Faren & Caelan, 11/10/2002

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  • Faren is in Faren-form, sitting on a beach. (Clothed)
  • Faren has been out swimming to relieve some stress, far enough from Crawford's so as not to run into many people.
      • Sascha is now known as Caelan
  • Faren scoops sand idly, building a castle with it.
  • Faren looks pensive as he shifts sand.

<Caelan> . o O (A ... sand castle?) <Caelan> O_o <Caelan> . o O (Faren's losin' it!) <Faren> (He's not concentrating very hard on it.  ;^D) <Faren> (Just keeping his hands busy, more or less.)

  • Caelan walks up behind Faren, not trying to be stealthy or anything.
  • Faren turns calmly to see who is approaching.

<Caelan> I s'pose next you're gonna decorate that with pretty little sea-shells?

  • Faren is mildly surprised.

<Faren> No, I have to make little flag poles out of twigs first. <Faren> What are you doing here?

  • Caelan shrugs.

<Caelan> Killin' time... <Faren> That's about the long and short of it for me, as well... <Caelan> I got an appointment with Ace and some friends of his. <Faren> How are things...?

  • Caelan says with a grimace.
  • Caelan shrugs again.

<Caelan> Guess I can't complain. <Caelan> You look *real* busy though. <Faren> Och... thinking. <Faren> I've heard rumours that you and Isabel have cleverly sorted things out? <Caelan> Where'd you hear that?

  • Caelan asks quickly.

<Faren> I have my sources. <Caelan> Somebody's got a big fuckin' mouth... >;/ <Caelan> (>:/) <Caelan> (I only told Ace :o) <Caelan> (And HEather said ace wouldn't spill ) <Faren> (I don't believe Ace would have told Faren) <Faren> (However, Di's place is crowded with servants, and Rachel and Isabel have discussed things freely on several occasions.) <Caelan> I guess that shouldn't surprise me though <Caelan> (yes...) <Faren> No one notices servants at Her Excellency's. <Caelan> (too bad I'm not smart enough to realize that's what you mean ;D) <Caelan> God dammit. <Faren> Your little phoenix and her cousin have been discussing things as girls are wont to do. <Caelan> My little what?

  • Caelan looks annoyed and puzzled.

<Faren> Firebird. <Faren> She has a temper. <Caelan> Oh. <Caelan> Well, nothing I can't handle.

  • Caelan sits down on the sand.
  • Faren gets a WP back for confusing Caelan! ;^D

<Caelan> (oh come on... that's too easy. ;D) <Faren> I understand that Isabel is learning Heather Balm. I hear you bite.

  • Faren grins wickedly.

<Caelan> Eh, she started it.

  • Caelan grins back.

<Faren> Well, if I had a pretty thing biting me I would not have much to complain about, let me assure you. <Caelan> Nope.

  • Caelan idly digs a hole in the sand.

<Faren> Thank you; my castle needed a moat. <Caelan> Obviously <Faren> Do you know anything about trouble back home? <Caelan> Yeh. <Faren> I've heard from some of my kin that something's brewing. <Caelan> TOo fuckin' much. <Caelan> I'm sending some guys your way... <Faren> You are? <Caelan> Ace thinks the wallflower needs more bodyguards.

  • Faren rolls his eyes.

<Faren> That won't draw attention to anything. <Caelan> Just a few guys. <Faren> Where the fuck am I supposed to put them?

  • Caelan shrugs.

<Faren> Crawford's place is not exactly large. <Caelan> Tell that to Ace. <Caelan> I just do what 'm told.

  • Caelan says, a trifle sullenly.
  • Faren shakes his head, pissed off.

<Caelan> (afk one sec while I pop something in the -ugh- oven) <Faren> I will. I am perfectly capable of keeping 'Rene safe on my own. <Caelan> from werewolves? <Faren> Werewolves is it? <Caelan> Something like that. <Faren> That's a bit tricky if I'm to keep her at Crawford's. <Faren> If I can relocate though, not a problem. <Caelan> Probably nothing will happen. <Faren> What the hell happened, if you're willing to tell me? <Caelan> Ace is gonna placate them with a little blood... <Caelan> colossal shitstorm... <Faren> ... <Caelan> One of my operatives turned traitor. <Caelan> They still have her. <Faren> Ah... <Faren> So you are now the proverbial lamb, is that it? <Caelan> You're pretty fuckin' swift.

  • Caelan says sarcastically.

<Caelan> Yeh, that's me. <Caelan> Ace wants to make sure they think I was acting on my own that the operations in Ireland have nothing to do with him

  • Faren looks quite angry but nods.

