Janus & Hayley, 10/17/2001

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  • Hayley rolls over to see if Janus is still beside her, as the furniture in the room slowly becomes visible in the early morning light.

<Janus> (You're dreaming about my Dad? ew.)

  • Janus is asleep.
  • Hayley remembers that he always sleeps in.

<Hayley> (your dad was a hottie!) <Janus> (because he always stays up so late...) <Hayley> (not as hot as you, though... but I bet he had nice muscles, since he fought and killed Commoners for fun and stuff) <Janus> (You'd have seen that smashing oil portrait of him at Aberystwth) <Janus> (It's huge, up at the top of the stairs in the main hall) <Janus> (He was damn hot) <Hayley> . o O (Janus looks a bit like him, in this light... ) <Hayley> . o O (I wonder if the Countess ever noticed?) <Janus> (All the time...)

  • Hayley inches closer to Janus... his face is so near and so peaceful-looking.

<Janus> ...

  • Hayley has the sudden urge to kiss him... he wouldn't know, he's asleep, right?
  • Hayley closes her eyes quickly, as she sees him stir slightly.
  • Janus drapes his arm around Hayley.
  • Janus mumbles something unintelligible.

<Hayley> . o O (I am asleep still... I will stay asleep all day, if it would keep him right there next to me...)

  • Hayley tenses slightly at the unexpected contact, and inches in a bit closer.

<Janus> Mf.

  • Hayley fakes sleep.

<Hayley> . o O (Go back to sleep, Janus... stay asleep. It's only just dawn. We haven't been sleeping for very many hours...) <Janus> ...where's the cat...

  • Hayley manages to just stifle a giggle.

<Janus> *mumble* <Hayley> . o O (I thought you hated cats?) <Hayley> . o O (I wonder if he is actually awake? I don't dare open my eyes to check 'cause that will ruin everything...) <Hayley> . o O (Well, certainly not fully awake...) <Hayley> . o O (But maybe a bit awake...)

  • Hayley relaxes in her new position close to Janus.
  • Janus cuddles up to Hayley...
  • Hayley stifles a sigh of joy, so as not to wake him. She cuddles him back.

<Hayley> . o O (This is how it should be...)

  • Hayley is close enough to feel his breath waft across her forehead and hair a bit.
  • Janus seems pretty soundly asleep.
  • Hayley stays quiet for a little while to make sure.
  • Hayley opens her eyes a crack eventually.

<Hayley> . o O (So close.) <Hayley> . o O (Dare I?) <Janus> (heh heh) <Hayley> . o O (What if I suck at kissing? I seem to remember it's a skill you have to kind of- learn...) <Janus> (lol) <Hayley> . o O (I might bump his nose or something... or I might wake him up and freak him out.) <Hayley> . o O (He is so close and so beautiful, though...)

  • Hayley tilts her chin up a bit to scrutinize Janus more closely.
  • Hayley is also in a better position to deliver the kiss now...

<Janus> (:o) <Hayley> . o O (Ooooh, so close... just a quick little kiss...) <Janus> (taking advantage of me while I'm asleep... :o) <Hayley> . o O (Hayley you are an idiot...)

  • Hayley says as she moves in for the 'kill'. ;^D

<Hayley> (in her mind, of course) <Hayley> (well, she knows he wouldn't let her kiss him if he were awake, so it has to be while he's asleep.  ;^) )

  • Hayley closes her eyes and lightly touches her lips to his, delivering a soft little kiss.

<Janus> Mf...

  • Janus breathes deeply, and stirs a bit.
  • Hayley holds her breath when he stirs.

<Janus> *mumble*... 'S Rachel still sleeping? <Hayley> . o O (Oh no, don't wake up just now! It's too embarrassing...) <Janus> ... <Hayley> Rachel!

  • Hayley squeaks.
  • Janus opens his eyes.

<Janus> ... <Janus> Hayley?

  • Hayley pulls back from him and pretends she was asleep.
  • Janus says, sounding confused.

<Hayley> . o O (~I am asleep!)

  • Janus sits up.

