Firmin declares his love for Analisa, 10/18/2005

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  • Firmin is so tired. It's just been too, too much over the past three weeks.
  • Analisa is making tea in the kitchen.
  • Analisa is not actually in the kitchen, though... just that's where the tea is. where are you? ;)
  • Firmin is in his office.
  • Firmin has been trying to focus on the mundane task of creating a schedule for the next two weeks, including Samhain.
  • Firmin has been trying to do this for three days, but it all seems pointless.
  • Analisa knocks politely on your door

<Firmin> Come in.

  • Analisa steps in to the doorway

<Analisa> Your tea's ready, captain.

  • Firmin summons up a smile.

<Firmin> Thank you, Analisa. <Analisa> (not that you necessarily ordered tea ;) <Firmin> You're a remarkable woman. <Analisa> well... I thought that you could use a break. <Firmin> No... well, yes, I can use a break, and you *are* remarkable for thinking of me. But I was referring to your strength. <Analisa> ahh. <Analisa> Well.. we are perhaps more accustomed to dealing with Tragedy here :/ <Firmin> :/ <Firmin> I suppose. <Analisa> Someone has to keep the fires burning.

  • Firmin nods.

<Analisa> But... I thought it would be good for you to get out of your office. <Firmin> So I have to walk for my tea?

  • Firmin smiles slightly.

<Analisa> We can't have you becoming wlded to your desk chair.

  • Analisa smiles a little in return

<Firmin> I doubt we need fear that. We are so short-staffed here that it's simply impossible for me to spend my days sitting. I have to

 guard along with the rest of them, though I'm not sure what to guard anymore, or when, or how.

<Firmin> My record hasn't been so great.

  • Firmin stands up, though, and stretches.

<Analisa> The people still need us.

  • Analisa says gently.
  • Analisa will lead you back to the kitchen, where there are various tasty smelling things bubling away in pots and in the oven\
  • Firmin allows himself to be directed to an out-of-the-way spot to sit.

<Firmin> You're sure it's all right for me to be in here? <Analisa> perfectly\

  • Firmin asks uncertainly, knowing it will slow your meal preparations down.
  • Analisa smiles

<Analisa> It will take youmore than one visit to catch all of our secrets.

  • Analisa will pour you a cup of tea, and put out whatever you take in it.
  • Analisa pours herself a glass as well... black with a slice of lemon.

<Firmin> (Just a spot o' milk) <Firmin> Thank you. This is good.

  • Firmin says gratefully after taking a sip.

<Analisa> You're welcome.

  • Analisa sits with you, after a minor bit of fussing with kitchen-y stuff
  • Analisa sighs

<Firmin> How are you doing, really?

  • Firmin asks, peering at you with affectionate concern.

<Analisa> It does get a little tiring. <Analisa> And everyone had such high hopes for this place :/

  • Firmin nods.

<Firmin> I wonder who the new lord or lady will be? <Firmin> They'll be chosen by Her Majesty, so surely they won't be bad. <Analisa> I really... I don't know. <Firmin> Will you stay, again?

  • Analisa sounds almost a little puzzled/frustrated about that though

<Analisa> Of course I will. <Analisa> This is my home.

  • Firmin smiles.

<Firmin> I think there's more to it than that. <Analisa> oh? <Firmin> But if there's one thing I do know, it's that a lady's entitled to her secrets, and only a boor would attempt to pry them out of


<Analisa> hmm. <Analisa> really, though. this *is8 my home. I've hardly lived anywhere else.

  • Firmin nods.

<Firmin> I don't know where my home is. I'd like for it to be here, but sometimes... I just don't know. So I envy you, for having that.

 For having such a strong sense of belonging.

<Analisa> Well, a home is somethign you build, too, you know.

  • Firmin swings one leg back across the kitchen bench and leans his back against the warm stone wall, cupping his teacup with both hands.

<Analisa> Not everyone makes a place their home just because it's where they're from <Analisa> Or is that what you meant? <Firmin> I'm not certain. <Firmin> I have strong memories of a home, but it's gone now. And here I haven't done a very good job of building anything. <Firmin> I probably have to let go of those old memories before I can get anywhere. <Analisa> :/ <Analisa> I do't know. <Analisa> people always talk about letting go of things... that's not really right though is it?

