Janus, Hayley & Kolya - Diamond is coming, 6/17/2005

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  • Hayley is always happy to spend some time with her love!

<Janus_> (oh I don't know... I just don't know what to do) <Hayley> (Be Janus, it's fine.  :) ) <Hayley> (I do want to know what sorts of things they talk about and stuff, now that the curse isn't the predominant thing in thier lives) <Hayley> (I want to know what they're like together, now that Hayley is a good deal more mature and self-possessed)

  • Kolya comes b the library, and tries to figure out how it is organized by the

<Janus_> (this would be the palace library I guess0

  • Hayley is quite ravishing in a long off the shoulder frock with a white-on-white design embroidered into the fabric. Her hair is done up
 with apple blossoms woven into it, and falls to her shoulders in bright coils and ringlets.
  • Kolya has been out of town

<Kolya> (with the court)

  • Kolya is in full Eiluned livery too... it makes him look a little pale, except where his face is a little burned from being outside

<Kolya> Hi hayley.... <Kolya> Is the Prince around?

  • Hayley looks up from the book she's reading and smiles.
  • Janus_ is pacing between the shelves, reading from an ancient tome.

<Hayley> Hello Kolya! <Hayley> Yes, he is in here, just down that way a bit. <Janus_> (note to Hayley: Kolya appears to be about 2 weeks early!)

  • Hayley indicates the direction in which the bookish Sidhe can be found.

<Kolya> thanks... <Kolya> You look nice today :) <Hayley> Thank you.

  • Hayley smiles a brilliant smile.

<Hayley> You're early! I hope nothing's the matter. <Kolya> Eh, what is there an army of courtiers can't handle ;p <Kolya> (?) <Kolya> But we are back early, yes

  • Hayley laughs, a musical sound.

<Kolya> I just need to report in, so to speak

  • Hayley nods.

<Kolya> It's just me and Windrider in the advance guard though <Hayley> Well, he's just a few aisles down and probably getting annoyed with us for talking in the library.  ;) <Kolya> <w> oh, right :o <Janus_> . o O ( What is all that *chatter*?>:/ )

  • Hayley grins complicitly.
  • Kolya will start to head towards were Hayley indicated he would find the prince

<Kolya> Prince Janus?

  • Janus_ looks up from his book.
  • Kolya bows
  • Janus_ looks mildly surprised.

<Janus_> Kolya... You're here already?

  • Hayley stays where she is for now, since it seems to be Diamond business and she's prolly not wanted or needed.

<Kolya> yes, and Windrider.

  • Hayley keeps her ears perked, though.

<Janus_> Ah, I see... <Janus_> And when is Mother due? <Janus_> ... to arrive? <Kolya> We are here to give you a few days notice.

  • Janus_ makes a bit of a face.

<Janus_> Very well... <Janus_> How many will there be? <Kolya> Just a small party I believe...

  • Janus_ nods distractedly.

<Kolya> the, ah, essential courtiers <Janus_> Well, Windrider has all of our resources at his disposal, of course... <Kolya> alright, I'll let him know.

  • Janus_ reshelves the book.

<Janus_> Tell him to come and see me when he has a moment free...

  • Janus_ is frowning slightly.

<Kolya> Of course, your highness.

  • Hayley would like to say hi to Windrider too! He is so nice. :)
  • Janus_ walks back out to the main part of the room, where Hayley is sitting.
  • Hayley is reading her book again, but looks up when she hears his footsteps approach.
  • Hayley smiles.
  • Kolya wonders if that was a dismissal? So hard to tell with some people

<Janus_> (not explicitly anyway :)

  • Kolya will follow though... either way, that's where the exit lies

<Janus_> (Not really no) <Kolya> (whatever ;)

  • Janus_ smiles at Hayley.

<Janus_> ... <Hayley> We need to air out the suites?  :) <Janus_> So... I had intended to tell you that Mother will be arriving somewhat earlier than planned...

  • Hayley nods.

<Janus_> ... <Hayley> So I gathered.

  • Hayley flicks her ears slightly; she does have exceptionally good hearing.

<Hayley> Are you looking forward to having her here? It's been a while.

  • Kolya stands awkwardly in the background -_-

<Janus_> Oh yes, yes... <Hayley> Good. Is there anything I can do to help with the preparations? <Janus_> No, I don't think so...

  • Janus_ seems somewhat preoccupied.

<Hayley> ... <Hayley> Is something the matter, love?

  • Hayley flicks her glance over to Kolya when Janus isn't looking right at her and gives him a patient smile. It's like pulling teeth
 sometimes, with this guy. ;)
  • Janus_ glances over at Kolya as well.

<Janus_> (but not really in a 'get out way,' fyi :p)

  • Kolya looks inoffensive
  • Hayley also wants to make sure Kolya doesn't feel that he's been forgotten or is unwelcome. She is good that way. :)

<Janus_> It's of the utmost importance that you not share this with anyone... <Hayley> (Do you mean her early arrival or something else?  :o )

  • Hayley looks suitably concerned. You can trust me!

<Janus_> (it's not clear) <Hayley> Of course, Janus. <Janus_> She... she isn't well... <Hayley> Oh...  :( <Hayley> I'm sorry to hear that.

  • Janus_ frowns unhappily. :(

<Hayley> Well, hopefully being back in the familiar environs of Aber will do her some good. <Janus_> That is the hope... <Hayley> Do you know what is the matter? <Kolya> :/

  • Hayley is sympathetic; she knows how important Diamond is to you, of course.

<Janus_> I am not meant to say, I don't think... <Janus_> But...

  • Hayley waits patiently; so used to him dragging stuff out. ;D

<Kolya> . o O ( dude! )

  • Hayley stands up and comes to him.
  • Janus_ seems to be trying to get the words out.

