Kolya & Ginny, 11/4/2002

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Session Start: Sat Nov 02 14:57:07 2002

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<Elanya> arrr <Debbie> re <Elanya> I think my internet is just a bit shaky today <Debbie> could be

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  • Ginny is up on a ladder dusting in one of the halls right now... everything is bustling at Aberystwyth, getting ready for the big to-do tonight.
  • Kolya is going somewhere... maybe to borrow that fez from WR ;)
  • Ginny is a cute Boggan with reddish blonde hair and green eyes; unlike many of her kith, one could not call her fat. She is more voluptuous then anything.
  • Ginny notices Kolya.

<Ginny> Kolya! Hi!

  • Ginny calls from her perch atop the ladder.

<Kolya> hmm?

  • Kolya looks around,a dn then up

<Kolya> oh, hi Ginny

  • Kolya waves
  • Ginny turns around gingerly so she can talk better. She seems to maybe be nervous about being up so high.

<Ginny> Excited about tonight? <Kolya> yeah, I guess so... <Kolya> I haven't been to any Samhain stuff in, well, forever. <Ginny> Oh, really? <Ginny> You were away, weren't you... <Ginny> I forgot.

  • Ginny blushes.

<Kolya> um, yeah <Ginny> This will be my fourth... I couldn't get away from my parents any younger... They don't *understand*, you see. <Kolya> (whwre Kolya's been and where he comes from isn't a generally well known thing, I don't think. well, I supose there may be rumours among the boggans <Ginny> (She doesn't know where he was) <Kolya> yeah, I can imagine...

  • Ginny absently swats at the carved pillar behind her with a duster.

<Ginny> Are you... going with anyone? <Kolya> ...

  • Ginny asks bravely.

<Kolya> no.. I don't know if I'll stay the whole night anyway <Ginny> Oh...

  • Ginny looks at the pillar to hide her disappointment.

<Kolya> I'm eally not much for these big parties and things <Kolya> YOu?

  • Ginny turns back to Kolya.

<Ginny> Um, no... The guy I like doesn't seem to realize, and I'm too shy to ask. I'm just a kitchen girl, after all. <Kolya> Eh, welll, us guys are notoriously stupid

  • Ginny blushes shyly and looks away.

<Ginny> Yeah, I guess so. <Ginny> Um.... Kolya - do you think you could maybe, uh, hold the ladder for me? <Ginny> I hate heights... <Kolya> oh, sure..

  • Kolya will do so

<Ginny> But I have to come down and move it and dust the next pillar and- oh, thank you.

  • Ginny turns around slowly and carefully again, afraid she's going to fall.
  • Ginny makes her way down slowly; at the bottom she is visibly pale.

<Kolya> you okay?

  • Ginny turns to smile apologetically at Kolya.

<Ginny> Yeah... it's just. Well, logically I know that even if I did fall, it couldn't hurt too much... <Ginny> But I get all shaky anyway. <Ginny> Stupid, huh? <Kolya> Everyone is afraid of something <Kolya> and lot of people are scarred of heights, so I don't think it's really anything to be ashamed of <Kolya> I mean, you did get up there, and back down, afterall

  • Ginny nods.

<Ginny> I know... but here I am, 18 years old, and I'm nearly reduced to tears by a ladder! <Ginny> Oh well, at least I'm not afraid of the dark! <Kolya> there you go :)

  • Ginny smiles.

<Ginny> What are you afraid of? <Kolya> That would ba a pretty nasty one, I think, in this castle <Kolya> me? Oh, lots of things, I guess

  • Ginny leans against the wall and waits for her knees to stop wobbling.

<Ginny> Like?

  • Ginny encourages.
  • Kolya thinks

<Kolya> I don't know... being alone, maybe. Or that people won't listent ot me. <Ginny> Really?

  • Ginny asks sympathetically.

<Kolya> well, yeah. <Ginny> That's sad... <Kolya> SOmetimes I'm afraid of things that I see... but that's not really the same, I don't think

  • Ginny nods.
  • Kolya shrugs

<Kolya> It's not so bad. It could be worse <Kolya> Cora used to be terrified of spiders... <Ginny> Who is Cora?

  • Ginny asks curiously.

<Kolya> She was a girl who helped take care of me when I was growing up <Ginny> Oh!

  • Ginny smiles.

