Diamond tells Rachel about the baby, 5/28/2005

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  • Rachel_ woke up horrified when she saw the time. And how did she get in her room? She was supposed to go see Diamond if Diamond was feeling
 strong enough!

<Diamond> Janus would bring you to his mother's room; Michael and Windrider were hanging about outside, speaking lowly. <Diamond> So you would have gotten to say hello to them, and then Windrider would show you in to see the queen.

  • Rachel_ would have curtseyed to the king and all...
  • Rachel_ is wearing the long grey simple satin gown that she wore on Beltaine. She isn't well off enough to have a different outfit for
 every day like Diamond seems to have. ;)
  • Rachel_ looks a bit drawn even after her rest, if anyone is paying attention.
  • Rachel_ enters Diamond's rooms behind Windrider.
  • Diamond is sitting in a highbacked chair, at a low table beside a window overlooking the gardens. She is wearing a long white gown composed
 of multitudes of gossamer layers which seem to float about her, and a long, deep violet velvet robe.
  • Diamond holds in her hand a glass of blood-red wine, which seems even darker against her pale skin.
  • Rachel_ curtseys low and formal to the Queen. Hmmm, she's learning. ;)
  • Diamond is thinner than you remember, but her illness seems to have given her a terrible romantic beauty rather than a sickly look.

<Diamond> (Windrider will leave you to it) <Diamond> (There is a distinct lack of servants in the room) <Diamond> Hello Rachel. <Diamond> How good of you to come. <Rachel_> Hello, Your Majesty.

  • Diamond does not get up.

<Rachel_> Well, how could I not? I was troubled by the news of your illness. :/

  • Rachel_ loves her grandmother so much. ;_;

<Diamond> We did not wish to call you away for such a thing. <Diamond> Please, sit.

  • Rachel_ does so.
  • Rachel_ settles her skirt about her, the picture of a well-brought up young lady.

<Diamond> (There are some finger sandwiches and lemon cakes and other such small foods on a tray on the table, as well as the bottle of wine,

 another glass, tea things, and a pitcher of iced water.)

<Diamond> Would you care for anything?

  • Diamond asks formally.

<Rachel_> Oh, thank you. I can help myself.

  • Rachel_ doesn't want to make Diamond feel obliged to pour and serve since there are no servants.
  • Rachel_ pauses to make sure that is okay...
  • Diamond makes no indication either way.

<Rachel_> Would you care for anything else? <Diamond> No, thank you.

  • Diamond takes a small, ladylike sip of her drink.
  • Rachel_ pours herself a cup of tea, then.

<Diamond> I see you have brought Trolius with you.

  • Diamond says as you pour.
  • Rachel_ nods.

<Diamond> Is your knight homesick? <Rachel_> He wanted to meet with some of his old friends here. <Diamond> Are you? <Rachel_> Oh, I don't know if he is homesick. You'd have to ask him...

  • Rachel_ pauses. That's a loaded question.
  • Rachel_ sets her teacup aside.

<Rachel_> I am, a bit. <Rachel_> You were right, you know. <Rachel_> I'm not ready to be a baroness.

  • Rachel_ admits and looks away.

<Diamond> Hm. <Rachel_> But I can't just stop now. Especially now. <Diamond> I hear you have had troubles. <Rachel_> I have to see this through... <Diamond> Deaths.

  • Rachel_ nods.
  • Diamond lifts her eyebrows very slightly, prompting you to elaborate.

<Rachel_> And likely more to come. <Diamond> Most unpleasant, isn't it.

  • Rachel_ nods, disconsolate. She is trying not to cry.

<Rachel_> It's different, when people die because you told them to go do something. When they're not fighting for their own lives. <Rachel_> It's hard, to know you're responsible. <Diamond> Your life will be long. You will have more deaths on your conscience than you can number. <Diamond> You must temper yourself.

  • Diamond swirls the liquid in her glass.

<Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> I don't know if I can. If I can turn off my feelings like that. <Rachel_> I think it would be like dying, for me. <Diamond> Then perhaps your life will *not* be so very long.

  • Diamond says, sighing.
  • Rachel_ blinks back tears.

<Rachel_> It's lonely. <Diamond> Yes. It is.

  • Diamond says matter of factly.

<Rachel_> You are just so much stronger than I. <Rachel_> I'm missing that part... I can feel it missing. <Diamond> What do you think you ought to do about it, then? <Rachel_> I don't know, yet.

  • Diamond watches you closely, her gemstone eyes glittering coolly.

