Hayley, Hadyn & Faren, non-canon, 3/12/2002

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  • Faren 's footsteps can be heard crunching up the gravel path to Hayley's doorway.
  • Hadyn is sitting on the floor where there is light coming in through the window, reading
  • Hayley hears them and her ears perk; then she stirs from her sleep, sitting up and yawning. She realizes suddenly that there's someone in her house still so she clutches her sheets to her modestly; although she was wearing a shirt anyway, so there's really nothing to cover.

<Hayley> Good morning, Hadyn.

  • Hayley says muzzily.

<Hayley> That'll be Faren...

  • Hadyn clutches his book protectively to him
  • Hayley yawns again.

<Hadyn> um, morning..

  • Hadyn eyes the window
  • Hayley gets up, still holding the sheet to herself, and pulls back a curtain, letting in a bit more light. She smiles happily and goes to the door.
  • Hayley opens it, revealing Faren.

<Hayley> Faren! Good morning.

  • Hadyn straightens his hair down over his ears and fixes his ponytail
  • Hadyn tries to look inconspicuous
  • Faren smiles warmly and reaches a hand out to tuck a lock of Hayley's hair behind her ear, then bends down to kiss her on the forehead.

<Faren> Good morning, lass. How are ye today?

  • Hadyn looks away and ignores the tall irish guy

<Hadyn> (Just for the record, if I don't like Faren, it's probably just me, okay? ;) <Hayley> Good, Faren. Won't you come in? I've someone I want you to meet. <Hayley> ooc sure thing. Jealousy the green-eyed monster.

  • Hadyn sticks his book quickly back inside his travelworn bag
  • Faren raises a dark eyebrow quizzically and peers into Hayley's house. He seems a bit surprised when he sees Hadyn.

<Hadyn> (remember I'm creepy)

  • Hadyn stands

<Hayley> Faren, this is Hadyn. Hadyn, this is Faren.

  • Faren frowns slightly.

<Hadyn> umm. HI. <Faren> Hello.

  • Faren comes in, handing Hayley a package of something.

<Hayley> More fish, huh? Couldn't you catch a rabbit or something?

  • Hadyn is standing in the back corner of the room

<Hadyn> (there is only one room, right?)

  • Faren glances over his shoulder at Hayley, smiling.

<Faren> For you, I'd catch the moon. <Faren> ooc indeed there is only the one room. It's a tiny cottage.

  • Hadyn glances at Hayley
  • Faren turns back to Hadyn.
  • Hadyn glances back at Faren

<Hadyn> (Ten ft by ten ft?;)

  • Hayley is setting the fish down on the little driftwood shelf that serves as her counter.

<Hayley> I'll have to go fill my bucket to keep 'em cool. You two will behave while I run to the shore, I expect.

  • Hadyn 's eyes widen a bit at that

<Hayley> ooc bigger than that... 10 feet by 20 or so) <Hadyn> (Okay, the size of two webs, then ;)

  • Hayley has wrapped the sheet around her waist and, taking up her bucket, she heads out the door, humming.

<Faren> So... Hadyn, is it? <Hadyn> Yes.

  • Faren settles down on a bench beside Hayley's little table.

<Faren> What brings you here? <Hadyn> Nothing <Faren> Nothing. Well that's as good a reason as any, I suppose.

  • Hadyn is being very defensive

<Faren> Put ye up for the night, did she?

  • Faren is nonchalant.
  • Hadyn nods once, sharply

<Faren> Well, that's her for ye. Bleeding heart. She's always takin' in strays. <Hadyn> ..oh? <Faren> Yes, indeed. Meself bein' one a them. <Hadyn> oh. <Faren> So where are ye from, laddie? <Hadyn> east

  • Faren raises an eyebrow again.

<Faren> East of what world? <Hadyn> what? <Faren> Ye don't look as if ye're from this one, see.

