Emerald Fields after Soleil, 1/27/2003

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Session Start: Mon Jan 27 22:29:39 2003

  • Rachel_ has a good budget worked out. She asked Nik to take a look at it while he was there just to pick out any errors she might have made and although he prolly made a few suggestions, for the most part she did a good, thorough job on it.
  • Rachel_ is pleased about that.

<Trolius> (wooh!)

  • Rachel_ is also sort of pleased that Soleil hasn't been around of late, although her curiosity is causing her to almost physically ache.
  • Isabel will show up at the freehold and make someone take her to Rachel :D
  • Trolius could be that someone, or I could be on duty....?

<Rachel_> (someone shows Isabel to wherever Rachel is at this moment.)

  • Rachel_ is in *her* garden!

<Isabel> knock knock...

  • Rachel_ turns around and smiles.

<Rachel_> Isabel!

  • Rachel_ moves close to Isabel to embrace her in greeting.
  • Trolius looks up and waves at lady Isabel

<Rachel_> So good to see you.

  • Trolius is slacking slightly, perching on a bench
  • Rachel_ looks a bit better than she did; some more colour to her cheeks, at last. No tired marks around her eyes.

<Rachel_> How have you been?

  • Isabel is wearing a long, flowing red shirt-vest thing, made of a light cotton, over a triangle-shaped tie-on top, and tan coloured flared leather pants, with fringes at the bottom.
  • Isabel waves.
  • Rachel_ 's garden is small and fenced in by a stone wall which the last Baron put up to keep out thieves, although its usefulness in doing that is questionable, without guards manning the walls.
  • Rachel_ was just out for a breather before going back to work but now that Isabel is here, she doesn't have to! :^D

<Isabel> Hullo! <Isabel> Nice and warm here.. <Isabel> Well, compared to Wales. <Isabel> ^-^

  • Rachel_ is in a teensy peach orchard at the moment.

<Rachel_> Yes, it is a much gentler climate.

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rachel_> Will you have a seat? It's not very formal, but the grass is soft.

  • Isabel drops to the ground and sits cross-legged.
  • Rachel_ gestures to a cloth she had spread on the ground to sit upon. A book is lying on one side of the fabric.
  • Rachel_ seats herself gracefully.

<Isabel> Missed you at the castle... Tally told me you were there but not that you were leaving that same day! <Rachel_> He told me you said goodbye. <Rachel_> I was sorry I missed you.

  • Isabel pulls on some grass.

<Rachel_> What have you been up to? <Isabel> I was playing a game with Kolya and Melisande... I could have gone, if he'd said.

  • Rachel_ smiles and watches her cousin.

<Rachel_> It's all right. <Isabel> Not a whole lot... <Isabel> I've made a new friend :) <Rachel_> Oh really? <Rachel_> Who is that? <Isabel> Melisande. <Isabel> She's a lot of fun. :) <Rachel_> ... Lady Melisande... really?

  • Isabel nods happily.

<Rachel_> She was often conservative when spent time with her. Perhaps because of the Countess' presence. <Isabel> Oh, and your grandmother gave me a nice present over yule... <Rachel_> (what did she give Rachel, by the way? ^-^) <Rachel_> (must compare and contrast with Isabel's...  ;^D) <Isabel> (probably some kind of jewelry, and maybe a gown...) <Rachel_> (okay, nice things. Rachel would have given Diamond some jewellery in addition to the stone thing) <Rachel_> Oh yes? <Isabel> It's this hair thingie... it's like a net, made of gold and silver, with pretty red rubies at the joins... <Isabel> It was so pretty. I couldn't believe it. <Rachel_> It sounds lovely.

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Isabel> And then she said I should wear it, and come to the concert, and sit with her and Melisande.

  • Isabel fairly bounces up and down.

<Rachel_> I'm glad you seem to be getting along with her...

  • Rachel_ seems a bit sad that she does not get along with the Countess.
  • Isabel nods.

<Isabel> SHe's been, um, nice. <Rachel_> Be careful, Isabel...

  • Isabel drops the subject, then.

<Rachel_> You can believe me or not, but if she is being nice, usually it means she wants something from you. <Isabel> What could she want from me?

  • Isabel asks innocently.

<Isabel> I haven't got anything she'd want. <Rachel_> Who knows? Only she could answer that. <Rachel_> But I doubt she would, even if you did ask. <Isabel> I don't even have title to the Barony unless my father decides to pass it on. And even then... I can't see her wanting it. It's so far away.

  • Isabel shrugs.

<Isabel> She doesn't seem like she wants anything... <Rachel_> Well, you do have an attachment to the Shadow Court, don't you. It's possible she sees some use in that. <Isabel> Uh... maybe I'm just not smart enough to notice...? <Isabel> The Shadow Court? <Isabel> I don't know anything about that... <Rachel_> Or whatever it passes itself off as now. It's all right. He's far enough he can't hear.

  • Rachel_ means Trolius, obviously.

<Isabel> No, I really don't. <Isabel> :o <Rachel_> <w> Caelan.

  • Trolius picks some leaves of a bush ;)
  • Rachel_ has trouble believing Isabel is *that* naive...

<Isabel> But I don't know anything about what he does. <Isabel> :o <Rachel_> No, but you have a relationship with him. Perhaps that is enough.

  • Isabel looks away, though.

<Rachel_> Someday you might have children with him, and they are not so careful with their tongues.

