Faren, Caelan, Tabitha and Jesse, 2/7/2003

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  • Faren is in his office, working on a treaty or something for Irene.

<<Faren> (Jesse is serving as my page for the day) <Faren> Jesse?

  • Faren calls.
  • Caelan can be here to inspect the guards Ace had him station here.

<<Jesse_> yes sir? <Faren> Bring me some wine and a goblet, please. Red wine. <<Jesse_> right away. ^_^ <* Jesse_ will smile and go get you what you asked. <<Faren> Have a seat, boy.

  • Faren gestures to the chair in front of his desk when you return.
  • Jesse_ will sit.

<Faren> How long have you been with us now? < Caelan rides up to Crawford's Keep. <Jesse_> I believe three years now

  • Faren nods, looking vaguely impressed.
  • Caelan makes a tour of the premises, making sure security is tight for Anastasius' little wallflower.

<Caelan> (it would be a surprise sort of thing, I think) <Faren> What do you think of the swordsmen down in the yard? Do you wish to be one, someday?

  • Faren makes good and sure that Irene is safe.
  • Faren watches Jesse closely.

<Jesse_> I would love to sir but I'm not sure it would be a good Idea. <* Caelan will be satisfied with what he finds, aharr. <Faren> Good. Some boys are fools and want to fight anyway. <Faren> You can do better than that, I think. <Faren> You look almost old enough to become someone. <Faren> Do you like to read? <Jesse_> Its what I do when I'm not working.

  • Jesse_ is still smiling, not in an indignant way, he just...always smiles)
  • Faren smiles slightly. If Jesse is at all attracted to other men, Faren is damn hot (selkie birthright).

<Jesse_> (O_O) <Jesse_> (I'm not so sure he is..)

  • Faren searches Jesse's eyes to see if he's lying/

<Jesse_> ( he's not) <Faren> (I didn't think he would be, but I was letting you know, in case.  ;^D) <Faren> (Faren likes girls, anyway.  :^) ) <Faren> How are you at figures? <Jesse_> I do alright ( being modest) sir

  • Caelan wlil cheerfully tromp into the castle, then.

<Faren> (Guards let you through... they don't want to become intimate with your mace) <Caelan> (mace, sword, crossbow... I have a whole collection :D) <Caelan> (besides, they're my guards :D) <Faren> (I know; see, they're familiar with your modus operandum)

  • Caelan will find out where Faren is from a similarly frightened housekeeper. :)

<Faren> (Although, maybe you ought to kill someone because who's to say you're not an assassin using facade to disguise yourself as Caelan? ^-^) <Caelan> (I'll assume we went through all that already...) <Faren> (Faren is in his office, off the great hall... door at the back on the left, the servant stutters)

  • Faren pours some wine and takes a sip while he stares at the boy, expression unreadable. You might start feeling a bit uncomfortable. what's he thinking? :^o
  • Caelan clomps down the hallway...wearing armour, and carrying several weapons, he's not exactly stealthy.

<Faren> Well, Jesse, who doesn't like to fight and loves to read, I may have a use for you.

  • Jesse_ never feels uncomfortable

<Faren> You've been reassigned. You'll serve me every day from now on, unless I get sick of you. <Faren> And knock that idiot smile off your face.

  • Caelan opens the door without knocking.

<Caelan> Hey Faren, you in here? <Caelan> Ohh... you've got a little friend.

  • Faren looks towards the door.

<Faren> General Rea. What a pleasant surprise.

  • Jesse_ opend his mouth to say thank you- but will wait since Calen showed up
  • Faren stands up to greet Caelan with the respect due his office.
  • Jesse_ will also stand

<Faren> (Good. You'd have been smacked if you didn't.) <Caelan> Who's the kid? <Faren> He's my new choreboy. <Caelan> You got yourself a maid...

  • Caelan snorts.

<Caelan> Cute. <Faren> Jess, this is Caelan Rea, High General of the armies of Balor. Treat him with respect or you're liable to kiss his mace. <Jesse_> General.

  • Jesse_ will bow

<Faren> Give your seat to the general and bring a cup for him. <Caelan> With tongue!

  • Caelan adds cheerfully.
  • Jesse_ will move away from infront of the chair where he was standing and will go get another goblet

<Faren> Have a seat, General. I was just enjoying some wine.

  • Caelan will sit down gracelessly.
  • Faren gestures to the chair in front of his desk.

<Faren> What can I do for you? <Caelan> Oh, nothin'

  • Faren glances at Jess.

<Faren> Thank you, Jess. <Caelan> Just checking in with the guys.

