Goewin is told she's hired, 8/28/2005

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  • Goewin is spending some time in the castle library (not Janus' separate one), trying not to drool over the books.
  • Kolya will come and seek you out there, after speaking with the page.
  • Kolya is dressed informally again, but with more green today

<Kolya> Lay Goewin? <Kolya> (LADY)

  • Goewin 's long wavy honey blonde hair is loose and reaches down past her lower back. She wears a long slim dress in a bright (but not
 virulently so) green colour that is quite fetching on her.
  • Kolya speaks spftly, because it's a library
  • Goewin tears her attention away from a large and rather musty tome on the occult.
  • Goewin stands up and closes the book quietly and carefully, then curtseys for you.

<Goewin> Kolya. <Kolya> Oh, that's not necessary...\

  • Goewin replies softly since it's the library.

<Kolya> But, I'd like to have a word in private. <Goewin> Of course.

  • Goewin follows you out of the library, a little anxious.
  • Goewin wonders if she got the job or if she's about to be turned down.
  • Kolya will take you to one of the smaller salons that is currently unoccupied
  • Goewin promised herself not to be too disappointed if she got turned down... but what an awesome library... ;_; It would be sad to leave
  • Goewin smiles brightly for you once we're established in the salon.

<Kolya> So, ahh.... The news is good :)

  • Goewin looks even brighter.

<Goewin> Really? <Kolya> I'm not surprised... I thought you were the best candidate of the lot, anyway <Goewin> Oh.. well thank you.

  • Kolya smiles

<Kolya> But, you're goign to be needed right away. <Goewin> Yikes! <Goewin> Well, I am sure I can arrange for one of my sisters to pack my things and forward them here. <Kolya> Of course, as steward, you'll have the authority to send people to fetch anything from harlech that you might need.

  • Kolya nods

<Goewin> And well yes, that too, I suppose. ^-^ <Kolya> margeurite is having a suite made up for you now, and you can move yourself there, and it shoudl be ready by this evening at the

  • Goewin is still trying to absorb the fact that she got the job.

<Goewin> Very efficient. ^-^ <Kolya> well, we try :) <Goewin> I'd like to meet her, if I may. <Kolya> One of the reasons you're starting so soon is that it will give you a chance to meet with Windrider a few times before he's packed

 off to cardiff with the Queen.
  • Kolya nods
  • Goewin nods.

<Kolya> I'll take you around to meet the staff later. <Goewin> Excellent. <Kolya> Like his highness said yesterday, I'm goign to be here to well... help facilitate the transition, I guess.

  • Goewin nods.

<Goewin> I look forward to working with you.

  • Kolya doesn't like to say he is goign to be your temporary boss.... Even though that's really how it is.

<Kolya> Well, thanks.

  • Goewin doesn't mind at all. She really has no problem with kinain. You're people, too. ;)

<Goewin> So, for the rest of this day, what should I be doing? <Goewin> Just getting my things sorted out? <Goewin> I can send a message to my sisters and father to get the ball rolling on that but that won't take long. <Kolya> That can be done, but there are some other things to take care of too. <Goewin> Well, let's get cracking, then. <Kolya> I'm going to give you a bit more formal orientation to how things work around here, as well.

  • Goewin nods.

<Kolya> I'm goin to try and be as brutally honest about things, so... well, if you think you might be offended by that, or by anything

 else that goes on around here.... Now is your chane to back out gracefully

<Goewin> I was given plenty of reasons to bail out during my interview but I'm still here.

  • Goewin smiles slightly.
  • Goewin has nerves, that's for sure. ^-^

<Kolya> Yeah.... I'm just making sure. The only kind of 'severance package' this job is likely to come with would prbably involve actual

 severing. ¬_¬

<Goewin> I've heard the rumours about Dovev. I just have to make sure I don't let them down.

  • Kolya nods again

<Kolya> I think you'll manage fine. <Kolya> You're going to be in kind of an awkward position for the first little while, at least, because you;'re stepping into a position

 of high trust, but the prince really doesn't know you, and he's, well... you've met him.  

<Kolya> he doesn't really like people.

  • Goewin nods.

<Kolya> And uyou've a;ready said some thing that might make him wary <Goewin> I have? <Kolya> Well... yes. <Goewin> Pray tell so I can avoid saying something similar in the future. <Kolya> the biggest one is that you've said, or at least implied, that you might want to try and change, or influence him. <Goewin> o.O <Kolya> Inopinions and such. <Kolya> Now, really.... that *is* part of what you're here for.