  • Hadyn is caught off guard by that one

<Faren> I've been around a while. <Hadyn> I do so! <Faren> Ye've got pointed ears, and not a hint o' Glamour about ye.

  • Hadyn 's eyes are giant saucers of apprehension

<Faren> That's not of this world.

  • Hadyn reaches up to his hair, where one ear is poking out despite his best attempts

<Hadyn> run in the family, that's all.

  • Faren picks up an apple from a wooden bowl in the middle of the table and leans back, taking a big bite while watching Hadyn.
  • Hadyn still looks right scrawny
  • Faren says nothing... it's an uncomfortable feeling. Faren seems to know your game.
  • Faren just eats his apple and watches Hadyn, with dark, unreadable eyes.

<Hadyn> I'mgonnagohelpHayley

  • Faren smirks.
  • Hadyn blurts, and tries to bolt past Faren
  • Faren doesn't stop him.
  • Hadyn still has his bag with him
  • Hayley is on her way back up from the shore. It's a long haul as the tide is down.
  • Hadyn is looking around panickily

<Hayley> Hadyn?

  • Hayley calls.

<Hayley> What's wrong?

  • Hadyn freezes
  • Hayley breaks into a jog and comes up to him, sloshing water. Her sheet is wet.

<Hadyn> Nothing

  • Hayley tucks a loose tendril of hair behind an ear.
  • Hadyn 's eyes go wider, and he looks away

<Hayley> You came out of the house looking as if you'd seen a ghost. <Hayley> Is it Faren? <Hayley> You mustn't mind him. He does that. It's just a game.

  • Hadyn shakes his head.
  • Hadyn stops

<Hadyn> yes <Hadyn> no it isn't <Hayley> All right, what is it then? <Hadyn> it's not a game.

  • Hadyn scowls
  • Hayley sets down her bucket.

<Hayley> It's a game. He likes being all mysterious and stuff. <Hayley> Did he say anything to upset you? <Hayley> I'll have his ears if he did. <Hadyn> yes. <Hadyn> (hee hee, I'm bad ;)

  • Hayley says, somewhat perturbed but also with a hint of amused affection in her tone.
  • Hayley sighs.

<Hayley> Leave you two alone for one minute and...

  • Hayley tapers off.
  • Hadyn glares at her

<Hayley> Come back in. <Hayley> I'll make breakfast. <Hadyn> no.

  • Hayley looks a bit hurt.

<Hayley> Why not? <Hayley> You need to eat. Look at you. <Hadyn> you don't take me seriously <Hayley> Yes I do.

  • Hayley looks astonished.

<Hayley> Why do you think I don't?

  • Hadyn has some issues with trust, eh ;)

<Hayley> ooc he's had a rough time since they last met; I don't remember him being like that. <Hadyn> ooc well, he's a bit twitchy. he takes everything personally. <Hayley> Won't you come in?

  • Hayley pleads.
  • Hadyn sits down

<Hadyn> I want to be alone for a bit

  • Hayley 's eyes reflect a certain sadness, and maybe a touch of pity.

<Hayley> All right. <Hayley> I'll make breakfast for you, though. <Hayley> I hope you'll come eat.

  • Hadyn glares forward a bit, not liking people pitying him

<Hayley> Then I'll be off to bathe... I usually get up earlier but I had a dreadful time sleeping last night. <Hadyn> ... <Hayley> So I'm a bit behind schedule... <Hadyn> sorry <Hayley> Anyway.

  • Hayley heads into the house. Hadyn can hear her voice raised a bit as she speaks to Faren but can't quite make out what she's saying. Faren also seems a bit upset.

<Hayley> (ooc eventually there's a smell of eggs and bacon, and some toast. yum)

  • Hadyn stands up again, staring at the woods
  • Hadyn decides to go for a little walk
  • Hadyn will go look at herbs

<Hayley> (wild things growing all about; some look as if they've been harvested occasionally)

  • Hadyn will pick some that he's familiar with... witchy things
  • Hadyn will also pick some nice flowers

<Hayley> ooc lots of harebells and things around, for pretty flowers.