<Rachel_> I need to find a reason to want to be strong, I think... if that makes sense. <Diamond> Try this one.

  • Diamond rises slowly, an imposing figure still, despite her slight form.
  • Rachel_ looks back at Diamond. What's she going to do next?

<Diamond> Your enemies, like wolves, can sense weakness. <Diamond> And like wolves, they will set upon you, and tear you to bits.

  • Diamond moves over to the window, and sets her glass upon the sill. She leans on the frame.
  • Rachel_ stays seated where she is, watching you. Do you have more to add? Because nothing you just said resonated, so much... ;_;

<Diamond> Is that not reason enough?

  • Diamond looks back at you sharply.

<Rachel_> I don't know, Your Majesty.

  • Rachel_ expects that I am about to be hated again.

<Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> Where is Dovev? <Diamond> He is not here.

  • Rachel_ asks, finally. Before getting sent away. I still don't know what's wrong with you.
  • Diamond says, looking out the window, once more.

<Rachel_> (Does she seem ticked off with me?) <Diamond> (Well, exasperated, I guess... but tiredly so.) <Diamond> He has gone to Snowdon with Kolya. <Rachel_> Oh? <Diamond> Yes.

  • Diamond returns to her chair and settles back into it.

<Rachel_> ... <Diamond> He is on a vision-quest.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> To try to help you with your illness?

  • Rachel_ guesses.

<Diamond> They think I may die.

  • Diamond laughs once, coldly.

<Diamond> I will not permit it.

  • Rachel_ looks very unhappy.

<Rachel_> It's that bad, is it? <Diamond> I will be fine. <Rachel_> What... is the matter? Everyone is so glum, and father looks positively drained.

  • Rachel_ hopes that isn't too rude. But she feels she has a right to know. ;_:

<Diamond> It seems that this poison womb may yet bear fruit again. <Rachel_> o.O <Rachel_> You're expecting? <Diamond> I will not give up on this child. <Rachel_> Well, that... that's wonderful! <Rachel_> But I understand why everyone is so worried about you, now... <Diamond> They wish that I would have killed it. <Diamond> But they cannot see the end. None can. I have tried.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> It must be very difficult to have such a happy occurrence, and everyone else wishing it had never happened.  :/ <Rachel_> And Kolya's gone to try to find out more. <Diamond> Perhaps he too will fail. <Diamond> ¬_¬ <Rachel_> If he came back successful, and the news were not good... would you do as they wish?

  • Rachel_ asks carefully.

<Diamond> I will make my own decision. <Diamond> Rachel.

  • Rachel_ looks up at you.
  • Rachel_ seems excited for you but also concerned.

<Diamond> If something were to happen to me, it would fall to you to look after your father. <Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> What? <Rachel_> . o O (I can't even look after myself, let alone my *father*. He's supposed to look after me.) <Diamond> Sooner or later, Hayley will desert him. You know it as well as I. <Rachel_> Oh. >:| <Diamond> He is such a fragile child... <Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> . o O (Like me.) <Diamond> You and Michael... you must ensure that he does not do anything foolish... <Diamond> If I am not here.

  • Diamond draws herself up in her chair.
  • Rachel_ 's wings droop a bit.

<Rachel_> Of course I'll do what I can, but I hope it won't be necessary...  :/ <Rachel_> I love you. <Diamond> I would not worry about me just yet.

  • Rachel_ looks down at her lap.
  • Rachel_ nods, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear.
  • Rachel_ looks back up at you.

<Rachel_> If anyone can make this all turn out through sheer force of will, it would be you.

  • Rachel_ smiles slightly.

<Diamond> Thank you.

  • Rachel_ seems confident in your ability to survive. ;)
  • Diamond reaches out and lifts your chin up slightly.

<Diamond> You are a good girl, Rachel. <Diamond> Never forget who you are.

  • Rachel_ meets your gaze, eyes clear and blue.

<Diamond> And never let them see you cry.

  • Rachel_ nods, once. Hesitantly.
  • Diamond pats you on the cheek lightly, her expression rather softer than you've seen it in some time.

<Diamond> I'm afraid I must retire now. <Diamond> I grow... fatigued. <Rachel_> Of course.

  • Rachel_ says gently.

<Rachel_> Shall I send for someone to remove the refreshments? <Diamond> Windrider will see to it. <Rachel_> Very well. <Rachel_> Take care, Your Majesty... <Diamond> Good day, Rachel.

  • Rachel_ stands up and curtseys, then takes her leave.