  • Faren takes the goblet from the boy.

<Caelan> Have to make sure the greenhouse is well guarded, ya know.

  • Caelan frowns.
  • Faren smirks.

<Faren> Care for some wine? It's an old vintage, mellow and ripe.

  • Caelan shrugs.

<Caelan> Nah. <Caelan> Sounds girly.

  • Faren holds the bottle poised over Caelan's goblet, then lowers it.

<Faren> Suit yourself. <Caelan> So, what made you decide to hire Mary here?

  • Jesse_ will wait to see if he is to be dismissed or not.

<Faren> Whim. <Faren> I was bored. <Faren> (You're not.) <Caelan> So he's gonna entertain you.

  • Caelan snickers.

<Faren> No, he's going to work for me. <Caelan> whatever you want to call it <Caelan> So, how is our pretty little flower doing? <Caelan> Still brushing her teeth and going to bed on time like a good little girl? <Faren> Once this is all over, I plan to be gone. Tierney and the Baroness might need someone capable to handle the shit. If Jess won't do, I'll find someone else. <Faren> Yes, unfortunately. <Caelan> Or have you managed to jam a spine into her yet? <Caelan> Gone where?

  • Caelan frowns.

<Caelan> You're going to cut out on the boss? <Faren> No. We're old friends.

  • Caelan frowns more deeply, because he doesn't get what you mean.

<Faren> I've discussed things with him. No need to go report on me. <Caelan> Whatever.

  • Caelan eyes you suspiciously.
  • Faren looks Caelan right back in the eye.

<Caelan> (if you awnt a staring contest, we'll be here all day) <Faren> (hee)

  • Caelan is as stubborn and ornery as a bull

<Faren> If you're nervous, go run and tell him anyway. <Caelan> One of us has to stay loyal <Caelan> *stare* <Faren> Why not both? <Caelan> I'm not the one who's leavin' <Faren> How's Lady Isabel? <Caelan> She's fine...

  • Caelan says guardedly.

<Faren> Good, glad to hear it.

  • Caelan picks up the cup and twirls it around with his fingers.

<Faren> You'd like something after all? <Caelan> No. <Faren> I can have Jess get you some ale, if that's more to your liking. <Caelan> ...

  • Caelan sets it back down.

<Caelan> I'm fine. <Faren> Cow's milk, then?

  • Faren says with a bit of a sneer, perhaps.

<Caelan> Don't push me, fish boy.

  • Caelan growls.
  • Faren smirks.

<Faren> Do you get to see your lady much?

  • Caelan looks up, smirking evilly.

<Caelan> Do you? <Caelan> (oh ho ho)

  • Faren raises an eyebrow and refuses to take the bait.

<Caelan> (damn!) <Faren> As often as I'd like.

  • Faren says smoothly.

<Caelan> Heh <Caelan> You be careful, kid. He likes 'em young.

  • Caelan relaxes, grinning wolfishly.

<Faren> I also like them female. <Faren> The General here, he goes for people exactly like him. <Caelan> Aw, don't way that. <Faren> So you don't have to worry about him, either. <Caelan> Isabel's a nice girl. <Faren> All right, not *exactly*.

  • Faren smirks.

<Faren> . o O (You're both dumb as doorposts, though.) <Caelan> (then why am *I* a general :D)

  • Caelan starts fidgeting with the cup again.

<Faren> (Lots of little boys play at war) <Caelan> (but none so well as me :D)

  • Faren slides his eyes towards the goblet.
  • Caelan seems to have some nervous energy on his hands.

<Faren> Caelan... do you need to tell me something? <Caelan> Eh.

  • Caelan shrugs noncommittally.

<Faren> Tell me before you shake the castle down with all your fidgeting. <Caelan> Just stuff. <Faren> Well, do tell. <Caelan> Isabel's havin' a kid...

  • Faren raises an eyebrow.

<Faren> Yours, I hope.

  • Faren smirks.

<Caelan> Oh yeah.

  • Caelan says, unbothered.
  • Faren smiles.

<Faren> Congratulations. <Caelan> Yeah, I guess. <Faren> If you need any help with changing diapers, I can hook you up with any number of women who are well acquainted with the technique. <Faren> You don't seem overly excited. <Caelan> 'S not that. <Caelan> I've just been thinking about what I should, you know, do... <Faren> Do?

  • Faren leans forward with a quizzical expression on his face.

<Caelan> Well, with Isabel

  • Caelan gets a sort of perplexed look on his face.