<Hayley> hmm?

  • Janus rubs his eyes sleepily.
  • Hayley pretends she's just waking up, cracking her eyelids open lazily.

<Hayley> It's not even 7 yet... <Janus> I thought I heard you say something... <Janus> Too early... <Hayley> . o O (Yes, too early! So come back down here!)

  • Hayley nods.

<Janus> . o O (Nice dreams...) <Hayley> Yeah.

  • Hayley yawns.
  • Janus lies back down.
  • Hayley cuddles right up to him...

<Hayley> . o O (Will he let me?) <Janus> ... <Janus> . o O (I should say something. But I just want to sleep.

  • Hayley 's eyes shine with hope and excitement... too bad it's too dark to see that, still.

<Janus> . o O (Besides, she's not really doing anything, right?)

  • Janus lets himself relax.
  • Hayley relaxes too, and revels in the closeness.
  • Janus tries to go back to sleep and ignore Hayley's Hayleyness.
  • Hayley sighs with happiness.

<Janus> . o O (Smells nice...)

  • Hayley takes one of his hands and lays his arm over her torso... very daring. ;^)

<Janus> . o O (Go to sleep!! >:() <Janus> ...

  • Hayley is cuddled up to him, facing him, by the way, not spooning...
  • Janus is becoming very conscious of Hayley's breath on his chest.
  • Hayley tucks her head closer into his upper chest.
  • Janus lowers his arm so that it lies across her waist.

<Hayley> . o O (If he didn't have this silly pajama shirt on, I'd kiss him, right here, close to his heart.) <Janus> . o O (If I'm asleep, nothing will happen. Must sleep. Must sleep...)

  • Hayley takes his arm from her waist and holds his hand in hers, close to her chest.
  • Janus pretends to be asleep, but his heart is racing.

<Hayley> . o O (I want more...) <Janus> . o O (How is it that she does this to me??) <Hayley> ('cause you a weak-willed white bwoy, says Mr. T) <Janus> (It's true... Changelings have crap willpower... :() <Hayley> (and 'cause she has that unfair advantage...) <Hayley> (They do, and Satyrs even less when it comes to overcoming temptation... which is very hard right now, so close to you...) <Janus> . o O (I am asleep. I am asleep.) <Hayley> . o O (I can't possibly go back to sleep now. I want to kiss him again... will he kiss me back?) <Janus> . o O (...) <Hayley> . o O ( Hayley... you should /not/ be doing this....) <Hayley> . o O (Why not, when it feels so nice...?) <Janus> . o O (I can't STAND this! O_o)

  • Hayley lets go of Janus' hand, leaving it near her chest, and moves her hands up to Janus' face, uncurling her head from his chest at the same time.

<Janus> ...

  • Janus 's breath catches slightly.
  • Hayley is looking at Janus with a slightly smoldering look to her eyes. It's plain what her intentions are.
  • Janus 's eyes are still closed.
  • Janus is afraid of what he might do if he looks at her...
  • Hayley moves her face smoothly in to his; the movement of her body of course, presses her chest closer to his, trapping his hand between them.

<Janus> . o O (Oh gods...)

  • Hayley brushes Janus' lips lightly with hers... luckily, the sex appeal merit makes it so she's not a bad kisser... though she is, perhaps, a bit endearingly clumsy about it yet.

<Hayley> . o O (Will he let me... do it more?) <Janus> Hayley...

  • Janus almost whimpers..
  • Hayley 's heart is thumping in her chest, Janus can probably feel it.

<Hayley> <w> yes?

  • Janus ' is too...
  • Hayley brushes his lips with hers again.

<Janus> <W> You.. <Janus> . o O (Shouldn't be...) <Hayley> mmm? <Janus> . o O (Can't think...

  • Hayley kisses slightly harder... not just a mere brush of the lips this time.

<Hayley> . o O (Maybe... maybe I'm not so bad at this, after all?)

  • Janus lets her...
  • Hayley practically sings in her mind.
  • Janus draws his hand out from between the two of them, and pulls her in closer.
  • Janus returns her kisses with passion...