<Hayley> It's all right, if you're not supposed to share it, I understand.

  • Kolya tries not to shuffle uncomfortably
  • Hayley says, taking your hands in her own.
  • Hayley looks up at you supportively.
  • Hayley smiles. It really is fine.

<Janus_> ... Perhaps this is not the time :/ <Kolya> . o O ( phew! )

  • Hayley nods, accepting his decision.

<Hayley> She'll be here in a few days?

  • Janus_ nods.

<Janus_> The day after tomorrow?

  • Kolya nods
  • Hayley smiles past Janus at Kolya again.
  • Kolya smiles back

<Hayley> You and Windrider will have things in hand, I am sure. <Kolya> Of course :) <Hayley> But if I *can* help with anything, please don't hesitate to ask. <Janus_> And the king will be with her as well... of course...

  • Kolya nods
  • Kolya nods again
  • Hayley does wish she had some useful purpose here, other than keeping Janus happy. Not that that is *not* useful... it's just... well she
 needs a role. ;)

<Hayley> Of course. It will be nice to see him again.

  • Hayley can say that honestly. ;)

<Janus_> And Dovev.

  • Kolya probably lets Hayley help him out all the time... he knows how that feels -_-
  • Janus_ seems to be somewhat cheered at that, anyway.

<Hayley> Yes, Dovev.  :) <Kolya> Yes, him too :) <Hayley> It will be interesting having everyone back.

  • Kolya nods

<Kolya> Do you have any special instructions for us?

  • Kolya asks Janus
  • Hayley releases Janus so he can turn and look at Kolya politely. :)

<Janus_> Ah... <Janus_> No, I don't think so... <Janus_> Windrider will know what needs to be done. <Kolya> alright. <Janus_> Thank you, Kolya... <Kolya> YOur highness.

  • Kolya bows again

<Hayley> It's good to see you again, Kolya. Make yourself at home.  :) <Kolya> . o O ( that was a dismissal, right? ) <Kolya> Thanks, Hayley.\ <Hayley> (It was, wasn't it? ^-^)

  • Kolya will head out, then

<Janus_> I apologize... I should have told you before now.

  • Hayley turns back to Janus.

<Hayley> It's all right, really. <Hayley> I knew she'd be back for the summer - what difference does it make if it's a little early?  :) <Janus_> I know that you do not... relish her company.

  • Janus_ says sadly.

<Janus_> -_-

  • Hayley shrugs.

<Hayley> I just don't know what's expected of me when she's around. That's my problem, not yours. <Hayley> I guess her illness might mean you have to keep running things as you have been? <Janus_> I suppose so...

  • Janus_ doesn't seem thrilled about that, either.
  • Hayley knows he was hoping to have a little more time to himself this summer.

<Janus_> . o O ( Well, perhaps Windrider will be able to help somewhat... ) <Hayley> That's too bad. I know you were hoping to have a little more time to devote to your studies. <Hayley> And to me!

  • Hayley smiles impishly.
  • Janus_ smiles at you fondly, but still seems worried.

<Hayley> We'll just have to try even harder to make the most of the time we do get to spend together. <Hayley> It'll be all right, love, you'll see. <Janus_> I just don't know... <Janus_> ¬_¬ <Janus_> I think she is making a mistake...

  • Hayley looks up at you, concerned again.

<Hayley> I'm sure she didn't plan to be ill.

  • Hayley is perplexed by your words.

<Janus_> No... I suppose not... <Janus_> Not precisely.

  • Hayley obviously is dying to know what you're hinting at but doesn't wish to pry and also wishes to stand by her promise that it would be
 okay if you do not tell her.

<Hayley> Janus, sometimes you say the oddest things.  ;)

  • Janus_ sighs.

<Janus_> ... <Janus_> She's pregnant...

  • Janus_ covers his eyes with a hand, rubbing his temple.
  • Hayley looks quite startled.

<Hayley> What? But... couldn't that be very dangerous for her? <Hayley> I mean, wonderful, you'll have another sibling!

  • Janus_ nods...

<Hayley> But also, worrisome.  :/ <Janus_> She is ill already.

  • Janus_ frets, pulling on a bit of lace on his sleeve.

<Hayley> :/ <Hayley> Well. We'll just have to take extra good care of her. <Janus_> I don't know what I would do if anything should happen to her... <Hayley> I know...

  • Janus_ says anxiously.
  • Hayley embraces you.

<Hayley> I know how much she means to you. <Hayley> It will be all right, you'll see. <Hayley> She wouldn't have done this if she didn't think she'd be all right. <Janus_> I know, but... <Janus_> So many of her advisors are saying ... <Janus_> They don't think it will end well. <Hayley> :/ <Hayley> She must really want to have this child... <Janus_> She wasn't supposed to be able to have any more children at all... and she just, well... She won't let it go. <Janus_> :( <Hayley> Well...

  • Hayley looks up at Janus.

<Hayley> We must respect her wishes. What else can we do?

  • Janus_ nods.

<Hayley> Anyway, I'm sure she herself or His Majesty will have the best healers and midwives attending on her. <Janus_> Yes... <Janus_> I think that I shall feel better after I have seen her. <Hayley> (Do Janus or Michael have 5 levels of Chronos?)

  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> Of course.  :) <Janus_> (I can't remember.) <Hayley> ('Cause they can always turn back time if she dies, and have the kid removed, then maybe she'd have a chance of surviving.) <Hayley> She'll have the best care, and this is the safest place she can be, really. We'll just have to take good care of her and hope for

 the best.
  • Hayley reaches up to touch your cheek gently. She wishes she could be of more help, but love and support is all she can give you.
  • Janus_ takes your hand and gives you that same sad smile.
  • Hayley suggests we go for a walk in the fresh air before tea. She vows to de her best to help you through this!