Diamond dies and is resurrected by her son, 11/6/2005

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<Janus> So... it's around 6 in the evening, shall we say (UK time) <Janus> Tally, Rachel, and Aidan will each receive a message, relayed by Windrider... They all say pretty much the same thing. <Janus> The Queen's health has taken a turn for the worse, and it might be advisable for them to come to her apartments at Aberystwyth if it is possible. Arrangements will be made for transportation if it is required.

  • Rachel_ does need arrangements made...
  • Tally can get himself there, and he brings Seraph and little Salimah with him.

  • Windrider will also go and find Hayley.

<Windrider> (can I find her relatively easily? :V)

  • Hayley is in the suite she shares with Janus.
  • Windrider knocks on the door.

<Hayley> Come in!

  • Windrider opens the door and steps inside. He looks much less cheerful than usual.
  • Hayley calls in a warm and friendly fashion.
  • Hayley looks worried when she sees your demeanor.

<Windrider> Hayley... Janus sent me to get you. <Hayley> Hi Windrider - is something the matter?

  • Hayley asks a bit apprehensively.

<Windrider> His mother is not well.

  • Hayley is getting up and moving towards you though, not waiting for the answer.

<Hayley> Oh... Oh no.

  • Hayley bites her lip and looks very concerned.

<Hayley> Well, I don't know what I can do, but take me wherever I'm needed. <Windrider> It would be good if you could be there with him.

  • Hayley nods.

<Windrider> I'll take you to her rooms.

  • Hayley looks pretty solemn and sad herself, and wraps her shawl around her shoulders more tightly.
  • Hayley looks up at you and smiles grimly.

<Hayley> I'm ready... <Hayley> . o O (I hope.) <Windrider> :/

  • Windrider leads the way, taking you to the sitting room adjoining the Queen's bedroom. Already present are Lady Isabel, Kolya, and of course, Janus. The door to the bedroom is closed; you can only assume that Dovev and Michael must be within.
  • Hayley goes straight to Janus and looks up at him with concern, taking his hands silently into her own.
  • Isabel is sitting with Kolya, looking a bit shell shocked.
  • Janus stands as you enter.

<Janus> Hayley... <Hayley> Hi...

  • Janus looks pale and worn.
  • Janus hugs you tightly.
  • Hayley smiles bravely, though she is plainly very concerned and rather upset herself.
  • Hayley hugs you tightly back.
  • Kolya sits with an arm around Is, trying to be the calm one
  • Kolya looks up when you enter, but politely looks away.

<Janus> Mother... she lost the child. <Isabel> ;_; <Hayley> Oh... oh, Janus. I'm so sorry.

  • Isabel is clinging to Kolya's hand.
  • Hayley reaches up to brush a lock of Janus' hair out of his face lovingly.

<Janus> They haven't been able to stop ... stop the blood...

  • Janus says numbly.

<Kolya> :| <Janus> Dovev and the king are with her now.

  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> And her healers? <Janus> Yes... yes, they're all here. <Kolya> :/

  • Hayley nods.
  • Windrider disappears into the bedroom.
  • Kolya glances after him

<Hayley> . o O (What do you say at a time like this when the person you love doesn't believe in God and despises the Tuatha?)

  • Hayley hugs Janus again.

<Janus> I've called the children... They'll probably be along soon. <Hayley> Good, that's good. <Hayley> They'd want to be here. <Janus> I'm just... I'm just going to sit down now. <Hayley> All right.

  • Janus sinks into a sofa.

<Janus> <m> This can't happen.

  • Janus mutters, something Isabel and Kolya have probably heard him say many, many times already.
  • Hayley sits down next to you and takes one of your hands in one of her own, stroking the back of it gently and soothingly.

<Kolya> . o O ( Tell me about it ;_; ) <Hayley> What - what are the healers trying? <Janus> Heather Balm... and other, more traditional things...

  • Hayley asks, quietly, trying to think of something, anything, to prevent this...

<Hayley> Is there any way to give her a transfusion? It might buy her some time. <Janus> It's the wrong century for that.

  • Janus says bitterly.

<Hayley> That depends on where you live... <Janus> We live in the *dark ages*!!

  • Kolya winces

<Hayley> Yes, I guess it would be hard for us to figure out her blood type and everything.

  • Hayley says glumly.

<Hayley> . o O (They could do it back home.) <Hayley> I wish the Church didn't keep all that knowledge to themselves. <Janus> I don't want to hear about the Church. <Hayley> I'm sorry.

  • Aidan wanders in.
  • Janus looks up.
  • Kolya does as well
  • Aidan looks a little lost.

<Janus> Aidan...

  • Aidan nods solemnly at everyone.

<Aidan> Father.

  • Kolya nods back
  • Windrider returns to the room.

<Windrider> There's no change... <Windrider> Ah, hello Aidan.

  • Kolya closes his eyes, and gives Is a half-hug

<Aidan> :/ <Isabel> <w> She's gonna be okay though, right? <Isabel> <w> I mean... in the end, something will work out... won't it, Kolya? ;_; <Kolya> She's a strong, willful woman. She'll fight... <Kolya> .... <Kolya> I hope it will :( <Hayley> If it came to it, is there something you could do with your knowledge?

  • Hayley hates suggesting he use blood magic.

<Janus> I couldn't be sure whether it would help or harm her.

  • Aidan nods.

<Hayley> Would it help if you tried it on someone else first? <Janus> ... No.

  • Windrider takes Aidan aside briefly.
  • Aidan follows Windrider.

<Hayley> All right. I'm sorry. <Windrider> I know this must be somewhat confusing for you. :/ <Windrider> How are you holding up?

  • Hayley figures nothing she says is clever and just shuts up, though she doesn't stop trying to keep Janus calm.
  • Janus lapses into a sullen silence.

<Aidan> well, I don't know what all is going on, so... I'm holding up as well as I can in the face of the unknown.

  • Janus leans forward with his elbows on his knees, clasping and unclasping his hands as he broods on... something.
  • Aidan looks pretty helpless, as a matter of fact.
  • Kolya wonders if this is what she would want us to be doing.... sitting around in silence or talking in hushed tones...

<Windrider> Your grandmother has had a miscarriage. :/

  • Hayley lays her arm around Janus back and lets him think, since nothing she says or does helps.

<Aidan> Oh...

  • Aidan looks very sad.

<Aidan> and how is *she*? <Windrider> The physicians are working to try and stop her bleeding, but so far they have been unsuccessful. <Windrider> :/

  • Aidan pales to an ashen colour except for the bright red of his nose and cheeks.
  • Aidan tries valiantly not to faint at the thought of a woman bleeding to death from... that.

<Windrider> I'm sorry I have to be the bearer of such ill tidings.