  • Isabel looks tired, now that you think of it.

<Rachel_> It might be something else entirely. <Isabel> ... <Rachel_> I don't pretend to know her mind. <Isabel> What do you mean? <Isabel> . o O (Why are you always so down on everything? :()

  • Isabel looks nervous and unhappy now.
  • Rachel_ isn't really sounding depressed, just cautionary.

<Isabel> I mean, can't she just be nice to me? <Rachel_> Maybe. <Isabel> ... <Rachel_> . o O (But I don't think so. Really.)

  • Rachel_ smiles cheerfully.
  • Isabel tucks a curl behind a pointed ear.

<Isabel> :( <Rachel_> I ought to be a grump, eh? <Rachel_> Jumping at invisible shadows.

  • Isabel pulls up a few blades of grass.

<Rachel_> . o O (I just don't want you to be rudely awakened to reality the way I was, if it can be helped...) <Rachel_> (Hazel, with Rachel's empathy, did she pick up any negative attitude towards her on the Duke's part over the yule season? They would have seen one another at some point, I think) <Isabel> (nope) <Rachel_> (Ok) <Rachel_> So what game were you playing with Tally and Lady Melisande?

  • Isabel rubs her eyes.

<Isabel> (I didn't mention Tally) <Isabel> (Kolya I mentioned.) <Isabel> Kolya... <Isabel> Um, truth or dare. <Rachel_> (Tally talks to Rachel.)

  • Rachel_ cracks a grin,

<Rachel_> Really? <Rachel_> That must have been interesting? <Isabel> uh-huh.

  • Isabel nods.

<Rachel_> I'd have loved to be involved.

  • Isabel smiles a bit again.

<Isabel> Uh... <Isabel> I don't think it would really have been your thing :o

  • Rachel_ raises an eyebrow.
  • Isabel tries to picture Rachel mooning a boggan, and fails.

<Rachel_> I'd just have gone for the truths, and not asked for any dares. <Isabel> Oh, well that's not any fun... <Rachel_> I *have* played it before, you know. <Isabel> ANd you'd be surprised what you can do with a truth.

  • Isabel winks.

<Rachel_> Truths can be more fun than dares at times...

  • Isabel scowls ever so briefly.

<Isabel> . o O (you should ask your brother) <Isabel> (you can tell she's thinking something with her Inside Voice ;)

  • Rachel_ notes that and looks thoughtful.

<Rachel_> I don't suppose it's in the stodgy Baroness' code of conduct to indulge in such things, anyway... <Isabel> Yeah.

  • Rachel_ looks regretful.

<Isabel> ... :/

  • Rachel_ looks around.

<Isabel> Isn't this what you wanted? <Rachel_> ...

  • Rachel_ turns to give Isabel a very sober, serious look.

<Rachel_> You want the truth? <Isabel> Well... why would you come if you didn't want it? <Isabel> It's so far from everyone. <Isabel> ... <Rachel_> Oh... I thought I wanted it when the opportunity arose.

  • Isabel leans forward, blonde hair spilling over her shoulders.

<Rachel_> But... I've had time to think about it now. And really, the reason I came boils down to the wrong one.

  • Isabel looks up.

<Isabel> What's that? <Rachel_> But it's a bit to late to renege on things, and I've grown fond of the people here... <Rachel_> Oh... well. <Isabel> You could always let them give it to someone else... <Rachel_> I had hoped that if I could do well here, be successful at this, the Countess would finally come to see that I can be a good ruler too, but do so by ruling in a fashion quite different from her. <Rachel_> I wanted to justify myself, I suppose...

  • Rachel_ sighs.
  • Rachel_ smiles sadly.

<Rachel_> It's not that easy, Isabel. <Isabel> Sure it is. Even kings can quit if they want.

  • Isabel shrugs.

<Rachel_> If I hand things over to someone else, then I will have proved that I'm a failure. <Rachel_> No, I will stick it out and see what happens. <Isabel> Well, who cares what other people think, if you're not happy.. <Isabel> .<m>well, what do I know. :/ <Rachel_> I do. I care very much what she thinks...

  • Rachel_ ducks her head.
  • Rachel_ looks off to the side, trying not to let tears well.

<Isabel> ... <Isabel> What was that thingie you sent her?

  • Isabel asks trying to change the mood.
  • Rachel_ pulls herself together and when she turns back to Rachel, you'd have trouble guessing she had a momentary lapse.

<Rachel_> Oh... nothing. Just something I saw in a dream of her. <Rachel_> I thought it might have some significance, but it didn't. <Isabel> Well, she was pretty excited when she first opened it up... <Rachel_> Is that so?

  • Rachel_ sounds interested.
  • Isabel nods.

<Isabel> Yeah, she was very interested... <Rachel_> Did she mention anything about it before throwing it into the Room of Things I Have No Use For? <Isabel> She showed it to Dovev... <Isabel> And he licked it... <Isabel> And he told her it was dead. <Isabel> And then she looked real disappointed. :/ <Isabel> And she said "Oh, put it away then." or something. <Isabel> And Windrider took it... wherever... <Rachel_> Ah well. <Isabel> ANd Me and Melisande were, um, confused :o <Rachel_> I shall have to keep an eye out for another then. <Isabel> And then Dovev flaoted off... wherever it is he goes. <Rachel_> I'm not sure what it might do, either. <Isabel> Um... you weren't playing a trick on them, were you? <Rachel_> I suspect possibly something to do with scrying...

