Faren & Caelan, 11/10/2002b

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<Faren> (Ana is away for whatever reason, and we're just crashing his place.  ;^D) <Caelan> (yay, party at Ana's)

  • Faren has been there for a few days, perhaps, since Samhain.
  • Faren is doing a bit of research.
  • Faren is in Ana's library for now.

<Caelan> (Ewww, library!!) <Faren> (hee, it's your duty to get me out of there!)

  • Caelan is tromping down the hallway after unsuccessfully looking for Anastasius.
  • Faren pores over a musty tome.

<Caelan> (i dunno, maybe I should just let you rot in geek-land ;D) <Faren> (heee!) <Faren> (If you wanna) <Caelan> (well, it's not like I'd think to look in a library, 's what I'm saying) <Faren> (If you're looking for Ana, you might)

  • Caelan is pretty loud, as usual.

<Caelan> (point...) <Faren> Caelan, how *do* you ever get close enough to kill anyone?

  • Caelan sticks his head in the library.

<Caelan> HEy Ace, you in here?

  • Faren says, having been disturbed.

<Faren> No, only us ghosts. <Caelan> Oh, it's you.

  • Faren looks like he could be one. A ghost, I mean.

<Caelan> What are you doing *here*? <Caelan> Are you sick or something? <Caelan> You look like shit, man <Faren> You are too kind.

  • Faren says dryly.
  • Caelan shrugs

<Faren> I'm planning my next vacation. <Caelan> To where? <Caelan> That doesn't look like a real exciting brochure <Faren> Somewhere in a galaxy far, far away. <Caelan> Whatever floats your boat... <Caelan> Does that mean you're not on wallflower duty now? <Faren> ... <Faren> I should be up there. <Faren> I'll be going back soon enough. <Caelan> Oh. Well, I won't tell.

  • Caelan shrugs.

<Faren> What have you been up to since Samhain?

  • Faren leans back in his chair and closes the tome.

<Caelan> Workin', you know, the usual.

  • Caelan shrugs.
  • Faren nods.

<Faren> I haven't really seen you in a while. <Caelan> Nope. <Faren> Except briefly, at Samhain. <Caelan> I gues, yeah <Faren> I must reluctantly admit that I was glad to hear you survived the Garou. <Caelan> Yeha, well...

  • Faren teases dryly.
  • Caelan 's expression clouds over.

<Caelan> Yeah. <Faren> If only because it spared me having to explain to your colleen.

  • Caelan wonders how much Faren knows about that.

<Faren> I hope it was bearable... <Caelan> Her name's Isabel. <Faren> Sorry, Isabel.

  • Faren shrugs.

<Caelan> 's ok... it wasn't bad... <Caelan> </lying>

  • Caelan shrugs nonchalantly.
  • Faren quirks a dark eyebrow.

<Faren> Well, I won't inquire any further then. It seems to have been rather traumatic. <Caelan> It was nothing.

  • Faren nods.

<Faren> Fine, it was nothing. <Caelan> So whatcha been doing? <Faren> ... <Faren> Trying to stay out of trouble, mostly. <Caelan> Sounds pretty boring <Faren> Far from it. It's my own private hell. <Caelan> (why do you even *bother* trying to talk about these things with me? ^-^)

  • Faren pushes the book away from him on the table.

<Caelan> Irene's that bad?

  • Faren shakes his head, darkly amused.

<Faren> She's the worst. <Caelan> I just thought she had no personality. <Faren> Hmmm. <Faren> Have you been in the vicinity of Aberystwyth often of late?

  • Faren figures he must have, b/c of Isabel.

<Caelan> Oh, now and then

  • Caelan grins.

<Faren> Why doesn't Isabel leave? It would make things easier on the two of you, wouldn't it? <Caelan> Huh? <Caelan> Where would she go> <Faren> Oh, you could find a snug cottage in the countryside or something, I'm sure. <Caelan> Her father wants her to stay there... <Faren> Ah. <Faren> Does he know about you? <Caelan> Hell no <Caelan> Are you crazy? <Caelan> He'd shit a brick! <Faren> Sometimes.

  • Faren laughs.

<Faren> That would be sight I'd pay to see. <Faren> Fucking Gwydaines and all their ilk. <Faren> Except Isabel. <Caelan> Yeah!

  • Faren tags on.

