Irene visits, 5/13/2005

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  • Irene is quiet and very poilte, and often covers her mouthe when she laughs or smiles. Very Jet Girl ;)
  • Hayley has led Irene off so they can talk! It's been hard to talk because of official Baron-welcoming-Baroness to his freehold sort of stuff which Janus had to do.
  • Hayley has been beaming since Irene's arrival, practically. She is so excited and happy to have her friend visit.

<Hayley> Let's go!

  • Irene seems happy to be here, but there is still that general morose 'woe is me' flavour

<Irene> alright... <Irene> what are we going to do?

  • Hayley tugs on Irene's arm, then drops it, covering a grin with a hand.

<Hayley> Am I allowed to touch Her Ladyship's person?

  • Irene lets herself get pulled along
  • Hayley teases.
  • Irene blushes in an embarrassed way

<Irene> yess... <Hayley> Good!

  • Hayley picks up Irene's arm again.

<Hayley> Where would you *like* to go? <Irene> I don't know... you live here. :o <Hayley> You haven't had had the Official Tour yet.

  • Hayley rolls her eyes.
  • Irene is still wearing the really high collared dresses and whatnot

<Hayley> We could do that. Or we could just go talk somewhere- oh, I have so much to tell you!

  • Hayley grins wickedly.

<Irene> well, okay... <Irene> You can show me the important places? <Irene> And we can talk there? <Hayley> All right! <Irene> I don't know... <Hayley> This way! <Longpig> (<Rook> *preens*)

  • Hayley pulls Irene gently down the hall.

<Hayley> There's the parlour, if you want to just sit and read quietly or something. We have a few old board games too, if we get bored. <Hayley> This is the music room, Aidan's favourite place. <Hayley> He's been teaching me to play piano but I'll never be as good as him. <Hayley> I have mastered chopsticks, though.

  • Hayley puffs herself up with mock pride and laughs.

<Hayley> You've seen the dining room; the kitchen is at the other end - see? It's a Very Important place but I don't expect you really need to see it. <Hayley> This is the other other parlour, he calls it the sitting room to differentiate, but really I think they might as well be the same... it's kind of dusty, though. Doesn't get used much.

  • Hayley sneezes.

<Hayley> I guess a long time ago when there would have been fantastic parties, after supper the men would go to one of these rooms and the women to the other. <Hayley> Then they'd get together again and dance here -

  • Irene is listening meekly, as is her way ;)
  • Hayley shows Irene another room which has a lot of open space on the floor and furniture placed tastefully about the edges.

<Hayley> (a door at one end of this room opens into the music room, I guess.  :^) ) <Hayley> This is the "powder room" - such a delicate name.

  • Hayley grins but doesn't actually open the door to the toilet/sink combo room.

<Hayley> Upstairs! <Irene> okay...

  • Hayley leads Irene back towards the front entrance, across from which are the stairs.

<Hayley> (everything is lit by candles in sconces and candelabras, by the way. ^-^) <Hayley> (No more electricity)

  • Irene is used to that, never having grown up with electricity

<Hayley> This is sort of my room

  • Hayley shows Irene the room that *was* hers before she took to sleeping in the master bedroom.

<Hayley> Tally's is that one.

  • Hayley points across the hall.

<Hayley> Aidan's is right next to his, and Rachel's next to mine. <Hayley> That door is the door to Janus' study. *Always* knock. <Hayley> This one...

  • Hayley leads Irene into a dusty room hung with bunches of herbs.
  • Irene nods at that

<Irene> smells nice... <Hayley> This is sort of mine, too, I guess... <Irene> It reminds me of my aunt Mary <Hayley> Really?

  • Janus is hiding out from the girls :o

<Hayley> This was mine... a long time ago... <Hayley> I feel strange in it now. <Hayley> Your aunt is an herbalist?

  • Hayley turns to smile at Irene.

<Irene> a bit...

  • Janus has vague but unpleasant recollections of having his hair curled (and so on) on past 'sleepover' occasions...

<Irene> A lot of people are <Irene> (LOL) <Hayley> (*snick*) <Hayley> I suppose they have to be now...