  • Isabel asks timidly.
  • Isabel seems to be not saying something.

<Rachel_> No trick, not really... <Rachel_> (a smile plays at the corners of her mouth) <Rachel_> If it was anything, it was a message. But it seems not to have worked, so I won't pursue that matter anymore. <Isabel> OK...

  • Isabel fidgets.

<Rachel_> What is it? You're bursting with nervous energy.

  • Rachel_ asks indulgently / affectionately.

<Isabel> ... <Isabel> Well... <Isabel> Did you wonder why I came to visit you? <Rachel_> I hoped you just wanted to visit...

  • Rachel_ seems a bit cautious now, but still friendly.

<Isabel> Well, yes... <Isabel> But there's something I wanted to talk to you about... <Rachel_> All right. <Isabel> I wanted to, before, but you seemed... even more busy and stuff then...

  • Rachel_ gives Isabel her full attention.

<Rachel_> Well, don't keep me waiting in suspense! I'm a Gwydaine and an Eiluned! <Isabel> But, um.

  • Rachel_ jokes.

<Isabel> I wanted to tell you before you heard it from somebody else, I guess. <Rachel_> Okay...

  • Rachel_ sounds a bit uncertain now.
  • Rachel_ is still attentive, though.
  • Rachel_ smiles at Isabel encouragingly.

<Isabel> I'm having a baby...

  • Rachel_ 's eyes widen in surprise and her hand flies to her mouth.

<Rachel_> What? Really? <Rachel_> Are you- are you pleased?

  • Isabel looks questioningly at Rachel
  • Rachel_ seems happy for her cousin but isn't sure whether Isabel wants a baby or not. That's all. :^)

<Isabel> Yeah... probably in July... <Rachel_> Wow... that's - that's amazing.... <Isabel> Um, well... I am. Yes.

  • Rachel_ is speechless for once. ^-^

<Rachel_> Well, I'm glad for you, then... <Rachel_> Does Caelan know? He must...

  • Rachel_ bites her lip.

<Isabel> He does...

  • Rachel_ isn't exactly sure how one handles these sorts of situations and is embarrassed by her naivete.

<Rachel_> He's pleased too? <Isabel> Well he's... well, he was surprised. <Rachel_> He'll get over it... <Rachel_> He'll probably be proud as punch when his little daughter or son arrives... I think that's how it goes, usually...

  • Rachel_ blushes.
  • Rachel_ ducks her head.

<Isabel> He has so much on his mind already though... <Rachel_> I'm sorry- I must sound like an idiot... I've no idea how to act in such a situation, being as this is the first time a girl friend has told me this sort of thing...

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> Things will work out... <Isabel> I sure hope so... <Rachel_> You should be able to find a nursemaid without too much trouble if the need arises. <Rachel_> Tara would adore tending to a little baby again, I'm sure... For one. Not that she's likely to leave my father's service, of course, but... I'm sure there are many others- I'm rambling, aren't I? <Rachel_> Does your father know? And the Countess? <Isabel> Huh...

  • Isabel nods.

<Isabel> They do... <Rachel_> . o O (Maybe she's seen something about the child...) <Isabel> She invited him to lunch... and then I told him, it was ok... I had a feeling he already knew, that she said something to him...

  • Rachel_ 's facial expression flickers into a frown for a fraction of a second and then she's back to beaming.

<Isabel> I was just glad he didn't yell. :)

  • Rachel_ smiles.
  • Isabel plucks some more grass.
  • Isabel yawns.

<Isabel> I hope it all works out...

  • Isabel says again.

<Isabel> I don't know what he's thinking.

  • Isabel rubs at her temple again, tiredly.

<Rachel_> Isabel, you look tired. Let me show you to your rooms. <Isabel> It's OK... I just didn't sleep much last night. <Rachel_> ... <Isabel> Caelan... <Isabel> Well.. <Rachel_> ... <Isabel> He had sort of a fit <Rachel_> Oh... <Isabel> (I've never mentioned this to you before)

  • Rachel_ assumes Isabel means a fit of anger about having impregnated Isabel.

<Rachel_> I'm sorry... I'd hoped he'd be supportive... <Isabel> It was.. it was awful. <Isabel> Huh? <Isabel> No... you don't understand... <Rachel_> I guess I don't... <Isabel> He has these attacks... sometimes.. <Isabel> ¬_¬ <Rachel_> Oh! Epilepsy or something? <Isabel> I knew about it, but I'd never seen it happen before... <Rachel_> Is he all right now? <Isabel> Now...

  • Isabel nods.

<Isabel> We were just sitting, talking or whatever... and then it was like, like he was looking through me... or not there at all... <Isabel> And then he sort of ... fell.. and he smashed his head against the table, and there was all this blood... and...

  • Isabel shudders.

<Rachel_> Well... luckily you have Primal now. You can help him when he injures himself in a fit.

  • Rachel_ tries to comfort her.

<Rachel_> It would be terrifying, though... <Rachel_> I can't imagine the terror I'd feel to see Nik go through something like that...

  • Rachel_ puts an arm around Isabel in sympathy.
  • Rachel_ squeezes ger gently in a comforting embrace.

<Isabel> I didn't know what to do... <Isabel> :(

  • Rachel_ remembers her first aid course! She learned it by reading some of Debbie's old St. John Ambulance books!