<Caelan> Except ISabel! <Caelan> :) <Faren> (merely to appease Caelan. ^-^) <Faren> How I'd love to see them all writhing in the dirt. <Caelan> Anyway, I haven't had any real big problems

  • Faren muses aloud.

<Caelan> I think the old hag doesn't wanna have to deal with Ace.

  • Faren nods.

<Faren> Hmmmm... <Faren> The old hag... <Caelan> I guess according to him it's her old man ew gotta worry about more... I dunno, she's scarier. <Faren> Too bad we're not on speaking terms... <Caelan> Ace? <Faren> No, the old hag and I. <Caelan> Why?

  • Faren smirks.

<Faren> Services I might be able to render. <Caelan> What do you mean? <Faren> But it won't happen... <Faren> Nothing, Caelan. <Caelan> You mean you'd fuck her?

  • Caelan looks surprised and incomprehending?

<Caelan> You're nuts, man <Faren> Nooooo. <Faren> You are, just for thinking of that. <Caelan> Fuck no, it'd freeze off@ <Caelan> :o <Faren> Indeed. <Faren> No, it's not her I'm interested in fucking. Gods forbid.

  • Faren shudders.

<Caelan> Bleah. bleah bleah <Faren> Yes. "Bleah." <Faren> Jesus, Mary and Joseph, how could you even have thought that up? <Caelan> Now *I* feel sick. <Caelan> I don't know!

  • Faren is still trying to get the thought out of his mind.
  • Caelan is too!

<Faren> You've even got me cursing like a mortal. <Faren> Gods, Caelan. That is foul.

  • Faren shakes his head.

<Caelan> So... <Faren> <m> Calm blue oceans... <Caelan> Ace isn't around, looks like <Faren> Mmm-hmm. <Faren> He has been in and out. <Faren> Can I pass along a message for you? <Caelan> Mhe <Caelan> (meh <Caelan> Just dropping off some stuff for him... <Caelan> I left it with some guy, you know... whatsisface, the one that looks like a turtle.

  • Faren nods.

<Faren> (which one is that?  :^o Or did you just make it up?) <Caelan> (made it up :) <Faren> How is the army coming? <Faren> Ready to take over Eire? <Caelan> Oh yeah, sure. <Faren> Or have you discovered more turncoats in your ranks? <Caelan> Nope, no more problems <Caelan> Little shits...

  • Caelan reaches behind him to scratch his back.

<Faren> (What happened to Sine and Lucas? They still alive? ^-^) <Caelan> (yeah...) <Caelan> (working very hard >:D) <Faren> I've heard one was a Selkie. <Caelan> Yeah, a right little cunt.

  • Faren smirks.

<Caelan> Must be genetic. <Faren> In her case, yes. <Faren> I knew her father. <Caelan> Lucky you. <Faren> No. Not really. <Faren> She ended up slitting him from gizzard to gut. I can't say I blame her. <Faren> Like father, like daughter. <Caelan> If this is gonna be some sob story about how she's a bitch because he liked to stick his dick in her, I gotta warn you, I don't give a shit <Faren> I don't either, really. <Faren> There's very little I give a shit about these days. <Caelan> She's just another grunt

  • Faren nods.

<Faren> Just watch it.

  • Caelan snorts/

<Faren> She might end up depriving you of a few soldiers. <Faren> You might be better off just getting rid of her now. <Caelan> Yeah, that's something to think about <Caelan> She is awful lippy. <Caelan> You're right, I'll take care of that when I get back. <Caelan> No sense in letting that oily little slut breed dissent in *my* army <Caelan> :)

  • Faren smiles, pleased.

<Faren> I don't suppose you'd let me have her skin. <Caelan> What would you do with it? <Faren> Give it to someone who deserves it. <Caelan> We'll see how much is left.

  • Caelan says with a shrug.
  • Faren nods.

<Faren> That's all I can expect. <Caelan> (OK, so I guess I *am* killing her) <Faren> I believe she's of the new breed... I think hers is a leather coat. <Caelan> Yeah, I remember it <Faren> You ought to be able to achieve your goal without doing much damage to the skin. <Caelan> Think it'd fit me? :D <Faren> They do change to fit their new owners. <Faren> But you are already a Sidhe. <Caelan> Nah, I wuoldn't want to smell like fish all the time <Caelan> ;D <Faren> Hmph.

  • Faren doesn't always smell like fish! :^)

<Caelan> You know, I feel more boring just standing in the doorway; let's go do something <Faren> Why not.

