Irene, Isabel & Faren, 11/17/2002

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<Irene> (oh, come on, if you get started on that you'll never be done in time for EIS ;)

  • Irene sits doing sewing, visiting at Aberystwyth again...
  • Isabel thinks of who to be

<Irene> (I thought you were being Isa :o ) <Isabel> (or, trying to think of a reason to be at Aberystwyth) <Irene> (ahh, come on, it's your aunt's castle... maybe you were giving your dad a hard time about some fling or other so he sent you off to become a polished young lady ;)

  • Isabel wanders around the grounds.

<Irene> (i.e. get you out of his hair ;) <Faren> (Faren looks like a Sidhe here, and there is no hint of his Irish accent)

  • Faren looks up from a table where he is writing.
  • Isabel is wearing a long dress, marron and charcoal.

<Faren> Lady Irene, do you enjoy sitting there doing embroidery constantly?

  • Irene was thinking she was outside for some reason, but, whatever

<Irene> um, it's okay...

  • Isabel 's hair, pale as winter wheat, floats loosely behind her as she walks.
  • Faren puts down his pen and turns his full attention on Irene.

<Faren> Why don't you go climb a tree, wade in a stream or something? It's not natural for a young lady to keep herself cooped up like you do. You should try to enjoy your time away from under the thumb of your noble father.

  • Irene 's eyes go a little wide

<Faren> Surely your young friend... ah, Hazel or whatever her name is, is around?

  • Isabel stifles a derisive noise.

<Irene> erm, I don't think that the countess would aprrove of such behaviour either... <Faren> So don't do it where she can see you.

  • Isabel leans against a column.
  • Irene 's eyes go a little wider
  • Faren is Sir Cavan to Irene.

<Irene> ... <Isabel> . o O (She can always see you, dumb girl!) <Irene> I... I don't know if there is such a place, Sir Cavan... <Faren> (oops, I forgot)

  • Isabel pipes up.

<Faren> I doubt her eye is always turned on you. <Isabel> I think you'll find this place merely substitutes a more well-manicured thumb for the paternal one... <Faren> I am sure there are many other things Her Excellency is more interested in observing. <Isabel> It's practically a home for wayward girls.

  • Irene blinks and looks over at the other girl, then back to Sir Cavan
  • Irene turns a little red
  • Irene looks down, almost ashamed

<Faren> My dear lady, whatever is the problem? <Irene> um, nothing, sir.

  • Isabel sits down on a nearby sofa.

<Faren> And how did you get here, Lady...?

  • Faren turns his attention to Isabel.
  • Isabel puts her feet up on the arm of it.

<Isabel> The same way we all do. <Isabel> At Daddy's command.

  • Isabel says bitterly.

<Faren> Of course. <Faren> Might I be so bold as to ask what your name is? <Isabel> It's Isabel.

  • Irene sighs, and puts her embroidery down in a basket

<Faren> My pleasure, I'm sure. <Irene> um, I'm Irene <Isabel> Sure...

  • Isabel smiles a little weakly.
  • Faren smiles in a charming fashion.

<Isabel> I'm here because I'm inconvenient to my father...

  • Irene has a very mild Irish accent

<Faren> I am Sir Cavan, as I'm sure you overheard the Lady Irene say. <Faren> Hmm, it does seem to be a trend. <Isabel> Inconvenient because I won't marry the cold fish he lines up, inconvenient because I throw things at him...

  • Irene nods

<Isabel> Generally inconvenient...

  • Irene smirks at that, but covers it up ala Jet Girl

<Faren> There is another young lady, one Lady Rachel, who is also here at her father's command, I understand. She also is 'inconvenient' in her own fashion, I suppose. <Isabel> Too much of a pain to drag me around everywhere so he can keep an eye on me...

  • Irene thinks of Hayley

<Isabel> But good old Auntie Di, her eye's always open... <Irene> so they send us off... <Isabel> Yep... <Irene> Are you the Countess' niece, then?

  • Irene asks a stupid question ;)

<Isabel> Technically.

  • Faren stands up and stretches.

