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Diablotin 3 session logs
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Session date: June 11, 2017
Diablotin date:


Hugo receives a visit from Zola

<DiablotinNarrator> Hugo, Zola needs to talk to you once you're back.

  • Zola will pull you aside before showtime
  • Hugonel is getting his suit buttoned up, and seems a bit harried.

<Hugonel> Oh ... hi Zola, something wrong?

<Zola> How did everything go? I've been so busy lately preparing for the big event.

<Hugonel> Ahh, I don't really know. Part of me still wants to be back with Eletheni. I mean ... figuring out who I am, isn't that something I should have done twenty years ago?

  • Zola pats your shoulder

<Hugonel> I mean, we got Jonas back, no problem, so that's all good. But that feels like, maybe that wasn't why I was there in the first place.

<Zola> Oh honey - you were too high twenty years ago to figure things like that out.

<Hugonel> That is ... true. Whatever wisdom I accrued while high always melted away by morning.

<Zola> I'm glad you got Jonas back safe and sound.

<Zola> And with the way things are going, I'm sure you can go back to the First World and expand your mind again.

<Hugonel> What do you mean 'the way things are going'?

<Zola> Oh, just that it seems like people are popping back and forth there all the time now!

<Zola> Maybe someday it'll be like going to the Shadow Plane for a vacation.

  • Hugonel laughs.

<Hugonel> More colourful, that's for sure.

<Zola> well, there is that :)

<Zola> Look, I've been so swamped lately, I haven't had time to look into something and I was wondering if you might be interested.

<Hugonel> Okay, what is it?

<Zola> Well, you know about the people who were ... experimented on, like the ones at that nursing home, right?

<Hugonel> Yes ... I mean I don't know that much about them, but I do know about that.

<Zola> Some of them, ones who hopefully aren't homicidal maniacs, are trying to put together a lawsuit against the army. Noren told me about it - although probably he wasn't supposed to, so don't bring his name up, okay?

<Hugonel> Okay ... a lawsuit based on the effects of the experiments?

<Zola> Yes, or something about not having given the proper consent? I mean I think they agreed to the modifications, but they didn't know what other side effects there might be.

<Hugonel> Who's leading this?

<Zola> You mean among the people who were experimented on?

<Hugonel> I suppose so. Or also, who is supporting them from the outside? Suing the army is a difficult path - they must believe they have a chance of winning.

<Zola> I don't really know about who might be supporting them. I just have the names Noren mentioned.

<Hugonel> Okay, who are those then?

  • Zola refers to a little piece of paper where she's written the names down

<Zola> Roskilde Stilhart, Tormod Charron, and Kairon Stadler. I think Stilhart is the one sort of leading the efforts, so maybe start with her?

<Hugonel> What were you doing with them?

<Zola> I hadn't done anything yet - but Denise and Argent and Hettie, at least, are trying to find out more about it, so they might be interested in what these folks have to say.

<Hugonel> Was this just out of curiosity, really? What were you hoping to find out?

<Zola> Well I think they were hoping to find out who really did this, and what those people were trying to achieve, and if they had some kind of secret motivations or were being directed by alien forces from another realm, but you know - whatever you can get?

<Hugonel> Do the others know you were going to ask me for help? Hettie doesn't like me much.

<Zola> No, they don't know. I hadn't managed to mention it to them. But if she wants to know more, surely she can overlook her personal feelings towards you, you disreputable sleaze? :)

<Hugonel> Hmph.

<Zola> Oh, I say that with affection and you know it :p

<Zola> Anyway - if you don't want to look into it, or don't have time, can you just let them know at least? So they can look into it if they want to.

<Hugonel> Right. Well, no, I think I can help, or at least try to. Do you know if they have got as far as hiring a lawyer?

<Zola> I think so, but I don't know who.

<Hugonel> All right. I'll start by talking to Stilhart, like you suggest.

<Zola> Okay, thank you so much!

  • Zola gives you a hug

<Hugonel> And, you know, take care of yourself. Don't run yourself ragged!

<Zola> In a couple of week, when the gala is all done, I'm planning on a nice long break :)

<Hugonel> All right then. After that, we'll have to sit down and have a good long talk, possibly with too much drinking involved.

<Zola> Sounds wonderful!

  • Zola kicks you out of her dressing room so you can both finish getting ready, then

Dorien is tempted by Zshua-agor

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay, Dorien is up next, then. Hugo, dunno if you want to talk to Denise, Hettie, or Argent in gnomeland, or if you are just going to talk to them after the murderbots?

<Hugonel> after, I assume

<DiablotinNarrator> okay

  • Misery is very glad to have you home again, Dorien
  • Dorien is very glad to be home :3

<Misery> No more disappearing off to other worlds, okay? ;p at least for a couple weeks.

<Dorien> Are you offering me any incentive not to?

<Dorien> ;)

  • Misery swats you affectionately

<Dorien> I hope everything was ok while I was gone.

<Misery> Yes, things were all right. I've been busy keeping up with orders, but it was no problem.

<Dorien> Sorry, as soon as we clear the initial inventory expenses I promise I'll hire some help. It wasn't fair to leave it all on you.

  • Misery shrugs

<Dorien> And yes, I promise no more dimensional travel for a while.

<Misery> Good :)

<Dorien> How is your mother doing?