<Faren> You can still fuck her, if that's what you mean. <Faren> As long as she wants to. <Faren> It doesn't hurt the baby. <Caelan> What?

  • Caelan shakes his head.

<Caelan> What a dumbass thing to say, of course I'm still gonna fuck her. <Faren> Okay, I was worried for a moment. <Faren> Some people get strange ideas about pregnant women. <Faren> She's still living with her lovely aunt, I presume? <Faren> Is that your concern? <Caelan> No, well... sort of, maybe. <Faren> Have you discussed any alternate living arrangements with her? <Caelan> Well, she can't come here. <Caelan> And I have to stay with the men.

  • Caelan scratches the back of his head.

<Caelan> Sort of sucks.

  • Faren nods.
  • Tabitha knocks

<Faren> She has to stay with the Ice Queen- <Faren> Jesse, answer the door please.

  • Faren is distracted by the knock.

<Jesse_> right away

  • Jesse_ goes and answers the door.
  • Tabitha is one of Irene's personal handmaids
  • Tabitha is a snotty Eshu wilder with a reputation for being a bit wild and loose ;)

<Jesse_> hello. <Tabitha> Jesse. I need to borrow you. <Faren> Ah, Tabitha. To what do I owe the pleasure of a visit from you? Truly, I am blessed today, surrounded by dear friends. <Faren> What do you need him for? <Tabitha> ...un-huh

  • Tabitha shrugs
  • Faren 's voice was dripping with sarcasm, of course. ^-^

<Tabitha> Look, can you spare him or not? <Tabitha> It'll only be about ten minutes.

  • Tabitha looks the page over

<Tabitha> maybe less >:) <Faren> If you traumatize him, I'll have your hide.

  • Tabitha shrugs

<Faren> Jesse, go with the lady and see what you can help her with. <Jesse_> Please excuse me then.

  • Jesse_ will bow

<Faren> Of course.

  • Tabitha rools her eyes, drops a half assed-curtsey, and pulls the poor little page out of the room

<Faren> I hate that wench.

  • Faren notes after she leaves.

<Faren> Back to you. <Caelan> Well then better that kid than you

  • Faren returns his attention to Caelan.

<Faren> I feel sorry for him, really. <Faren> I hope she doesn't scratch.

  • Caelan snickers.
  • Tabitha looks the kid over out in the hallway

<Faren> We were... discussing living arrangements, I believe. <Caelan> So yeah. <Tabitha> So, you're how old again? <Jesse_> 14 miss. <Caelan> You think I should, I dunno, marry her or something? <Tabitha> damn <Faren> Marry her?

  • Tabitha shakes her head

<Tabitha> can't wait 'til you mature a bit, hmmm... <Faren> Caelan... I'm not the best person to ask about that sort of thing. <Tabitha> Still. <Tabitha> Come with me. <Faren> Serial monogamy is quite enjoyable, though. <Jesse_> ( Jesse has a reputation for being super polite)

  • Jesse_ will go with Tabitha

<Faren> I've never been married... couldn't bear the thought of being tied to one person, you know? <Faren> But the women I have been with, I stayed faithful to them while I was with them... so I suppose it amounts to the same sort of thing.

  • Caelan grunts

<Caelan> Isn't that what you're s'posed to do, though? <Faren> The "honourable" thing?

  • Faren smirks again.
  • Caelan shrugs and looks uncomfortable.

<Faren> Caelan, since when have the likes of us had "honour"?

  • Faren sighs.
  • Faren tries to get serious.

<Faren> Look, Caelan... I don't think it really matters. <Caelan> No? <Faren> Lots of people don't get married anymore... <Caelan> 'strue... <Faren> His poncy-gittiness the Baron Gwydaine never married his first wench, and their daughter is accepted as legitimate, so far as I know. <Caelan> She might not want to anyway, things are so messed up. <Faren> Yes... you're on to the right track there. <Faren> I think this is something you'd best discuss with Isabel. <Caelan> Her aunt, her father...

  • Caelan makes a face.

<Caelan> You want to hear something funny <Caelan> Sort of off topic

  • Tabitha will lead Jesse to one of the storerooms

<Faren> Sure, I could use some humour. <Caelan> I've never met Baron whatsisface... <Caelan> But someone told me the other day he's like a less masculine version of his mother

  • Caelan snickers

<Faren> Baron whatisfaceherfather? <Faren> Oh, his Poncy-gittiness. <Caelan> No, Gwydaine. Duh. <Faren> I've seen him occasionally. <Faren> I'd have to agree with that assessment.

  • Caelan snickers.
  • Faren laughs, but then his laughter is cut off short.