<Rachel_> Well, he's all right. <Rachel_> That's what matters, right?

  • Isabel nods...

<Isabel> :( <Rachel_> I know a little bit about the kind of care one is supposed to give a person having a seizure. <Isabel> He acted sort of weird this morning though... <Isabel> Oh? <Isabel> What are you supposed to do? <Rachel_> I can tell you about it or write it down sometime if you like. <Rachel_> He acted weird? <Rachel_> How so? <Isabel> All I could think of was that one episode of some stupid show where they made a girl bite a popsicle stick... maybe that was something else... <Isabel> Just... sort of shifty... different. I don't know :( <Rachel_> Well... you actually shouldn't put anything in their mouths, according to the most recent course my mother had taken... but that's beside the point. <Rachel_> Maybe he was just weak from the seizure, or confused a bit... I'm not sure. <Rachel_> Just play things by ear. I don't think this could be a permanent change in him. <Rachel_> Perhaps he was ashamed that you saw him at his weakest. <Isabel> But what do I *do*? <Rachel_> Men are like that, or so I've heard... <Rachel_> Just continue loving him and be supportive. <Isabel> I mean... if it happens again, what do I do? :( <Rachel_> Oh <Rachel_> !

  • Rachel_ gives Isabel a lesson in care of epileptics.

<Rachel_> (it's pretty easy) <Rachel_> (don't restrain them, move anything away from them that they could hurt themselves on, give them nothing by mouth, and afterward, elevate their legs a bit to minimize shock, cover them with a blnaket, comfort them, and let them recover) <Rachel_> (ask if they need to take any medication, if they show no signs of improvement, get them to medical attention) <Rachel_> (whee) <Rachel_> (I need to get to bed... falling asleep sitting up) <Isabel> (ok) <Rachel_> ugh, have to be awake in 6 hours and I was already really tired today... <Rachel_> it was fun though. <Kalman> night! <Isabel> arr <Rachel_> WE can continue this some other time, perhaps. <Kalman> *huggles* <Rachel_> I didn'y log it, crap...

      • Trolius has quit IRC (Client closed connection)

<Rachel_> Did either of you? <Rachel_> And can you send a copy to me if you did? <Kalman> not my machine <Kalman> save the buffer <Kalman> \you can probably get it all <Rachel_> how do I save the buffer? <Kalman> yeha, you could get it all if you saved it now <Isabel> yeah... I got it <Rachel_> ok,. great <Rachel_> lates <Rachel_> *collapses* Session Close: Tue Jan 28 00:52:16 2003

Session Start: Wed Apr 09 22:38:19 2003

  • Rachel_ has just finished teaching for the day.
  • Fletcher will come in quietly after the children leave.
  • Rachel_ is tidying up her desk as you enter, and she takes a few moments to notice you.
  • Fletcher will wait for her to finish.
  • Rachel_ smiles warmly when she looks up.

<Rachel_> Hello Fletcher - I didn't hear you come in. I'm sorry. <Fletcher> <w> It’s ok. How have you been? <Rachel_> All right. You? <Fletcher> <w> I've been keeping busy.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Fletcher> <w> Any news of how Kolya is doing?

  • Rachel_ shakes her head.

<Rachel_> I did write but I haven't received a reply yet.

  • Fletcher looks at you puzzled.

<Fletcher> <w> You do not use magic to communicate? <Rachel_> I do with certain people. It doesn't seem appropriate for communicating with the Countess. <Fletcher> <w> I see. <Fletcher> <w> What exactly is wrong with him? <Rachel_> He had the Second Sight. <Rachel_> He was attacked in Tara Nar, and the Gift was somehow taken from him. <Fletcher> <w> But we don't know how? <Rachel_> When he visited here with Isabel a couple weeks ago, he was attacked again upon returning to Aberystwyth... I think that's where it happened anyway. The attack was carried out in pretty much the same way as the first one. <Rachel_> As you know from my conversation with Dovev, Soleil is the most likely suspect.

  • Rachel_ sighs heavily.

<Fletcher> <w> He is guilty

  • Fletcher says with finality
  • Rachel_ looks up sharply at Fletcher.

<Rachel_> You know this for sure? <Fletcher> <w> From his lips. <Rachel_> Funny how he tells you the truth but not me. <Rachel_> I asked him the same thing after the first attack and he lied. <Fletcher> <w> Of course. But there was little use of lying to me. I knew the answer already.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> How did you find out? <Fletcher> <w> He has greater secrets than that. I forced his hand to protect those secrets.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> I am sure he does. <Rachel_> Would you be willing to tell me what you have learned?

  • Fletcher ponders this.

<Rachel_> Or how you forced his hand? <Rachel_> If not, I won't hold it against you. <Fletcher> <w> You know quite a bit yourself. <Rachel_> I know some. <Fletcher> <w> This is a family affair. I have been reminded on many occasions that I could well die if I learn too much of your family.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> Have you? <Rachel_> (learned too much) <Fletcher> <w> Perhaps.

  • Rachel_ nods again.

<Rachel_> Then perhaps it is best that you never speak of it with anyone. <Fletcher> <w> It would not be for you or I to decided who knows too much. <Rachel_> Have you thought about learning to read? I'd be happy to teach you whenever you have the time.

  • Rachel_ changes the subject because it's getting dangerous. You never know when Di might be watching.