  • Misery rolls her eyes slightly

<Dorien> So the usual?

<Misery> She's okay...

<Misery> but I'm worried she and my father are hooking up again, and that's probably just a terrible idea for all concerned.

<Dorien> Well, it couldn't be all bad. We got you out of it.

<Misery> hah

<Misery> Yes but it also got them kicked out of the Shadow Plane, and Dad wasn't even also dating a mobster then.

<Dorien> True

<Misery> I don't know for sure, but I've seen some of his things around her place, and she seems happier, which probably is a good sign she's getting laid :p

<Dorien> Well, like mother like daughter, then.

<Misery> And both of us have terrible taste in men, is that what you're saying? ;)

<Dorien> That goes without saying.

<Dorien> She's a grow woman. She knows what she's doing. And if not, it's not like you can stop her.

<Misery> well why don't you come here and cheer me up, after that devastating insult

<Dorien> I'd be happy to.

  • Misery smiles at that
  • Dorien sits down next to Misery and kisses her.

<Dorien> I really missed you.

<Misery> I missed you too, stupid.

<Dorien> Now who's being insulting?

<Misery> I'm just getting even.

  • Misery will take some time demonstrating just how much she missed you ^-^
  • Dorien will as well >.>

<Dorien> Probably several times.

<DiablotinNarrator> After you fall asleep, you find yourself standing in a red and black dreamscape, familiar after your last 'visit' there.

  • Dorien looks around.

<Dorien> Awww crapsticks.

  • Zshua-agor appears at your side, although you can't quite tell where he came from.

<Dorien> Hi. Long time no see.

<Zshua-agor> Greetings, trader.

  • Zshua-agor says, or maybe it was 'traitor'? you hope it was the former.

<Dorien> You can just call me Dorien if you want. I feel like we should be on a first name basis by the second date.

<Zshua-agor> Very well, Dorien. I perceive that you brought back certain substances from the First World. I thought it would be worth a visit in case you wished to trade once more.

<Dorien> What are you looking for?

<Dorien> (I forget exactly what I brought back sample-wise)

<Misery> (plant samples, mostly, but there was also a strange spring that appeared out of nowhere and Dorien took a sample of the water)

<Dorien> (Ok)

<Zshua-agor> The spring water has certain uses.

<Dorien> I haven't had a chance to analyze it yet. What is it?

<Zshua-agor> Water that bubbles up from the core of the First World can purify things that are ... corrupt.

<Dorien> Interesting. What are you offering for it?

<Zshua-agor> What do you seek? Substances? Knowledge?

<Dorien> That is a question that I wish I knew the answer to.

<Zshua-agor> The inner workings of your heart are beyond my reach.

  • Zshua-agor says in a way that makes you think he probably could reach them if he really tried, but it might be unpleasant ;p

<Dorien> No offense, but I'm glad for that.

<Dorien> I guess what I want right now is security. Safety. For myself and... others.

<Zshua-agor> Safety from what?

<Dorien> From the cyst. From whatever is behind this incursion.

<Zshua-agor> Something that would prevent them from using you as a host?

<Dorien> That would be nice. Or something to use as a weapon or deterrent. Or that would let us know what it is we're fighting. We're fighting blind against an enemy that can be anywhere. Anyone. What can you offer to help?

  • Zshua-agor reaches into his robes (his arm goes in unsettlingly far) and withdraws a small jar of some kind of ointment or unguent.

<Dorien> What is it?

<Zshua-agor> You said you are blind. This will permit you to see what you cannot see.

  • Dorien examines it.

<Dorien> It will let us detect them for what they are?

<Zshua-agor> Yes. For a short time, at least. It is enough for three doses.

<Zshua-agor> But the cost would be greater than the water you have to offer.

<Dorien> I'm not sure I like the sound of that. What else do you want?

  • Zshua-agor gestures to the boat on the river below where you stand.

<Zshua-agor> Another rower for the vessel. It could be anyone.

<Dorien> ...

<Dorien> ...you want a sacrifice?

<Zshua-agor> A slave. They will not die under my care.

<Dorien> For how long?

<Zshua-agor> Time flows differently between the realms. It might seem short to them. It might not.

<Dorien> ...anyone?

<Zshua-agor> Anyone. You must mark them for me and I will come and take them.

<Dorien> ...can I think about it?

<Zshua-agor> If you wish. When you decide, you may reach me by contacting your business partner.

  • Dorien feels kind of sick.

<Dorien> You know, I get the funny feeling this is the kind of deal where I lose no matter what.

<Zshua-agor> It depends how badly you want safety for yourself and those you care for.

<Zshua-agor> Think on the matter, and reply within one of your weeks.

<Dorien> Yeah.

<Dorien> I'll do that.

  • Zshua-agor turns away and you wake up next to Misery, who is snoring softly and adorably in bed.
  • Dorien looks at her and sighs, then puts an arm around her protectively.
  • Misery snuggles up to you in her sleep

Suzetta Claar reaches out to Genevriel

<DiablotinNarrator> Gen, you have been working at the experimental farm for a few weeks now (barring that one week you were off to the First World ;) and so far it's been... pretty nice?

  • Genevriel doesn't allow herself to get complacent. Constant vigilance!