<Caelan> What? <Faren> Still... *she* seems to see something in him. <Caelan> Oh, forget that.

  • Jesse_ will listen (he's been here for 3 years)
  • Faren 's face darkens briefly.

<Jesse_> ( Its only polite) <Caelan> You'd do better just not thinking about that, it messes you up. <Caelan> C'mon. Really. <Faren> I try not to, Caelan. <Faren> I really do. But it isn't that easy. <Caelan> ...

  • Faren sighs and looks off, sad selkie eyes growing sadder and more soulful.

<Caelan> . o O (what am I supposed to say? Sorry a spell made you like 15 year olds?) <Tabitha> (You'd know Tabitha kind of rules about half the staff. Anyone who even appears weak she manages to Bully and blackmail... mostly she only makes people do petty things, but she used to also use that influence to minimize Irene's father's control over her through other staff members. She hasn't really bothered you since the 'accident') <Faren> You don't like to discuss her, though. <Jesse_> (okay) <Faren> So perhaps we'd best not. <Caelan> . o O (Well, the more you talk about her the worse you get, ass)

  • Caelan just nods.

<Tabitha> So. Now you're all officially out of the Balor closet, and waiting on Faren, even... <Faren> You and Isabel are safer ground. <Tabitha> I just wanna make sure you don't go getting above your station. <Caelan> I guess. <Faren> Have you mentioned the possibility of marriage to her? <Tabitha> Now, tell me what the boys have been discussing. <Caelan> No. <Caelan> Hell no.

  • Faren nods.

<Tabitha> I don't like this whole 'surprise inspection' thing. <Jesse_> The boys miss?

  • Tabitha raises her eyebrows.

<Caelan> Well, I never even thought about it until this, y'know. <Faren> Is it something you can really see yourself doing? <Tabitha> The General guy? Faren? <Tabitha> Boys. <Caelan> ... <Caelan> ¬_¬ <Tabitha> Big, probably powerful boys, boys nonetheless. <Caelan> I wanna tell you something <Tabitha> What are they up to, and you know I'll know if you're lying! <Faren> Sure. <Caelan> You have to swear not to tell anybody else. <Faren> I swear.

  • Tabitha waves her pinching fingers in front of your nose
  • Tabitha is good at pinching ^-^

<Jesse_> .oO( is she trying to scare me?) <Tabitha> (Yes.) <Caelan> You know I have this little problem, right...

  • Faren raises an eyebrow.

<Tabitha> You could *not* tell me, of course <Caelan> And sometimes things are not so good in that way

  • Faren nods.
  • Caelan does not like talking about his condition.

<Tabitha> but, well, then, I might have to do something about it.

  • Tabitha threatens vaguely
  • Tabitha has gotten people in trouble before for doing things that most people know they very well did not do.

<Jesse_> They were talking about the guards, and wine mostly. <Tabitha> mostly? <Jesse_> yes. <Tabitha> and what else then? <Caelan> So... <Jesse_> They talked about beer for a bit. The general prefers it, he thinks wine is rather girly. <Tabitha> 'cause, you know, I kinda like you, Jesse, now that you're growing into yourself <Jesse_> ( by the way, Jesse is Always smiling. Always. Its always the same smile.) <Faren> So...?

  • Faren encourages Caelan.

<Tabitha> So if you play straight with me, I might just be inclined to show my...pleasure. <Caelan> So sometimes when I have this problem...

  • Tabitha smiles at him suggestively

<Caelan> Sometimes I see stuff...

  • Tabitha is really a hot little tart, in a kind of porn star-skank kind of way ;)

<Jesse_> .oO( I've ridden a bycicle before, I don't need to ride another one) <Faren> You... Do.

  • Faren sounds very interested.

<Tabitha> (hee!) <Faren> Tierney must know about this? <Caelan> Yeah... <Jesse_> .oO( Especially not one that practically the whole court has had a go at)

  • Faren nods.

<Tabitha> So what were they saying when I came in, then? <Faren> What did you see this time?

  • Faren asks gently.
  • Tabitha is actually pretty selective. She only sleeps with good-looking people ;)

<Caelan> Isabel.

  • Caelan says reluctantly

<Jesse_> ( anyway its damn near impossible to tell if he's lying or what he's thinking cause of that damn smile) <Faren> And...? <Jesse_> ( he's probably going on rumors lannie.) <Tabitha> (probably ;) <Caelan> Isabel, and this kid... <Faren> Mmm-hmm. <Caelan> In a house... it seemed sort of familiar <Faren> Mm-hmm? <Tabitha> Well, what were they talking about when I knocked, then?