  • Goewin nods...

<Kolya> To help temper his decisions when he is tending towards extremes. <Kolya> The tricky part is to do it without him catching on. <Goewin> I can see that.

  • Kolya nods

<Goewin> He's going to make my life interesting. I can see that, too. <Kolya> Well, yes, that he will, I'm sure.

  • Kolya smiles
  • Kolya is maybe a little nervous about his role in all this as well

<Kolya> If you need anything, or need to know anything, just let me know. <Goewin> All right. <Goewin> Well, I'd like to know if there are things I should not say or do under any circumstances aside from what you've already


<Goewin> So that I won't unconsciously set him off sometime. <Kolya> the prince has certain private study rooms in his library where he is never to be disturbed, under any circumstances, by anyone.

  • Goewin nods.

<Goewin> Not even for an extreme emergency? <Kolya> no. If he;'s in there and an extreme emergency comes up.... it'll be your responsability. <Goewin> All right. Good to know. <Kolya> It is his freehold, though, so he might well be aware of whats going on without being formally notified. <Kolya> What else, off the top of my head... Don't ask prying questions about his studies... Don't say anything disparaging about Hayley

  • Goewin raises an eyebrow.

<Kolya> Well, not that you'd have cause to, really\ <Goewin> . o O (Why would I say anything disparaging about Hayley? I haven't even met her.)

  • Goewin nods.

<Kolya> but he is sensitive about their relationship, which you might have gathered yesterday. <Goewin> Yes. I can see how it might be hard on him in House Eiluned. <Goewin> I come from a house which doesn't frown on such relationships though. <Goewin> It really is not a problem from my point of view. <Kolya> If you happen to learn any family secrets in the course of your service.... and you probably will at some point.... they don't

 get repeated, to anyone, ever, even if you think they might or should already know.
  • Goewin nods.

<Kolya> That will probably get covered when you are formally sworn in, though <Goewin> Are you geased not to speak of secrets you learn? <Kolya> Well. <Kolya> I am.

  • Goewin nodded.

<Goewin> I'm not surprised. <Kolya> But that's, well... <Goewin> It probably actually makes it easier not to accidentally blurt something out. <Kolya> I don't know what they'll require of you... if might just be incorporated into your oath of fealty

  • Goewin shrugs.

<Goewin> I'll find out soon enough, I'm sure.

  • Kolya nods

<Kolya> I'm sure that will get done befoe the Queen is gone.

  • Goewin nods.

<Kolya> I'm sure there is more, but that's the big stuff. <Kolya> anything else? <Goewin> Well, I suppose there are the usual questions. What are the terms of my employment, wages, etc. <Kolya> oh, heh, right :)

  • Kolya will rattle off that stuff

<Kolya> really, most of your needs will be seen to as a matter of course, because of your position in the castle

  • Goewin nods.

<Kolya> The prince won't want to see his Steward poorly dress, fed, or cared for.

  • Goewin grins.

<Kolya> Ultimately, you'll be in charge of the accounting, too. <Kolya> But ahh, you know. Dn't get carried away ;)

  • Goewin fixes you with a slight frown.

<Goewin> I've never been inclined to embezzle. <Goewin> Particularly not when my life might be on the line.  ;) <Goewin> And I'm quite accomplished at accounting. I've been doing my father's books for years.

  • Kolya nods

<Kolya> I don't think you would have been considered if you weren't known to be honest, really :)

  • Goewin nods.

<Goewin> Well... I'll ask you more questions when I think of them, I'm sure. <Goewin> And I know I'll learn quite a lot just by doing the job. <Kolya> well, how about I give you a hance to wrote your family, and then I can take you to see margeurite and the others?

  • Goewin nods.

<Goewin> I'd appreciate it. <Kolya> No problem. <Goewin> Thank you, Kolya. <Kolya> You can send a page to find me when you're ready then, okay? <Kolya> Oh, you're welcome :) <Goewin> Yup. <Goewin> Oh- where shall I find paper and a pen? <Kolya> You shoudl be able to get one back at the library or... just ask a page :)

  • Goewin smiles.

<Goewin> Of course. <Goewin> I'll see you later, then, Kolya.  :) <Kolya> later :0

  • Kolya will go off to do... something. Possibly atch his breath :o