<DiablotinNarrator> The people you work with seem friendly and knowledgable, the work is interesting and allows you to be outside in nature as well as working inside, so there's plenty of variety and challenges.

  • Genevriel tries not to enjoy using her brain too much.

<DiablotinNarrator> Even the weather has been good - being outside the city a bit, it's cooler and less smelly.

  • Genevriel waits for something bad to happen.
  • Genevriel keeps her head down.
  • Genevriel stays alert for creepiness all the while.
  • Veronise arrives in the lab one morning to speak to the employees.
  • Genevriel assembles like a good employee.

<Veronise> Everyone, we have a special guest arriving later today, so please take care to keep your stations tidy and clean.

  • Veronise seems somewhat nervous and tense, unlike her usual fairly calm demeanour
  • Genevriel waits for someone to ask who is the special guest.

<Veronise> Mme. Claar is an important sponsor of our work here, and we want to show her that we are a worthwhile investment.

  • Genevriel tries to keep a poker face.

<Veronise> If she asks you any questions, please answer them politely and to the best of your ability, of course. I'm sure I don't need to tell you all this, you've been through this before.

<Veronise> I'm expecting her to join me for lunch, and then I'll bring her around on a tour afterwards.

  • Veronise thanks you all for your help, and then will go off, leaving you with the other employees.
  • Zshua-agor is now known as Polly
  • Genevriel will look for someone who has actually been through this before to ask what is expected. Yes, Pol will do fine.
  • Polly sighs a bit, but will go about cleaning her station up so it looks tidy instead of actually being in use

<Genevriel> Hey Pol, since I haven't, actually, been through this before, what is the expectation? Anything more than what Mme. Calondre detailed?

  • Genevriel 's work area is probably pretty tidy already; she is kind of fastidious that way.
  • Genevriel will rearrange her pen and ink and calipers, etc. to her satisfaction.

<Polly> It'll probably be fine - they'll come through and Veronise will talk a bit about what we're working on, and maybe they'll ask a few questions. It usually is just a disruption to your actual work, you know?

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> Does she tour the planted beds as well?

  • Genevriel wonders if she should make herself scarce since there is a chance Claar might recognize her from the raid on the rest home, though she had taken pains to disguise herself.

<Polly> Yes, she'll get to see everything, if she wants anyway. She's an old ... well, not friend exactly, but she and Veronise worked together during the war, so they know each other. Veronise is always really nervous when she comes, though. I guess she really wants to impress her.

<Genevriel> (what have I been working on, jooc? In case I am asked.)

<Genevriel> . o O (My features were blacked out and my clothes were shapeless. Maybe if I just don't stand, nothing will trigger her memory...)

<DiablotinNarrator> You have a bunch of seedlings started from various medicinal plants, and are trying different conditions - soil, light, nutrients, etc. - to see which are most conducive to their growth.

<Genevriel> (Are they normal medicinal plants or ones with extraplanar origins?)

<Genevriel> (I can roll K:Nature or K:Planes or both, if necessary)

<DiablotinNarrator> k: nature would be fine

<Genevriel> !roll 1d20+18

  • Denise rolls for Genevriel: [ 1d20+18 ] getting [ 3 ] which, after the modifier [ 18 ] totals [ 21 ].

<Genevriel> Destiny reroll

<Genevriel> !roll 1d20+18

  • Denise rolls for Genevriel: [ 1d20+18 ] getting [ 1 ] which, after the modifier [ 18 ] totals [ 19 ].

<Genevriel> (Well, that was futile)

<DiablotinNarrator> Normal for the most part, although some of the fertilizers and supplements you are adding to them are a bit odd and you aren't entirely sure where they come from (they aren't ones you're familiar with from your other farming/gardening experience, and are just labelled with things like "Treatment 3413" or whatever.)

<Genevriel> (ok)

  • Genevriel will not make herself conspicuously absent, and just hope that her precautions during the raid will pay off today, and Claar will not recognize her.

<Genevriel> I wonder why she's so anxious to impress?

  • Genevriel muses.

<Genevriel> If they're friends, I mean.

<Genevriel> . o O (Suggests a power imbalance to me...)

<Polly> I suppose partly because Claar gives funds to help support this place.

<Polly> But I think it's complicated too - Claar is like a mentor to her, she's older and more experienced, that sort of thing. Maybe she's just nervous because of that.

<Genevriel> I suppose.

<Genevriel> Maybe someday someone here will make a breakthrough that is helpful and Mme. Calondre will no longer need to rely on financial support.

<Polly> We can hope so!

<Genevriel> . o O (I wonder if Mme. Calondre knows something about Claar that I only suspect.)

  • Genevriel will continue to work as normal so as not to set anyone's alarms off.

<Genevriel> (And see what happens during Claar's tour...)

<DiablotinNarrator> After lunch, as predicted, Veronise will arrive at the lab with a slim woman in her mid-forties or so, with bobbed blonde hair and a simple but probably expensively-tailored suit.

<Veronise> The lab, of course - you can see some of the new equipment we were able to purchase, thanks to your generous support.

  • Veronise says, gesturing to a few items
  • Genevriel struggles not to roll her eyes at the kowtowing
  • Claar nods, looking around

<Claar> It seems rather busier than the last time I visited - have you hired more staff?

<Veronise> A few, yes - oh, Mlle. Doucette here is our newest staff member.