  • Aidan nods, not trusting himself to speak.

<Aidan> I think... I think I need to sit down.

  • Aidan does look like he is about to fall over.
  • Windrider nods.

<Windrider> Here...

  • Windrider moves out of the way to let you sit.
  • Aidan takes a seat, and leans forward slightly, cradling his head in his hands.

<Kolya> Are you okay staying here Is? Did you maybe want to get some air for a bit? <Isabel> I'm afraid to leave...!

  • Isabel almost squeaks.
  • Rachel_ arrives about now.

<Kolya> ...it won't change anything...

  • Rachel_ surveys the room from the entrance, and turns to Windrider.
  • Kolya says gently
  • Kolya looks up as Rachel enters
  • Rachel_ looks worried and also like she'd like an explanation.
  • Windrider will go over to meet her.
  • Janus does not notice your arrival right away, his hands covering his face now.

<Windrider> Rachel, I'm glad that you could make it so quickly. <Hayley> Janus? <Janus> ... <Hayley> Is there anything I can help you with? Anything I can do? <Windrider> Can I get you anything?

  • Windrider asks gently.
  • Janus just shakes his head.
  • Isabel waves weakly at Rachel as she comes in.

<Hayley> Okay. Are you all right? Do you want to step out into the hall for a moment?

  • Rachel_ smiles grimly.

<Janus> I'm not going anywhere... <Hayley> All right...

  • Hayley lapses back into silence, holding on to you comfortingly. She feels pretty helpless right now. She really doesn't know what you're thinking or what you're going to do if your mother dies... or how to handle it.
  • Kolya is trying not to think about the night his mother died.
  • Kolya rubs his forehead with his free hand

<Rachel_> No, I don't need anything, except the news, perhaps.

  • Windrider will repeat to you what he told Aidan.

<Rachel_> (Don't worry about explaining it again! I'll just imagine you do) <Windrider> The outlook is ... uncertain.

  • Tally arrives in a swirl of Bedouin-style clothes just as you begin explaining things to Rachel.

<Windrider> (Does he catch it all, then, and save me another go? :V)

  • Tally also looks concerned, then grim when he hears that.
  • _Seraph_ follows after, Salimah is blissfully asleep
  • _Seraph_ takes her husband's hand
  • Rachel_ looks a little stunned.
  • Janus looks up at Tally's flamboyant entrance.

<_Seraph_> I'm so sorry... <Janus> Oh... Rachel. And Taliesin. You're looking very... fit...

  • Janus says in a hollow tone.
  • Tally smiles bravely/encouragingly at his wife and little daughter, squeezes Seraph's hand.

<Tally> Oh, hello Father.

  • _Seraph_ smiles beautifully back

<Tally> The news is a bit unsettling, but it is good that we're all here together.

  • Janus nods, as though in slow motion.

<Tally> Rachel, you're looking tanned. Would you like to sit down somewhere?

  • Tally glances at Seraph, giving her a reassuring look - he'll be okay, or he needs to be strong for everyone else, or something.
  • _Seraph_ looks around for her father

<Windrider> I'm sure the Queen will be pleased to know you are all here for her.

  • Tally lets Seraph go and guides Rachel to sit near Aidan.
  • _Seraph_ gives him a quick kiss on the cheek before he escapes
  • _Seraph_ goes over to WR
  • Windrider smiles at Seraph, although he looks a bit tired around the eyes.
  • Tally engages his brother and sister in a hushed conversation.

<Windrider> Hello there. :) <_Seraph_> How are you holding up? <Windrider> Well, it is not the grandest of times, but I am trying to hope for the best outcome. <Windrider> What else can one do? <Windrider> She is strong of spirit... I'm sure anyone here can attest to that.

  • Hayley nods.
  • _Seraph_ smiles

<_Seraph_> Live for hope :)

  • _Seraph_ gives her dad a little hug and a kiss on the cheek as well

<Windrider> Always...

  • Rachel_ curls up into Taliesin.
  • Windrider kisses your cheek in return.

<_Seraph_> is there anything I can help with? <Windrider> Well...

  • Hayley rubs Janus soothingly on the back and listens to the two Eshu converse.

<Windrider> The staff will be bringing up some sandwiches and the like, in a while... It would be good if we could get everyone to eat at least a little. Janus, Isabel, and Kolya have been here all day... <_Seraph_> Of course. <Windrider> Along with the king, of course...

  • _Seraph_ nods
  • Tally enfolds Rachel in his arms and lets her lean against him.

<Hayley> Would you like me to stay here with you, or shall I give them a hand? <_Seraph_> And you :) <Janus> ... <Janus> Please, stay... for now at least. <Hayley> All right.

  • Hayley gives you another hug.

<Windrider> Well, when have I ever passed up free food? :)

  • Aidan stands up, having apparently recovered enough to do so.
  • Janus reaches out to squeeze Hayley's hand

<Aidan> I'll help. <_Seraph_> When you're worried. <Windrider> Ah, thank you, my boy!

  • _Seraph_ smiles kindly though
  • Aidan smiles wanly.

<Windrider> Well, I promise to eat at least one egg salad sandwich... and perhaps a custard slice...

  • _Seraph_ smiles at Aidan too, sympathetically

<_Seraph_> Good, dad. <Hayley> You have to have at least a custard slice.

  • Hayley smiles encouragingly up at Janus.

<_Seraph_> I have some figs... <Janus> <m> I don't like them. <Hayley> What? You don't like *custard*? But it's so yummy! <Hayley> Very well, but you will eat *some*thing.

  • Kolya glances at Is to see how she is doing now that more people are here, wishing there was more he could do, but not wating to abandon her, or really be left alone himself.
  • Janus mutters something unintelligible.
  • Hayley smiles but there is a tone in her voice that suggests she will brook no argument!
  • Isabel looks over toward Rachel...
  • Rachel_ is curled up and still, in Tally's arms.

<Isabel> :(

  • Tally murmurs something in her ear, and she shakes her head.

<Windrider> Ah, speaking of food... <Windrider> (some boggans appear with various trays of stuff which they will discreetly set down on coffee tables and then disappear :V)

  • Windrider thanks them warmly before they go.
  • Tally murmurs something else and she sits up, resignedly. She looks very unhappy.
  • _Seraph_ glances over at haley, just to confirm that she is going to take care of feeding the prince

<Windrider> Well, everyone, let's see what we have here!

  • Rachel_ rubs at her face and tries to compose herself. She certainly doesn't look like she was *crying*, but she looks pretty numb.
  • Windrider says enthusiastically.
  • Aidan smiles wanly.

<_Seraph_> Hmmm... egg and cress, cucumber... <_Seraph_> little meatballs on sticks! <Windrider> Her majesty will be mightily put out if we let this go to waste after she has paid for it all! <Tally> Little meatballs on sticks?!