<Janus> (And I've had lots of practice. ^-^)

  • Hayley 's chest heaves with a deep breath as she feels him pull her in closer, and she only too happily acquiesces to his more skillful kissing. ;^)

<Hayley> . o O (Oh, god, he's good... Debbie did a good job.)

  • Hayley thinks, on the verge of happy hysteria.
  • Hayley thinks she'd like to get rid of his silly pajama shirt. She moves her hands down to his waist and slides them up inside his shirt. They're a bit cold compared to his nice warm torso.

<Janus> . o O (I feel alive... )

  • Hayley breaks her lips away from his and moves down his neck, delivering soft little kisses all the way down to his collarbone.

<Hayley> <w> Janus, I love you, that's all that matters, isn't it?

  • Hayley breathes out between kisses.
  • Janus 's expression is torn, pained.

<Janus> <W>I love you too, Hayley...

  • Hayley continues kissing him, moves up to his ear, which she gives a delicate and experimental nibble.

<Janus> <w>Such beauty... Such aching, stinging beauty... <Hayley> <w> So why... <Hayley> <w> Why are we... <Hayley> <w> Waiting?

  • Hayley brings her lips back down to his.

<Janus> <W> There was a reason... <Janus> <w> I can't remember... <Hayley> . o O ( Warning! Warning! You are moving into forbidden territory, young lady!) <Hayley> <m> oh, shut up...

  • Hayley says out loud to her conscience.

<Janus> <w> Huh? <Hayley> <m> What?

  • Hayley keeps kissing Janus, moving up to his forehead, his eyebrows.
  • Hayley doesn't realize she spoke out loud, evidently...
  • Hayley swings a leg over Janus to straddle him so she can undo the buttons on his shirt and keep kissing him- it was getting awkward from the side.

<Janus> ...

  • Janus puts his hands on her hips, reaching up under her nightshirt...

<Janus> . o O (Something should happen to stop this...) <Janus> . o O (I'm already lost.)

  • Hayley shudders and tenses. She stops dead, his shirt half-unbuttoned.
  • Hayley looks a bit frightened, suddenly.

<Hayley> . o O (<conscience> FULL STOP. You are not ready for this yet, young lady!) <Janus> . o O (I am a horrible person)

  • Hayley looks down at Janus and bites her lip.

<Janus> Hayley. <Janus> I'm sorry. <Janus> ...

  • Hayley looks surprised, a bit confused, and still kind of frightened.
  • Hayley shakes her head and casts her eyes downward.

<Hayley> No, I am.

  • Janus removes his offending hands.
  • Hayley swings her leg back over him regretfully, and she lies down close to him, hugging one of his arms in hers.

<Hayley> <w> I'm sorry... I thought- I was, you know.

  • Hayley tries to catch his eyes with hers.
  • Janus 's horror increases as his head clears.
  • Hayley doesn't look like she's accusing him of anything.

<Janus> ... <Janus> You should not be apologizing.

  • Hayley 's eyes puddle with tears.

<Hayley> But I started it! <Janus> I am supposed to be a responsible adult, and I have behaved abominably...

  • Janus turns his head to look at her.

<Janus> But I let you...

  • Hayley looks quite earnest and not accusing at all. Very contrite, more like.

<Janus> . o O (And I want to kiss you right now, god help me...) <Hayley> I thought- thought I was ready. But not yet, I guess. I'm so sorry. <Hayley> I should have known... I'm sorry. <Janus> Please stop saying that...

  • Hayley bites her lip again, looking Janus in the eyes, if he will meet hers.

<Janus> (He will) <Hayley> <w> I don't blame you, really.

  • Hayley tries to cuddle closer, if he will let her... but more in a young girlish way than an I-want-you way.

<Janus> Hayley...

  • Hayley nods her head to show she's listening.

<Janus> I don't know how to say this.

  • Hayley 's features suddenly harden as if she's bracing for a blow of some sort.