<Fletcher> <w> You have much to do. There are others who could teach me if needed. <Rachel_> It would be my pleasure to teach you if you wish to learn. <Fletcher> <w> Are there any other questions you need answered?

  • Rachel_ thinks.

<Rachel_> Have you been speaking with the people of this barony much? Not the ones who live in the house. <Fletcher> <w> Some. <Rachel_> Have they voiced any complaints, concerns, or anything like that to you? Anything that I should attend to? <Rachel_> I'm afraid many of them are rather nervous still about speaking to me. <Fletcher> <w> There were those that attacked Trolius. They have left your lands. <Fletcher> <w> They wanted to continue their war against the Sidhe, but understood that yours was not the best Barony to wage it in.

  • Rachel_ nods, looking a bit glum.

<Rachel_> Some people have sent children to learn after my invitation, as you know... have you heard anything about that? <Fletcher> <w> I have been concentrating on other things. <Fletcher> <w> It would be easy to find out. <Rachel_> (that's one of the things she did on her little tour of the barony; invite people to come learn to read, write, etc. but they are not sworn to Rachel or anything; and they can go home to help plant and harvest and stuff)

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Fletcher> <w> I will let you know. <Rachel_> If you would be willing to feel things out for me, I'd appreciate it. You can move in circles I cannot. <Rachel_> What other sorts of things have you been looking into? <Fletcher> <w> True. <Fletcher> <w> The common laws are not truly over. There will be more rebellion, but I feel it will be less so in your lands.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Fletcher> <w> What will you do of the attack?

  • Rachel_ rubs her chin.

<Rachel_> That is a tricky situation. <Rachel_> I don't even know who did it; and you didn't seem willing to tell me last time we discussed this. <Fletcher> <w> Not that attack. <Fletcher> <w> Kolya. <Rachel_> Oh.

  • Rachel_ stops looking puzzled. ^-^
  • Rachel_ had been pretty sure that the Trolius attack had been "resolved" so was confused about him bringing it up.

<Rachel_> I think that is out of my hands. <Fletcher> <w> Then whose hands will resolve it? It is in your lands. <Rachel_> If Soleil is responsible, then it also occurred in the High Queen's castle, which is not in my lands. <Rachel_> The Countess of Aberystwyth also has an interest in this. <Fletcher> <w> Have you told the Countess his name? <Rachel_> I told Dovev; you know that. I am sure he told her the name. <Fletcher> <w> I mean the name he went by in life. <Rachel_> He had many names; I believe she knew most of them. <Fletcher> <w> Very well. I will assist any way I can in the matter.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Fletcher> <w> It was the names I felt were dangerous. <Rachel_> Have you spoken to Sleet about this? <Fletcher> <w> Yes. <Rachel_> She knows that people may come for Soleil? <Fletcher> <w> She will leave soon, when Trolius leaves.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Fletcher> <w> She feels death is close for her. <Rachel_> -_- <Fletcher> <w> Why must Trolius leave? <Rachel_> I don't want him to. He doesn't want to either. I am trying to arrange for him to stay. <Rachel_> But that, too, is out of my hands. I am only a Baroness, and that title is really only to assuage the other Sidhe in the area...

  • Rachel_ sighs; she really doesn't like the title or think it is necessary.

<Rachel_> If the Countess decides that Baron Lozano needs Trolius more than I do, then Trolius will have to go.

  • Rachel_ looks glummer.

<Fletcher> <w> Your title protects the people here, far better than I ever could. <Fletcher> <w> I would not play it weakly.

  • Rachel_ smiles faintly.

<Rachel_> It's just a word. I am only a temporary fixture. I am supposed to smooth the way for a Commoner leader here, you know. <Fletcher> <w> No...I did not know that.

  • Fletcher is very very surprised.

<Fletcher> <w> They would go that far? <Rachel_> Well, that's why I am here. And that is why I am encouraging people to come and learn to read and to write. <Rachel_> And to learn how to defend themselves too. <Fletcher> <w> Your lands border some of the most vile tyrants of the wars....They will seek to see this fail. <Rachel_> That's why I haven't told anyone. and I hope you won't either. <Rachel_> I trust *you* Fletcher. <Fletcher> <w> Very well. Whose plan is this? <Rachel_> Who put me here? <Fletcher> <w> Yes, and would put a commoner in your place. <Rachel_> Once it has a chance of working. <Rachel_> Which may not be for quite some time...

  • Fletcher contemplates this.

<Rachel_> You do know that my title is not hereditary, don't you? <Fletcher> <w> I know little of titles. <Rachel_> If I have children and they are changelings, or if I adopt one, they will not become a baron or baroness after me.

  • Fletcher nods.

<Rachel_> Not under this appointment, anyway. <Fletcher> <w> Would you lose your title after the commoner comes? Or would you keep it but lose the lands?

  • Rachel_ laughs slightly.

<Rachel_> These lands were never mine to begin with, not really. I'll still be a baroness, but somewhere else. In a court maybe; I don't know. This barony will be my commoner successor's. <Rachel_> And hopefully he or she will be a wise, strong and kind leader. <Rachel_> So... if you find someone here whom the others respect already, whom you yourself respect... I hope you might put a bee in his or her ear... <Fletcher> <w> Very well. <Fletcher> <w> Does Analisa know?

  • Rachel_ shakes her head.

<Fletcher> <w> I see. <Rachel_> It's probably best that no one does, but I may mention it to her if you believe she should know and could be trusted not to tell others.

