Hayley and Jeanie say goodbye for now, 6/17/2005

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  • Hayley is practicing her swordplay today, in some out-of-the-way corner...
  • Hayley moves through the stances and sequences, sparring with the air. It looks like a dance, she moves so smoothly.
  • Hayley makes virtually no sound, either, since she is hitting nothing.
  • Jeanie is on her own free time for a bit, and happens to wander by, looking for a place to sit outside and dop some mending when the weather is nice
  • Jeanie see hayley practicing, and waves
  • Hayley is wearing a white linen shirt that is held close to her body by a green leather bodice and matching bracers; she wears brown trousers that she has laced down so they aren't loose and floppy around her very slender lower legs.
  • Hayley breaks her sequence as soon as she sees Jeanie, and comes over in your direction, smiling. Her hair is damp with sweat and her shirt is also pretty sweaty, making it translucent in places.

<Hayley> Hi, Jeannie. How are you?

  • Hayley sheathes her sword as she walks toward you.
  • Jeanie is wearing a pretty green dress with shortsleeves, but no bonnet today. her hair is plaited and wound ahind her head beside her horns, with a few flowers tuckd into it

<Jeanie> I'm alrighjt... We supposed to bea leaving tomorrow thojgh to head back to bangor :/ <Hayley> Oh...  :( <Hayley> I'll miss you.

  • Hayley says sadly.

<Jeanie> Well, maybe you can cmome and visit sometimg? <Jeanie> I know that we'll be back here at some point, anyway <Hayley> Perhaps, if His Highness will allow me... <Hayley> I don't know if he'd want to go. He is not big into socializing. :/ <Hayley> Also it would cause a stir if he visits your lord and lady but not the rest of the nobles, probably. Someone will perceive a slight. <Jeanie> Oh, I gues :/ <Hayley> But maybe he'd let me go... <Jeanie> Well, We'd be happy to have you ^-^ <Jeanie> I'm sure you'd like the countess :)

  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> If she's anything like you I'm sure I will. <Jeanie> Oh, well, I woulnd't say *thaT8... but she's quite friendly, I think. GFor a Sidhe.

  • Hayley grins.

<Hayley> For a Sidhe... <Jeanie> If it was up to her, we'd stick around, I think, but the count is getting impatient and doesn't want to be rude...

  • Hayley nods.

<Jeanie> She does have quite a lot of sway over him, but I guess she's pushed it far enough <Jeanie> Hoping for an audience... of course now we've heard the Queen might be ill, and isn't seeing *anone*... / <Jeanie> :/ <Hayley> :/ <Jeanie> she's so dissapointed :/ <Jeanie> Not that she wld ever say it, of course, but I can tell. <Jeanie> anyway, I'm yabbering on about irrelevant thing :) <Jeanie> how are you doing? <Hayley> Things aren't like normal here, that's for sure... Oh, I'm all right.

  • Hayley smiles bravely.

<Jeanie> :) <Jeanie> So did your prince teach you to handle a sword of does some other young gentleman get the credit there? ^-^ <Hayley> Oh... Janus hates melee, too. He's more of a sorcerous type. No, he didn't teach me. <Hayley> No one did, really... I just remember how to fight. <Jeanie> Oh! <Jeanie> really?

  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> It's a little weird but I'm used to it by now. <Hayley> Other people get a bit jealous, though...  ;/ <Jeanie> Huh. I don't see why :"o <Jeanie> well, I suppose it depends on what all you remember <Hayley> Well, because it comes so easy to me, I suppose. I used to be a squire here, and the first day I picked up a sword, I beat the best fighter among the squires... <Hayley> I didn't really think about it, or how the rest might react. I was just... fighting. <Hayley> But, well, I didn't have many friends among them after that. Most of them were Sidhe... you know how it is. <Jeanie> I guess that could make them jealous. Copmpetitive <Jeanie> Hmm, yes :/

  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> I was just a new fledge and didn't really know any better. Oh well, what's done is done.

  • Hayley smiles bravely once more.

<Jeanie> probably no big losses anyway

  • Jeanie shrugs

<Jeanie> Well, probably not

  • Hayley shrugs.

<Hayley> I just practice for the exercise now, really. <Hayley> It's not like I'll ever have the opportunity to actually use it in battle. <Jeanie> hmm, who nows, maybe someday you'll have to defend your prince? ^-^

  • Hayley laughs.

<Jeanie> Someone might catch him off guard, and in you come with your sword and swish swish swish! ^-6 <Hayley> Doubtful... he's pretty capable of taking care of himself with his magic and his fearsome intellect. But you never know.  ;) <Jeanie> exactly :) <Hayley> I mean, he is the only living Seelie hero of the Dreaming War... <Jeanie> really? <Jeanie> :o <Jeanie> I didn't know that :o\

  • Hayley nods.

<Jeanie> well, still, you never know :) <Hayley> Well, most of them survived, except for - except for Iain Smith - but they didn't have his gift for immortality.

  • Hayley stumbles over the name Iain Smith...

<Hayley> They all passed away a long time ago. <Jeanie> Oh, I guess I don't know the story so well... that wasn't such a big deal over here, I don't thik, except for the changeover\ <Jeanie> like *that8 really mattered ;p <Hayley> Well... Queen Morwen is Unseelie... <Hayley> She is honouring the condition set by the Tuatha de Danaan. She just isn't of an Unseelie House. <Hayley> I'm not sure what it all means, really. <Jeanie> Mmm, me either :p <Hayley> Well, it's not our purpose in life is it. We're Satyrs. <Jeanie> no, I know what *our* purpose is ;D <Hayley> . o O (I hate being so purposeless.  ;_;)

  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> Yeah. <Jeanie> We get the best job ^-^ <Hayley> Just look out for those nasty STDs. <Jeanie> pfft

  • Jeanie rolls her eyes

<Jeanie> there are ways of dealing with the inconveniences <Hayley> Well, if I ever come down with any, there's only one person I could blame, and I'd make him answer for it! <Jeanie> sounds good :) <Hayley> Heh heh. <Jeanie> Anywya, I *was* hoping I'd see you again before I left, I'm glad I ran into you :) <Hayley> Yeah, I'm glad you ran into me too. i've really enjoyed your company. <Jeanie> Well thanks ^-^\ <Jeanie> I'm sure we'll be seeing each other again, though :) <Hayley> I really hope so.