  • Veronise says, coming to your desk

<Genevriel> . o O (Maybe Mme. Calondre is salvageable, and I can come up with a breakthrough that isn't evil. :P)

  • Genevriel smiles humbly since she is just an employee, and the newest at that.
  • Claar nods politely

<Claar> How do you like working here, then?

  • Claar asks you

<Genevriel> Well, I've not been here long, but...

<Genevriel> I like the variety of work, and my colleagues are good to work with.

  • Veronise smiles slightly at that, and Claar nods

<Genevriel> The work is interesting; it's similar to what my parents taught me to do.

<Claar> Oh?

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> They were farmers but also graduates of the Castalia. We were trying to develop hardier strains of olives so that they could be grown more widely in the Empire.

<Claar> Ah, I see. Were they working in Psyra, then?

<Genevriel> Yes, Ma'am.

<Claar> Doucette...

  • Claar thinks about that for a moment

<Genevriel> ...

<Genevriel> Alonce and Tiphaigne.

  • Genevriel braces herself for weirdness.

<Claar> oh, of course!

<Genevriel> You knew them, then?

<Claar> I went to the Castalia at the same time as them. Your mother was... now, what was her maiden name? I remember them, certainly.

<Genevriel> Genevriel was her maiden name.

<Claar> ah, of course - that takes me back... We had quite a few courses together, in the sciences.

<Claar> Are they well?

<Genevriel> That depends on one's perspective, I suppose. They were killed in the opening salvos of the war.

<Claar> Oh... how awful. I'm sorry.

  • Genevriel says with as much quiet dignity as she can muster.

<Genevriel> It's quite all right. You didn't know.

<Claar> The war was a terrible ordeal for so many.

<Genevriel> Yes; I was there.

  • Claar nods

<Claar> well, I'm sure Veronise is very glad to have you here now. I won't take up any more of your time, Mlle. Doucette.

<Genevriel> Thank you. I hope you enjoy the rest of your tour.

<Claar> ... but if you'd like to meet again, perhaps, to share some memories of your parents, or... if there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know.

  • Claar passes you a card with her contact information on it.
  • Genevriel smiles her gratitude.

<Genevriel> . o O (Don't count on it.)

  • Veronise gives you a smile and moves on with her tour with Claar, then
  • Genevriel puts the card away in her desk drawer once they're gone.

Denise, Argent, and Hettie take out Servan

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay, Denise, Argent, and Hettie, you finally have an opportunity to look for that basement where Servan Aigel and his girlfriend are (or were, anyway) hiding out.

<DiablotinNarrator> Did you want to bring any other folks? E.g. significant others, or anyone?

<Argent> I was going to bring Margaux more as backup in case we needed some big sword swinging... backline stuff

<DiablotinNarrator> okay

  • Denise can ask Enver, if he's free

<Denise> (He can be tired at work, it won't be anything new >.>)

<DiablotinNarrator> (heh)

  • Enver is happy to do a Thing with you, even if it involves leaving the bedroom ;)

<Hettienne> (yes please)

  • Nycki will call it a work-related mission >.>

<Nycki> (because I assume the Hush are pretty interested in this)

<Argent> (I'll have Greater Longstrider on myself and GMW on my revolver cast before we meet up - they last 10 hours)

<DiablotinNarrator> okay

<DiablotinNarrator> What is your plan, then?

<DiablotinNarrator> You have the general vicinity of where they must be, but it's still not narrowed down to the exact building if I recall correctly - there are a number of vacant ones in this area.

<Hettienne> (plans are usually terry's department >.>)

<Argent> Do what we did last time... lets folks as rats verify the location and then once we have the info, set people up to cover escape (Enver and Margaux for example) then we move in and grab them.

<DiablotinNarrator> okay

<Argent> Im sure Hettie and Nicki are quite proficient at sneaking around

  • Hettienne rattes then

<DiablotinNarrator> heh, yes

  • Denise can enratte
  • Nycki can also ratte up

<Denise> (I guess Margaux is in the ratte know now, but tha's okay)

  • Margaux 's seen stranger >.>
  • Denise figures
  • Denise can also enratte

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay - what time of day is this btw? daytime I'm assuming?

<Argent> (sure)

<DiablotinNarrator> The ratte mobbe can sneak into various basements and abandoned buildings until you come across what you're looking for.

<Hettienne> *sneak sneak*

<DiablotinNarrator> Ratte mobbe can all make a stealth check

<DiablotinNarrator> (with your ratte bonus, let me remind myself what that is)

<Hettienne> !roll 1d20+11

  • Denise rolls for Hettienne: [ 1d20+11 ] getting [ 12 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 23 ].

<Hettienne> (for Heather)

<DiablotinNarrator> (+4)

<Hettienne> !roll 1d20+22

  • Denise rolls for Hettienne: [ 1d20+22 ] getting [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ 22 ] totals [ 30 ].

<Hettienne> (for me; that includes the 4)

<DiablotinNarrator> !roll 1d20

  • Denise rolls for DiablotinNarrator: [ 1d20 ] getting [ 7 ].

<DiablotinNarrator> (okay well Nycki did okay so I'll assume no one thinks anything odd, or at least, if they notice you... you're rats.)