  • Rachel_ blushes.

<Fletcher> <w> I trust her. I trusted her during the wars as well.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> That's a strong recommendation.

  • Rachel_ smiles warmly.

<Rachel_> I'll talk to her soon. <Elanya> (Analisa?) <Rachel_> She'd probably know of a few likely candidates herself...

  • Rachel_ muses.

<Rachel_> (yes) <Rachel_> Is there anything more?

  • Fletcher 's face looks like there is.

<Fletcher> <w> What will you tell your grandmother? <Rachel_> About Soleil? <Fletcher> <w> Yes <Rachel_> I'll tell her whatever she needs to know.

  • Rachel_ 's eyes turn steely grey and hard with resolve.

<Rachel_> I have no sympathy for those who deceive me.

  • Rachel_ 's eyes soften again.

<Rachel_> I am worried about Sleet, though... <Rachel_> I don't want her to get involved. <Fletcher> <w> And Trolius. <Rachel_> All I can do is warn her, though... <Fletcher> <w> He is bound by oaths and friendships in all of this. <Fletcher> <w> She has been warned. <Rachel_> Trolius?! <Fletcher> <w> She is very well aware of the situation. <Fletcher> <w> Yes.

  • Rachel_ looks surprised this time.

<Fletcher> <w> The same truths that could endanger me, may also endanger him. <Fletcher> <w> Especially if he is back under the gaze of Diamond. <Rachel_> Ah... he heard too, did he?

  • Rachel_ sighs.

<Rachel_> I don't know what the two of you know. <Rachel_> I don't know that you know anything. <Fletcher> <w> He knows the name. <Fletcher> <w> The name that links Soleil to your family. <Fletcher> <w> That alone may be enough to have him killed. <Rachel_> Well... I am not so sure about that. <Fletcher> <w> You would be the first who wasn't. <Rachel_> But I will leave you two out of it. <Rachel_> It might have been best if you did not tell me that you knew anything about Soleil.

  • Rachel_ sighs.

<Rachel_> But you have. <Fletcher> <w> Do not worry of me. <Fletcher> <w> It is Sleet and Trolius who are in the real danger. <Rachel_> I will leave Trolius out of it. And if he gets involved, I will try to help him. <Rachel_> But... you must know that I have no influence on the Countess at all. <Rachel_> . o O (Only the Duke, maybe.  :/ ) <Rachel_> So what I can do... is questionable.  :/ <Rachel_> . o O (If she brings father, he might help me too. If he thinks she is being unreasonable... but he is practically enthralled to her so I can't really expect any help from that quarter.) <Fletcher> <w> I trust you will do well for these lands. If you could keep Trolius in the bargain, so much the better.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> I want to, believe me...  :/ <Fletcher> <w> He can hide within people. <Fletcher> <w> Good day to you.

  • Fletcher will give you a small bow and pick up his belongings.

<Rachel_> Good day to you, too, Fletcher.

  • Fletcher will quietly leave.
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Session Close: Thu Apr 10 00:10:12 2003

Session Start: Wed Apr 20 16:46:52 2005

  • Rachel_ calls for Sleet a short time after the requisite 72 hours of hospitality are up.

<Rachel_> (Poor Sleet) <Sleet> (calls for me how?)

  • Rachel_ sends a message that she would like to see you.

<Sleet> (sends it via what/whom?) <Sleet> (these details are important, because I am insolent) <Rachel_> (via Trolius, I guess. You like him kind of in your own perverse Sluagh way) <Sleet> (damn it) <Rachel_> (Hmm?)

  • Trolius is kind of pissy... not mad pissy, more like 'goddamnitall" pissy

<Sleet> (if it was anyone else I would have been able to just ignore it, and then lie an say they never came :D)

  • Rachel_ is clever.

<Sleet> (or mean, whichever) <Sleet> (we choose mean)

  • Sleet slinks into the hall, appearing unruffled.
  • Rachel_ smiles but it doesn't quite reach her eyes.
  • Sleet is wearing a long white shawl that trails along the ground behind her, filthy at the bottom, and a shapeless grey dress.
  • Sleet has no shoes on.

<Rachel_> Hello Sleet. I'm glad to see you so well. <Sleet> Hello poppet...

  • Sleet smiles without opening her mouth.

<Sleet> Yes, I am feeling quite fine.

  • Rachel_ has a high degree of performance which came into play while having dinner with Hayley and Janus, and she uses it now not to show any sign of being disturbed by Anathene's disgusting nickname for her.)

<Rachel_> Excellent. <Rachel_> I hope things weren't too intolerable in my basement... I suspect they have changed rather a lot since last year. <Sleet> Change is inevitable, if not always to the good...

  • Sleet looks around the room, appearing bored.

<Rachel_> What one person finds good another may not.

  • Sleet brushes away some of her wispy hair with an elegant, long-fingered hand.

<Rachel_> You're probably wondering why I asked to see you. <Sleet> Not especially... <Sleet> I hadn't given it much thought <Sleet> It must be unpleasant though, I think. <Sleet> Else you'd not have sent Trolius. <Sleet> Poor dear man.

  • Rachel_ shrugs.
  • Sleet Hmms to herself.
  • Sleet looks out the window.

<Sleet> Your father is here... <Rachel_> Yes, he is. <Sleet> Interesting...

  • Sleet sits down on the floor, cross-legged.