  • Isabel leans forward a bit.
  • Tally licks his chops.
  • _Seraph_ smiles at Tally

<Isabel> Are there any of those lemon things? <Isabel> ... with the...icing sugar... and stuff... <_Seraph_> Oh, dear, you have to promise not to eat for everyone, my hungry little Fox. I know *everything* gives you an appetite <Tally> Is it cow? You Hindus and your strange beliefs about what cows are for.

  • Isabel feels suddely self conscious for some reason.

<_Seraph_> I hope not :p <_Seraph_> Let me see... <_Seraph_> lemon cakes, lemon cakes, a whole plate of lemon cakes :)

  • Hayley smiles at Janus.

<Kolya> I can get you some....

  • Kolya offers

<Isabel> Oh, maybe just one... :) <Hayley> What appeals most to you? <Isabel> Or... two... <Hayley> A lemon cake, maybe? <Janus> I'm really not hungry. <Kolya> alright. <Isabel> And a meatball. <Isabel> Gosh, I am starving, I didn't realize. :o

  • Kolya will go over and get some snacks for him and Isabel.
  • _Seraph_ unselfconsciously piles extra things on everyone's plates.
  • Hayley will leave Janus' side for a *moment* to select a few things she knows he likes because she has seen him eat them with relish before.

<Isabel> Thank you...

  • Isabel smiles at Kolya, coming out of her shell for the first time since you arrived.
  • Kolya smiles tiredly
  • Windrider helps himself to a sandwich and custard slice, as promised! :V

<Kolya> We should have sent for food ages ago, Windrider.

  • _Seraph_ adds things to *his* plate too

<_Seraph_> (what is there for drinks?) <Hayley> Yes, you should have... letting the Prince and his cousin starve. Honestly!  ;) <Windrider> Indeed, I have been sorely remiss in my duties <Windrider> :o <Windrider> (cloudy lemonade (still), water, and tea) <Hayley> Tsk, tsk... This is going on your report card.

  • Hayley teases WR.

<Windrider> A thousand pardons, my lady. -_-

  • Hayley smiles.
  • Hayley turns back to Janus.

<Hayley> Will you have a lemon cake? Just one, for me? <_Seraph_> . o O ( please, yes, lighten the atmpsphere some -_- )

  • Hayley proffers you the tasty morcel.
  • Janus looks up morosely at the little Satyr.
  • Hayley smiles radiantly for him.

<Hayley> Please?

  • Janus smiles faintly back.
  • _Seraph_ brings Tally some food, and whatever she thinks he might prefer to drink, then dumps him with Salimah ;)

<Janus> For you, then... <_Seraph_> Rachel, Aidan? <_Seraph_> What do you want?

  • Janus takes the cake.
  • Hayley smiles and pops it into his mouth as if they were the only two people in the room. ^-^
  • Windrider looks on with approval...

<Aidan> Oh, I can help myself, thanks, Seraph.

  • Janus seems to forget that his children are in the room, for a minute, anyway.

<_Seraph_> Alright then.

  • Aidan has been getting the tea cups and stuff ready- they were in stacks but now they're organized neatly on individual saucers, with a little napkin under each cup.
  • _Seraph_ looks to Rachel

<Janus> I shall try not to waste away to nothing, if it will make you happy.

  • Hayley smiles, pleased that he ate something.

<Hayley> You had better not! We've gone through too much together for you to just let yourself waste away now. <Hayley> Will you have another? <Kolya> feeling a bit better? <Hayley> They look so yummy! <Janus> ... Perhaps just one.

  • Kolya asks Is.
  • Tally plays with his daughter, who is now awake.

<Isabel> Yeah... yeah, a bit.

  • Isabel glances over at the small child, close to the same age as her own daughter.
  • Tally smiles at Isabel.

<Isabel> Gosh... I don't know what I should do about Nicola. :(

  • Isabel says to Kolya.

<Tally> Is it true that you have a little girl, too? <Isabel> ... Yeah... <Isabel> Coco. <Isabel> She's with her nurse... :( <Tally> It might be fun if they could become friends. <Kolya> She'll be fine. <Isabel> I hate to leave her there so long... But I don't feel right leaving here, and she wouldn't understand what's happening if I brought her here... <Isabel> She can be... loud... <Isabel> . o O ( And bitey... ) <Tally> Ah... <_Seraph_> Oh, So can Sali :/

  • Tally smiles.

<Kolya> Did you want to go check on her? <Tally> I'll bite her if she makes noise!

  • Tally bares his sharp teeth at his daughter, and she giggles.

<Isabel> What if something happens while I'm gone? :(

  • Windrider is filling up another plate.

<Kolya> We'll send someone. <Isabel> Well... you're probably right.

  • Rachel_ watches Tally play with Salimah, still quiet and withdrawn.

<Isabel> Is it okay if I take a cake for her? It might make her less cranky with me. :) <_Seraph_> I can go with you, if you like, Isabel.... <Windrider> Oh, of course, my dear!!

  • Hayley coaxes Janus to eat a few more morsels.

<Isabel> Oh, okay! <_Seraph_> I should find someone to look after Sali, if we might be here a while :/ <Tally> Oh... :/

  • _Seraph_ gives tally an apologetic look
  • Isabel picks out a vanilla slice, and wraps it carefully in a napkin.

<Tally> Can't she stay so long as she is good? <Tally> You can do that, can't you, Sali? ^_^ <_Seraph_> I should still make arrangements.

  • Tally nods.

<Isabel> I can hook you up... <Tally> <w> We'll play quiet as mice... Shhhhh...

  • _Seraph_ says, knowing that it is inevitable that a two and a half year old will misbehave herself in a room full of 'boring' worried people -_-

<Tally> <w> Let's go see your grampy and grammy, shall we? <Isabel> Come on, I can't wait to introduce you to Coco. :) <_Seraph_> great :) <Tally> (Salimah nods, looking around and trying to figure out who they might be...)

  • _Seraph_ will go with Isabel, then
  • Tally takes the little girl by the hand and leads her towards Janus and Hayley.
  • Hayley smiles.

<Janus> Oh... hello...

  • Janus smiles a bit distractedly.

<Hayley> Hello, Salimah.

  • Tally kneels down beside his little girl who is absolutely adorable! ^_^
  • Salimah gives her daddy a puzzled look

<Tally> These are your ancient grandparents. <Tally> They are so old, they remember the dinosaurs.

  • Salimah has red hair, bronze skin, and dark, dark eyes
  • Kolya tries to be unobtrusive in the corner now that he is alone for a bit

<Janus> As old as the hills, indeed.