<Caelan> Hence, turning me over to them, as a show of good faith or some shit. <Faren> Is he arranging to have you make it out alive again? <Caelan> So he says. <Faren> Does Isabel know? <Faren> I can't imagine she'd let you go alone, if she did. <Caelan> She doesn't know anything; I'm not *that* stupid. <Faren> I didn't think you were. <Faren> I am just thinking aloud. <Faren> A bad habit of mine.

  • Faren stares off down the beach grimly.

<Caelan> Don't look so worried. The probably won't even come up here. <Caelan> ace'll smooth everything over. <Faren> Yes, he is good at that, isn't he?

  • Faren says darkly.

<Caelan> Yeesh, what's up *your* ass? <Faren> Nothing important. <Faren> I am merely wondering how far Tierney will go. I once thought he considered us as friends and would still like to believe that. But more and more it is clear that we are pawns. <Caelan> Yeah well... <Faren> He is doing what he must. <Faren> But that doesn't mean I have to like it. <Caelan> Wahat're ya gonna do... <Faren> Stick this through and then decide. <Caelan> I think when this is through, Ace won't need us anyway. <Caelan> Not if it goes the way he wants. <Caelan> Who needs an army, when you're a giant monster, right?

  • Faren half-smiles.

<Caelan> I'll be ouf'f a job <Faren> Well, we shall learn then if we were right to call him friend, won't we? <Caelan> I guess so.

  • Caelan says sullenly.

<Faren> . o O (And if we were wrong... well, I have centuries to regain my own.) <Faren> . o O (But when you come down to it, I don't have any desire to cross him, really.) <Faren> :^/

  • Faren looks somewhat glum.
  • Caelan does, too.
  • Faren trails his fingers through the sand, raking it, and sighs.

<Caelan> Meh. <Faren> Indeed.

  • Caelan lies down on the sand and looks up at the sky,

<Caelan> (.) <Faren> What arts do you have? <Caelan> Huh?

  • Caelan looks over.

<Caelan> Why? <Faren> I can give you an Oaken shield, if you don't have one already. <Faren> Whenever you have to go be a toy for the Garou. <Caelan> won't matter anyway, <Caelan> That'll just prolong it.

  • Caelan shrugs.

<Faren> Well, if you are not to be killed, then you could pretend the damage is worse than it is, perhaps. They tend to think we are quite frail. <Faren> It might work. Although, I must admit, I have not fought many Garou in my time. <Caelan> I think they're looking to see my guts draped over my shoulder like a scarf <Caelan> Know a good way to fake *that*? <Faren> Yum. <Caelan> Garou like makin' stuff *bleed* in my experience... <Faren> Facade someone you don't like to look like you?

  • Faren jokes grimly.

<Caelan> Ace'll know. <Faren> I know. <Caelan> Ace wants me to go, so I'm going. <Faren> Can I do anything for you if you *don't* survive? <Faren> If you do I'll throw a party. <Caelan> ...

  • Caelan thinks for a minute.

<Caelan> Just one thing. <Faren> All right. <Faren> If it's within my power I shall do it. <Caelan> Just tell Isabel, ok? <Faren> All right. An onerous task but that's what I expected you might ask. <Caelan> Ha-ha. <Faren> I'll give myself a few Oakenshields to help me keep my head on my shoulders, and remind her not to shoot the messenger. <Caelan> She doesn't even know who you are, man. <Caelan> Just tell her you're a friend of mine... <Caelan> I just don't want her to think I ditched her or something, you know... <Faren> Of course.

  • Caelan nods

<Faren> You have my solemn promise that I shall do as you ask should you not return to this life. <Caelan> Thanks, man.

  • Faren offers his hand for Caelan to shake and seal the deal.

<Faren> No problem.

  • Caelan shakes Faren

<Caelan> 's hand/ <Faren> It's the least I can do. <Caelan> (stupid enter key ;D) <Faren> (I was gonna say.  ;^D) <Caelan> Isabel's a good girl...

  • Caelan says to no-one in particular, looking back up at the sky.
  • Faren raises an eyebrow questioningly.

<Faren> . o O (I hope he wasn't suggesting that I pick her up after breaking the news. I just don't think it would work out.) <Faren> ^-^ <Faren> We've had some good times, you and I. Hope we'll have more. <Caelan> Yeah... <Faren> Though I guess you won't be able to go chasing colleens with me now that you have Isabel. <Caelan> Well...

  • Faren teases, trying to lighten things up a bit.

<Caelan> I hadn't thought of that... <Faren> Well... then again, she is House Fiona, isn't she? <Faren> Perhaps she'd be open to some experimentation. <Faren> In which case you could be one lucky guy. <Caelan> I dunno.

  • Caelan shrugs.

<Caelan> It's weird, I don't reall care. <Caelan> (really)

  • Faren looks down and away, cockiness gone.

<Faren> No, I know what you mean... <Caelan> What?