  • Hadyn picks them and puts them in a nice bouquet...

<Hayley> ooc awwww.

  • Hayley 's voice can be heard calling Hadyn's name.
  • Hadyn stares at it for a bit, then throws it away, wondering what his problem is
  • Hadyn stares at the ground
  • Hadyn will look up at the sky, questioningly, but receiving no answer, will turn back towards the little cabin.
  • Hayley stops calling once she sees him emerge from the woods, face breaking into a heart-stopping smile.

<Hayley> (she's gotta stop doing that to men.)

  • Hadyn will stop for a second, and a weird look comes over his face before he starts walking again

<Hadyn> (especially young, inexperienced lonely ones :( ) <Hayley> (but she could as easily stop breathing...) <Hadyn> (awwwww) <Hayley> (it's that confounded merit... Faren's going to have his hands full with her.) <Hadyn> (screw Faren! ;) <Hadyn> (not literally, though. ;) <Hayley> (teehee)

  • Hayley waits by the door and holds it open for Hadyn.
  • Hadyn will come in, but not look at Faren.
  • Faren sits at the table which has been set for three, a bit sulkily

<Faren> (can't help being sulky when you're a selkie  ;^) ) <Hadyn> (true) <Faren> Hello again, Hadyn. <Hadyn> hi.

  • Hadyn sits down and stares at the table

<Hayley> how many eggs, Hadyn?

  • Hayley asks cheerfully.

<Hadyn> umm... two? <Faren> . o O (Gah, she's so Seelie! Gonna have to drop this one after all... Ana was right.)

  • Hadyn sounds a bit down, duh

<Faren> (j/k) <Hadyn> (LOL ;)

  • Hayley gives Hadyn /three/ eggs, and a pile of back bacon.
  • Hayley serves Faren as well, then sets a basket of toast on the table next to a little pot of butter and some honey.
  • Hadyn will eat it very methodically... eggs first, then bacon, no toast.
  • Hayley sits down finally. She is being so happy because her Philanthropist side just can't help itself around poor, chastised, undernourished Hadyn.
  • Faren eats heartily. You'll note how very Irish he's being, having Hayley do all the cooking and stuff while he sits about. ;^)

<Hadyn> (yup ;)

  • Hayley eats daintily, every motion of her hands graceful and causing a poor man's heart to tremble.

<Hadyn> (slut ;) <Hayley> (sex appeal... she can't help it)

  • Hadyn is mostly paying attention to his plate.... not that he's starved this morning, just that he doesn't want to deal with H and F

<Hayley> So Faren, do you think Lord Anastasius might have some ideas to help Hadyn ward off his attackers?

  • Faren looks startled.
  • Hadyn looks startled too
  • Hadyn drops his utensils, in fact

<Faren> Hayley, he is very busy these days. And I wouldn't presume to speak on his behalf. <Hayley> So? He needs a diversion.

  • Faren chokes a bit.

<Faren> He's got all the diversions he needs.

  • Hadyn just looks terrified but doesn't know what to do... frozen

<Hadyn> (hey, what's that supposed to mean o_O)

  • Faren gives Hayley a look as if to say "This is /not/ something you should be discussing with a stranger present."

<Faren> (he's fucking busy taking over Ireland and kicking the last of the Tuatha out?)

  • Hadyn gives Hayley a meek little 'how could you do this to me?' look

<Hadyn> (groovy enough, I was wondering when you were setting this ;)

  • Hayley shrugs both looks off and smiles mysteriously, eyes sparkling with mischief. That bit of Pooka will never quite leave her...

<Hayley> Well, the way I see it is, Hadyn's got some powerful and shady characters chasing after him. <Hayley> And he's stranded here. He has to make his stand here.