  • Hayley blushes, embarrassed that she hadn't thought of that.

<Hayley> Tara's been handling most of that sort of thing when we need it now.

  • Irene nods

<Hayley> Come on...

  • Hayley tugs gently on Irene's wrist.

<Hayley> That's the "WC"

  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> British people have such funny words for things. <Hayley> This is our room- <Irene> hmm? <Hayley> (is Janus in his study?) <Janus> (yes)

  • Irene smiles at Hayley's WC comment
  • Irene usually makes an effort not to cover her face when she is around Hayley or Faren, because they always chastize her for it ;)

<Janus> (It's usually closed though... Janus is very private and doesn't like the idea of people snooping around his stuff) <Janus> (Even if he knows that, really, they aren't)

  • Hayley shows Irene the master bedroom. It's very elegant, with a carved four-poster queen size bed, and stuff. :^D)

<Hayley> (He doesn't even know Irene is Rhea at this point.) <Hayley> (He forgot that; it was Samhain, remember?) <Irene> (yeah) <Janus> (... yes, and?) <Hayley> And you've been to the third floor, right? <Hayley> (That's where Irene and her people's rooms are)

  • Irene nods

<Hayley> There's really only the attic left, then. <Hayley> If you want to see it. <Irene> Are you...staying with Janus now, then?

  • Irene asks quietly
  • Hayley nods and smiles, blushing.
  • Hayley bites her lip and meets Irene's eyes.

<Hayley> I said there was a lot to tell you...

  • Hayley blushes darker red.

<Hayley> Um, tomorrow I will show you the gardens.

  • Irene nods

<Irene> okay... <Hayley> So... what would you like to do now? <Hayley> Did we fix your rooms up all right? <Irene> said you wanted to talk... <Irene> Oh!

  • Hayley asks anxiously; she helped Tara get them ready for you and your servants.

<Irene> They are fine, of course :o <Hayley> Good.

  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> So... back down the hall?

  • Hayley decides that if they're going to talk in privacy it will have to be her old bedroom.

<Irene> okay <Hayley> Okay!

  • Hayley skips off down that way, leading Irene behind her.
  • Hayley pulls Irene into her old room, closes the door, and flops on her old bed. It is double; there's room for two, or an armchair by the window, or a hard chair by a little desk.
  • Irene will flop with Hayley
  • Hayley smiles happily.

<Hayley> It's so good to see you! <Hayley> I'm glad you weren't angry with me. <Irene> Why would I be mad? :o <Hayley> Well... because I didn't go see you or even write after Dovev came that day. <Hayley> Do you like being a baroness? <Irene> oh... <Irene> No, I didn't think that was *your* fault. :( <Hayley> It wasn't yours, that's for sure!

  • Irene nods

<Irene> But you were living in Ireland then, I thought... <Irene> I didn't know where to find you anymore :/ <Hayley> I was... <Hayley> I can show you some time. <Hayley> You might not like it though; Janus didn't. <Irene> like what? <Hayley> Where I lived in Ireland. <Hayley> It was a little stone cottage with a thatch roof... <Hayley> It was right by the sea. <Hayley> It was beautiful. <Hayley> I worked for a sheep farmer... <Irene> It sounds like... my old home :/ <Irene> Only, we weren't that close to the sea <Hayley> And I fished and gathered snails and things to eat...

  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> You could go visit your home now, couldn't you? <Hayley> You're a baroness. They have to do what you want. <Irene> I don't know what I'd say <Hayley> Only, it might be hard to see your family, I suppose.

  • Irene rolls over on her stomach and grabs a pillow

<Irene> I really want to... <Irene> But everyone tells me it would be a bad idea :( <Hayley> ... <Hayley> I can't go see my family... if they're even alive still. <Hayley> It *would* be a bad idea for me to do it. <Hayley> But your family aren't prisoners of the Church. <Hayley> It would just be awkward, I suppose... <Hayley> They probably would be surprised to see you. <Hayley> How long ago was it that you got taken away? <Hayley> . o O (They would probably think she is dead.  :^( ) <Irene> A few years...

  • Hayley nods sadly.