  • Windrider moves over to Kolya.
  • Kolya makes token nibbles on his food plate

<Salimah> noooo....? <Windrider> I'm going to take some things in to the King... perhaps we will be able to get Her Majesty to eat something as well. <Tally> No what? <Kolya> Do you want some help? <Salimah> not old?

  • Tally smiles encouragingly/indulgently at his daughter.

<Tally> Oh, they wear lots of makeup. <Tally> Underneath it all, they're really wrinkly. <Hayley> We are not!

  • Hayley protests good-naturedly.

<Salimah> grampy? <Windrider> If you feel up to it, I would certainly not say no. I must warn you, however... she looks rather poor at the moment.

  • Salimah asks Janus

<Janus> Please, call me Janus. <Salimah> 'anus? <Janus> ... No. <Janus> With a J.

  • Hayley giggles.
  • Tally snorts.

<Kolya> ...

  • Kolya waivers briefly

<Kolya> I'll go. <Windrider> Alright...

  • Hayley smiles fondly at the little girl.
  • Salimah makes a long 'J' sound

<Salimah> ...

  • Windrider leads Kolya back to the queen's room.
  • Salimah looks up at hayley

<Salimah> Grammy?

  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> Well, kind of, I guess. <Hayley> But you can call me Hayley.

  • Salimah smiles

<Hayley> Unless you prefer to call me grammy. <Hayley> I don't mind. <Salimah> Hay-ey? <Hayley> Great!

  • Hayley smiles.
  • Janus smiles more warmly.

<Hayley> You're a really fast learner. <Janus> She looks like you, Taliesin. <Hayley> Your daddy's told me all about you. <Janus> And clever as well.

  • Tally blushes and smiles proudly.

<Hayley> I'm really happy to finally meet you, sweetie. <Salimah> :D

  • Salimah looks at her dad again

<Hayley> I hope you'll stay for a while, so we can become friends. <Salimah> Grammy hay-ey 's pretty!

  • Tally smiles down at his daughter.

<Tally> She isn't bad.

  • Tally concedes.
  • Tally winks at his father.

<Salimah> You like tigers? <Hayley> Me?

  • Salimah asks her 'grandparents'
  • Salimah nods seriously

<Hayley> Sure I like tigers, though I can't say I've ever met one. <Salimah> And ...Yanus?

  • Hayley glances at Janus, smiling.

<Salimah> I'm gonna be a tiger! grrrr! <Janus> Ah... they're not without their charm

  • Salimah makes little tiger claws and bares her teeth

<Tally> Yeah! Then we'll go hunting together! <Salimah> Grrrr!

  • Hayley pretends she's scared, quailing in place.

<Hayley> Ooooh - if that's what tigers are like, maybe I wouldn't like them! <Salimah> pretty! Scary! Tiger! <Hayley> You are very pretty, and very scary! <Hayley> I think I'm going to hide now!

  • Janus watches Hayley with the little girl. He seems vaguely amused, but grows quiet again.

<Salimah> :o

  • Hayley ducks her head behind Janus' back.

<Hayley> Can you see me still?

  • Tally pretends he can't.

<Salimah> laaa.... <Tally> Whoa... where did she go?  :o

  • Tally looks at his daughter with wide eyes.
  • Salimah bites her lip, and then cautiously approaches her grampy 'anus a little closer ;)

<Tally> Can you see her? <Janus> You should be careful... <Janus> If she can turn invisible, who knows what else she might do. <Tally> She just disappeared! <Salimah> ...

  • Tally looks around the room, trying to spot her. ;)
  • Salimah seems deep in thought for a minute
  • Hayley tries not to giggle.
  • Salimah crouches down
  • Tally shrugs.

<Tally> Oh well. <Tally> I guess we'll never see her again, ever.

  • Salimah peeks under the couch

<Salimah> ha!

  • Rachel_ is watching Tally play with his daughter and Hayley, a strange expression on her face.
  • Aidan approaches Janus quietly.

<Aidan> Dad? Sorry to interrupt, but would you like some tea? <Janus> Hm, what? <Janus> Oh, yes, very well... Thank you.

  • Aidan smiles, and is back shortly with a teacup.
  • Salimah reaches under and tries to poke one of Hayley's feet
  • Hayley giggles.

<Tally> Wha? what?! <Tally> Did you find her?

  • Tally asks his daughter, excitedly. ;)
  • Salimah looks back at her dad and grins

<Tally> Where? Where is she?

  • Tally gets down on all fours and looks under the couch.
  • Salimah tries to squirm under the couch at Janus's feet :o

<Salimah> <muffled> unner here! <Tally> What, she went under there? Well, I guess she could fit. She is skinny as a post.

  • Janus watches in amusement, drinking his tea.
  • Janus seems distracted enough for now. :)
  • Salimah makes a tiger growl as she hug-tackles Hayley's feet from under the couch

<Hayley> Eeeek!

  • Hayley emerges from behind Janus' back.
  • Salimah laughs

<Salimah> ha! <Hayley> I'm being attacked! <Salimah> Tiger wins! <Tally> OH, wow! <Salimah> grrr! <Tally> There she is. <Tally> You have the eyes of an eagle, Salimah.

  • Tally says, looking and sounding duly impressed.

<Hayley> Oooooh! <Hayley> I may be a goat, but I can fight, too!

  • Janus laughs quietly...

<Salimah> ee! <Salimah> No, tiger wins!

  • Salimah tugs at Hayley's knees, trying to put her off balance
  • Hayley lets herself fall to the ground, quietly so as not to bother the sick queen.

<Hayley> Ahhhhh!

  • Hayley tries an exploratory tickle on Salimah's tummy.
  • Salimah giggles

<Salimah> eeeee! <Salimah> nooo! <Tally> (how loud is she?) <Salimah> (Playing three-year old being tickled loud? probably pretty loud) <Hayley> Ooooh... <Hayley> You know what? <Hayley> You win. You beat me.

  • Saliamah giggles more

<Hayley> I will tickle you some other time, though, so you better watch out!

  • Hayley smiles.

<Salimah> :D <Hayley> So, Salimah... do you like story books? <Salimah> books?

  • Hayley nods, glancing at Tally. Surely he reads to the child! :o

<Salimah> like wi daddy?

  • Hayley nods.
  • Tally smiles.

<Hayley> Would you like me or Janus to read a story to you? Would we be a allowed, or is it daddies only? <Salimah> ... <Windrider> (At this time the door to the bedroom opens and there is an exodus of physicians!)

  • Salimah looks up as a swarm of people comes through the doors
  • Windrider exits the room as well, along with Michael, and Kolya.
  • Janus looks up.
  • Hayley returns to Janus' side and stis down next to him, placing her arm casually around him again in case it's bad news.