<Janus> I suppose I want to... warn you. <Hayley> (you can read her like an open book...  ;^) )

  • Hayley 's features soften into an expression of puzzlement.

<Hayley> Warn me? <Janus> You have... a peculiar effect on me, unlike anything I've experienced... <Janus> Your beauty... cripples my resolve.

  • Janus struggles with the words.

<Janus> Even now...

  • Hayley 's eyebrows raise as she tries to absorb what he's trying to say.

<Hayley> Okay...

  • Hayley searches for something to say but makes no move to put any distance between herself and him.
  • Janus raises a hand and softly caresses her cheek.

<Hayley> Does that mean... you think I should move aside and there should be no more sleeping together? <Hayley> Because I don't think that's necessary... <Janus> No? <Hayley> I mean, it's only a matter of time, and then... then, I'll be more comfortable. <Hayley> I just, I just have to force myself to take things more slowly... <Janus> I don't want to hurt you...

  • Janus lies on his back and looks up at the ceiling.

<Janus> My only intent was to protect you, to teach you...

  • Hayley moves in to lay her head on his upper arm.

<Hayley> You are teaching me. I just found out I have limits, and have to slow down. <Janus> I should not be...

  • Janus hesitates, looking for the proper word.

<Janus> I should not be... interfering...

  • Hayley seems to be determined to have the current sleeping arrangements continue... you probably can pick up on a hint of desperation, which she is trying to hide.

<Janus> . o O (But oh, I do love you...) <Hayley> You're not... It's good, it's good what happened, because now I know that I'm not ready yet, so I can stop trying to- I can pay more attention to you, without feeling like I need-

  • Hayley tries to search for a way to say what she's trying to say.
  • Hayley takes a deep breath.

<Hayley> Maybe I won't feel like I want to jump your bones every time I look at you now.

  • Hayley blushes.
  • Janus blushes as well.
  • Janus looks rather embarrassed.

<Hayley> I mean, not that I don't, 'cause I do... but now I know I can't, yet...

  • Hayley trails off.
  • Janus gets redder and redder the more she speaks...

<Janus> Ah... <Hayley> That's not the best way to say it... is it. <Janus> ...

  • Hayley tilts her face upwards so she can see Janus' face. Her eyes are a bit watery.

<Hayley> Please don't leave me alone... I need you here. <Janus> I... won't.

  • Janus cups her face in his hands.

<Janus> I promise.

  • Hayley smiles wanly and nods her head slightly.

<Hayley> Good.

  • Hayley turns her face back down so she won't get a crick in her neck.
  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> You have a cute bellybutton. <Hayley> (his shirt's still half unbuttoned.  ;^D ) <Janus> Eh?

  • Janus looks down.

<Janus> Oh...

  • Janus blushes again. He does that a lot when Hayley is around.

<Janus> Well. <Janus> I'm... certain that yours is... quite lovely. <Janus> Ahem. <Janus> ...

  • Hayley laughs quietly.
  • Janus thinks of a certain book by Vladimir Nabokov and groans inwardly...
  • Hayley idly reaches a hand over and begins fumbling to do up his buttons.

<Janus> <m> Nymphet... <Hayley> What? <Hayley> Actually, I was a salamander.

  • Hayley says absentmindedly.

<Janus> What? <Hayley> A- salamander. You know, a fire spirit. Way back. <Janus> OH... <Hayley> Not a nymph. <Janus> I was just... thinking out loud.

  • Hayley finally gets the last button done up, and brings her hand up to lay gently on Janus' cheek.

<Janus> I don't suppose you've read any Nabokov.

  • Hayley shakes her head in the negative.

<Janus> Good... <Hayley> Not yet. Is he good? <Janus> . o O (I should move that book up higher as well...) <Hayley> Good? Why good? <Janus> ... No reason.

  • Hayley is curious now.

<Hayley> Why shouldn't I read Nabokov? <Hayley> Is it something sexual? <Janus> ...

  • Hayley rolls her eyes.

<Hayley> I thought we'd settled that. <Janus> Ah... quite so. <Hayley> Quite so what? Quite so sexual or quite so settled? <Janus> Yes.