  • Hadyn is looking pretty pale

<Hayley> And we might as well help him, because who's to say they won't decide Ireland's awfully nice and decide to try to carve out a piece for themselves? <Hayley> I think his all-powerful mightiness Anastasius might want to prevent anyone else from taking what he has worked so hard to acquire. <Hadyn> . o O ( as if )

  • Hayley notes Hadyn's expression and nudges him sharply under the table.

<Hayley> . o O (I doubt Anastasius will help us if he doesn't think there might be a threat to his interests...) <Hadyn> (nudges how?) <Faren> (a foot in your shin)

  • Hadyn starts and stands up suddenly, knocking over the chair
  • Faren looks sceptically at Hayley, quite taken aback by her suggestion.

<Hadyn> It wasn't your secret Hayley!

  • Hadyn can't seem to decide if he is angry or terrified

<Faren> . o O (Ten thousand years my foot. She's as immature as they get sometimes...) <Faren> . o O (Rash, rash girl...)

  • Hadyn bolts
  • Hayley jumps up from her chair, knocking it down and goes after Hadyn. She didn't expect /this/ reaction! Only trying to help.
  • Faren just shakes his head and stays put, then helps himself to some more breakfast.

<Hayley> Hadyn! <Hayley> Hadyn! Where are you going? <Hadyn> (always fun dealing with a race whose primary characteristic is that they are totally unpredictable) <Hadyn> away! <Hayley> Faren is a friend of Anastasius; it's the only way I can get him involved! <Hayley> And I really think the lord of these lands is your only chance... <Hayley> I don't- <Hayley> I don't want those people to get you, Hadyn.

  • Hayley pleads.
  • Hadyn stops and sits/slumps on the ground
  • Hadyn doesn't have the energy to be this high-strung

<Hadyn> You still don't understand...

  • Hayley runs up to him, and crouches down next to him, eyes pleading.

<Hayley> Well tell me, then. I can't help if I don't understand. <Hadyn> Because it's never going to be over! <Hadyn> The harder I fight back, the more they will consider me a threat! <Hadyn> I can't make a stand or it will only be worse <Hadyn> and now you're telling people who I don't know and who don't like me to go talk to people I've never heard of and I can't stay here if you do that! <Hayley> Oh, Hadyn, I trust Faren implicitly. He won't try to use that information against you. <Hayley> I would never have told him that if I thought it could harm you. <Hadyn> He doesn't like me <Hadyn> (silly girl ;) <Hadyn> (silly Hadyn... he's so childish) <Hayley> (not so silly: no sex forever if Faren breaks her trust...  ;^D ) <Hayley> Why do you think that?

  • Hayley looks honestly surprised.

<Hadyn> I can tell

  • Hayley smiles.

<Hadyn> (read: paranoid delusions) <Hayley> He wouldn't have sat down at table with you, if he didn't like you. <Hadyn> He would if you wanted him to

  • Hayley leans in charmingly close and looks Hadyn in the eyes.
  • Hadyn turns a bit red and leans away

<Hayley> He'd do pretty much anything if I wanted him to, except change his nature. <Hayley> I have no power over that. <Hayley> And it would be in his nature to just up and leave, if he didn't like you. <Hadyn> maybe <Hadyn> unless he has other reasons <Hayley> He wouldn't see any reason to share the air he breathes with someone he doesn't like...

  • Hayley sits back on her haunches (Hadyn might wonder why her preferred seating position seems to be a squat)

<Hayley> What reasons are you dreaming up, then?

  • Hadyn doesn't have an immediate quip for that
  • Hayley asks gently.

<Hadyn> he knows too much!

  • Hayley looks a bit cross.

<Hadyn> before you even said anything! <Hadyn> he already knew

  • Hayley 's frown lightens up.

<Hayley> I doubt he did. Except that you're not from here. <Hayley> and that's obvious to anyone with two eyes to see with. <Hayley> Faren knows quite a lot; you can't help becoming wise when you've lived nearly two hundred years. <Hayley> But I don't think he knew more than that you weren't from this earth. <Hayley> Won't you come back, please?

  • Hayley asks earnestly.