  • Faren stands up.
  • Faren straightens his clothes out; he has lost weight, it seems.

<Caelan> Holy fuck, man, what's wrong with you? <Caelan> You're skinnier than Ace!

  • Faren smiles grimly.

<Faren> You don't want to hear about that, Caelan. <Faren> Let's go. <Faren> (brb, bathroom) <Caelan> You don't have some weird fuckin' social disease.. do you?

  • Caelan on the other hand, is the picture of good health, as always :D

<Faren> No. <Faren> . o O (How dense is he? Surely he can't have forgotten.)

  • Faren picks up his skin in its usual satchel and swings it onto his shoulder.

<Faren> What do you suggest? <Caelan> I dunno. <Caelan> Anything you want to blow up? :D <Faren> Exploding things... happens so quickly. Boom, and it's over. <Faren> I'd rather draw things out. <Caelan> Oh. <Caelan> Suit yourself.

  • Caelan says with a shrug.

<Faren> But, loud noises and fire do provide a certain amount of satisfaction. <Faren> If that is what you would like to do. <Caelan> I don't wanna *bore* you.

  • Caelan sarcastically.

<Caelan> What's *your* great idea? <Faren> Don't worry about it. <Faren> Very little interests me, or bores me, these days. <Faren> I don't really *have* a great idea. <Faren> So explosions it is. <Faren> Lead on. <Caelan> Man, you *are* a downer <Caelan> Only you could suck the fun out of pipe bombs

  • Faren pauses and rubs his face.

<Faren> I'm sorry Caelan. <Faren> I'll try to live a little. <Caelan> Well, we could go somewhere and you could get completely piss drunk, how would that be? <Faren> Hmmm... that might work. <Faren> Yes, I rather like that idea.

  • Faren smiles.

<Caelan> AIight <Caelan> Where to? <Faren> There's a decent pub in town. <Faren> If you can't stand the singing, we can bomb the place. <Caelan> Right on! <Faren> Although Tierney might be upset. <Caelan> :D

  • Faren heads down towards Drunshambo.

<Caelan> Tell him it was catholica <Caelan> (catholics)

  • Faren smirks.
  • Caelan ambles along.

<Caelan> What? <Caelan> (scratch that, I thought more time had passed) <Faren> He has a fondness for the mortals in that town, actually. <Caelan> Meh. <Caelan> Oh well, there's always sheep. <Faren> Indeed.

  • Faren ambles down the mountainside.
  • Faren whistles a chaotic-sounding tune.

<Faren> (sheep move out of the way as they proceed) <Faren> (baaa!) <Caelan> So what's the name of the place? <Faren> McGillivray's <Faren> You've never been?

  • Caelan shrugs

<Caelan> meh <Caelan> It's not like the old days <Caelan> Bars are for shit now... <Caelan> There's only like... irish square dancing, or whatever the fuck

  • Faren raises an eyebrow.

<Caelan> Fuckin' *lame* <Faren> You know, they do look like they have poles rammed up their arses, don't they. <Caelan> Yeah <Faren> <m> Might make an interesting experiment... <Caelan> There's one place I was at one time in Old London, that was pretty cool <Caelan> Buncha nockers running it. <Faren> Oh yes? <Caelan> Good stuff, down there <Caelan> Yeah... Crush. <Caelan> It's in the basement of a cobbler's. <Caelan> One of those places that's bigger than it looks, know what I mean?

  • Faren nods.

<Faren> Too bad I don't have Wayfare... <Caelan> Yeh, too bad I... <Caelan> ... <Caelan> :o <Faren> What? <Caelan> Ace gave me this ring thing, see... <Faren> Mmmm....?

  • Caelan holds up his hand; he's wearing a band of dark grey metal, possibly pewter.

<Caelan> We should go sometime. <Faren> (more likely iron!  :^D ) <Caelan> (possibly ;D) <Faren> ... <Faren> Why not now? <Caelan> ...uh, cause it's 3 in the afternoon/ <Faren> We can kill some time in London. <Faren> . o O (And maybe something else.) <Caelan> Isabel will be pissy if I go without her... <Faren> Oh. Well, never mind then.

  • Caelan scratches his head.
  • Faren seems a bit annoyed.