  • Faren hasn't seen Hayley for a while now. :^(

<Caelan> (And he's not gonna! BWAH! >:) <Faren> Do you remember when I dropped off the face of the planet for a couple weeks? <Faren> Back before Beltaine, it was. <Faren> Right after the big blowup with Tierney... <Caelan> Yeh, I just thought you were stuck up here.

  • Faren scoops up some sand and lets it sift through his fingers.

<Faren> No... I left in a fit of anger, and got down to the bay. Got shot - see the scar? <Faren> You wouldn't be talking to me now if I hadn't washed up on a certain beach... <Caelan> Who still has guns man? That's bad luck. <Caelan> I thought you said you had primal, anyway...? <Faren> It's rare for anyone to have guns. <Faren> But I think it was supposed to happen. <Faren> I was knocked cold - couldn't use my cantrips.

  • Faren rubs his neck where the scar is.

<Faren> Everything was conspiring to this, do you see? <Caelan> Uh, not really. <Faren> Hayley saved me... she nursed me back to health though she was half-starved. She originally meant to kill me and eat me, actually. I was wearing my skin, so I was just a seal to her. <Caelan> Oh for fuck sakes. <Faren> Yes. <Caelan> You are not going to tell me it's that little psycho brat. <Faren> I'm afraid so. <Caelan> Guy, you are *fucked*. <Faren> No kidding. <Caelan> She's like 13!! <Caelan> That's sick. <Faren> 14, actually. Going on 10 000. <Caelan> Even I wouldn't hit that. <Faren> Look, it's not like I *chose* to fall in love with her. <Faren> But now it's done. And I cannot think of any woman but her. <Caelan> You're stuck in that stupid spell? <Caelan> Man... you are *so* fucked. <Faren> It would seem so. I am not interested in any others; I have not been with a woman since Beltaine.

  • Caelan repeats

<Caelan> *So* fucked. <Faren> Yes. It is not the most pleasant turn of events. <Caelan> That little bitch is trouble for everyone. <Caelan> I *told* Ace it was a bad idea to have her around. <Caelan> No-one listens to me, though... only good for hitting stuff. <Faren> And I knew about her and the danger she posed; he warned me.

  • Caelan scowls.

<Faren> I never sought her out on my own. <Faren> It's sheer chance that I washed up on her beach, of all places. <Caelan> Someone should just... put her out of everyone's misery.

  • Caelan sits up.
  • Faren 's face clouds darkly and his eyes glint dangerously.

<Faren> Don't even think of it.

  • Faren shakes his head.

<Faren> I am sorry. <Faren> Do you see? It works insidiously, that curse. It twists you so that you fight your own friends. <Faren> Sometimes I wish she had drawn her knife across my throat. <Faren> She is at the Baron's now. <Caelan> Man, I don't wanna even *hear* about this shit.

  • Caelan gets to his feet.
  • Faren looks sad.

<Caelan> Well what do you want me to sa? <Caelan> Glad you're cursed, when's the fuckin wedding? <Caelan> (sa=say) <Faren> I don't know. No. <Faren> Go on if you wish; you have your own troubles. <Caelan> That little brat is a waste of skin, she spreads trouble like a fuckin' *disease*; I'm not gonna sit around smiling while you tell me how you're gonna follow her like a sick puppy to the ends of the earth!

      • Boden has joined #changeling
  • Faren stands up.

<Faren> You have no idea what you are talking about! <Faren> If you knew her the way I did, you would not say such things!

  • Faren snarls.

<Caelan> Dude, I don't ever, ever wanna 'know' her <Caelan> She's fucking FOURTEEN! <Faren> Oh for fuck's sake, not that way! <Caelan> I know her well enough. <Caelan> I was around her aat Ace's as much as anyone else, and more than I ever wanted to be. <Faren> That was a wall she put up. She has had so much to deal with... <Caelan> What the fuck ever. <Caelan> Cry me a fucking river. <Faren> I am not crying. Just trying to help you understand! <Faren> Just forget about it, all right? <Faren> I don't know why I even bothered to tell you, you with your small, petty mind. <Caelan> Oh fine, just fucking fine. <Caelan> And if you wanna pick your fucking delusional romance over your real friends, then fuck you too, man! <Faren> What romance? <Faren> I haven't seen her in months!

  • Caelan makes the internationally recognized sign for 'up yours'.
  • Faren shouts.
  • Caelan then disappears in a fine red haze.
  • Faren fumes for a while, glaring at the spot Caelan occupied until a moment ago.

<Faren> Pompous jerk. <Faren> I am expected to help him with his problems and he runs away the moment I decide to confide in him.

  • Faren kicks the sand.

<Faren> What is the use of him, anyway? Him and Tierney. Fucking Sidhe, think I am at their beck and call.

  • Faren heads into the woods.

<Faren> (That would seem to be about all we can do)