<DiablotinNarrator> You sneak around through some cellars and abandoned buildings, and eventually you find a basement occupied by two people... One of whom is in bed, the other sitting nearby.

  • Denise resists the urge to bit them >.>

<Denise> (bite)

<DiablotinNarrator> You're able to recognize Servan Aigel is the one seated, and his girlfriend is in bed. You smell something sickly here too, like illness or infection of some kind.

  • Hettienne will try and get a better look at her

<Hettienne> (try and figure out what's wrong)

<DiablotinNarrator> (do you have Heal or anything that would help with that?)

  • Denise just wants to see if it is her or him
  • Denise assumes her

<Hettienne> (narp :v)

<Hettienne> (just if I can spot something obvious like a gross nasty bandage, idk)

<DiablotinNarrator> well, you can determine that the smell is strongest around her. She's under a blanket so it's hard to say beyond that.

  • Hettienne scurries back then
  • Nycki 's nose wrinkles as well

<Argent> found them?

<Hettienne> <r> Yeah

  • Hettienne shifts.

<Hettienne> I mean yeah.

<Hettienne> She smells real bad. Like she's sick.

<Argent> well then maybe this won't come to a fight.

  • Nycki shifts back as well
  • Denise will shift back as well

<Denise> well, then what do we want to happen?

  • Argent guestures to the four (himself, Denis, Nicki, and Hettie)

<Argent> Well go in the regular way and confront them, see if he'll come quietely... Enver and Margaux will be around the building to slow them down if they try and bolt.

<Enver> Okay.

<Enver> I'll go to the back of the building, you stay at the front?

  • Enver suggests to Margaux, who nods.

<Denise> right, but, um, where're we takin' him now?

<Argent> (could I have arranged a safe house to bring these two with Briony?)

<DiablotinNarrator> Yes, you can have that set up - I assume in general you have a safe house arranged with Briony in the even of 'I captured a thing, where do I put it?'

<DiablotinNarrator> (event)

<Argent> I got a place we can bring em

<Denise> okay

<Argent> Good?

<Margaux> All right.

  • Nycki nods, getting her gun out
  • Denise nods and will actvate her tattoo just in case

<Argent> (well head in and move quietly down to the celar, weapons out, keeping an eye out for any trip wires or alarms)

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay - Perception checks, then.

<Argent> !roll 1d20+25

  • Denise rolls for Argent: [ 1d20+25 ] getting [ 13 ] which, after the modifier [ 25 ] totals [ 38 ].

<Hettienne> !roll 1d20+15

  • Denise rolls for Hettienne: [ 1d20+15 ] getting [ 7 ] which, after the modifier [ 15 ] totals [ 22 ].
  • Lan-cloud (uid135102@id-135102.brockwell.irccloud.com) has joined #changeling

<Lan-cloud> !roll 1d20+12

  • Denise rolls for Lan-cloud: [ 1d20+12 ] getting [ 17 ] which, after the modifier [ 12 ] totals [ 29 ].

<DiablotinNarrator> !roll 1d20

  • Denise rolls for DiablotinNarrator: [ 1d20 ] getting [ 13 ].

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay - you do notice a trip wire across the stairs, Argent.

  • Argent will point it out to Hettie and Nicki

<Argent> <w> any chance you can deal with that?

  • Nycki can crouch down to take a look at it

<DiablotinNarrator> !roll 1d20

  • Denise rolls for DiablotinNarrator: [ 1d20 ] getting [ 11 ].

<Hettienne> (is that a Disable Device check)

<DiablotinNarrator> (yes)

<Hettienne> !roll 1d20+25

  • Denise rolls for Hettienne: [ 1d20+25 ] getting [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ 25 ] totals [ 33 ].

<Hettienne> (wait that isn't right)

<Hettienne> (ok no I really do have a 25, ok.)

<DiablotinNarrator> (cool)

  • Nycki glances at Hettie and points to a hook that she wants you to hold while she removes the wire, etc. Working together, you're able to disarm the trap.

<Argent> (with the way clear, we keep going quietly)

<DiablotinNarrator> You make your way down the stairs. I have a map in roll20 if you want to see the layout of where you're going

<DiablotinNarrator> may or may not be needed for fighting, depending how things go ;)

<Argent> (ok... so where was the tripwire? At the top of the stairs?)

<DiablotinNarrator> yes

<Hettienne> imma see if I can blow his arm off.

<DiablotinNarrator> (knee, in fact...)

  • Servan is dropped by a single shot from Hettie, who was aiming for his knee. He is alive but down.

<Argent> Disarm him

  • Argent says to Denise as he approaches

<Denise> uh...

  • Denise eyes his metal arm
  • Servan is still fully, uh, armed

<Denise> like...???

<Argent> just get anything else...

<Denise> okay

  • Denise will make sure he has no other weapons, and then take a look at that arm...
  • Denise can try and Sunder it...

<Argent> (is he out? or just on his knees)

  • Servan has a knife on him, and there's a gun hanging nearby on the back of the chair, so you (general you) can get that out of reach
  • Hettienne takes the cover off lil miss, keeping her weapon pointed at her
  • Servan is conscious but in a lot of pain. Lying on the floor bleeding, not making any serious efforts to fight back.
  • Juditte 's legs from the knees up (i.e. the non-metal parts) look infected and inflamed, red and swollen
  • Hettienne wrinkles up her nose at the smell.
  • Argent will cast detect magic starting with Servan and moving to Juditte

<Denise> that ain't good

<Hettienne> COuldna happened to a nicer gal.