<Rachel_> It has to do with last year, as you can imagine. I have difficulty trusting you. <Rachel_> Therefore, I propose this solution: <Sleet> One cannot imagine why.

  • Sleet says, unsarcastically

[Sleet:#faeriegrrrls PING] <Rachel_> A geas will be laid on you so that you may not enter my buildings, including the Great House and all my outbuildings, their attics, cellars and all their appurtenances if you mean any harm to myself, my family, my loyal retainers and household staff, my property, interests, chattel and livestock. <Sleet> ... <Rachel_> Of course, if you mena no harm, you are free to come and go as you please. <Sleet> That seems a bit discriminatory... <Sleet> You presume my guilt... when in fact I have done nothing wrong... <Sleet> I have done nothing wrong... Why should I have to submit to this persecution and not... all those who remain here, and who served the lord preceeding?

  • Sleet sniffs disdainfully.

<Rachel_> Yes, well. It's as nice as I can be, given the situation. <Sleet> It's humiliating. <Sleet> <q. I suppose that's why you like the idea so.

  • Rachel_ shrugs.
  • Sleet unfolds herself gracefully

<Rachel_> Take it or leave it. If you don't take it, you are no longer welcome here. My guards will be instructed to escort you away from the area and to keep you away. <Sleet> This is my home. I was here first.

  • Sleet says, but her tone of voice suggests she doesn't care that much.

<Rachel_> It is my home now, given me by the rightful Queen of this land. <Rachel_> I can't afford to be indiscriminately nice anymore. You and Anathene taught me that. <Sleet> Tell me, which special agents will you assign to the high priority duty of making sure I do not step on your flowers, princess? <Rachel_> That has no bearing on this conversation. You have been presented with an ultimatum, Sleet, and you don't have time to deliberate your decision. I am getting impatient.

  • Sleet sighs.

<Sleet> I am not even permitted to plead my case... <Sleet> At least tell me my crime. <Sleet> Tell me what I have done but protect you. <Rachel_> You harboured Anathene. <Sleet> I kept him, that I did... <Sleet> I tempered him. I always do.

  • Sleet rocks back and forth on her heels.

<Sleet> You ought to thank me... <Rachel_> You ought to thank me for being so lenient. You have two minutes to decide, Sleet. <Sleet> You are cold, so cold...

  • Rachel_ starts timing.
  • Sleet says into her chest.

<Sleet> You wound me, child...

  • Sleet says, suddenly sad.

<Sleet> But we are prideful creatures... I'll not stay here to be treated like a criminal. <Sleet> One day you may regret you treated your kin so ill. <Sleet> Fetch my guards. <Rachel_> You really want to make it that uncomfortable for yourself? <Rachel_> The geas is the easier way out. Trust me. <Sleet> I am to be escorted away... That will be as uncomfortable as the guards make it, I suppose... <Sleet> Would you stay, in such a shameful state? <Sleet> No princess, I think not. <Rachel_> With the geas, you would not be, and no one need know save, you, my father, and myself. Trolius knows too because I only felt it fair to inform him, since he is fond of you. <Sleet> I would know, and so, others would guess. <Sleet> I prefer to take my chances with the wild. <Sleet> Bring your creatures, now it is I who grow impatient.

  • Sleet stretches slowly, reaching her hands heavenward.

<Rachel_> Very well. I am sorry that it had to end this way. Next time you show yourself, you will be an outlaw in my barony, and Dana keep you. I would have preferred to be able to trust you.

  • Sleet sighs deeply.

<Sleet> Hmmmmmmmm...

  • Rachel_ summons her guards.
  • Trolius is summoned, unless you're looking for someone else\
  • Rachel_ calls for Janus too, to cast geas anyway. This one is not to harm Rachel, her family, loyal retainers and household staff, guests, property, interests, chattel and livestock.

<Sleet> (you lied! >:() <Rachel_> (Forget about the not entering clause) <Sleet> (you said geas *or* leave! cunt!!* <Rachel_> (Ah, I'm taking after my family. Don't want to have wasted Janus' time, either. You gave me no reason to trust you. I'm not naive anymore)

  • Sleet stares intently at Janus while he casts the Geas upon her, as though studying his every feature.

<Sleet> (and what's the curse if I break my geas?) <Rachel_> (I never said I *wouldn't* cast a geas of any sort on you if you left, too.)

  • Sleet holds onto Trolius' hand.
  • Trolius will be (relatively) stoic throughout the process....
  • Trolius is mad at the situation

<Rachel_> (Hmm... )

  • Trolius squeezes Sleet's hand though

<Rachel_> (I'm thinking... ) <Rachel_> (I guess it could be to go straight into an oubliette in Aber. *snick*) <Rachel_> (But people get freed from those) <Sleet> (once :) <Trolius> 9I don't think Sleet has the connections ;) <Rachel_> (I guess I could make her dragon food. I have the connections for that...  ;) ) <Rachel_> (I'm so mean.) <Sleet> (just make up your mind :) <Rachel_> (I am partial to the oubliette... it wouldn't be so bad for her really. A dark, dank place much like my cellar was. She might even like it.) <Rachel_> (Rats and maggots to eat, yum!) <Rachel_> (Then I don't have her death on my conscience so much, either.) <Rachel_> (I'll go with the oubliette, and then Hazel can have fun with her escaping if she so desires - supposing the geas ever does get broken.)