<Caelan> What? <Faren> Nothing. <Faren> What will *I* do if you bring her along? <Faren> I doubt she would find my company pleasant. <Caelan> Well, she likes *me*, doesn't she? <Faren> I would assume so. Your point? <Caelan> Are you admitting you're a bigger asshole than I am? :D <Faren> Sometimes. <Caelan> ... oh. <Caelan> :/

  • Caelan looks perplexed.
  • Faren smirks.
  • Faren doesn't remember Samhain or he might say something about how Caelan was a perfect gentleman compared to him, that night. :^D

<Faren> What's wrong? <Caelan> Nothin'.

  • Caelan shrugs.

<Faren> You look confused. <Caelan> Well <Caelan> I want to go to london, but I also don't want to get in shit <Faren> Ah. <Faren> Well, how would she know? <Faren> I won't tell her. You won't tell her. <Caelan> She always knows :/ <Faren> Psychic, is she? <Caelan> No, more like, I'm dumb :/ <Faren> You are not. <Faren> A bit thickheaded at times... <Caelan> She can like, read me, man, it's weird <Caelan> And then it'll be all blah blah why didn't you take *me* Caelan, why did you *lie* to me Caelan <Caelan> And then I won't get any for *weeks*! <Caelan> Eh. <Faren> Oh, poor you.

  • Faren says, disgusted.

<Faren> . o O (I haven't had any for *months*!) <Caelan> It's *hard*!

  • Caelan complains.

<Faren> It's *hard*, is it? <Faren> Cry me a river. <Caelan> Nah <Caelan> It isn't really. <Caelan> :)

  • Caelan is oblivious

<Faren> . o O (You can't *begin* to imagine what's *hard.*) <Caelan> 'Cept, well, her friends kind of all hate me, except Kolya <Caelan> Oh well.

  • Caelan shrugs.
  • Faren has turned brooding.

<Caelan> Heh heh, she's hanging out with these *satyrs* lately <Caelan> *That* could turn out to be fun... <Faren> Humph. <Caelan> One of them's really cute... <Faren> Hoping for some orgy action, are you. <Caelan> The other one's a guy, which I'm less keen on

  • Faren is pissy.

<Faren> Well, I hope it all works out for you.

  • Faren says bitterly.

<Caelan> What? <Caelan> What's the problem now?

  • Faren and Caelan have reached the outskirts of Drunshambo.

<Caelan> Holy fuck, what are you, on the rag?

  • Faren glowers, and looks embarrassed.

<Faren> Let's just get a drink. <Caelan> . o O (What kind of guy wouldn't be happy that his friend had the chance to get in on some hot satyr threesome action??) <Caelan> Yeah. <Faren> (A guy who can't get any action himself? ^-^ Even when he *tries*? ) <Caelan> (heh... you could so, just not necessarily with Hayley) <Faren> (Actually... he's tried. ^-^) <Caelan> (hee... Faren fuddles himself into thinking some random chickie is Hayley... *snick*) <Caelan> (FAREN HAS ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION!!! LOL) <Faren> (No cigar, if you'll excuse the phallic symbolism) <Caelan> (whoah... I just had two *mouthfuls* of Mike's and I'm already... a little... whee!) <Faren> (lol) <Faren> (I love Mike's) <Caelan> (the cranberry kind is the best) <Faren> (I've only had the normal lemonade) <Caelan> (mm... cranberry one's better, I guarantee :)

  • Faren shoves the door to the pub open.

<Caelan> (I like the regular kind too, but cranberry... mmm)

  • Caelan follows him in.

<Faren> (people inside hush when they see the two guys.) <Caelan> (what? Is it a *lesbian* pub? :D)

  • Faren smiles evilly and surveys the crowd.
  • Caelan looks around the room.

<Faren> (It's about half full of people; mostly men. There's a couple pretty bar wenches, though.) <Caelan> (why are they so ascairt of us? :o) <Caelan> Right then, let's get a seat. <Faren> (The people go back to talking once Faren and Caelan take a seat. Some dart glances their way.)

  • Caelan grins wolfishly back at the glance-darters
  • Caelan sits down, and stretches out his legs.

<Caelan> Friggin' peasants, you'd think they'd never seen a cuople guys looking for a drink. <Faren> (When I've ICed with Heather, these people recognize Anastasius somehow. Heather has made them out to be "heathens", basically. I doubt they recognize us as faeries, but we do exude a power of some sort, prolly, like Ana... ) <Faren> I told you, Tierney has a certain fondness for these people.

  • Faren stretches out his long legs as well.