  • Hayley groans.
  • Janus grins.

<Hayley> You're being obtuse on purpose. <Janus> Am I?

  • Hayley 'punches' him in the side - really just a nudge. She wouldn't want to bruise you. ;^)

<Hayley> Yes. <Janus> I hadn't noticed <Janus> ...

  • Janus grins more widely.

<Hayley> It's not fair. /I/ used to be the one to toy with /you/ in such a manner.

  • Hayley pouts adorably.

<Janus> Hm. <Janus> Well, things change. <Hayley> Yeah...

  • Hayley sighs.

<Janus> ^-^ <Hayley> They do. <Hayley> Well!

  • Hayley says with sudden resolve.

<Janus> Well? <Hayley> I'll just have to track down books by Vladimir Nobokov, and that will solve the entire mystery. <Janus> Oh...

  • Hayley yawns.

<Hayley> It must be going on for eight, now... <Janus> .. <Janus> Tara's probably up by now. <Janus> . o O (Uh-oh.) <Hayley> I woke you up awfully early, didn't I? All for nothing... <Janus> Don't mention it. <Hayley> You must be disappointed, and I hope it doesn't hurt.

  • Janus looks embarrassed.
  • Janus looks away.
  • Hayley props herself up a bit on an elbow so she can see his face.

<Hayley> What? <Hayley> Did I say something wrong? <Janus> No, no... <Janus> I'm fine...

  • Janus doesn't like talking about his... anatomy, so to say.
  • Hayley doesn't seem to be bothered by talking about such things.

<Hayley> ( ;^) )

  • Janus shifts uncomfortably.

<Hayley> Well, it's just I heard that it hurts the guy if nothing happens...

  • Hayley shrugs.

<Hayley> I'm sorry if I hurt you.

  • Janus blushes more deeply.
  • Hayley flops back down onto the pillow.

<Janus> I'd, ah, rather not discuss...

  • Hayley gets a sly look and grins.

<Hayley> Discuss what? The waterworks? <Janus> ... that... <Hayley> The plumbing, hmm? <Hayley> Why not? <Hayley> All men have one. <Janus> ... Because. <Janus> It's not proper. <Hayley> Not proper? Even for lovers?

  • Hayley rolls onto her back and props her head up on her folded arms, enjoying herself.

<Janus> ... <Janus> It's just... not!

  • Janus sounds rather flustered.

<Janus> . o O (and it *does* hurt...)

  • Hayley sits up suddenly as if she suddenly had a remarkable revelation, so that her face, eyes dancing with mischief, looms above Janus'.

<Hayley> Janus! Guess what?! <Janus> Hm?

  • Janus hopes she is going to change the subject.

<Hayley> I have /breasts/. And a /pussy/! Frightening, ain't it? <Janus> Hayley!

  • Janus looks shocked.
  • Hayley collapses back onto the pillow, laughing.

<Janus> That is not funny!

  • Janus sits up.
  • Hayley rolls onto her side suddenly in response to Janus' movement, features contrite.

<Hayley> I was just teasing you. <Hayley> Are you going to leave now. <Janus> ... <Janus> Not if you behave yourself.

  • Hayley looks a bit angry.

<Hayley> Behave myself? <Janus> (not in a parental tone...) <Hayley> Oooh, I talked about anatomy! Bad girl.

  • Hayley sits up and lays her head on her elbows, sulking a bit.

<Hayley> Everyone has it.

  • Hayley says defensively.

<Janus> *sigh*... <Janus> I suppose I am... old-fashioned. <Janus> . o O (Or just old....) <Janus> :( <Hayley> It's silly to pretend we're all Barbie and Ken dolls. <Hayley> And penises are very nice things. I'm sure I'll like yours a lot. <Janus> O_o <Janus> Hayley!!

  • Hayley slides her eyes over to look at Janus sidelong, smirking a bit.
  • Janus looks at her, wide-eyed.

<Hayley> When I get to know it, of course. <Janus> Stop it.

  • Hayley sighs.

