Janus and Hayley go to visit Rachel, 7/12/2005

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  • Hayley was pleased that you could spare her one night and two days!
  • Hayley is all packed and ready to go; she fluctuates between being excited to go on a trip with you and being nervous about whatever it is Rachel wants from her.
  • Hayley is excited right now; her cheeks are flushed with pleasure and her eyes shine brightly with anticipation.
  • Janus is wearing a long, slate-grey brocaded vest over a loose white linen shirt, and pale grey trousers with high black boots.
  • Janus pushes back his hair with a fine silver coronet.

<Janus> Well. <Janus> Are you ready to depart?

  • Hayley is garbed in a long maroon tunic over a creamy linen blouse, and leather breeches.
  • Janus pulls on some black gloves, and picks up his scythe.
  • Hayley 's hair is a loose mass of curls today, hanging down past her shoulder blades.
  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> Are you?

  • Janus nods...

<Janus> I ought to have arranged to bring some staff. <Hayley> Oh, she has people. <Janus> It is an unofficial visit, so it did not occur to me... <Hayley> And if she doesn't, I can cook for you. ^-^ <Janus> Well, I'm sure *that* won't be necessary.

  • Janus says with a small amile.

<Hayley> Oh, but what if sometimes I'd *like* to cook for you? <Janus> That would be different, I suppose...

  • Janus will walk you down to the portal chamber as you converse.

<Hayley> I'm not much of a female companion if I can't cook for you. ^-^ <Janus> If you say so... <Hayley> Tally would say food is the way to a man's heart.

  • Hayley grins.

<Hayley> I just need a good recipe for little lemon cakes and then I'll find out how true that is. <Hayley> The Boggans keep it top secret, you know. <Janus> A state secret.

  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> I guess they don't want anyone to have undue influence over you.

  • Hayley teases.

<Lemia> (i sleep now!) <Lemia> (night everyone) <Hayley> Not even me...

  • Hayley sighs dramatically.
  • Janus chuckles a little, but seems preoccupied.
  • Hayley slides her hand into the negative space between your arm and your torso and looks up at you.

<Hayley> Are you all right with this?

  • Hayley wonders why you are preoccupied.

<Janus> I'm sure it will be fine.

  • Janus says as you walk into the chamber.

<Hayley> If it's really going to be too long for you, we could cut it short...

  • Janus 's effects and such have been brought down for him; it looks rather bad to have a prince carry his own luggage, after all.

<Janus> We will see how things go, I suppose.

  • Hayley offers (a bit reluctantly - I'm not a saint, after all!)

<Hayley> Okay. <Hayley> I am just so excited to see her colt and the peach trees and the spanish moss and everything she writes to you about.

  • Janus withdraws a carefully-copied map of Concordia from one of his pockets, and places it within the circle at your feet.

<Janus> I know you are, love.

  • Janus straightens up and smiles down at you.

<Janus> I hope you will enjoy yourself.

  • Hayley smiled as soon as you called her "love"...

<Hayley> We shall see, but I have a good feeling about it. <Hayley> I mean, just seeing the place will be good. <Janus> I hope you are correct.

  • Janus takes your hand in his, then raises the scythe up above his head... He brings the spiked butt end down sharply upon the map, and the world dissoves around you.

<Hayley> If that's the only thing...

  • Rachel_ is waiting for you when you appear in the small room she has set aside for flicker flashers.
  • Janus and yourself emerge from a flurry of black feathers into the heat and humidity of the Kingdom of Willows.
  • Firmin is on duty at the moment and standing close to her.
  • Rachel_ smiles and steps forward to greet you with a hug.

<Janus> Hello, Rachel.

  • Janus hugs you back, but displays a formal restraint (presumably since there are staff in attendance).
  • Firmin seems surprised by Hayley, but regains his composure and bows without staring too much.
  • Hayley smiles up at you and your daughter, oblivious to Firmin's momentary lapse.
  • Janus wonders what Rachel told her Captain, that he should look so caught off guard.

<Rachel_> Hello, father.

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rachel_> It's good to see you. I'm glad you came. <Janus> It is a pleasure to be here.

  • Rachel_ turns to Hayley and manages a smile for her too.

<Rachel_> Thank you for coming, too.

  • Hayley smiles warmly and more genuinely back at her one-time daughter.

<Hayley> It's my pleasure, Baroness.