<Juditte> <w> fuck you

  • Denise says, also wrinkling her nose

<Hettienne> You first sweetie :) :)

<DiablotinNarrator> No magic on them at the moment, Argent.

  • Hettienne pokes one of the legs with her still-warm gun :D
  • Denise eyes Servan
  • Juditte screams

<Hettienne> Whoops I slipped again :)  :)

<Denise> YOu try anythin' and that arm is comin *off* an don't you think I can't.

<Servan> don't... hurt her...

  • Servan manages to get out
  • Argent will go and see what he can figure out about Juditte's state

<Denise> bah, prolly us finin' you is gonna be the best thing for her >:|

  • Denise is juts going to pick him up and fireman carry him

<Argent> (roll heal I guess?)

<Hettienne> Better 'n you did for Serge-Yves' boy.

  • Hettienne sneers
  • Servan is slung over your shoulder, Denise. As you do so, you feel a faint poke in your shoulder, and you can roll a Fort save.

<DiablotinNarrator> (and yes, Argent, you can make a Heal check)

<Denise> >:|

<Argent> !roll 1d20+10

  • Denise rolls for Argent: [ 1d20+10 ] getting [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ 10 ] totals [ 16 ].

<Lan-cloud> !roll 1d20+11

  • Denise rolls for Lan-cloud: [ 1d20+11 ] getting [ 11 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 22 ].

<Denise> (why do I keep thinking I have some kind of poison related magic item...)

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay, that saves

<DiablotinNarrator> and Argent, you think she has a bad infection - maybe her ...gears... haven't been getting cleaned or treated correctly?

<Denise> (Okay, then I throw him hard against the wall)

<Hettienne> D?

<Hettienne> :o


<Hettienne> WHAT THE FUCK

<Hettienne> ALright shitstain gimme one good reason i ain't gotta splatter your fuckin' brains all over these walls, startin' with Legs over here??!

  • Servan grunts and slides to the floor

<Hettienne> You worthless racist motherfuckers D:<

<Denise> (Okay, now, really, improved sunder on that arm)

<Servan> (kay

<Denise> (do hyou want me to roll?)

<Hettienne> Rip 'im apart, D!! >:E

<Denise> (err, greater sunder, rather)

  • Hettienne channels her stickup days

<DiablotinNarrator> You can roll, but I'd say since he isn't really able to put up much resistance, you can just keep pounding until you wreck that arm.

<DiablotinNarrator> (but if you want to roll cause it's satisfying, I won't stop you ;)

<Denise> (it's CMB yes?)

<Argent> They're gonna gets what comin' to them, Hettie, but they can be of good use to us before that.

<DiablotinNarrator> (yes)

<Lan-cloud> !roll1d20+20

  • Denise rolls for Lan-cloud: [ Error. The syntax is !roll xdx+x. ].

<Lan-cloud> !roll 1d20+20

  • Denise rolls for Lan-cloud: [ 1d20+20 ] getting [ 16 ] which, after the modifier [ 20 ] totals [ 36 ].

<Denise> (I forgot power attack for the extra damage :p)

<DiablotinNarrator> (heh)

<DiablotinNarrator> (well you can roll damage as well)

<Lan-cloud> !roll 1d10+8

  • Denise rolls for Lan-cloud: [ 1d10+8 ] getting [ 5 ] which, after the modifier [ 8 ] totals [ 13 ].

<Denise> (I mean I can keep at it if necessary. until it looks unusable ;p)

<DiablotinNarrator> okay - it'll take 2-3 hits like that to wreck it for sure, but you can do that pretty easily)

  • Denise imagines just stoping it a bunch

<DiablotinNarrator> You pound on his arm until it's damaged beyond the point of functioning

<DiablotinNarrator> Argent, there are also some supplies out elsewhere in the basement rooms - you can gather up any that radiate magic or look otherwise interesting.

<DiablotinNarrator> (and I'll provide a list later ;)

<Argent> (I will do so, then wrap Judette up so I can carry her out)

  • Denise will pick him back up when she is finished, muttering all the while

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay. You can take them out, with occasional protests from her but no real fight, and bring them to the safehouse you've got lined up.

  • Nycki takes Hettie's hand once we're out of there

<Nycki> Babe, that was beautiful.

<Hettienne> Huh?

  • Denise just looks angry and is probably covered in his blood from his knee

<Hettienne> Oh, heh. :3

  • Enver makes sure it's not *your* blood :o

<Denise> Oh I'm fine >:|

<Enver> okay, good

<Denise> shitstain tries to poek me with somethin' after I even *warned 'im" >:|

<Enver> :/

<Enver> it looks like you did a real number on his arm at least

<Hettienne> He had it comin'

<Denise> like for serious I even did warn him!

  • Enver nods
  • Denise sounds so annoyed

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay, I'll assume you can get them to the safehouse, and get cleaned up. If any guards think it's weird you carrying blood-soaked people through the streets, Nycki can have a Word with them ;p

<Denise> (keen)

<DiablotinNarrator> but really, in this part of town, people probably know better ;p

<Denise> now what?