<Faren> (A bar wench comes over respectfully and asks what we'll have to drink.) <Faren> Whiskey, straight please.

  • Faren glances towards Caelan questioningly.

<Caelan> Oh, I'll just have some cider, or whatever you have close to that <Faren> <Bar wench> Right, coming right up. <Faren> <Bar wench> ... Anything else I can do?

  • Caelan grins at Faren.

<Faren> * Bar wench smiles at Caelan, who is the more handsome of the two in spite of Faren's Selkie Birthright. <Caelan> What d'you think?

  • Faren shrugs.
  • Faren smiles slightly.

<Faren> It's up to you, I think. <Caelan> WHy don't you bring us our drinks and come sit down with us? <Caelan> My friend here's having a hard time, see...

  • Bar_wench smiles and glances towards Faren.
  • Faren raises his eyebrows, nonplussed.

<Bar_wench> All right...

  • Bar_wench smiles coyly and heads off to get the drinks.

<Faren> Why'd you do that? <Faren> . o O (Why does this make me feel pathetic, like Tierney...) <Faren> . o O (Oh, that's right. Because I *am*.) <Caelan> Just trying to cheer you up, man <Faren> She is more interested in you, and who can blame her? <Caelan> But meh

  • Caelan shrugs

<Caelan> You don't like her? <Faren> ... <Faren> I like very few people these days. <Caelan> Then get rid of her...

  • Bar_wench comes back with the drinks and slides in beside Faren.
  • Bar_wench smiles.

<Faren> <m> Easier said than done... <Bar_wench> So... what are your names? <Bar_wench> I'm Jacinta... <Caelan> I'm Caelan, and my moody friend here's Faren.

  • Bar_wench smiles.

<Bar_wench> Oh, what's wrong with him? <Caelan> Lots of things, I expect

  • Bar_wench leans in towards Faren.
  • Faren raises an eyebrow expressively.

<Bar_wench> You look tired. <Bar_wench> I can help with that. <Caelan> Yeah Faren, she can help with that <Faren> Can you now.

  • Caelan takes a drink.
  • Faren sips his whiskey.

<Bar_wench> Sure... <Bar_wench> I could give you a massage...

  • Bar_wench smiles coyly.

<Faren> Ah, massages are your answer to everything, are they? <Caelan> Couldn't hurt <Faren> Well... a massage *does* sound nice. But I'd hate to leaves Caelan with nothing to do.

  • Faren smirks.
  • Caelan shrugs.

<Caelan> I can occupy myself <Caelan> Don't you worry about nothin; <Faren> Why don't we make it a menage a trois?

  • Bar_wench turns to eye Caelan.

<Faren> . o O (He is not going to go for that.) <Faren> . o O (I hope.)

  • Bar_wench smiles.

<Bar_wench> I'd like that.

  • Bar_wench slides her bare foot up Caelan's shin.

<Caelan> So sorry darlin... <Caelan> I've got, uh... a previous engagement. <Bar_wench> Ooooh...

  • Bar_wench pouts.

<Caelan> . o O (Daaaaaaamn! :() <Caelan> Maybe some other time, eh?

  • Bar_wench looks really disappointed.

<Bar_wench> Oh.... please? <Caelan> Cheer up sweetie... Faren's not so bad as all that <Caelan> ...

  • Bar_wench slides her bare foot higher up, to Caelan's thigh.

<Caelan> Uh, so I'm told... <Caelan> My but you're friendly.

  • Bar_wench giggles.

<Faren> Caelan, I wouldn't dream of leaving you out of it. I guess I'll have to put it off for another time myself. <Bar_wench> Would he even survive? He looks pretty frail...

  • Bar_wench bites her lip and eyes Caelan naughtily.

<Bar_wench> Unlike you... <Caelan> I think he'd manage to pull through

  • Caelan grins
  • Bar_wench glances at Faren. She's really not interested in spending time with *him.*

<Caelan> . o O (not working out...)

  • Faren looks back at her impassively He leans back and sips his whiskey.
  • Faren shrugs.

<Faren> . o O (Phew.)

  • Bar_wench turns back to Caelan and licks her lips.

<Bar_wench> Let me give you my calling card...

  • Bar_wench sinks under the table.

<Caelan> ...

  • Faren looks off towards the wall.

<Caelan> Hey, uh...