  • Hayley curtseys.
  • Rachel_ smiles once more.

<Rachel_> Well... I suppose I should show you to your room, and then we can give you a brief tour of the place. <Janus> Very well...

  • Janus extends his free arm to Hayley.
  • Hayley slides her arm into the crook of your elbow.
  • Rachel_ leads you out of the room, and a pair of livereid childlings collect your baggage.

<Rachel_> (liveried)

  • Firmin keeps glancing at Hayley once in a while as if trying to make sure his eyes aren't playing tricks on him.
  • Janus looks sharply at the Captain after a few such glances.

<Janus> . o O ( Have you no manners? )

  • Hayley looks around Rachel's house curiously. It is neat and tidy and rather homey... it would be a vain effort to dress this place up like the castle at Aberystwyth.

<Janus> . o O ( She isn't a sideshow. >:( )

  • Firmin catches your glance and looks down shamefully, and stops looking at her thereafter.
  • Rachel_ leads you to a well-appointed room with a queen-sized bed and a nice view out the window. The pages place your baggage and Hayley's neatly near the polished wooden dresser drawer.
  • Janus glances around the room; it seems to meet with his approval...
  • Hayley disentangles herself from your arm long enough to take a peek out of the window.

<Hayley> Oh, it's so perfect! <Hayley> Is that the peach orchard?

  • Janus looks out over Hayley's shoulder.
  • Rachel_ nods, looking a bit uncertain how to proceed now that Hayley is in fact in her presence and home...

<Rachel_> (It is very picturesque and pastoral indeed...) <Rachel_> That's part of it, anyway... <Rachel_> It extends down around the house to that side...

  • Rachel_ is making an effort to be nice, anyway.

<Rachel_> We can go out and walk in it later, if you like. <Hayley> I would. <Rachel_> Well, let's go see the rest of the place...

  • Rachel_ glances at you for approval.
  • Janus nods, smiling slightly.

<Rachel_> After that, you'll probably want some refreshments... I know the weather here can be a bit overwhelming. <Janus> It is rather warm, yes,,, <Hayley> I think it's nice.  :)

  • Rachel_ looks around for the pages who seem to have disappeared.
  • Rachel_ smiles apologetically.

<Rachel_> They're new... <Janus> I see... <Rachel_> I guess they need some more training. <Rachel_> Firmin, would you be so kind as to track them down and ask them to get some refreshments ready for my father and his companion while I show them around the freehold? <Firmin> Yes, Baroness.

  • Firmin bows and makes good his departure.

<Rachel_> Well then... shall we? <Janus> Yes... Lead on.

  • Rachel_ returns her attention to you and Hayley.
  • Janus hopes that it is less stifling outside, but is mostly dubious.

<Rachel_> You of course have been here before so this is mostly for Hayley's benefit... <Rachel_> If it is too tedious for you, my small library is at your disposal, father.

  • Rachel_ offers kindly.
  • Hayley is anxious to see the place, herself!

<Janus> No, that's quite allright... <Janus> I would enjoy the exercise... and the company...

  • Hayley smiles, happy not to be deprived of your company.
  • Rachel_ smiles too.

<Rachel_> Very well...

  • Rachel_ shows you around the house, then the outbuildings, ending with her colt who is gamboling in his paddock.
  • Rachel_ chats politely with you and Hayley, just feeling things out, as the tour progresses.
  • Hayley is happy to oblige...
  • Hayley immediately falls in love with the colt.

<Hayley> May I pet him? <Rachel_> You're welcome to, if you can catch him.

  • Hayley picks some tall grass and calmly climbs into the paddock and tries to entice the colt to her, leaving the two of you alone.
  • Janus watches Hayley try to coax the little horse over...
  • Rachel_ turns to you.

<Rachel_> I'm going to ask her some hard things... <Janus> Is that what this is about, then...

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> But they're things I need to know... <Rachel_> I hope she'll... understand. I hope you will.

  • Janus frowns.
  • Janus says nothing.

<Rachel_> Would you care to be present for our discussion, or not? <Janus> I think it might be best. <Janus> I will warn you, I am not going to let her be upset, or... what have you. <Janus> She doesn't deserve that.

  • Rachel_ shakes her head.

<Rachel_> I don't wish to upset her. <Janus> She does not have to... justify her being here.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> You love her and that is not going to change. <Rachel_> I know that. <Rachel_> I just need to know about my mother.

