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Diablotin 1 session logs
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Diablotin Game 75 From RocksfallWiki [edit] Summary

Eighth-month, 2197:

   * 6th: Prior to Boden's elevation, Kalman tries once more to reconcile with Belden (Solo 69). Boden and Kalman quickly discuss what they can do regarding the price on Kalman's head, given Boden's new status. (Solo 70) After the ceremony, they meet with Tristane to plan the defense of the city. Using the same tactic as before, they teleport to the Blackhope headquarters, where they encounter Raimar, Noira, and Duke Marcau himself. Although Boden becomes possessed by a firey Effigy, they manage to capture the two men (Noira is killed outright) and bring them back to the city, just in time to hear the Eternit Bell begin to toll. They rush to Tristane's room, only to find her near death after an attack by Izaguirre, who was subsequently killed himself by Althea. Desperate, Belden prays for a Miracle to keep Tristane in a state between life and death, so that they may make their attack on the being within the Arch. 

[edit] Logs

   * Solo 69
   * Solo 70
   * Game 75