  • Firmin nods.

<Firmin> It's frightening for me, to let go of my past... it's kind of like letting go of my identity. At least it seems that way. <Analisa> You can't just push them out of your life <Analisa> I think there is a difference between moving on and letting go <Analisa> Your past is always going to be gpart of you, and why should you forget it just because it is in the past?

  • Firmin smiles.

<Firmin> I guess I shouldn't... but it does get in the way sometimes. My past. <Analisa> how so? <Firmin> Well, I used to be a prince, and I think, a better leader. But I'm not proving to be a very good captain of the guard, and maybe

 I never was very good at leading, maybe people only followed because they had to.

<Firmin> I have been thinking of stepping down. <Firmin> Sir Trolius would probably be better. <Analisa> It's a different kind of authority. <Analisa> butthe men respect you well enough\

  • Analisa laughs

<Analisa> trolius is popular, and well intentioned, but I don't think he'd be a good leader. <Firmin> Sometimes, popularity and good intentions make the best leaders. <Analisa> sometimes, maybe...

  • Analisa is thinkign of rachel

<Analisa> But Trlius is lazy, and he's a Gwydaine knight as well. I'm surprised he hasn't been recalled yet.

  • Firmin smiles.

<Firmin> I'm nobody's knight. <Firmin> And he hasn't been lazy the last three weeks. <Analisa> No... <Analisa> he's been very driven, but he won't talk about it, will he? <Firmin> No, he won't. <Firmin> It's Gwydaine family business.

  • Analisa nods

<Analisa> That's part of it, I'm sure <Analisa> But you know he isn't always like this. And being a one man crusade against whatever doesn't make him a good leader, either. <Firmin> Well. <Firmin> I guess if this place still belonged to a Gwydaine, a Gwydaine captain of the guard would be best, so he or she could be in on

 their secrets.

<Firmin> It's so frustrating. <Firmin> but I suppose things will change.

  • Firmin sighs.

<Analisa> rachel wasn't like the other gwydaines. You know she didn't keep important things from you. <Firmin> I know. <Analisa> And you know that the fact that you were *her* night was the very reason she picked you! <Analisa> This thing that happened wasn't your fault. It doesn't reflect on you. <Firmin> ... <Analisa> If the gwydaines arent taking advantage of all the resources they could have here... that's *their* loss. <Analisa> You're not a bad captain <Firmin> That may be so, but I'm not a great one, either.

  • Firmin smiles.

<Firmin> But I've only been at this for a year or two so I suppose there is still hope.

  • Analisa smiles

<Analisa> And it *is* different than princing, I'm sure. <Analisa> would you like some more tea? <Firmin> I would, thank you, if it's no trouble. <Firmin> Anyway, the new one might bring their own people. Who knows? <Firmin> We just have to wait and see what happens.

  • Analisa nods

<Analisa> I think I'd stay anyway, even if they don't want me at the hold.

  • Analisa gets up and pours some more tea..
  • Analisa putters with sme of the pots, and turns something in the over, while she's up :)

<Firmin> Where would you go? Do you have a croft you could reside at?

  • Firmin asks with interest. He's always interested to hear about you and your life. ;)

<Analisa> Oh, I'm sure I could turn up something :) <Analisa> There's a lot of places that just couild use a little fixing up to be nice and cosy

  • Firmin smiles.

<Analisa> It might even be nice to have a little less responsability for a while.\

  • Analisa says, though she doesn't sound ecxactly sure about that\

<Firmin> Well, if it comes to that, I know a little carpentry. It would be my pleasure to help you fix up a place. <Firmin> Of course... I haven't *practiced* any for centuries... <Firmin> So my right angles might not be so right. But it should hold things together, anyway... <Analisa> well, thank you, I'll remeber that :) <Firmin> You're very welcome. <Analisa> do you think you would stay? <Firmin> I - I'm not sure yet. <Firmin> I would, if there were something for me to do. <Firmin> Not necessarily here at the freehold. <Firmin> But just... something. <Analisa> bedsides help a girl with some carpentry? <Firmin> Well, there's only so much carpentry one can do before one makes the place overwhelmingly overdecorated with lathe-turnings and

 carved finials.