  • Sleet leaves hand in hand with Trolius, without saying another word.
  • Rachel_ watches you go, thin-lipped. You threatened me, too, up there, so you deserve it.
  • Rachel_ prolly looks more like Diamond than ever. ;_;
  • Rachel_ thanks her father when Trolius and Sleet are gone.
  • Trolius will escort her away, then, off the property :/
  • Rachel_ feels a bit sick inside. Maybe eventually it gets easier... :(
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<Rachel_> (Anything further to be done here?)

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<Trolius> (Who else escorts sleet off, or is it just me? ) <Rachel_> (You and Firmin) <Sleet> (coolies, then Firmin gets to hear me tell Trolius all kinds of things)

      • Rachel_ is now known as Firmin

<Sleet> I will paste what I told Heather in msg <Sleet> <Sleet> I will tell you eeeeeverything <Sleet> <Sleet> while you're kicking me out :) <Sleet> <Trolius> eek! thats' *ddangerous* :o <Sleet> <Sleet> well everything that's relevant to me <Sleet> <Sleet> I won't go into how Diamond stabbed up her father and stuff <Sleet> <Sleet> or how I'm the reincarnation of whatserface <Sleet> <Sleet> because Sleet wouldn't think to tell you those things <Sleet> <Sleet> because Sleet wouldn't think to tell you those things <Sleet> <Trolius> well, you'll have to lay it out for me. or, we could play it. I could do it tomorrow <Sleet> <Sleet> well, I will tell you that Anathene was a ghost of one of Rachel's ancestors, which you know <Sleet> <Sleet> And that he was drawn to me because of my having been his sister <Sleet> <Trolius> *nod* <Sleet> <Sleet> and that he was a very very angry... whatever <Sleet> <Sleet> basically he existed for the sole purpose of vengeance <Sleet> <Sleet> but that I seemed to have a calming effect on him <Sleet> <Sleet> He was not so interested in Rachel anymore <Sleet> <Sleet> ANd mostly just slept unless something especially interesting happened <Sleet> <Sleet> but then Rachel brought the others into it <Sleet> <Sleet> and you know the rest <Sleet> <Sleet> I'll tell you all of what happened in the room as well <Sleet> <Sleet> But I won't have time for much more than that, because the freehold is not *that* big <Sleet> <Sleet> to walk me through ;) <Sleet> <Sleet> But now the other guy with us will have heard my sad sad story as well <Sleet> <Sleet> for whatever that's worht <Sleet> <Sleet> and I shall give you a kiss goodbye <Sleet> <Trolius> *smooch* :( <Firmin> okay

  • Trolius will watch her go wonce she is off

<Sleet> ANd then I am gone through the hedgerow, into Baron von Evilpants' rice paddy

  • Firmin regards Trolius sympathetically, and they walk home together. He is quiet, pensive the whole way back.
  • Trolius is as well.

<Firmin> (But I really need food and sleep) <Trolius> (Later!)

  • Trolius isn't much in a talking mood either.

<Sleet> oh

  • Trolius is in a stewing mood

<Sleet> when I said the room I meant with Janus and Diaond and such <Sleet> But I would have told him what Rachel did to me also <Sleet> With the not letting me even plead my case and the being mean and such

  • Trolius doesn't remember -_-

<Trolius> ahh, right <Sleet> I don't even need to lie, that's the best part :) <Sleet> I just have to be sad. <Sleet> ;_; <Firmin> :) <Firmin> Rachel is prejudiced against Sleet because of her association with Soleil, it's true. <Firmin> But anyway, I have to eat and stuff. <Firmin> later!

  • Trolius wasn't silly enough to ask if he would ever see you again

<Trolius> ...and I still don't remember what the exact nature of outr relationship even was! <Sleet> I think it was ambiguous <Sleet> I don't think we ever slept together. <Trolius> yeah, I don't either. everyone just assumes it <Sleet> yeah Session Close: Wed Apr 20 21:50:22 2005

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<Debbie> How's everyone?

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<Longpig> sorry I was buying a DVD <Longpig> :p <Longpig> something amazing happened <Longpig> I found a UK DVD cheaper than its North American counterpart. <Elanya> wow <Elanya> Napoleon Dynamite/ <Elanya> ? <Debbie> whoa <Longpig> yeah <Longpig> 10 quid as opposed to 30 dollars <Longpig> insanity <Elanya> cool <Longpig> why are we in here <Debbie> I dunno? <Debbie> I just am because I have it as a "perform" thingy whenever I log on. <Longpig> Heather told me to come <Longpig> I assumed there was a reason <Elanya> well, I was thiking we couldstart somethign in here, and Phnee could watch :) <Elanya> hile we explain stuff ;) <Elanya> and if she wants to play, she can jump in somehow :) <Longpig> start something like what <Elanya> I dunno... probably wales? <Longpig> this is going to be difficult if she has no idea about any changeling stuff <Longpig> I fear her making a character that completely does not make any sense <Longpig> or breaks the setting <Longpig> you know <Elanya> we can enourage her tro make someone who is new, and then guide her ;)\ <Longpig> but arts, realms, etc etc <Longpig> seemings and the dreaming vs. mortal world <Longpig> EXTREMELY annoying to explain over irc <Longpig> so... I'll leave you to it :p <Elanya> refer her to websites :) <Longpig> I have a pdf :p <Elanya> send it to her 6-6

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<Kolya> my song!

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