<Hayley> They probably don't even know what happened to you... right? <Irene> I doubt it. <Irene> They probably think I'm dead...

  • Hayley nods sadly again.

<Hayley> My family probably thinks the same about me. <Irene> Maybe it is better that way :( <Hayley> But Janus and Tally and Aidan have been so nice... I am lucky that way. I have another family.

  • Irene nods

<Irene> You are lucky... <Irene> I don't know about me, though

  • Hayley smiles sadly for Irene, and reaches out to affectionately brush a lock of Irene's hair out of her face.
  • Irene lets her

<Hayley> Have you met your fiance yet?

  • Irene looks around carefully, and her eyes shine with 'secret'
  • Irene nods
  • Hayley 's eyes also brighten up.

<Hayley> <w> Was he nice to you?

  • Irene nods
  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> Good. <Irene> <w> I just didn't know he'd be so... old :o <Hayley> <w> Old? <Irene> <w> You never said he was old!

  • Hayley looks puzzled.

<Irene> :o <Hayley> He wasn't!  :o

  • Hayley covers her mouth with her hand; that was too loud.

<Hayley> <w> Sorry. But... he wasn't... <Hayley> <w> Is he... is he still good-looking like I said?

  • Hayley asks, worried that Irene will think she's a liar! :^D

<Irene> <w> Yes, he is still very handsome

  • Irene smiles

<Irene> <w> I like his eyes. You said they would be scary. <Hayley> <w> Only sometimes.

  • Irene nods

<Irene> ... <Irene> <w> He wants to meet Janus... <Hayley> <w> He does...? Why?

  • Hayley 's eyes widen.
  • Irene hesitates

<Irene> <w> I think it is about you...

  • Hayley looks anxious at the thought of the two meeting.

<Irene> <w> I don't really know, though

  • Irene loooks around

<Hayley> <w> I don't know... I don't know if that's really a good idea. <Irene> <w> Oh... <Irene> ...

  • Hayley sounds worried.

<Janus> (well, too bad!) <Irene> How are things with Janus, then?

  • Irene smiles shyly

<Hayley> Oh- <Irene> they must be going pretty well, right?

  • Hayley blushes.

<Hayley> Most of the time. <Hayley> It's hard on us, you know... the curse and everything. It takes its toll.

  • Irene nods

<Irene> But you are both happy, more or less? <Hayley> Pretty much. It's been a bit better since I... since we sleep together. It is hard for me to think of Faren when Janus is near. But I still do sometimes, and I feel so guilty...

  • Hayley bites her lip and her eyes shimmer with tears, which she manages to hold back.
  • Hayley rubs her eyes.

<Hayley> Janus is so good, though. He tries so hard.

  • Irene hugs her friend
  • Hayley hugs Irene back.

<Irene> Nothing's ever fair, but I guess we just do the best we can... :( <Hayley> I don't even know Faren, really... I only met him once. But I think of him, all alone. I wish I could go to him and- comfort him. But that probably wouldn't be good, and I don't know where he lives, and Rook would be with me anyway, so Janus would find out... <Hayley> And that would be terrible.

  • Irene nods

<Irene> I'm.... sure he isn't *all* alone... <Irene> He must have friends, who can help him, right?

  • Hayley actually sounds rather afraid.
  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> Probably. <Irene> No, I'm sure....

  • Hayley bites her lip and laughs nervously.
  • Irene hugs Hayley again
  • Irene feels guilty

<Hayley> He must... It's stupid for me to think I'd be the only person who could help him.

  • Hayley laughs nervously/sadly.

<Hayley> I'd just make things worse, really. <Hayley> Janus - he did something amazing... he got rid of part of the curse. <Hayley> I don't think I really believed it could ever end, but now, I think I do. <Hayley> I hope so, anyway. <Irene> Really? <Irene> That's wonderful :)

  • Hayley nods.
  • Hayley smiles.

<Irene> What... what did he do? :o

  • Irene asks out of morbid curiosity.

<Hayley> Yes... he is a terrific person... a ritual. <Hayley> I- I was frightened. But it worked...

  • Irene nods

<Irene> He must be a very powerful sorceror...