  • Denise asks Argent once they have been deposited

<Argent> I get some help and we get a few answers

<Denise> okay

<Denise> should we stick around?

<DiablotinNarrator> I'll assume Briony can make some arrangements with church peeps she trusts to guard the place for a while.

<Argent> You can stay for a bit if you want... Margaux will stay with you and Ill be back soon

<DiablotinNarrator> So you guys don't need to guard it 24 hours, but if you want to stick around, or take shifts, you can.

Aubrienne visits Jean-Faust with Hyacinth

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay - Aubrienne's turn, last but not least :)

<Aubrienne> (heh)

<DiablotinNarrator> You're bringing Hyacinth on a visit to see your brother in his palace tower room. He's still having issues, but seems (to you anyway) like he might be improving - and he certainly does appreciate seeing her, it always seems to cheer him up.

<Aubrienne> Look who it is Hyacinth. Say hi to daddy. :)

  • Jean-Faust smiles

<Jean-Faust> Hi little flower... I'm happy to see you :)

  • Aubrienne will give Jean-Faust a one-armed hug (I assume she's holding Hyacinth).
  • Jean-Faust hugs you back carefully to avoid baby-squishing
  • Hyacinth gurgles cheerfully

<Aubrienne> How are you?

<Jean-Faust> Well... I'm all right, I guess. I don't really know.

<Jean-Faust> But they say that I'm doing better - the Prof and the other folks who come and examine me and stuff.

<Aubrienne> That's good.

<Jean-Faust> Maybe I can get out of here soon...

  • Jean-Faust says, not too optimistically though

<Aubrienne> That would be nice. :)

<Aubrienne> But you need to take the time you, well, need.

  • Jean-Faust nods

<Jean-Faust> How's Hyacinth doing? She's growing like... well. you're not a weed, are you, beautiful?

  • Jean-Faust tickles her toes to make her laugh

<Aubrienne> She's doing well, though there's something of a learning curve. I had to return to go...abroad recently for a little while, and Mama and Papa took care of her while I was gone. Just before I left, she had a...I'm not sure what to call it. An expression of her mother's heritage, I guess. Made a mess of leaves in the apartment, but nothing I couldn't handle.

  • Jean-Faust looks concerned

<Aubrienne> She's fine, I promise.

<Jean-Faust> All right... I just worry that we don't know what will happen as she gets older. Right now it's leaves, but when she's a teenager, what if it's poison, thorns, and vines?

<Aubrienne> Well, there *was* a bit of thorns, but nothing terrible. I have some people I think I can talk to. She's not the only baby of extra-planar heritage there's ever been.

  • Aubrienne tries to say reassuringly.
  • Jean-Faust nods

<Jean-Faust> Where were you away to?

  • Aubrienne looks unsure for a moment.

<Aubrienne> The, ah, the First World.

<Jean-Faust> ...

<Jean-Faust> what for?

<Aubrienne> There was something of an incident involving a friend. He was doing me a favor and, in the process, angered one of Hyacinth's aunts. Some other friends and I went to bring him home.

<Jean-Faust> ... did you see Eirlys while you were there?

<Aubrienne> I haven't spoken to her recently, no. I'm sorry.

  • Jean-Faust looks a bit disappointed, but nods

<Aubrienne> I think she may still be recovering some herself.

<Jean-Faust> recovering?

<Aubrienne> Between the little one here and her family's cleansing of the Blight, I think she needed some time to recuperate.

<Aubrienne> I'm sure she's all right, of course.

  • Jean-Faust nods, but looks concerned nevertheless

<Aubrienne> Hey, she's got a whole kingdom to help her, right? You focus on you.

<Jean-Faust> Sometimes I think, maybe if I just went back there, things would be better. Better for you all, since I wouldn't be a burden on you anymore... and better for me :/

<Aubrienne> You're not a burden, bratic.

<Aubrienne> And I'm not sure how healthy that place is for mortals.

<Aubrienne> But maybe, when you're feeling better, and can have some help along, you could visit and see how things go.

  • Jean-Faust nods

<Jean-Faust> you think I could?

  • Jean-Faust says, brightening a little at that

<Aubrienne> Maybe.

  • Aubrienne says brightly.

<Aubrienne> Just try to focus on your recovery.

<Aubrienne> We'll be fine, and happy to help.

<Jean-Faust> All right...

<Jean-Faust> Can I hold her for a little bit?

<Aubrienne> Of course!

  • Aubrienne will hand Hyacinth over.
  • Hyacinth cuddles his baby for a while to cheer up :3

<Hyacinth> (oops, ww)

<Aubrienne> (Heh)

  • Jean-Faust cuddles his baby for a while to cheer up :3
  • Jean-Faust will talk further about regular stuff, how family are doing, etc. until it's time for you to leave.
  • Aubrienne is happy to keep him informed of family gossip and such

<DiablotinNarrator> (aww :)


Dorien asks Aubrienne whether he should take Zshua-agor's offer

<DiablotinNarrator> (nah she's forgiving of stuff like that ;)

<Aubrienne> We're good. Like I said, things are busy, so I may not be the best girlfriend in the world, but she definitely is. :)

  • Dorien smiles at that

<Dorien> I know how that is.

<Dorien> Not to bring the conversation down, but... I'm guessing there's been no news about the Cyst?