  • Hayley slips her little hand into yours and gives it an affectionate squeeze.
  • Jeanie squuezes back, beaming brightly

<Jeanie> I will miss you, but I'm not gone yet :)

      • Longpig is now known as Dovev

<Hayley> I know. We should do something fun. Have a little party or something, for your last evening here. <Jeanie> ohh, that would be fun :D <Hayley> Who else did you meet while you were here? <Hayley> We should invite them all. <Jeanie> ohhh, all *kinds* of people :o

  • Jeanie starts rattling off names.... many of them are boys! boys boys boys! ^-^
  • Dovev listens interestedly!

<Hayley> I hope Janus will let me go for a while at least. <Jeanie> (all lower class foldk, though.. below the salt types ;) <Jeanie> Why woudln't he? <Jeanie> he can some too if he wants? ^-^

  • Hayley smiles.

<Jeanie> I mean, why would you have to ask? <Hayley> Well, I'll extend the invitation to him...

  • Hayley is doubtful that he'd want to come, though.

<Jeanie> great :) <Hayley> Oh, well... we see so little of each other during the days, it's kind of our custom to spend time together in the evening, when we can. <Jeanie> anyway, you *have* to come! It was your idea. <Hayley> If I wasn't there he'd wonder why. <Jeanie> well, you can just tell him that you have to go to a party for a friend who is leaveing and that he is welcome to tag along if he thinks he can handle all the fun ^-^\

  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> He might be busy tonight anyway, he has been busy most nights lately. So maybe it won't be a problem, but I have to let him know what I'm doing, anyway. <Jeanie> well, great :) <Jeanie> so, hmmm... where can we have this shindig, then? <Hayley> Oh, we could go ask Marguerite is any of the parlours are available.

  • Hayley suggests.

<Jeanie> alright :) <Jeanie> I like her :) <Hayley> Okay.  :)

  • Hayley stands up and offers you a friendly hand up, too.
  • Jeanie taks it\
  • Hayley pulls you up smoothly. She is quite strong!
  • Dovev is standing by a fence nearby, you notice as you pass on your way to the castle.
  • Hayley curtseys to him.

<Hayley> Good afternoon, Dovev.

  • Jeanie follows suits, curtseying smoothly

<Jeanie> My lord.

  • Dovev stares back at you with his unreadable black eyes, making an odd sort of sound in the back of his throat.

<Dovev> <w> Afternoon.

  • Hayley regards him uncertainly for a moment.
  • Jeanie glances at Hayley

<Jeanie> . o O ( are we stopping ) <Jeanie> . o O ( ? ) <Hayley> (he doesn't seem to have anything to say to us... just watching, eh? So if we continue on it won't be a breach of etiquette?) <Dovev> <w> Planning a ... ssssoirée, yesss? <Hayley> If it will be possible. It's Jeanie's last evening here... she returns to Bangor tomorrow with the Count and Countess. <Hayley> She's my friend, and I'll miss her.

  • Jeanie nods

<Dovev> <w> I sssee...

  • Jeanie is a little nervous

<Jeanie> That isn't going to be a problem is it, my lord?

  • Dovev 's eyes flick over to the other satyr.
  • Hayley glances at Jeanie as well. :o

<Dovev> <w> ... Likely not... <Dovev> <w> I'm sssure... it will be interesssting. <Hayley> ...

  • Jeanie swallows.

<Hayley> May we be excused? <Jeanie> We hope so, my lord :) <Dovev> <w> Have a niccccce time.

  • Dovev smiles creepily. :)
  • Hayley hurries Jeanie along towards the castle.
  • Jeanie hurries on.

<Jeanie> ....what was that aboput? :o

  • Jeanie asks once we are away
  • Hayley rubs her face once on the way. Maybe it's just the wind.

<Jeanie> was he watching us? :o Why? <Hayley> He watches me. <Jeanie> o_O <Hayley> They're just waiting for me to make one wrong move. <Jeanie> what? <Hayley> Her Majesty doesn't like me, doesn't approve of me. <Jeanie> oh, I'm sorry :/ <Hayley> It's all right, it's not your fault. <Hayley> It just makes it so hard... <Jeanie> I guess :/ <Hayley> He of course is oblivious... he loves her so much. <Jeanie> Oh, that's so harsh :/ <Hayley> I can't talk about it with him. I shouldn't be talking about it with you. <Jeanie> I hope he is worth it at least! <Jeanie> I understand.

  • Hayley dashes some more tears from her eyes.

<Hayley> I love him.

  • Hayley says simply.
  • Jeanie nods

<Jeanie> I can't say I understand that..... I just hope you mean 'yes he is"

  • Hayley flashes you a quick smile.

<Hayley> I'm never happier than when I am with him. I would do anything for him, if that's what you mean. <Jeanie> well... yes. I can't imagine letting other people peg me down all the time if I wasn't getting enough out of it. <Jeanie> Oh, poor Hayley...

  • Jeanie will give you a quick hug
  • Hayley hugs you back, holding on a tiny bit longer, maybe, than is seemly.

<Hayley> Thanks, Jeanie. <Hayley> Let's go find Marguerite. <Jeanie> alright.

  • Jeanie smiles