<Janus> (the doctors discreetly withdraw into another room...)

  • Salimah goes back over to her daddy, confused by the somber mood that has clouded the room once more
  • Tally picks up Salimah so she won't get trampled by the horde of physicians.
  • Windrider comes over to Janus and gently lays a hand on his shoulder.

<Windrider> Your mother is asking for you.

  • Tally murmurs comfortingly into her ear in her mother tongue.
  • Hayley looks at Janus and smiles bravely.
  • Janus looks briefly at Hayley, then stands.

<Hayley> . o O (She's still alive at least... )

  • Kolya slips into the corner where he was being unobtrusive again.

<Janus> I'll be back soon.

  • Salimah watches everyone with big wide eyes
  • Hayley nods.
  • Hayley smiles again, enocuragingly and with all her love for you shining through.
  • Janus nods to his father as he leaves to speak with the ailing queen.
  • Salimah waves bye-bye at her grampy :o

<Tally> (Is Michael still with us?) <Windrider> (yes)

  • Michael_ takes a seat, looking tired.

<Windrider> Well, we have some news... <Tally> <w> Now that, that is your *great* grampy. And he's been around since even before the dinosaurs. But shh, let's listen. <Windrider> Our physicians, through skill and Arts, have been able to stop her Majesty's grievous loss of blood.

  • Rachel_ listens, still quiet.

<Windrider> She is still very weak, however... <Windrider> We must all send her our good thoughts, and hope that her inner strength prevails. :) <Windrider> (empathy queens in the room will guess that he is glossing some stuff over to make it sound better than it is)

  • Rachel_ glances at Michael. What is not being said?
  • Hayley glances at the door Janus went through.

<Michael_> The queen is very grateful for your support during this difficult time.

  • Tally frowns slightly, stroking his little girl's back paternally.
  • Aidan wonders what's going on...

<Windrider> Well... there is still plenty of food left, and we should all keep up our strength...! <Rachel_> Will we be able to see Her Majesty, too?

  • Rachel_ figures only if the Queen asks. :/

<Windrider> That will depend on her mood, as always. ;)

  • Kolya wonders if they will at least try to clean her up some :/
  • Rachel_ nods.
  • Hayley stands up.

<Hayley> Can I get something for anyone?

  • Hayley offers.
  • Aidan moves in to assist her.
  • Michael_ looks over the food...

<Michael_> I seem to have left my plate within...

  • Tally bounces Salimah a bit.
  • Windrider goes over to Tally, and discreetly pulls him aside while the food is being discussed.

<Hayley> Oh, there are some clean plates here still, Your Majesty... <Michael_> Thank you, my dear...

  • Salimah grins hugely at her other grampy :)
  • Hayley curtseys as she addresses the king.
  • Tally allows himself to be taken aside.

<Windrider> Tally, my boy. :) That's quite a lively little youngster we've got, eh?

  • Salimah grabs playfully at his beard, as always
  • Tally grins.

<Tally> Not at all. <Salimah> <a> Grampy!

  • Windrider pre-emptively takes her hand. ;)
  • Salimah reaches out to be picked up
  • Hayley politely asks if there is anything the king prefers, and will arrange a selection of his favourites on a plate and take it over to him.
  • Windrider takes her in his arms.

<Windrider> <a> My little tigress! <Windrider> <a> Have you been hunting this afternoon? <Salimah> <a> I scared gammy Hayley! <Windrider> <a> Oh my!

  • Tally lets WR take his daughter from his arms. ^-^
  • Tally listens to their conversation. He is still not *fluent* fluent in Arabic, probably.

<Salimah> <a> She went invisible, but I sniffed her out! Grr! <Windrider> <a> Why don't we play a game? <Salimah> <a> what game? :D

  • Aidan goes around offering more tea...

<Windrider> <a> Well, I will try to hide, while the clever jungle cat stalks me! <Windrider> <a> But you will have to be as quiet and stealthy as a cat can be! <Windrider> ;)

  • Kolya will politely decline

<Michael_> Thank you, Aidan... <Salimah> <a> I can do that! I am the best tiger *ever*!

  • Tally smiles and hopes they weren't *too* loud earlier... it's a nice thick oak door...

<Windrider> <a> Alright... You count to one hundred, and I shall hide. ;) <Salimah> <a> okay! <Windrider> <a> No peeking now. ;)

  • Salimah squirms to be put down
  • Windrider touches Kolya on the shoulder as he goes to 'hide'. "I shan't be far if you need me." ;)
  • Kolya nods
  • Hayley offers food to other people once the king has been taken care of...
  • Salimah will go sit on a chair and cover her eyes, and try to remember how to count to a whole one hundred :V

<Hayley> Would you like anything, Baroness?

  • Kolya nibbles unenthusiastically at the stuff he took before
  • Hayley curtseys in front of Rachel.
  • Rachel_ turns her regard to Hayley... a bit as if Hayley were some sort of distasteful fungus. But then she remembers herself and smiles, sort of.

<Michael_> You should eat, Rachel.

  • Michael_ says softly, his eyes on the Baroness.

<Rachel_> I already have eaten a bit, Your Majesty.

  • Rachel_ says nicely to the King, and she did eat, really, when everyone else was.

<Michael_> Good, good... <Rachel_> But if you'd like, you can bring me a glass of lemonade.

  • Rachel_ says to Hayley.
  • Rachel_ sounds a bit like she is addressing a servant.

<Hayley> Certainly. Michael_> If we have a moment later on, I should like to discuss the matter we spoke of last time you were here.

  • Hayley smiles warmly, and goes to fetch the lemonade for Rachel.
  • Rachel_ turns back to her grandfather.

<Michael_> I have found a promising prospect. <Rachel_> I'd be interested to meet the person you have in mind, certainly, though I wish it were under better circumstances. <Michael_> Of course.

  • Michael_ sighs.
  • Hayley presents Rachel with the lemonade.
  • Rachel_ barely notices her.

<Rachel_> Thank you.

  • Tally sighs.

<Michael_> ...

  • Rachel_ returns her full attention to the king.

<Michael_> Do you know Count Cyllin?

  • Rachel_ looks pensive for a moment.

<Rachel_> I believe so. <Michael_> He has a nephew called Rhydian... <Michael_> I had originally been thinking of someone a bit older, but then I recalled this fellow...

  • Rachel_ nods, listening.

<Michael_> Well... he is hardly an infant. He must be at least fifty...

  • Michael_ waves his hand dismissively.

<Michael_> Perhaps you will have the chance to meet him.

  • Rachel_ 's eyes widen slightly but she quickly regains her composure.

<Rachel_> I trust your judgement and look forward to meeting him.

  • Michael_ nods.
  • Tally goes back to watching WR play with Salimah... watching Rachel is just too painful.