<Firmin> So I would need something else to do before I go beyond the nice and cosy to the insanely overdone. <Firmin> What would you do once your place was fixed up? <Firmin> Farming? Open a restaurant or an inn? <Analisa> I was thinking somethign like that <Firmin> Which?

  • Firmin smiles.

<Analisa> i don't know if we really get enough visitors here for an inn...

  • Firmin nods.

<Analisa> mayeb a small one, down on the waterfront somewherre <Analisa> or a bakery, if the town could support another one <Firmin> Well, I'm afraid I can't help you with the baking... You don't want to try anything I cooked. <Analisa> Ahh, I'm sure you're a quick learner ;) <Firmin> Analisa... <Firmin> Life is full of unexpected turnings...

  • Analisa looks at you curiously

<Firmin> One moment, all might be well, and the next, you're thrown from your horse on an afternoon's ride... <Analisa> :/ <Firmin> So... I don't want to put off any longer saying what I'm about to say to you... <Analisa> It's true, but we can't just let ourselves live in fear of the future. <Firmin> And that is how much I admire you, respect you and care for you... <Analisa> Oh, sorry?

  • Firmin smiles.
  • Analisa blinks, having gotten a little lost at the beginning of this train ofconversation and now not sure if she's properly followed
 the rest

<Firmin> And would you think it too forward of me were I to kiss you? <Analisa> err....

  • Analisa looks up at you, a little bewildered, and maybe a little nervous... very unlike her :o
  • Firmin looks apologetic.

<Firmin> I am sorry... I did not wish to make you uncomfortable. <Analisa> I just mean... are you *sure*? ;o\ <Firmin> Hell, yes! <Analisa> :o <Analisa> Welll... alright then :o

  • Firmin folds you in his arms and delivers quite an amazing kiss. He does not turn into a frog.
  • Analisa is not a very experiences kisser
  • Firmin doesn't seem to mind. ;)
  • Analisa will back off after a moment, flushed and breathless

<Analisa> I... I need to check the soup :o

  • Firmin releases you and watches you admiringly with his green, gold-flecked eyes.

<Firmin> I hope that, once checked, I might presume to kiss you once more. <Firmin> At least. <Analisa> her stove to try and compose her self <Analisa> (bah)

  • Analisa turns to her stove to try and compose her self

<Analisa> Firmin.... <Firmin> Yes?

  • Analisa glances at you over her shoulder.
  • Firmin smiles.

<Firmin> Was it bad?

  • Analisa ducks her head away blushing.
  • Firmin seems a little anxious about it, actually.

<Analisa> No. Not for me, I'm sure, I mean.... <Analisa> I just odn't know what to think. <Firmin> Oh... <Analisa> I mean,... <Analisa> I know I'm not the kind of girl that Princes fall for. <Firmin> Well. If I were still a Prince, I'd have to challenge you over that, but as I am not, it seems to me a moot point. <Analisa> ... <Analisa> I just don't understand.... <Firmin> I have wanted to wrap my arms about you since that first time you came and sat down on the bench in the yard...

  • Analisa turns back to face you

<Firmin> You're so wise, and so levelheaded, and so beautiful... <Firmin> And so strong. <Firmin> And, you cook a mighty fine meal, too.

  • Firmin adds lightly, fearing that he might have overwhelmed you.
  • Analisa smiles a little more calmly

<Analisa> Firmin... I do like you. <Firmin> ... <Analisa> Buyt you make it hard for me to think clearly about these things.

  • Firmin worries that he's about to be rejected.

<Firmin> I can leave.

  • Firmin says quickly.

<Firmin> i mean, if that would make it easier for you to think. <Analisa> That's not what I meant. <Firmin> You know where to find me, anyway... <Firmin> Oh... <Analisa> Well... maybe it is. but what I meant *really*, is... let's not rush. <Firmin> Oh!

  • Firmin brightens again.

<Firmin> All right. <Firmin> . o O (At least she's not saying "no" outright...) <Firmin> I'll *try* to behave. <Analisa> Well, it would only be proper. <Firmin> Yes, propriety...

  • Firmin sighs.
  • Analisa is still smiling though

<Firmin> Well. I have your permission to court you, then?

  • Firmin returns to formality but he is smiling, too.

<Analisa> Yes, it is granted.

  • Firmin beams.