Artaban Orona

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Artaban is a handsome young man from the House of the Ox, tall and thin with wavy blond hair and emerald green eyes. He was Pavo's one serious ex-lover. Pavo met him at the Castalia, where he studied sorcery. The two hit it off, but he turned out to have a mean streak and a jealous temperament, which did not mix well with Pavo. Pavo ended the relationship, and now tries to avoid Artaban.

He is currently working as a researcher at the university, which is a first step towards becoming a professor. His current research is to redevelope a spell which would identify the house of the spell's target and, more importantly, identify those Houseless who pass as belonging to a House, or don't even know it.

Artaban contacted Pavo to be referred to a gifted artisan in glass, but took the opportunity to try to resume contact. The two cleared up a bit of the awkwardness of the break up to make up, only for Pavo to find that Artaban has become fanatic with anti-Houseless sentiment, and his hatred and bigotry did nothing but solidify Pavo's revulsion.