  • Caelan has no idea how you go about *refusing* these things

<Caelan> Much as I'd like to... call you... <Caelan> Faren and me have to get going now don't we yes we do

  • Caelan says quickly, getting up
  • Faren gulps his whiskey and stands up himself.

<Faren> Indeed.

  • Caelan will chuck a random amount of money on the table and make a hasty retreat
  • Bar_wench crawls out from under the table, embarrassed and angry.

<Faren> Better luck next time, darling.

  • Faren follows Caelan.
  • Caelan punches the wall outside.

<Caelan> That was fuckin' *painful* <Faren> Having to refuse? <Caelan> Ugh. <Caelan> Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! <Faren> You're a decent guy, Caelan. I never would've guessed.

  • Caelan punches the wall again, with the other hand.

<Caelan> Shut uuup! <Caelan> Feel like such a fuckin' puss <Caelan> ... <Caelan> >:/ <Faren> Hey... any guy can get his dick sucked. It takes a real man to say no.

  • Faren looks away, ashamed maybe.
  • Faren slouches off down the street.

<Caelan> Ah, fuck. <Caelan> PRolly not as good at it anyways. <Faren> Besides, you like fresh fruit the best, don't you? <Faren> I can guarantee she's bruised. <Caelan> Heh.

  • Caelan shrugs.
  • Faren seems kind of hollow, like he can't really get into the guy-talk thing.

<Caelan> Hey man, sorry that didn't work out... <Caelan> I'm just trying to help. :/ <Faren> It's all right. It wouldn't have, anyway. <Faren> I just regret only getting one drink. <Caelan> Ace must have some stuff back at his place. <Faren> And damn, have I fallen...

  • Caelan says with a shrug.

<Faren> Don't do that to me again, would you? <Caelan> Sor-ry

  • Faren isn't really angry.

<Faren> I have my pride... what's left of it. <Caelan> The hell ever. <Caelan> . o O (Ya try to do something nice...) <Faren> . o O (Don't need a pity fuck set up for me.) <Faren> So... back to Tierney's then... <Faren> A long walk for little recompense. <Caelan> Guess so. <Faren> Exploding things sounds a bit more attractive at the moment. <Faren> . o O (LIke maybe that pub.) <Caelan> All my stuff is there anyway <Caelan> There and back at the base

  • Faren nods.

<Faren> The *secret* base. <Caelan> Sure

  • Faren ambles back up the mountain in silence.

<Faren> I'm glad things are working out so well for you and Isabel.

  • Faren says out of the blue, about halfway up.

<Caelan> huh? <Caelan> Uh... thanks? <Caelan> Where'd that come from? <Faren> Self-pity, to be honest. <Faren> I'm glad at least one of us is happy.

  • Faren shrugs.

<Caelan> uhhh... kay...

  • Caelan doesn't know how to deal with self-pity...
  • Faren is *not* going to admit his difficulties to Caelan. ^-^

<Faren> Right, so what do you want to blow up? <Caelan> Um yeah, she's ... nice. <Caelan> Up to you, man <Faren> . o O (A certain cottage might be therapeutic... but it's too far away.) <Faren> . o O (No, actually, she loves it... and you don't want to hurt her.)

  • Faren kicks a rock angrily. It doesn't move.

<Faren> Fuck it all! <Faren> I don't know. <Faren> Some sheep I guess. <Faren> I have a taste for killing things. <Caelan> Fuckin' right, sheep are a blast ;D <Caelan> Did you hear about the time me and Ace went over to... <Caelan> uh.. <Caelan> never mind <Faren> What? <Caelan> Nothin, you don't wanna know. <Faren> ...

  • Faren nods, eventually.

<Faren> You must think I am pathetic. <Caelan> Huh? <Faren> <m> Hung up on a wee slip of a girl...

  • Faren kicks another rock.

<Caelan> 'S not your fault <Caelan> I try not to think about it <Caelan> . o O (Cause when I do it makes me want to puke :o) <Faren> You are lucky that you have that luxury. <Caelan> Mostly it works :)

  • Faren shakes a strand of shaggy dark hair out of his eyes.
  • Faren 's hair is getting longish 'cause he hasn't been taking much pride in his appearance of late. What's the point?
  • Faren sighs.
  • Caelan probably thinks you're just gorwing it out)
  • Caelan doesn't really pay attention to stuff like that, esp. on guys. ;)
  • Faren has a scruff as well. ^-^ He looks roguish.
  • Faren and Caelan head back up to Ana's and get pipe bombs.