<Rachel_> ...

  • Salimah is still working on the counting :/

<Rachel_> I wonder when Lady Isabel will return with Seraph.

  • Janus comes back out of his mother's room. He looks very much shaken, and paler than before.
  • Tally goes over by his daughter and helps her remember how to count to 100.
  • Kolya looks, then sits up as the prince exits

<Janus> ...

  • Hayley turns around from preparing a small plate for herself, and puts it down immediately.
  • Janus grabs onto the back of a chair to steady his hands.
  • Hayley goes over to him to help steady him instinctively.

<Janus> ... <Janus> Rachel... <Rachel_> Yes father?

  • Rachel_ looks rather paler than usual again herself, all of a sudden.

<Janus> She wants to see you... <Janus> ...

  • Kolya looks away

<Janus> ... and Hayley... <Kolya> . o O ( I don't belong here... )

  • Rachel_ 's glance goes to Hayley.

<Rachel_> At the same time?

  • Rachel_ sounds surprised.
  • Janus looks lost and confused.

<Janus> That is what she said...

  • Hayley guides Janus over to a chair and sits him down, giving him a quick kiss on the forehead.

<Janus> ...

  • Janus sits down as though in shock.
  • Rachel_ glances at Michael. Is Janus losing it or am I supposed to go in with Hayley?
  • Michael_ meets your gaze and gives no indication that Janus might be going mad.
  • Hayley goes over to the door and waits for Rachel.
  • Rachel_ glides to her feet like a waterfall and walks towards the door.

<Janus> <m> She... she's going to die... ;_; <Janus> <m> It can't be... <Janus> <m> What will I do... <Janus> <m> No...

  • Rachel_ opens it without so much as looking at Hayley.
  • Janus mutters to himself.
  • Michael_ reaches out and lays a hand on Janus' arm.
  • Hayley looks at Janus with concern, but if the Queen has asked for her, she must attend... ;_;

<Michael_> Janus...

  • Janus looks up briefly, anguished.

<Janus> I don't know... what to do... <Janus> ... <Kolya> . o O ( She can't know that :/ )

  • Hayley flashes the King a grateful smile, though she still wishes she could help him, and then she passes in to the Queen's room after Rachel... :o
  • Tally goes over to his father and sits down next to him.
  • Aidan seems a bit stunned.
  • Aidan moves in to give his father a hug.
  • Janus shakes his head numbly...
  • Salimah is uncertain about what is going on, and looks over at her father, her dark eyes full of scared confusion

<Tally> Oh, come here, sweetie...

  • Tally opens his arms up so she can come sit on his lap.
  • Salimah crawls into her daddy's arms ;_;

<Tally> Janus loves his mother very much, she would be your great-grandma... but she is pretty sick. <Salimah> sick?

  • Tally nods.

<Tally> And we're all a bit scared and sad. <Salimah> :( <Salimah> Where's mommy? ;_;

  • Janus runs his fingers agitatedly through his hair.

<Michael_> Try to stay calm, Janus... She would not want you to be so upset.

  • Kolya closes his eyes, and wishes he knew what was going to happen after this, and why he couldn't see any of this coming....

<Diamond> The room is growing dark as the light of day fades. The queen looks tiny in the large canopied bed, frail and almost childlike. A quilt is pulled up to her chest; one hand lies over it at her side, the other is across her breast. She is wearing a white nightgown which very nearly matches the pallor of her skin.

  • Diamond 's complexion seems almost waxy. Her eyes are closed, and for a moment as you enter, you fear the worst... Then you notice a slight motion as breath lifts her chest, just a little bit. Her hair is all undone, but seems at least to have been brushed.
  • Dovev is sitting on the ground on the side closest to the queen, resting his head on the bed next to her. He opens his eyes as you enter.
  • Rachel_ has moved to Diamond's bedside, and she looks very frightened and sad. She seems to have forgotten Hayley's hateful presence.
  • Hayley feels rather awkward, for her part... she knows Rachel would prefer to have said good-bye to her grandmother without *her* there.
  • Hayley moves towards the foot of the bed and curtseys solemnly.
  • Diamond 's eyes open slowly.
  • Hayley looks very sad to see the queen in such a state, too.

<Diamond> <w> Rachel, my dear...

  • Rachel_ kneels so she is not looking down on you.
  • Diamond 's lips barely move as she speaks, her voice scarcely more than a whisper.

<Diamond> <w> and Hayley.

  • Rachel_ takes one of your hands into her own.
  • Rachel_ ignores the mention of Hayley, so intent on you.
  • Hayley curtseys again.
  • Dovev stirs slightly at Rachel's feet.

<Diamond> <w> I am... <Diamond> <w> I am dying. I feel it. <Diamond> <w> I have tried... <Diamond> <w> to cheat Fate... <Hayley> ... <Diamond> <w> I did not think... it was so much... to ask...

  • Diamond seems to find it a great effort to speak.

<Rachel_> Don't strain yourself, please...

  • Rachel_ pleads, tears springing to her eyes.
  • Diamond gestures feebly with a hand.

<Diamond> <w> Kolya told me... that family... not meant... to increase. One or the ... other.

  • Hayley stands quietly at the foot of the bed, regarding the queen with respect and a certain fondness.

<Diamond> <w> Thought I could ... choose... <Diamond> <w> Choose my living son. <Diamond> <w> Now ... lose everything anyway...

  • Diamond 's weak voice carries more than a hint of bitterness.

<Diamond> ...

  • Rachel_ starts crying.
  • Hayley regards the Queen with compassion.
  • Diamond 's eyes, still as sharp as ever, seize onto Hayley.

<Diamond> <w> Does it please you? <Diamond> <w> Does it please you to know that I will die?

  • Hayley looks a bit nervous when you turn your attention to her.
  • Diamond seems to rally her strength, pushing herself up on her elbows.

<Hayley> No. I wanted you and your baby to live. <Diamond> Hah. <Diamond> Well it should not. <Diamond> Do not think yourself safe from my will. <Hayley> ... <Diamond> Rachel will see that my wishes are carried out, should what we spoke of come to pass. <Diamond> Rachel will ... yes...

  • Hayley sighs inside.
  • Diamond falls back against her pillow.
  • Rachel_ glances at Hayley poisonously.

<Diamond> And Dovev... will never forget. He will make sure the King... does...

  • Diamond eyes the little satyr.

<Hayley> I could no sooner leave your son than I could stop breathing. <Hayley> I know you did everything out of love for him. <Diamond> <m> you know... You know nothing... of my love. <Diamond> <m> Janus... always your mother will watch ...

  • Diamond 's eyelids droop.
  • Diamond gently lapses into unconsciousness.

<Dovev> ...

