I'll get smething else :o

<Debbie> Perhaps you'll get nothing, now.

<Kolya> yeah, well.

<Kolya> ¬_¬

<Kolya> that has its benefits too.

<Kolya> K is really empathic