<Faren> Look at the time - it's practically tea. <Isabel> I'm her dead husband's niece. <Isabel> Oh, hippe. <Irene> ..oh. <Isabel> Nothing like lukewarm water that tastes like grass... <Faren> I'll see if I can arrange to have your tea served here in our quarters, my lady.

  • Faren says to Irene.

<Irene> alright... <Irene> oh... <Irene> I suppose you wouldn't want to join us, then, would you?

  • Irene says to Isabel

<Isabel> Huh?

  • Isabel looks surprised, not expecting an invitation.

<Isabel> Well... sure.

  • Isabel 's voice slips into a more bubbly intonation for a second.
  • Isabel smiles.
  • Irene smiles faintly back
  • Faren smiles, apparently pleased with Irene's show of good manners.

<Irene> (honestly.. just meekly. |Irene is the Queen of meek ;) <Irene> (Queen of the Wallflowers, they'll call her ;) <Faren> . o O (Gah, the Seelies...) <Faren> If I may take my leave then, ladies?

  • Isabel smiles at Faren.

<Irene> (Tea is actually what people call either a late lunch or early supper, for the record.) <Isabel> You may... <Isabel> (I'm not british) <Isabel> (although I haven't given up on them) <Irene> (I know, I'm just letting you both know ;) <Irene> (hey kit :D)

  • Faren bows slightly and leaves.

<Irene> (*snick*) <Irene> (Is it that time already? :O) <Isabel> (ten to that time) <Faren> (I know that Tea is something like that...) <Irene> tea isn't just, um, tea, you know... <Isabel> Oh? <Isabel> I just got here yesterday... <Irene> It's, um, like dinner, only later... <Isabel> Oh... <Irene> where are you from? <Isabel> Neat. <Isabel> Alberta... <Irene> (Dinner meaning lunch, for the record ;)) <Isabel> Painted Grasses. <Irene> where is that? <Irene> Is it in America? <Isabel> In the Kingdom of Northern Ice. <Irene> oh...

  • Irene nods

<Faren> . o O (It's good for Irene to meet a few more people her age... networking and all that.) <Isabel> Oh, Daddy's pretty mad this time... <Isabel> I finally thought of a good foil to all his little marriage machinations. <Irene> ...did you really throw things at him? <Isabel> Just a few things. <Isabel> ...

  • Irene 's eyes go wide, thinking what her dad would do to her if she dared throw things at him

<Irene> My father is arranging my wedding too... <Irene> I haven't met him, but my friend has, and she said that he is very charming. <Isabel> I took an oath, see... <Isabel> A vow of chastity. <Irene> oh? <Irene> really? <Isabel> And he *can't* make me break an oath. <Isabel> Hee hee.

  • Isabel smiles, satisfied with herself.

<Irene> forever? <Faren> (brb) <Isabel> Well, my supposed suitor must pass a certain set of tests. <Irene> oh... <Isabel> Which I design to be impossible... <Irene> what kind of tests? <Isabel> Spinning straw into gold kind of stuff.

  • Irene is curious, wondering if Anastasius could pass any tests she might theoretically set

<Irene> oooh <Irene> and then, I suppose if it was true love, then the dreaming would let him find away... <Isabel> Now my father can't let me make him look like an idiot, so he'll have to pass off these trials as his idea to find a 'proper suitor' for his little girl...

  • Irene sounds dreamy

<Isabel> Hee, hee, hee... <Isabel> Right! <Irene> A real fairy tale!

  • Irene sounds completely enchanted

<Isabel> If it ever happened... <Irene> it's so clever,,, <Isabel> I thought so. <Irene> well, now it *has* to! <Irene> doesn't it? <Irene> The dreaming wouldn't make you stay alone forever <Isabel> Well, I dunno. <Isabel> Fairy tale romance... I dunno. <Isabel> You should see my parents. <Irene> can you imagine, though, the dashing knights that would line up to try and woo the unwooable woman? <Irene> ... well...

  • Irene looks down

<Irene> maybe... <Irene> I think there has to be some real loves, though... or else, what's the point in being fairies? <Isabel> I'm sure it'll be fun to watch them jump through the hoops, anyway.

  • Irene nods

<Irene> I suppose <Irene> I hope you get a good one, though