<Hayley> Okay. But might I take this moment to remind you that I /am/ a Satyr. <Janus> (His expression is probably quite comically frustrated... ^-^) <Hayley> I vaguely remember being as uptight about things as you are in previous lives, but now that all just seems like so much silliness. <Hayley> So, I'm /trying/ to enlighten you. <Janus> I think I'm enlightened enough...

  • Janus says in a beleaguered tone.
  • Hayley gives him a slightly condescending look.

<Hayley> Hardly. <Hayley> Not in that way, anyway. <Janus> What's that supposed to mean? <Hayley> I do think you're a terribly clever person in most other ways. <Hayley> Well, I guess being so uptight about my sexuality strikes me as kind of... juvenile. Like when you're in elementary school, and you and a little boy play that first fateful game of "You show me yours and I'll show you mine." <Hayley> Well, in your case, it'd be a little girl. <Janus> I never played that kind of game when I was a boy!

  • Janus says defensively.

<Hayley> Oh, yeah, you got stuck in an all-boys school didn't you? <Hayley> Too bad.

  • Hayley says, a bit sad for Janus.

<Janus> ... <Janus> I should regret not exposing myself to young girls? <Hayley> No, not that exactly. <Hayley> But if you'd been to a co-ed school, you might have grown up to feel more comfortable with your sexuality, and also around women. <Hayley> (what's going on here? You're supposed to be the wise older entity imparting wisdom to her.  ;^D ) <Janus> (But... it's Janus :o) <Hayley> (I know.  ;^D ) <Janus> . o O (Where is she getting all this, anyway??) <Janus> I'm just fine with women! <Hayley> Well... /now/. <Hayley> I was your /first/, remember? So I watched you bloom and grow. <Hayley> And now, you'll be my first... kind of poetic, don't you think?

  • Hayley says wistfully.
  • Janus fidgets nervously.

<Hayley> Say, Janus... you did lay Queen Morwen, didn't you? <Janus> Hayley, please!

  • Janus says pleadingly,

<Hayley> It's fine if you did, it means there's less pressure on me. But if you really don't want to talk about it, I'll stop.

  • Hayley flops back down to a prone position, yawning.

<Hayley> I don't think I'll get back to sleep this morning. But tonight I'll sleep like a log. <Janus> ...

  • Janus 's fist is clenched around part of the sheet.
  • Hayley takes his hand gently and pries open his fist.

<Hayley> Relax. <Janus> Why do you want to know?

  • Janus doesn't seem to be relaxing, but he does let her open his fist.

<Hayley> I don't, really, I guess. I just wanted to make sure you got laid within the last century. <Janus> What? Why?

  • Janus frowns in confusion.

<Hayley> Well, it'd be a lot of pressure on me if you hadn't, wouldn't it? <Hayley> First sex in a century... that's a lot of tension you'd have to release. <Janus> Probably quite the opposite, actually.

  • Hayley brings his hand to her lips and studies it. Then she turns her gaze upwards to look seriously at Janus.
  • Janus says without thinking.

<Janus> I wouldn't care *what* you did at that point.

  • Janus realizes what he's saying...

<Janus> *ahem* <Janus> ... <Hayley> Really? <Janus> ... <Janus> Uh, yes. <Hayley> (the 'really' was meant to be what she said in response to 'probably quite the opposite)

  • Hayley kisses Janus' hand.
  • Hayley idly twines her fingers through his.
  • Janus still seems rather tense.
  • Hayley sits up again.

<Hayley> Turn around. <Janus> What?

  • Hayley rolls her eyes.

<Janus> ... What are you going to do? <Hayley> So I can give you a backrub, if I remember how. <Hayley> Don't worry, no more seduction this morning. <Janus> Oh, okay.

  • Janus seems pleased by the idea.
  • Janus flips over onto his stomach.
  • Hayley warms her hands up in her armpits, then pauses.

<Hayley> Hmmm... <Hayley> Can I lift your shirt up without you getting jumpy? <Janus> I'm fine... <Hayley> . o O (And me stopping to admire the structure of his back...) <Hayley> Ok.