<Hayley> You can't carry your burden on your own two shoulders forever; at some point you must set it down. <Hadyn> yes I can

  • Hadyn stands, though

<Hayley> And I would like to be one who helps you by picking it up and walking with you a ways. Maybe as far as the end of your journey...

  • Hayley smiles and stands up gracefully.

<Hayley> It's all I can do, really, since others have done as much for me.

  • Hayley casts her eyes downwards.
  • Hayley offers Hadyn her hand.
  • Hadyn hangs his head, but takes it

<Hayley> (awwww)

  • Hayley leads him back towards her house and Faren.
  • Faren is standing at the sink; he's finishing up the dishes.
  • Hadyn is still obviously tense

<Faren> (what a nice guy) <Faren> So ye're back. A bit flighty, aren't ye? <Hadyn> so? <Faren> So nothing. 'Twas just an observation.

  • Faren shrugs.

<Faren> . o O (Twitchy...) <Hadyn> (twitchy and creepy! ;) <Hayley> Faren, we must do something to help Hadyn. It's wrong that someone should have to carry such a burden as his.

  • Hayley says imploringly.
  • Faren looks a bit ashamed.
  • Hadyn jerks away from Hayley

<Hadyn> You still don't get it!? <Hayley> I get it!

  • Hayley says a bit angrily.

<Hayley> But if you don't even try to end it, you might as well just lay yourself down to die!

  • Faren looks away from Hayley briefly, expression unreadable.

<Hayley> Why don't you, then, Hadyn? <Hayley> Look! I've been in a situation just like yours. Hopeless. <Hadyn> I have my own plans! <Hayley> What? What are your plans? <Hadyn> .....secret.

  • Hadyn is back to being super defensive again

<Hayley> Secret because you have none! <Faren> Hayley! <Hadyn> I do so!

  • Faren whirls on her.

<Faren> Have a care.

  • Hayley 's eyes flash but her temper cools perceptibly.

<Hayley> See? He likes you.

  • Hadyn makes no comment
  • Hadyn looks down

<Faren> Look, man. I don't know what yer problem is, but I'm gettin' an inkling. <Faren> Hayley's wrong to force her help on ye if ye really don't want it.

  • Faren gives Hayley a hard sort of look.

<Faren> But there's nothin' weak in askin' for help. <Faren> And Lord Anastasius does know a few tricks, an' so do I. <Faren> If I can help ye, I will. <Faren> If ye want it. <Hadyn> oh.

  • Hadyn shakes his head...

<Faren> Ye don't want it? <Hadyn> not now <Faren> There, Hayley, leave the man be.

  • Hayley fumes.

<Hayley> OOoooh!

  • Hayley grabs a towel from a hook on the wall and violently turns heel, heading out the door.
  • Faren watches her go, and winces a bit as the door slams shut behind her.
  • Hadyn slumps in a chair and stares at the cold toast

<Hadyn> thank you

  • Faren gives Hadyn a wry look.

<Faren> She's a fiery one, she is... makes life interestin'.

  • Faren folds the dish towel and hangs it neatly on a hook.

<Faren> Gets an idea in her head and won't stop at nothin' to achieve it. <Hadyn> mm <Faren> She has a good heart, though. <Faren> Just a rather forceful way of showin' it.

  • Hadyn looks tired
  • Faren grabs another apple from the table and takes a bite.

<Faren> Apple?

  • Faren does a nifty hand trick with another apple and offers it to Hadyn.
  • Hadyn takes the apple

<Faren> Are ye goin' to be stayin' with her, then?

  • Hadyn munches it quietly

<Faren> She'll leave off the help until ye ask for it. Now.

  • Faren watches Hadyn closely for his answer.
  • Hadyn just nods once, quickly

<Faren> All right then. I don't see a problem with that. I trust Hayley, implicitly.

  • Faren says this with a slight edge. (Read: Stay with her if you like but touch her and you will have me to deal with.)
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