<Aubrienne> I was kind of focused on getting Jonas back, so I haven't heard anything. Why?

<Dorien> I guess I've just been thinking a lot about it lately. Worrying, might be a better word for it.

<Dorien> Things are going so good, you know. And now there's this looming shadow over everything.

<Aubrienne> Well, they are pretty terrifying.

<Aubrienne> If it helps, I don't think we're the only people working on it.

<Aubrienne> But we do seem to keep getting involved with it.

<Dorien> I can't help thinking what might happen if they come through in force. And I wonder if there's more I could be doing.

<Aubrienne> Like what?

  • Dorien hesitates for a moment

<Dorien> What if I told you I might be able to get ahold of a way to detect them?

<Dorien> But to do so I might have to do something... unpleasant.

<Aubrienne> Define "unpleasant".

  • Dorien sighs.

<Dorien> Well...

<Dorien> You're a stage magician. You're good at making things disappear, right?

<Aubrienne> Yeah...

<Dorien> What if you could make a person disappear. Anyone you wanted. Not dead, just kind of... gone for a while.

<Aubrienne> Gone where?

<Dorien> Hypothetically... let's say to a dream realm.

<Aubrienne> There are a lot of dream realms, Dor.

<Dorien> It's not a particularly pleasant one.

  • Aubrienne raises an eyebrow.

<Aubrienne> That's not really your brand of magic, is it?

<Dorien> No. It's not. I'm a scientist. I work with what I can touch. I feel really out of my league on this, and I don't know who else to ask. I'm sorry.

<Dorien> I was... approached... by some kind of dream trader.

<Aubrienne> That's fine, I'm happy to help. I'm just concer...what?

<Dorien> A dream trader. I'm not sure exactly what that means, but... he's real. I know that much.

<Dorien> And he made me an offer.

<Dorien> I bring him a person. Anyone. For an indefinite time... and he'll give me a way to see the Cyst for what they really are.

<Aubrienne> ...

<Aubrienne> You can't possibly be considering that.

<Dorien> I am.

<Aubrienne> What's the way to see the Cyst?

<Dorien> It's an ointment. Some kind of alchemical elixir. If I got a hold of it I can probably make more. I know I can.

<Dorien> Think what that would mean for the fight.

<Aubrienne> You know it exists. It can be done. Can't you just work on it?

<Aubrienne> I'm pretty sure "think what it would mean for the fight" is how we got Claar and her lot.

<Dorien> Not without a sample. I have no idea where to even start, and no way to test it even if I did.

<Dorien> Bri, if they break through and we're not ready for them...

<Aubrienne> Have you considered asking someone?

<Dorien> Asking who?

<Dorien> You mean a volunteer?

<Aubrienne> Yes.

<Dorien> Who would volunteer for that?

<Aubrienne> At least then the person consents to it.

<Aubrienne> You can't just consign someone to some unknown fate for the hope of some safety. Especially if you're making that choice for the person.

<Dorien> Not even if it means saving Diablotin? It's not like it's killing anyone. They'll come back. And if it means that I can protect Mi... that I can protect people here...

<Aubrienne> You don't know that it will save Diablotin. It will give a possible chance to do so.

<Dorien> What is that worth?

<Aubrienne> Would you do it?

<Aubrienne> There are other alchemists.

<Aubrienne> Someone else could figure out the formula.

<Dorien> ...I don't know. I have four more days to decide.

<Aubrienne> I don't know how you could consign someone else to whatever fate awaits them when you yourself aren't willing to make that sacrifice.

<Dorien> Don't think I haven't thought about it.

<Aubrienne> It's really easy to justify something if you don't have to pay the cost.

<Dorien> But I made a promise.

<Aubrienne> Made a promise?

<Dorien> ...don't worry about it. Maybe you're right.

<Dorien> I don't know.

<Aubrienne> Can I ask you a favor?

<Dorien> Anything. You know that.

<Aubrienne> Tell me before you do something?

<Dorien> ...ok.

  • Dorien sighs.

<Aubrienne> If it comes down to it, and you think it's worth it...my parents will take Hyacinth.

<Aubrienne> Tits is a princess. She can do better than me.

  • Aubrienne smiles weakly.
  • Dorien goes pale.

<Dorien> Bri, I... I can't do that.

<Dorien> Not you.

<Dorien> Gods...

<Aubrienne> Then you can't do it to anyone, Dor.

<Aubrienne> But, if it *needs* to be done...

  • Dorien opens his mouth but has nothing to say for once.

<Dorien> Gods, I'm an idiot.

<Dorien> You're right.

<Dorien> I can't do this.

  • Dorien leans his head in his hands, eyes tearing up.
  • Aubrienne puts her hand on your shoulder.

<Aubrienne> It's all right to be scared, Dor.

<Dorien> I can't lose her, Bri...

<Dorien> But nothing is worth this.

  • Aubrienne squeezes your shoulder.

<Aubrienne> We'll keep an eye out.

<Aubrienne> It will be okay.

  • Dorien nods.

<Dorien> Thank you.

<Aubrienne> Any time.

  • Dorien will leave a package marked "For Zshua-agor" at Irrez's store the next morning. It will have the water in it and a note that says "Keep it. I've made enough deals with enough devils."