  • Faren continues listening and encouraging Caelan to speak.
  • Caelan fidgets uncomfortably.
  • Tabitha asks semi-suspiciously

<Caelan> That's pretty much it... She looked up at me, she smiled... <Caelan> It's pretty stupid.

  • Caelan stands up.

<Caelan> Forget it. <Faren> Hey, sit down. <Faren> It's not.

  • Caelan sits down, scowling.

<Faren> You think your vision means for you to wed Isabel? <Caelan> Maybe. <Caelan> I dunno. <Faren> It's possible, but visions can be tricky things... <Faren> They're usually not so straightforward, as I understand it. <Faren> I'm not trained to interpret them... but one of your lady's friends is, I think? <Caelan> Kolya? <Caelan> Yeah, but fuck that <Faren> Yes, that's the one... why not? <Caelan> I'm not telling half the world about this stupid fruity dream.

  • Caelan crosses his arms over his chest and glowers.

<Faren> Well, that's your call to make, Caelan. <Faren> Who have you told so far? Tierney and I?

  • Caelan nods.

<Faren> And we're a quarter of the world?

  • Faren looks impressed.

<Jesse_> They were talking about whether I was a good choice as a page to Mr. Faren ma'm. A couple comments were made about me being young and diapers needing changing. <Caelan> You fucking well know what I mean

  • Faren smiles.

<Faren> Yes, I do. <Caelan> I'm not telling Kolya. <Faren> All right, all right. <Caelan> ANyway, I haven't seen him in months. <Caelan> Isabel said he's sick. <Faren> That's your decision to make. I'm not telling him either; I swore it. <Faren> He is. He's lost his visions, actually. <Tabitha> you know what, Jesse? <Tabitha> You're a smarmy litte brat, that's what. <Caelan> He can have mine <Jesse_> pardon?

  • Tabitha scowls in displeasure
  • Faren smiles slightly.

<Jesse_> (he hasn't lied at all. He just ommited certin parts of the conversation) <Jesse_> ( and formulated a new one from the parts) <Faren> He'd probably thank you for it... <Tabitha> (hee! Yes, but who knows how long Tabitha was listening at the doorway? ;) <Faren> A seer who can't see isn't exactly valuable...

  • Jesse_ would have said that last part about the diapers with displeasure

<Caelan> They haven't kicked him out yet. <Tabitha> You know, I don't think you *are* a very good page to mister Faren.

  • Caelan shrugs.

<Faren> Well Caelan, I don't know what to tell you based on your vision. <Jesse_> .oO( busted.) <Tabitha> So, why don't you run along now, then. I'm to go to tea with the Baroness, and you know, I think I might have some interesting things to say. <Faren> I would suggest Tierney might be able to help you more, but you've already seen him about it. <Jesse_> .oO( wench) <Faren> BUT, I think that if you feel that marrying Isabel is what you want to do... if you feel that it's right, go for it.

  • Tabitha smiles sweetly, and skips off

<Tabitha> (a yup! And that's why faren hates me ;) <Faren> If it doesn't work out, so what? No marriage lasts forever.

  • Caelan remains uncertain.

<Caelan> I guess. <Faren> I'm sorry that I'm not any better help than that.

  • Faren says regretfully.

<Faren> But it really is a very personal decision. <Caelan> 'skay.

  • Caelan grins.

<Caelan> She's right excited, you know? <Faren> Yes... I expect she is.

  • Faren smiles. Really smiles, nostalgically.

<Faren> I've always enjoyed having children. <Faren> I wish you and Isabel the best. <Caelan> How many you got? <Faren> Alive, right now? Enough. <Faren> Dead and gone already? Too many. <Faren> I hope your child will be immortal like you. It's hard to watch them grow old and die...

  • Faren looks down at his winecup and takes a sip.

<Caelan> I dunno, I might have some other ones. <Caelan> I never cared.

  • Caelan shrugs.
  • Faren nods.

<Faren> I should get back to work, Caelan... if you don't mind. <Caelan> Aiight.

  • Caelan shoves off the chair.

<Caelan> See you 'round. <Faren> It was good talking to you, Caelan. <Faren> Come around whenever.

  • Jesse_ will wander back to Faren's office.
  • Caelan grins back at Faren and gives a little wave as he leaves.
  • Caelan whistles some tune... badly

<Faren> (Faren looks rather more somber than usual and gives Jesse the rest of the day off.)

  • Jesse_ will stop just in time so we don't collide