  • Hayley gingerly slides Janus' shirt up to his shoulders, then lays her hands on his back. She pauses again, you can tell she's concentrating.
  • Hayley starts to tentatively rub Janus's back.
  • Janus sighs happily.

<Janus> Hmmm... <Hayley> Tell me if it feels right, or wrong... I haven't done this in this lifetime. <Hayley> It's weird, I have to almost re-train my muscles to do the things I once did without a second thought... <Janus> I have no complaints.

  • Hayley gains confidence as she continues until the rub is almost at the calibre of Debbie's.
  • Janus mmmf's appreciatively.
  • Hayley works out the knots in Janus's back diligently.
  • Janus 's muscles relax considerably under Hayley's expert touch...
  • Janus starts to doze off...

<Hayley> (the pressure starts getting a little weaker as her muscles tire.)

  • Hayley leans forward, brushing Janus' hair to one side and giving him a kiss at the juncture of neck and shoulder, then moves aside. The backrub is over.

<Hayley> ooooh, my wrists.

  • Hayley shakes and rubs them a bit.

<Hayley> Not used to it yet. <Janus> 's okay.

  • Janus says sleepily.
  • Hayley lies down next to Janus again.

<Janus> That was wonderful.

  • Hayley smiles happily.

<Hayley> Glad you liked it. <Janus> I never want to move again.

  • Hayley lies close to but not touching Janus, watching him with adoration in her eyes.

<Hayley> Well... you'll have to eventually... Tara will think we are lazy if we stay here all day. <Janus> Tara?

  • Janus wakes up a bit.

<Hayley> What? <Janus> Ohh, Tara... <Hayley> It's only 8:30... we can stay in bed a bit longer... <Janus> . o O (I'm going to get the boggan death stare.) <Hayley> You usually slept in until 10 am most mornings. <Janus> Yes... <Janus> That's not sleeping in. <Hayley> Yes it is. Back home, I was up at 5 every morning. <Janus> Well, you didn't stay up through the night studying magic, back home.

  • Janus yawns.
  • Hayley 's tummy growls.
  • Hayley blushes.

<Hayley> Sorry. <Janus> For what?

  • Janus laughs.

<Hayley> Making noise when you're trying to get back to sleep?

  • Hayley suggests.

<Janus> I'll survive. <Janus> If you're hungry, you should go and see if Tara's downstairs yet... <Janus> Don't wait for me.

  • Hayley nods but doesn't move quite yet.

<Janus> I'm just a lazy sidhe...

  • Janus stretches languidly.
  • Hayley watches, eyes half-closed, catlike, and a smug, proprietary curve to her mouth.

<Hayley> My lazy sidhe. <Janus> Mf.

  • Hayley sighs.

<Hayley> I would be content to just lie here and watch you all day, if my stomach weren't so insistent...

  • Janus yawns again.

<Hayley> And I have to eat regularly to help control the diabetes. <Janus> Go eat...

  • Hayley sits up regretfully.

<Janus> You're not going to miss anything. <Hayley> I'm going to miss you.

  • Hayley swings her legs over the edge of the bed.
  • Janus smiles.

<Janus> I'll be right down...

  • Hayley 's nightshirt gets crumpled up with her movement so Janus gets a brief anime-style panty flash! Woo hoo!

<Hayley> Close your eyes. <Hayley> I have to get dressed. <Janus> Okay...

  • Janus closes his eyes.
  • Hayley checks to make sure he has closed his eyes, then moves over to the dresser and pulls out the day's clothes.
  • Hayley strips down and changes. Is he good?

<Janus> (Yes... he's half-asleep again) <Hayley> (ok, no half-naked Hayleys limned with early morning light for him then.  ;^) ) <Hayley> All right, I'm decent again. <Hayley> Have a good sleep.

  • Hayley 's little hooves trip-trap over to the door; he can hear it open and then close gently behind her.

<Janus> (the end?)

  • Hayley 's hoofbeats can be heard receding down the hall...

<Hayley> (I guess so)