  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> It's terrible when he's angry... because I know he could do so many awful things to me. I don't think he will... but it's kind of frightening all the same. <Irene> :o <Irene> Really?

  • Irene is keeping her voice down too

<Hayley> He got rid of a geas a Tuatha laid upon me.

  • Hayley says. Isn't that evidence enough of his power?
  • Irene nods solemnly

<Irene> ... <Irene> So.... what is it like?

  • Irene goes bright red as soon as she asks that
  • Hayley glances up at Irene and smiles.

<Irene> ... <Hayley> Like nothing else in the world... <Irene> I only know what Tabitha tells me, and she always, um, exaggerates. <Hayley> Well... maybe you'll think I'm exaggerating too, then...

  • Hayley blushes.

<Irene> No... I trust you... <Irene> (hee hee hee) <Hayley> But it's so amazing... having this man, this man whom I love so much, and having him all to myself... <Hayley> Everything else falls away, and it's just me, and just him...

  • Irene listens in rapt attention

<Irene> ...Does it hurt at all? <Hayley> He's so intense - I lose myself in him... He knows all these places to touch, to kiss, to stroke...

  • Hayley turns to look at Irene seriously.

<Hayley> It does hurt, a little. <Hayley> It hurt a lot, the first time. <Hayley> He's... kind of big.

  • Hayley blushes.

<Hayley> And I'm not. <Irene> :o <Hayley> But I don't notice it so much. There are so many other wonderful sensations... <Irene> ...Tabitha says that is supposed to be a good thing, though... <Hayley> And actually, I kind of like the pain. It makes me feel alive. <Irene> :o <Hayley> Well, if you're as loose as Tabitha you'd probably need to size up. <Irene> :o <Irene> That's mean....

  • Hayley covers her face, ashamed.

<Hayley> Did I say that? <Hayley> I can't believe I just said that. <Irene> (True, though ;D ) <Hayley> I'm sorry... <Irene> it's okay... <Irene> I won't tell her on you ;) <Irene> She's just.... a very physical person <Hayley> Well... maybe.

  • Hayley says dubiously.
  • Hayley hugs herself, thinking of Janus.

<Irene> I wonder what it will be like....

  • Irene says dreamily
  • Irene is starting to develop hormones. ;)
  • Hayley has had them for quite a while. ^-^
  • Irene has definitely bloomed since you saw her last

<Hayley> You can sort of... try it out, you know. <Irene> :o <Irene> ... <Hayley> By yourself, if you want. <Irene> <w> Tabitha told me about that ...

  • Irene blushes again

<Hayley> It's not quite the same, but it will give you an idea.

  • Hayley grins.

<Irene> <w> She said it isn’t the same though. <Hayley> <w> It isn't, but it does feel good.

  • Irene nods

<Hayley> <w> You should try it.

  • Irene blushes again

<Irene> <w> I did. :o <Hayley> Oh!

  • Hayley grins even wider.

<Hayley> And...?

  • Hayley 's eyes sparkle.

<Irene> Oh.. I don't know... maybe I wasn't doing it right.... <Hayley> :o <Hayley> Oh... <Irene> ... <Irene> I was trying to be careful, because Tabitha said... she said they would know if I wasn't, um, intact, and that it could be bad... <Hayley> <w> Oh!

  • Hayley leans in close and whispers something in Irene's ear.

<Irene> .... that's what that's for? :O <Hayley> Mm-hmm. <Irene> Oh. :o <Hayley> Try it. <Irene> I'll, um... remember that.

  • Irene blushes again, and covers her face.

<Irene> I can't believe I'm saying any of this. :o <Hayley> I can!

  • Hayley singsongs. ^-^

<Irene> (I have to get ready to leave :/)[ <Hayley> (ok) <Janus> (me too, bus shortly) <Irene> (it wass fun though. We can do more of the visit stuff later, aharr)

  • Hayley continues giving Irene hints and tells Irene of the "game" she and Janus are playing. and stuff. :^D

<Irene> hee hee <Irene> (GOtta run!)

      • Irene is now known as Elanya

<Elanya> *huggles*

  • Hayley and Irene catch up on things until it's very late!