  • Janus stiffens slightly.

<Rachel_> You're sure you're up to hearing what she might say?

  • Rachel_ asks, trying to make sure you know what she is talking about.

<Janus> Don't ask her that. <Rachel_> ... <Janus> Think about it, Rachel. <Janus> Is there any answer that could possibly make you feel better? <Janus> Is there really? <Rachel_> I just need to understand... that's why I asked if you would care to be present. <Rachel_> I know you might not want to hear. <Janus> I do not.

  • Janus continues to watch Hayley.

<Janus> And I don't want to hear it from you, either <Janus> I don't want to hear about this at all. <Janus> I wash my hands of it.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> I need to talk about it with her before I can move on. <Rachel_> But I won't bring it up with you again.

  • Janus clearly thinks very little of this idea, but says no more.

<Janus> >:/ <Rachel_> Sooo... I'll have to find something to keep you occupied while I whisk her away for a while... <Janus> ... <Rachel_> I wish you could have stayed longer... but I know you're busy. <Janus> Indeed. <Rachel_> I can bring it up with her today or later, tomorrow... what would you prefer? <Janus> I don't care. <Rachel_> Very well.

  • Janus continues to scowl aimlessly.
  • Rachel_ looks sad.
  • Janus focuses his attention on Hayley and the colt.
  • Hayley has gotten him to eat out of her hand and is stroking his neck and the soft velvet of his nose. They seem to have hit things off well.

<Rachel_> I'm trying to get better, father... I don't know if this is the way, but it feels like something I must face before I can face the rest. <Janus> I do not think it is a good idea. <Janus> However, my opinion seems to carry very little weight.

  • Rachel_ half-smiles sadly again.
  • Janus continues to gaze at the little satyr.

<Rachel_> Well, maybe I should get this over with sooner rather than later so you can leave if that's what you want to do.

  • Rachel_ sighs.

<Rachel_> I love you, father.

  • Rachel_ slides gracefully through the fence and walks out into the field to Hayley and the colt.
  • Hayley smiles at the sidhe and they chat for a little bit, mostly about the colt, before you see Hayley shrug at something Rachel says.
  • Hayley hesitates for a moment, then looks back at you, waves cheerfully (bravely) and they pat the colt one last time before wandering off together...
  • Janus goes back to the house to brood. >:(
  • Page_girl is a young Eshu.
  • Page_girl seems to have been waiting for you, or your party, to return.
  • Page_girl moves up to you quickly and bows, since she is wearing pants.
  • Janus does not appear to want to stop and talk.

<Page_girl> Your Highness... <Janus> Yes?

  • Page_girl bites her lip and looks anxious; she is only trying to do her job, after all...

<Page_girl> I am supposed to inform you and your companions that the refreshments have been served in the Baroness' study... <Janus> Well, you can let the two of them know, wherever they have gone.

  • Page_girl nods.

<Janus> I am retiring to my room.

  • Janus says by way of a dismissal.
  • Page_girl curtseys again.
  • Page_girl guesses that offering to bring some refreshments to your room is not a good idea.
  • Firmin is in the hallway leading to your room, out of armour now.
  • Janus will nod in acknowledgement on his way by, then.

<Firmin> Your Highness... <Janus> Yes? What is it?

  • Firmin asks urgently after bowing.

<Janus> . o O ( Can you people not leave me alone for five minutes? ) <Firmin> Your companion... I wanted to apologize. If I seemed ill-mannered, it is only because I haven't seen a faun in... in centuries. <Janus> Your apology is noted. <Janus> Now if you will excuse me, please. <Janus> I'm afraid the heat does not agree with me at all. <Firmin> Yes, of course, Your Highness... <Firmin> When it cools in the evening, would it be possible to perhaps discuss her a little more? I wouldn't bother you, except that it is very important to me.

  • Janus looks at you sharply.

<Janus> Hayley is not a *curiosity*, *sir*. <Firmin> No... <Firmin> She is hope that all my House is not dead and gone. <Janus> WHy don't you speak to *her* then? <Firmin> If I have your permission to do so, then I will, Your Highness. <Janus> If she wishes to speak to you, then *she* will. <Janus> Good day.

  • Firmin bows.

<Firmin> Good day, Your Highness.

  • Janus goes back to his room. Finally.