<Ginny> My sister hates spiders, too. <Ginny> It's strange, the things people are afraid of, huh? <Ginny> But I think it's perfectly reasonable to be afraid of some of things you might see in your visions. <Kolya> heh, I had one friend who got over his fear my convincing himself they were just tiny little robots. Personally, I think that makes the *more* creepy <Kolya> sometimes

  • Kolya smiles

<Ginny> I think just *having* visions would scare me.

  • Ginny smiles.

<Kolya> but like I said, that's not really the same, anywa <Ginny> Yeah. <Kolya> it isn't always bad <Ginny> Well that's good.

  • Ginny smiles.
  • Ginny tucks some hair behind an ear.

<Ginny> Little robots, huh? <Ginny> That *does* sound creepy.

  • Ginny is worried that Kolya might think she is trying to be nosy anf find out what sorts of things he sees, but she really doesn't! Not in this castle.

<Ginny> So... are you going to dress up tonight? <Kolya> well, hopefully <Ginny> What as? <Kolya> I'm just collecting costume parts now,

  • Ginny smiles encouragingly/ a bit coquettishly.

<Kolya> a monkey :D <Ginny> A monkey?

  • Ginny laughs.

<Ginny> That would be funny to see. <Ginny> Kolya the monkey. I like it...

  • Ginny grins.

<Kolya> well, I didn't think I wanted to have a serious costume <Kolya> It seems there will probably be enough of those around <Ginny> Hmmm.

  • Ginny nods agreement.

<Ginny> <w> A lot of people here take themselves a bit too seriously, if you know what I mean. <Kolya> It's probably just in their nature... but I know what you mean :)

  • Ginny hopes no one hears; like many servants she lives in mortal fear of Herself overhearing and getting angry. ^-^

<Ginny> (Not realizing that Herself has far better things to do than keep an eye on her servants) <Ginny> I think I'll be a whale. <Kolya> a whale?

  • Ginny laughs.

<Ginny> It's kind of an inside joke.... <Kolya> oh? <Ginny> When I was a little girl, I was always kind of chunky... so the other kids teased me. You know. <Ginny> Kids can be pretty mean... <Kolya> heh, yeah, I guess they can :o <Ginny> But, anyway. It doesn't bother me anymore - it used ot make me cry - but now it's just funny. <Kolya> (yay more snow! *excited*) <Ginny> (hee! happy Heather) <Kolya> well, I can't imagine you have to worry about it too much these days anyway :) <Ginny> So, I'll be Ginny the whale. It will be my secret revenge on all the kids who used to make me cry!

  • Ginny smiles.

<Kolya> go for it :D <Kolya> what kind of whale are you going to be? <Ginny> Hmmm.... <Ginny> Maybe a killer whale.

  • Ginny laughs.

<Ginny> No... I think I'll be a right whale. <Kolya> well, I'll keep an eye out for you, then... I've never seen anyone dressed up liek a whale before :o <Ginny> All right!

  • Ginny smiles.
  • Ginny looks down at her feather duster.

<Kolya> well, I guess I should let you get back to work... <Ginny> I... should probably get back to work before someone sees me slacking off...

  • Ginny says at the same time he speaks, and laughs.

<Ginny> But, Kolya - it's been so nice talking to you... <Ginny> I hope we might - might be able to talk some more in the future?

  • Ginny asks wistfully.

<Kolya> ah, sure, why not ? <Kolya> I'm sure I'll see you around and stuff..

  • Ginny beams when he says "

<Ginny> ("why not")

  • Ginny then looks mildly frustrated when he says he'll see her around.

<Kolya> maybe we can do something if we have coinciding days off

  • Ginny smiles again.

<Kolya> I'll see you tonight, anyway <Kolya> later :) <Ginny> Okay.

  • Kolya will wave again and turn to go
  • Ginny wishes he'd clue in. Or maybe he really isn't interested in her. she is just a kitchen girl...

<Ginny> :^/ <Ginny> Kolya -

  • Kolya wonder is she was hitting on him or not...

<Kolya> hmm?

  • Kolya pauses and looks back over his shoulder

<Ginny> Um... never mind. I'll see you tonight. <Kolya> ..okay..

  • Ginny seems a bit disappointed.
  • Ginny smiles at Kolya though.
  • Kolya smiles back, and then heads off again
  • Ginny turns to push her ladder along to the next pillar, and then builds up her courage to climb again...

<Kolya> (poor girls doesn't know what she's getting herself into ;) <Ginny> (heehee) <Ginny> (she's a nice girl)