  • Rachel_ glances at Diamond... that sounds ominously of more wicked ghosts.
  • Dovev begins to make a quiet sort of keening noise.
  • Diamond 's breathing seems to slow...
  • Rachel_ has first aid. She checks Diamond's pulse.

<Diamond> (it is slow, and weak) <Diamond> (growing slower) <Rachel_> You had better get out of here and tell my father and grandfather to come in.

  • Hayley sighs.

<Hayley> As you wish, Rachel.

  • Hayley goes to the door, heavy-hearted.
  • Dovev claws at the bedsheets.

<Dovev> ;_;

  • Hayley re-enters the anteroom, looking very unhappy indeed.
  • Hayley curtseys.
  • Janus stands.
  • Michael_ does as well.

<Janus> What is it?

  • Janus reads trouble on your face.

<Hayley> Your Majesty, Your Highness... <Hayley> Perhaps you would like to be by her side.

  • Hayley says numbly.

<Janus> .... No... <Janus> No...!

  • Janus brushes past you, rushing into the room.

<Michael_> -_-

  • Michael_ heads in as well.

<Hayley> <w> I'm so sorry...

  • Kolya looks around for Windrider
  • Hayley collapses into tears once Janus and Michael are gone.
  • Salimah clings more tightly to her dad, whimpering a little

<Janus> (Windrider is standing with head bowed, near the area where most people are seated) <Kolya> ....

  • Tally picks up Salimah and goes to give Hayley a hug with his little girl...

<Tally> Hayley, you should sit down. <Tally> Aidan, take care of her.

  • Aidan is crying too, but does as he is told...

<Tally> Salimah, let's go find your mama. <Salimah> mammy ;_;

  • Salimah gives Hayley a big hug though

<Salimah> Don't cry grammy ;_;

  • Hayley gives her a tearful hug back.

<Hayley> Oh, sweetie, sometimes you have to... but I'll see you later, okay?

  • Salimah nods, and is pulled away by Tally
  • Tally gives Hayley a quick kiss on her cheek then goes to find Seraph with their daughter.
  • Kolya sits hunched in the corner with his head buried in his hands

  • Tally will try to explain to the little girl what has happened on the way.
  • Tally will stop, even, and sit at a bench with her, and try to explain...
  • Salimah tries to understand
  • Tally gets that funny look he gets on his face whenever he has to say something that is Really, Really Important.

<Tally> Your great-grammy has died... which means she's gone away... <Tally> I wish you could have met her before... she was a wonderful lady, a real Queen... <Tally> But she has lived for a long, long time, and I think her life was good. <Tally> A lot of people loved her. <Tally> And that's the most important thing, in the end... <Salimah> Are you sad, daddy? <Tally> Oh, yes, I am sweetie. <Tally> I know what it's like for your Grampy... she was his mommy, you know. <Tally> I lost my mommy when I was a little boy, too. <Tally> But *your* mommmy... <Tally> She is going to be with us for a long, long time still. <Tally> So you don't need to worry about her, okay? <Salimah> Okay....

  • Michael_ stands at the foot of the bed, looking profundly sad.

<Michael_> Oh, Lady Diamond.

  • Diamond seems to be taking an awfully long time in between breaths.

<Janus> Mother...! ;_; <Janus> Mother, no!

  • Dovev is wailing rather desperately.

<Janus> It isn't *fair*!!

  • Janus says tearfully.
  • Janus gathers his mother up in his arms.

<Janus> No, no, no....

  • Janus gets a crazy look in his eye.

<Janus> <m> Nothing to lose now... <Michael_> ... <Michael_> Janus!

  • Michael_ says sharply.

<Janus> Rachel, look away!

  • Janus barks at his daughter.
  • Diamond lies limp in her son's arms.
  • Rachel_ regards her father fiercely.

<Janus> Do as I say!! <Rachel_> What are you going to do? I've watched you do blood magic before. <Janus> No time... <Rachel_> (What is Michael doing?)

  • Michael_ reaches out toward Janus as though to pull him away, but...
  • Janus says a strange word that hurts your ears.
  • Rachel_ is too curious for her own good...
  • Rachel_ doesn't look away.
  • Michael_ grimaces and instinctively covers his ears.
  • Janus 's eyes suddenly well up with red, and he grimaces terribly, clenching his teeth so fiercely that cords stand out on his neck... Blood begins to bubble out of his eyes, nose and mouth!

<Michael_> O_o

  • Janus sounds as though he is choking as the red liquid spews forth. It streams out from his face toward Diamond, and seems to sink into her skin as it touches her.
  • Rachel_ looks horrified.

<Diamond> <w> Oh...

  • Michael_ looks rather taken aback himself.
  • It seems to go on for a very long time, although perhaps it was only seconds... Who can say?
  • Janus is hunched over Diamond, his face hidden by his hair.

  • Hayley can hear Janus' cries and stuff through the door and looks like she might burst in!
  • Aidan tries to hold her back but he is not strong.

<Hayley> Jaaaaaaaaanuuuuuus!

  • Hayley wails.
  • Kolya looks up quickly

<Kolya> ... <Kolya> Hayley.

  • Hayley is pulling free from Aidan easily and moving back towards the door.
  • Kolya says firmly, standing

<Kolya> He'll be alright.

  • Hayley is wild-eyed and unreasoning.

<Kolya> ...

  • Hayley gets to the door - did someone lock it?
  • Kolya doesn't move to stop her

<Kolya> ....they'll be alright. <Janus> (no one locked it)

  • Kolya is a lot more composed, now.
  • Windrider looks in puzzlement at Kolya, than relief washes over his features in a massive wave...

<Kolya> Everything comes together... <Kolya> They'll need the healers.

  • Kolya sits back down, quiet but not brooding anymore.

  • Hayley bursts into the room and rushes to Janus' side
  • Rachel_ is frozen in place.

<Hayley> Janus - Janus - what have you done?

  • Hayley sobs - is he still alive?
  • Janus lets her back down onto the bed, then collapses backward into an uncomfortable-looking backbend. His face is streaked with bloody tears, and his nose is still dripping a little. His chin is absolutely crimson.
  • Janus blinks.
  • Hayley is crying, but she supports his weight.

<Michael_> <m> What *have* you done...

  • Dovev has crawled up onto the bed with the Queen.
  • Hayley lifts the bottom of her gown to gently clean the blood from Janus' face, if possible.
  • Hayley is still sobbing quietly, but at least she knows he isn't dead...

<Dovev> (you can get most of it off... his eyes are still bloodshot though)

  • Rachel_ recovers herself enough to cast a Heather Balm on her father while Hayley is busy cleaning.
  • Diamond is still motionless, but distinctly less pallid.

<Janus> I told you not to look. <Hayley> Thank you, thank you, Rachel...

  • Hayley says between her sobs.
  • Dovev gingerly strokes Diamond's hair while almost everyone else is focused on Janus.
  • Michael_ comes over and takes his wife's hand once again.
  • Hayley hugs Janus, still sobbing... you gave her the fright of her life. ;_;
  • Rachel_ watches her grandfather move towards her grandmother.

<Michael_> <m> She lives...

  • Rachel_ checks Diamond over for life signs... how stable she is and stuff.

<Janus> (her pulse seems much stronger than before) <Janus> (still weaker than you'd like) <Rachel_> Shall I send for the healers and physicians to come look her over?

  • Rachel_ asks her grandfather.

<Rachel_> Her pulse is still weak. <Michael_> Yes... Yes, please fetch them.

  • Michael_ looks at Janus in a way that suggests he will definitely be asked to explain himself at some later date.

<Windrider> Yes, yes of course.

  • Rachel_ goes to the door and asks Windrider or Kolya to fetch the horde of doctors.
  • Windrider nods to Rachel almost as though he was already going to do that. ;)
  • Windrider smiles at her.

<Windrider> They'll be glad to have been proven wrong. :)

  • Rachel_ seems a little stunned still.

<Rachel_> Quite.

  • Windrider quickly goes to get them!
  • Rachel_ says, sounding almost exactly like Diamond.
  • Janus slowly sits up.
  • Hayley has managed to get over the fear that she would lose Janus, too.

<Hayley> Are you all right? <Janus> I'm just... lightheaded...

  • Hayley nods.
  • Windrider shortly ushers in Diamond's head physic.

<Hayley> Do you wish to be alone with your family? You saved her, whatever you did...

  • Hayley says shyly and with more than a bit of awe.
  • Dovev makes that queer little rattling sound at the back of his throat as the physician examines the queen.

<Janus> I should stay...

  • Hayley is smiling a bit, a mixture of pride and anxiety.

<Hayley> I'll get a broth or something made for you and send it in? You need food, for sure, now. <Doctor> Uncanny...

  • Rachel_ brings Janus a plate of lemon cakes, having overheard Hayley and wanting to make her feel useless.

<Doctor> Her majesty's condition is stabilized...

  • Rachel_ kneels beside Janus and offers him the sweets to help get his blood sugar back up.

<Doctor> She should... she should recover! :o

  • Hayley smiles at Rachel.

<Doctor> She needs to rest, though. <Hayley> Thank you.

  • Rachel_ ignores Hayley.

<Michael_> (The doctor looks around at the large number of people in the room!)

  • Hayley kisses Janus on the cheek and quietly leaves.

<Janus> Hayley... :(

  • Rachel_ takes your hand.
  • Rachel_ smiles at you.

  • Windrider puts a hand on Kolya's shoulder.

<Windrider> See... it all worked out. <Windrider> I knew it would... I knew you wouldn't let us down. :)

  • Kolya sighs, and then nods.

<Kolya> thanks. I was... more than worried there :/

  • Hayley returns to the anteroom, where Aidan gives her a long hug.
  • Kolya is actually chatting with WR in here, but, whatever :o

<Hayley> (There's room for all of us... there were more, earlier.  ;) )

<Rachel_> Come see your mother before we all get kicked out.

  • Rachel_ guides Janus to his feet so he can look at her quietly resting.

<Janus> Oh...

  • Janus smiles a little, wiping away tears mixed with blood.
  • Dovev is resting his head on Diamond's stomach, his shiny black hair falling in waves across her midsection.
  • Rachel_ smiles up at her father.

<Rachel_> You did that.

  • Rachel_ says proudly.

<Janus> I think... I need to lie down... <Rachel_> Of course. <Rachel_> Let me help you. <Janus> Where's Hayley? <Rachel_> Oh...

  • Rachel_ shrugs.

<Rachel_> She left. <Janus> What? <Michael_> I'm sure she's just outside.

  • Michael_ will leave the room to let Diamond sleep...
  • Aidan stands up and bows formally when the King emerges and again when the Prince does...
  • Rachel_ escorts her father outside, chatting with him sympathetically,
  • Janus looks around for Hayley.
  • Hayley is, in fact, in the anteroom, waiting with Aidan.
  • Hayley has sent for an enriching broth for Janus because he lost a lot of blood.
  • Hayley is nibbling on a few sweets herself right now because it has been a long, stressful few hours.
  • Hayley smiles at you when you emerge.

<Janus> Ah, there you are...

  • Windrider looks up when the King comes out...

<Michael_> ... All is well.

  • Michael_ announces serenely to the room.
  • Kolya nods.

<Windrider> That is good news indeed! <Windrider> I'm sure we never doubted it for a moment! <Aidan> I cannot remember any better news in all my... oh, too many years to keep track of. <Windrider> I'll send a page to make sure Lady Isabel knows everything is alright. :)

  • Aidan smiles.

<Aidan> And I'll go find Tally and his family. <Windrider> And oh yes, my daughter as well. ;)

  • Hayley stand up and goes over to Janus.
  • Janus reaches out an arm to her.

<Kolya> I can go find lady Isabel. <Windrider> Thank you, Kolya. :)

  • Kolya will go do so then.
  • Hayley takes your arm and lays it over her shoulders, transferring some of your weight to herself.
  • Hayley smiles lovingly up at you.
  • Rachel_ lets her father go reluctantly.
  • Janus kisses your forehead, careful not to put his eye out on the horns.
  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> Where to, my Prince? <Janus> Let's go... We can come see Mother tomorrow. <Hayley> Very well.... next stop, some place you can sleep.

  • Janus turns back to Rachel.
  • Hayley turns with you, since some of your weight is being borne by her.

<Janus> Will you stay as well? <Janus> I'm sure she would like to see you when she wakes up. <Michael_> Undoubtedly...

  • Michael_ agrees.

<Rachel_> Yes, I certainly am not about to leave just like that. <Janus> Wonderful... <Janus> I will see you tomorrow.

  • Janus grins, but looks a little woozy. :)

<Rachel_> I hope you sleep well. <Rachel_> Good night, father. <Janus> Good night...

  • Janus leaves with Hayley.

<Michael_> ... Don't think he doesn't notice.

  • Michael_ says mildly after everyone else has left.
  • Rachel_ regards you with no discernible expression.

<Rachel_> You should have heard in there. <Rachel_> All high and mighty. <Michael_> Heard whom? <Rachel_> Oh? Perhaps I am mistaken.

  • Rachel_ curtseys apologetically, though she knows very well what he meant, and that he knows who she meant.

<Rachel_> It has been a long and stressful day, Your Majesty. <Michael_> I too am fatigued. Goodnight, Rachel. <Rachel_> Good night.